Don Draper, He Ain’t

Perhaps it was the smell of fresh toner or the draw of warm paper – he wasn’t certain. But once again, after one martini too many, Fred found himself in this unenviable position.

There had been a going away party for Betty. Yes, that much he remembered. Unfortunately, what he didn’t remember was placing that one ill-advised photocopy in Mr. Vanslooten’s in box.

Oh my God, that photocopier is eating Carol Channing!Kelli A. gets bonus points for naming her cat Pet.



  1. Moooooooooommmmm! Grandma left her wig on the printer again!!


  2. It’s a ginormous tribble.

  3. Pet, the kitty.

  4. Oh how I love this website.

  5. Only here can I find both a reference to Mad Men and cute little animals. ❤

  6. lmao I did a double take. I own the same printer.

  7. I love the smell of fresh toner and warm paper. I don’t have that much fur, though. And I definitely won’t fit on a printer. Guess I’m innocent this time of inappropriate photocopying.

  8. that’s some major fuzzulence there

  9. I want to see a photo of him’s precious face. I bet he’s sooooo naughty.

  10. No– no need to thank me for saving you from the evil printer.. that is just the kind of stand up kinda cat i am!

  11. Who needs a paper feed when you can have a kitty feed?

  12. Great hovertext.

  13. Pet! Niiiiice!


  15. That is some LONG hair.

    Fuzzulence – that makes me snort.

  16. Yup, the hovertext just slay me!

  17. My, that’s a lot of fluff.

  18. Printer Toupes! Newest Hottest Products in interweb spam emails.

    Does your printer cringe @ the thought of going out in public with that unsightly hairline?
    Problem solved. Printer Trump Toupe!

    (personally I dig a bald printer)

  19. The hovertext just made me do a spit take.

  20. Unfortunately for everyone at Sterling Cooper’s, Roger’s second Midlife-crisis occurred during the 60’s.

  21. FWIW:
    I believe that the Tag “You’re Fired” ….. relates to a suggestion in a recent Comments/ thread, concerning the possibility of The Donald taking over C/Overload …

    [And we’re ALL worried about THAT, lemme tell ya 😛 – Ed.]

  22. Prongs is back! Yayyyyyy!

  23. Carol Channign Ah AH AH Ah ah…euh..oh… If I know who she is and remember watching her movies and that she was the orriginal Dolly of Hello Dolly fame, does that make me old?

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    @Kar, LOL!! Yes, don’t let Roger near that thing or he’ll try to seduce it.. or something.. I also love a site with both Mad Men and CO references, two of my favorite things!!

  25. No way is that a cat!

    In either case, going to take a heckuva lot of Dust Destroyer to get all that hair out of that printer. Or is that a furry copier?

  26. This reminds me, when I worked for an Ad agency, we had a Champagne celebration which I continued in the bar with more Champagne. I was told the next day that I had told my boss exactly what I thought of him,but luckily he thought I was joking and found it funny. I don’t remember a thing I said, but I do remember getting home and lighting my farts, the fizz in Champagne is very good for this, you get a nice blue flame. WARNING if you are thinking of trying it, you do it through your clothing not your naked ass, I shudder to think of the blowback potential. Did you know a farmer set fire to his barn when he lit it’s farts. Actually it is Cow belches that helped to cause global warming, as they regurgitate the grass they have several stomachs, maybe one of you more knowlagable folks can tell me how many.

  27. That should be “lit the cows farts”

  28. Hmmmm, we would seem to have another Katrina was has yet again jumped into the fray (over Yom Kippur, may I add).

    Hi, Katrina! Pax vo biscum. Now, may we come to a sweet resolution about Katrinaing?

    I am suspecting that this puddeh-tat is unmovable by any but the coldest heart, go downstairs, they have a printer there, too. Unless they have a cat. Come to think of it, you may have to go a couple more flights down.

  29. Reminds me of one of these fluffsters:

  30. Cows have four tummiks, Hon.

  31. It was actually Joan’s going away party… and it was awesome!!

    That is some serious floof there!

  32. Drunk kitty tries to photocopy her naughty parts at the office party.

  33. The hover text has me rolling. And now I’ve got the Carol Channing version of “Hello Dolly” running through my head. Thanks Prong!

  34. the blow back potential ! OMG.

    What a giant MOP of FUZZ. Lookit em!

