The acoustics make it truly unbearable.


Great, you’ve seen my webbed feet – are you happy now? Why don’t you take a picture, it lasts lon–

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Oh, you did not just take a picture! I swear, if this ends up on some blog with a stupid caption about how I should wear a shower cap-ybara..

Just get out! Getoutgetoutgetoutgetoutgetout!!!

Capybaras enjoy the soft scent of Dove. Who knew?

Dobby really needs a shower cap-ybara, Loren S.



  1. Rodents Of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.

  2. Ultra-gigantic rodents are allowed to be considered cute now?

  3. He’s patiently waiting for his rubber duckie.

  4. Oh! My! I’m so sorry! 😯 um, here *closes eyes and hands over a towel*


  6. Okay, I just love his nose! Smoochie smoochie little cap-ybara!

  7. Since when did people start keeping these guys as pets?

  8. The capyboppy is the largest rodent in the world. They can get up to 250lbs! And they are adorabibble!

  9. Capybara! Capybara! Capybara! Phew…Ok, I’m finished. No….oops….one more….CAPYBARA!!! I must go and mop my fevered brow now.

  10. Disapproving Capybara!

  11. 😆 @ “CAPYBOPPY” by almostphony.

    Soooo, since he’s a rodent, does he go under pocket pets? Or unusual animals? *scratches head*

  12. I also sense the need for a “disapproval” tag.

  13. Oops, sorry AngieBeth! Didn’t see ya there!

  14. Hmm, I wonder how many posts I can get in a row before WP thinks I’m a ‘bot.

  15. he’s very cute! but only if i focus on his actual eye. if i focus on his nose it start looking kind of like an eye… which is a little scary!
    *covers own eyes*

  16. May I join in on the disaproval or maybe it’s aloof, yes, I luff aloof.

  17. I don’t know exactly what that thing is, but I think Dobby is the perfect name for him/her!
    @brinnann: do you see the size of that thing? definitely not a pocket pet!
    I also love that many of the products are trial size, both making the animule seem large and giving the impression that its parents are letting it try out different stuff. 🙂

  18. @xandria21

    Googling “capybara pets” yields a few delights.

    I liked this one in particular, but there’s plenty more.

  19. This Dove creme conditioner makes my hair so silky and shiny, no?

  20. I adore Capybaras. When I lived in Florida I’d visit Animal Kingdom and spend long amounts of time visiting their Capys. But how the HECK does anybody wind up with one of these guys in their BATHTUB??

  21. @wuyizidi: Inconceivable!

    Pocket pet? I think I need a bigger pocket…

  22. That tub and the bottles are either mini-size or that animal is really huge!

  23. Ok now you got some ‘splainin to do Lucy! What is this doing indoors in a bathtub???????????????

  24. If you wanna know about owning a capy you should read Capyboppy by Bill Peet.

    @doggabone: Oh Caplin Rous! There’s a whole YouTube page devoted to that little fella! He eats popsicles!

  25. That does not look like the dreaded Fire Swamp to me!

    Are capybara’s friendly? I would be a bit fearful of an animal that large!!!

  26. oh I wants him….. give me!

  27. I’d take a capybara in my bathtub! But I agree that he is most disapprovingks.

  28. Capybara! Never thought I’d see one of these on CuteOverload! I love these giant web-footed rodents!

  29. @ Doggabone:

    Thanks for the link. I want my own Caplin Rous now. I’m sure the dogs and cats would just LOVE that…except the opposite.

  30. Splish Splash, I was takin a bath
    Long about a Saturday night
    A rub-a-dub, just relaxin in the tub
    Thinkin everything was alright
    Well, I stepped out the tub, put my feet on the floor,
    I wrapped the towel around me and I
    Opened the door, and then I
    Splish, Splash! I jumped back in the bath.
    Well how was I to know you had a camera with you!

    Many apologies to Bobby Darin.

  31. Is that capybara seriously the size of a person?! OMG.

  32. I think what the capybara really needs is that enormous rubber ducky we saw a couple of weeks ago..

  33. OMG – I SO did not use an apostrophe when I meant to make capybara plural. 😳

  34. I would just love to see my cats reaction to that fellow.

  35. He’s horrified because you caught him mid-roots touch up.

  36. oh! it looks like a furry mumintroll!

  37. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a capybara! Sooo cute! Cutest rodent hands down…no matter what the size 🙂

  38. Yikes, that’s a huge hairball. Someone should really snake that drain.

  39. I don’t know who Prongs is… But your caption made me giggle. Thanks 🙂

  40. I recently interviewed a Texas dwelling Capy:

    Caplin Rous: Rodent About Town, Yogurt Aficionado & Accomplished Swimmer

  41. I love capybaras! (Here in Brazil we call them “capivara”).
    They are lovely, funny and their babies are cute!
    (And yes, they are huge like this)
    This one seems very disapproving of pics while bathing.

  42. I know this is meaningless to everyone but me, but I had a dream about a capybara last night. And since they are not native of my region of Southern Ontario, it would be highly irregular to have cause to think or to dream of one. And now to find it on CO today: well, I feel like I’ve discovered that I’m some kind of precog.

  43. Birdcage, we all have that ability, it’s just learning to tune into it. One theory is that all time is happening at the same time, so precognition is definitely possible.

  44. Birdcage & Kristabelle…if you believe in the string theory of quantum physics, it is quite possible that Bird travelled ahead in time to today, saw the capy, went back to her own time, forgot she time travelled and dreamt of the capy.

  45. Birdcacge-wow, you are channeling Cute Overload, what a gift-can you do the day-to-day calendar, too? (snerk)

  46. I have also a couple of times been thinking about an unusual animal for no apparent reason, and then come to CO to find that animal featured.

  47. Mental Mouse says:

    The bathtub gives a nice sense of scale — that’s a big critter! I wonder if (s)he splashes in the tub?

  48. Okay, if Birdcage & Skippymom are a bit precog with animals & CO, then it would stand to reason that my loosely based string theory assumption is correct. Which begs the question…if string theory DOES exist in the CO realm…how do we keep the kittehs from playing with it?

  49. Wow, though it makes perfect sense as they’re rodents, I never would have assumed them to have feet like that! I had sort of assumed the image of pig-like hooves. What a neat creature! It’s like a Hammy-Dog!

  50. Prongs? Dobby?

    “Oi! Harry don’t forget yer owl now!”

  51. @ Suzanne comment #49: **SNORT** LOL

  52. Kelsey, they are creatures of the Venezuelan Llanos, which is submerged underwater half of the year (in the rainy season) so anything there either needs web feet or wings to survive.

  53. SPEAK!!
    [End obscure Tick joke]

  54. Von Zeppelin says:

    That seems like quite an array of shampoos, conditioners, body washes, etc., for just one capybara. Wouldn’t a single bottle of Pantene Capybara Silky Fur Formula be sufficient?

  55. That is a capybara in a bathtub.


  56. How does one obtain such a creature? I just thought they lived in Chile and Argentina…

  57. Wouldn’t you just pee yourself if you went into your bathroom and found a capybara taking a bath? Srsly. Then I would ask him if he wanted me to wash his back.

  58. That is the strangest animal ever. I’ve never seen one til now…so I’m off to do some research!

  59. thelibrarianne says:

    Who is this Prongs that is writing funny capybara captions (say THAT 3 times fast)? I hope that’s a Harry Potter reference.

  60. Capybara are some of my favorite animals. They always look haughty and wise.

  61. “I see you’re looking at my feet.”

  62. I’m pretty sure that’s a *small* one, too.

    When i lived near the zoo (yes, i lived near the zoo! monkeys & giraffies right next door!) I used to go in and visit the Capybaras all of the time, they’re my absolute favorite ❤

  63. [End obscure Tick joke]

    Bathe on, furry, moist avenger!

  64. I bet he leaves his big ol’ wet towel lying on the bathroom floor. You know how guys are. 🙄

    He looks surprised to find himself in a bathtub. Maybe he prefers showers?

  65. The Pic & the storyline are DeLovely & fun.
    However I must request Compensation for my Social Knowledge Inadequacy …
    I am aware of acoustics + bathroom tales…but I don’t get the headline itself. I’m sure that “it’s me, not you” ….but *squeak* “Help?”