  35. again with the cute animals in workplaces……at least i think that’s a cat….

  36. OMG! when I look next to me I see exactly the same composition! Had to blink twice to figure out it wasn’t my Nino :))

  37. Ammm… I am sorry, what exactly we are looking at?

  38. @Metz & Hon Glad — Laughing out Loud too much to comment futher!!

  39. Who or what is Don Draper?

  40. Mamamclain – Thanks for the info, I thought maybe three, what do thay do with them?

  41. THAT is some floofy tockularity.

  42. bookmonstercats says:

    I’ve put the request into IT for a kitty-copier, and a kitty laptop, and a kitty priter, and a kitty blackberry, and a kitty bag to carry them all in……………

    (yes, @Katrina, I agree – who is Don Draper)

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    errrm… “printer”, not “priter” *shifty eyes*

  44. BOOTYFLUFF!!!! 😀

  45. Katrina and bookmonstercats — there’s a little tool called Google. It’s very handy-dandy.

    (Seriously though… Google image that name… mmmm… MMM!)

  46. “No, not again. I… why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?”

    @Lerrinus: LMAO! That nearly made my beverage come out my nose.

  47. Another vote for the hovertext. And Gigi, we may be old, but we’re probably younger than Carol Channing.

  48. Formerly Katrina of the “Hey! That’s my printer!”, I’m a-thinkin I’ll identify myself by said moniker, as I am a KittyKat too. Is that appwopwiate? Too many Katrinas in one place… I guess we like cute things… I rarely run into any. I thought we were a rare breed. Ha ha… breed… on an ANIMAL website. OOOOH.

  49. In the interest of promoting knowledge and because I like research and I am not really into doing actual work, I Googled “Don Draper”. He’s some dude on some TV show called “Mad Men”. OK I have heard of the show, but I don’t have cable.

  50. But I DID know who Carol Channing was… or is? Is she still alive? Well if she was she ain’t now, after being eaten by the copier & all.

  51. Thanks KittyKat, you are a gentleman and a procurer (from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum). Do you get crap about that damned storm that happened a few years ago? I still do. There are a bunch of Katrinas, Golden and then there is another-SPEAK UP!-so, I think Katrina is a name for a fuzz-loving animal companion. Thanks for the new moniker, you are truly a worthy Katrina.

    OK-Don Draper discovered and duly ignored.

  52. Hon- Weeelllllll…. *puts on cowgirl hat and pokes a stick of straw in her mouth* The cows need four tummicks because just one cannot process the hay and grass and feed that they eat. Basically it enters tummick 1, gets ground down a bit, goes to tummick 2, repeat, sometimes they regurgitate said ground up mash. *chewing their cud*. Finally after it cycles throughout their 4 tummicks, it gets ejected into wonderful cow pies. Although this pie would not work well ala mode.

    *takes off hat and spits out straw*

  53. I have never seen so many references to the name “Katrina” in once place before..other than when that nasty Hurricane came through. I am a “Katrina” as well.

    I just wanted to know if Hon Glad was still drunk?

  54. Fax super fluff-tox ASAP – check!
    Kill the dust-buster removing excess fluffulance from same – check!
    Replace shredded face after kitty wreaks his/her revenge – check!

  55. GIGGLE 😆 Where is kitty’s head? 😆 ROFL 😆 All I see a HUGE ball of white FLUFF 😆

  56. I’m not only the President of Hair Club for Office Equipment… (runs fingers through luxurious rug) I’m also a member!

  57. Baaaaaaah that’s how I get people to remember my name when I meet them. I’m also ridiculously tall (6’2″), so I come barrelling in the room with a big personality like a hurricane, but as a Canadian lassie, it’s less… offensive… luckily… less… deadly… such and such… cool beans…


  58. wonderful cowpies which do not do well a la mode! LOL!

  59. Mamamclain – Have you heard the one about the drunk, who lost his flat cap in a cow field and tried on 50 before finding his.

    Golden – I hope I am not still drunk, as the incedent happen in the 80’s. Mind you if I was, I would feature in the Guiness Book of Records.

  60. Noelle (the First) says:

    OMG! The Hovertext made me nearly spit my luch all over the computer! 🙂 Too, too funny!

  61. When you know that pet means fart in french… O_° …

    Anyway, great fluff! (and product placement)

  62. i love this website