    (runs off to corner to avoid incredulous looks by the Crowd)

  66. i think the captions have become too wordy. yes, a capibara in the bathtub is cute, but i spent more time reading the caption than i did looking at the picture.

  67. Is secretly Moomin.

  68. Not quite disapproval… I would say “righteous indignation coupled with supreme superiority.”


  69. LOVE the super-schnozzle on this big dripping boy!

  70. KatieZientek says:

    His head is the exact size and shape of a shoebox.

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    He’s very handsome! His paws kind of tripped me out at first, though. They look kind of unreal, like they’re made out of rubber or sumpin’

  72. Oh man, it IS Speak!

    This has totally prompted me to go look up old Tick episodes on YouTube…

  73. @Suzanne: Carefully! Very, very carefully! (Oops, did I spill that catnip? Oh well, ignore the string theories in favor of the ‘nip,’kay?)

  74. Giant guinea pig = capybara = super cute

    I don’t think the cats would like it, though.

  75. Queen of Dork says:

    Alexis: My cat would hand me and capybara an eviction notice if he came home and found that in the bathtub.

  76. lol 😀

  77. I think I ate one of those after too much rum while in Central America. They served us some native dish. Sorry!

  78. OMG I’ve always wanted a capibara, if I lived in a hot country and had a pool, I would have one !

  79. Dramatic capybara!

    Dobby, btw, is still just a young’un and will be getting a lot bigger. He’s friends with the famous Caplin Rous. No, they haven’t actually met, but there’s a family connection, and they chat on Facebook and share pictures and stuff, and… and… um. Yeah.

    I do so have a life. I do.

  80. kibblenibble says:

    😯 Wow. Just wow.

  81. Huge! But adorable 🙂

  82. since no one else has noticed – those ear-sies! Pretty cute on that big noggin’.

    I’m pretty sure my cat would most certainly disapprove. In the tub or outside.

  83. Odd. I looked at the capybara, not really grasping the actual size, until I realised he was in a bathtub, making the tub look so small! Egads, he’s HUGE! But he’s also really cute! He looks kind of like a giant guinea pig!

  84. Queen of Dork says:

    Yeah Ray. I think you’re right because his eye, ears AND nose all have perfect synchronicity! Does any other animal have that skill on its skull?

  85. Good one, Suzanne and Lizzy! 🙂


    @ Brinnann, he just goes under R. O. U. S. 🙂

  87. pinkmariposas says:

    post #79
    did it taste like chicken?

    sorry could not help myself….

  88. Bad man! Hit dog! With STREET!

  89. To those who think the capybara looks “disapproving”: I think the expression is misleading since capybaras love water. =)

    Recently saw a show about a woman in the US who has one as a pet. Apparently they’re often pets in South America (where they come from), but not really in the US, since they have particular needs to keep them happy: ten pounds of food a day, and a swimming pool for them to enjoy, according to the show. Plus, of course, they grow to be really huge, easily as big as the biggest dogs. They said the owner somehow got it from a breeder in the US. Funny to think there’s capybara breeders.

  90. I know it’s not, but this looks photoshopped. Disproporshun madness!

  91. Also, I liked it when the comment thread got all metaphysical on me. Duuude.

  92. bookmonstercats says:

    @AmandaW, that is truly one of the great interviews. I mean, up there with Robin Day and Bernard Levin….. Who knew capybots gave interviews? LOL

    Also, who knew capybots had webbed feet… or took baths…..

    I feel sur-real (was that a song by James Ingram? It’s right in my head now).

  93. Ohhhhh want want want. SO cute. I just needs one of these and a wombat and I will be happy. My dog, though, maybe not so much. And that capy looks about the size of my dog, and they totally can get that big, so no photo tricks needed there fer sure. Love you CO!

  94. i choose to believe this is a miniature bathtub with miniature toiletries.

    it helps me sleep at night.

  95. Love capybaras! So cute! Like a giant moist guinea pig.

  96. bookmonstercats says:

    I have only seen one at a distance in a large enclosure in a zoo and it was huuuuuuuge. Giant guinea pig.

  97. I’d like to see the size of the wheel that guy runs on!

  98. how cute!!! I saw them in a zoo once, they are from the guinea pig family. but hey what’s the difference between a mara and a capybara???

  99. how did this even happen??

  100. What in heaven’s name is the context of this photo?

  101. holy criznapples. it’s a squirrel-dog!

    although… not much stranger than having a hedgehog as a pet…

  102. has the scoop. Also make sure to check out the “Reading Rodent” link for an extra overload of cuteness.

    The Cap has always been a fav at The San Diego Zoo, glad to see they’re finally getting some much deserved recognition. Thanks CO!!

  103. Dobby is my little brother. He is 6 months old so he’s just a baby. He will get to be twice that size at least. We are amazingly cute animals but we are very large.

    If you liked Capyboppy, then you might like my owner’s book, Celeste and the Giant Hamster. Celeste is a cat but the giant hamster is a capybara based on me!

    Please visit my blog for all things capybara related.

    (And thanks Holly and others for mentioning me. I am sooo proud of my little bro.)

  104. Holy Capybara Batman!

  105. That expression…. is priceless! Love it!!

  106. WOW O.o
    That is one big rodent…
    Does anyone know how to call Godzilla?? We may need his help on this one….

  107. Welcome Caplin! You’ve got quite the fan club!!! 🙂

  108. Ralfast,
    Thanks for the information- I’m now going to spend the next 30 minutes looking up whatever other amazing creatures may live in this fantastic sounding place. 🙂

  109. Thank you for this photo, and to whoever fixed my incompetent HTML tagging above 🙂

    [No prob. Surround your link text with your HREF tags; the Title tag is what we use for hovertext – Ed.]


  111. I seriously thought at first that he was in a minature doll tub or something. Those Dove bottles look fake to me. Never heard of this animal before! Crazy!

  112. dramatic chipmunk look

  113. This one goes to UCONN!

  114. What a cutie!!!!

  115. He is so cute!!!!!! I wonder if you have to have a license to have him. If I find one I want one and will name him Gerorge. lol take good care of him….

  116. Is that for real??? It’s got to be photo-shopped!

  117. so adorable

  118. i want one. it’s too cute!

  119. Please tell me that rodent is NOT as big as a dog…and, a large one at that! I know they’re big but, OMG! Still one of the CUTEST things I’ve ever seen because I’m a rodent lover myself. I have a guinea pig, Nhika!

    [Well, I could tell you that, but I’d be lying. – Ed.]

  120. This is a Nutria, I’ve seen them in the wild! Can’t imagine one in the house or the bathtub! Yikes!~

  121. Angelica Taggart says:

    I used to have one of these — they are from South America. They will eat ANYTHING green!! And they get HUGE!! Like a medium/large sized dog. Their coat is like a whisk broom – not soft at all. They also need to be in water to go to the bathroom. They are NOT a good pet unless you really know about these animals.


  123. @Mandy: Shhhh! We can read you just fine! 😛

  124. I must know more about life with a capybara!

  125. @Jim N

    When were ultra-gigantic rodents NOT considered cute?!

  126. Do they go to the liter pan and if so do they have them that size. Man that thing look like it can eat my 3 cats and 2 ferrets

  127. Very cute, indeed. Did y’all know that Capybaras are in the same family as Guinea Pigs? Yes, they are. Cousins or some such. 😉 No wonder they’re still cute.

  128. Amanda Woodall says:

    He is a CUTIE ………………I wish I Had me one…………….I just cant get over how CUTE He is!!!

  129. He’s amazing! He puts my two ferrats to shame but alas they won’t stay in the tub!

  130. I love that the very first comment is a Princess Bride quote.

  131. I am so glad there are a few humans who are capable of true compassion and open to the unknown, undiscovered, and the possible. This animal is so adorable! Very very cute photo.

  132. From Wiki: “Capybaras are coprophagous, meaning they eat their own faeces as a source of bacterial gut flora and in order to help digest the cellulose in the grass that forms their normal diet and extract the maximum protein from their food. Additionally, they may regurgitate food to masticate the food again, similar to cud-chewing by a cowz’

    Too cool….

  133. I hate rats but he is really sweet!!!!!!

  134. OH MY GOD. *flails*

    Now that that’s over with…I love this little capybara, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen one! Plus, the story that went along with it had me in stitches. I scrolled down expecting to see a duck or something — it was a surprise! But her faceee! ❤

  135. Capybara sits in the old gum tree-ee-eee
    Merry merry king of the bush is he-ee-eee
    Laugh! Capybara, Laugh! Capybara

    ….oh wait that was a kukaburra

    never mind.

  136. shower cap-ybara…..Ouch!! 🙂

  137. I am picturing taking a capybara to my wonderful rodent vet, and I don’t think he would fit in the waiting room, definitely not on the exam table…

  138. ” ummm those bubbles are coming from the jets ” ….he he

  139. “When I went into the bathroom and yanked down my pants to sit on that porcelain throne, I don’t know who was more shocked — that dern giant rat in the bathtub, or me…”

  140. He’s gorgeous, and his owners clearly love him and take good care of him, but still…

    I’m just not sure if it’s right to keep an animal like this as a pet, especially outside their natural habitat. I know they aren’t considered threatened as a species, but I still get very uneasy about animals being exported all over the world as “exotic” pets. There’s a reason why it’s so difficult to get parrots and tortoises now.

    Maybe I’m being a bit over sensitive- I’ve been watching “Last chance to see” on the BBC and it really makes you think about conservation issues. Also in episode two there was some adorable footage of orphaned chimps being re-introduced to others in a reservation. Everyone should check it out on Iplayer.

  141. Scottish Blood says:

    hmmm I thought the largest living rodent in the world was Al Gore….

  142. hes adorable

  143. motheralice says:

    I luurrve capybaras!! Lookit those whiskers!!!

  144. Wow they look like overgrown Gunipigs. I didn’t know you could actualy own one of these. They scare me. Kinda creepy. I would NEVER do harm to one but kinda freeky to me.

  145. He is so adorable…I have always wanted one of those!!! Is he potty trainable?

  146. Cuz that might be a little damper on our friendship!!!

  147. This thing is awesome…they have them at the jacksonville zoo…too cute!!

  148. 1teensdiary says:

    this scares me

    [They’re vegetarian, no worries. – Ed.]

  149. He’s great! Cute comes in all sizes and shapes. 🙂

  150. “Wait !!!!! is that micheal jackson on the radio singing Ben? !!! “”” i knew ben, we shared the same sewer once. How do you think i got this bathroom all to myself now? wasnt just my good looks………size does matter!

  151. apparently congress is now having to share apt in Dc……

  152. Since you are IN HERE!!! Can you wash my back???

  153. Capybaras are domesticated for food, so I don’t think there should be any more problems with having them as pets versus ducks, pigs, or goats.

  154. That is so cute! Where xan u buy one?

  155. That thing is huge!!! What is it?

  156. Ah, these buggers are so cute. But unless I suddenly inherit a zoo, I don’t have the space or resources needed to give a happy and healthy life to one. Or two. I still love them by default, just ’cause they’re rodents. 😀

  157. Jen of the antipodes says:

    I’d like to know why I don’t have a capybara in my bathtub.

  158. SewSewDef says:

    Capybara are my ALL TIME FAVORITE ANIMAL of all time. Seriously. I am astonished, jealous, and hopeful that someone has one as a pet. I know there are links posted, but does anyone have any further info about obtaining/keeping these outstanding feats of zoology?

  159. Resriechan says:

    @ SewSewDef:

    I’m fairly adept w/ quick research & have located two links for you tow browse however I haven’t been able to take sufficient time to go through them & perceive whether they’re carefully designed/ ethical sources in terms of whether keeping capybara is a wise decision for an individual to make. But both seem to have numerous sub-articles, etc so give them a look-see !



    L. Thomas — Cat, Horse & Dog Lover & MLS

  160. What I love best about this picture is the spotless nature of the tub and the water! That’s one happy, moist — if a bit shocked — hamster-dog!! Love him!!

  161. The right name is “capivara”,we have a lot of them here in Brazil.

  162. Fleurdamour says:

    Did he come up out of the drain?

  163. rlwshkspr says:

    awesomest name evar!!!!! That’s my kitty-butt’s name! And may I say, naming a cat after a house-elf is not the best idea ever….

  164. hahahaha so funny

  165. That’s the cutiest animal ever! We have tons of them in our center planes in Venezuela, we call ’em “Chigüires”. I’ve heard that they are very kind as pets =)