A new niche!

Ruhmember this guy? The blorp of butter that fell off a plate and into OUR HEARTS?

I Can't Belive It's Not a Duck

Just sayin’ it’s COINCIDENTAL THAT THERE IS A NEW WEBSITE called: “This Peanut Looks Like a Duck

Check it:

I am highly skeptikuhls, Karla B.!



  1. Some of those look like swans.

    And the spilt milk looks like a Hemulen.

  2. Teho, methinks we need a “WTF” tag.

  3. catloveschanel says:

    One track mind,,,,

  4. HAHAHA! whut?!

  5. I’ll take a peanut that looks like a duck over a potato chip that looks like the Virgin Mary any day. It means much fewer people crowding onto the porch.

    Simon’s Cat is back! Check out YouTube for “Hot Spot.”

  7. writtenwyrdd says:

    *shifty eyes* I think there’s a plot against you. Next thing you know, they’ll be pushing pics of cute kitties and say they look like ducks, too…

  8. this is so amazing

  9. My favorite I think is the tomato that looks like a duck. What kills me is that they have a fair number of submissions of things that look like ducks – who’d a thunk it? I’m glad you liked it, Meg!

    *also known as Karla B

  10. that is pretty awesome that you found all of those ducks.

  11. They all look like rabbits to me.

    No! Ducks.

    No! Rabbits.

  12. Hey I know that hovertext!

  13. Tigger Jourard says:

    What – no llama llama duck?

  14. Hp duck is my fav. Wark!

  15. Wow Shannon – BoingBoing pariah to Cute Overload celeb in 24 hours! You’re the coolest guy I (feel like) I know (because I read his blog).

  16. Von Zeppelin says:

    I’m going to start a website about Ducks That Look Like Random Objects, as soon as I can find some pictures. Hope its more successful than my Cats That Look Like Calvin Coolidge site. (He was the least cuddly and fuzzy of all presidents)

  17. My company’s spam filter is blocking thispeanutlookslikeaduck.com! What horrors do duck-shaped peanuts hold?

    [Horrid horrors. Horrible horrors. Horrific horse-hooved Herbert Hoover horrors. – Ed.]

  18. I think CO has killed the duck-peanut website. LOL Too much traffic!

  19. The original CO butter duck post:

    Comment 24 much?

  20. I think some of those peanuts look more like Shmoos than ducks.

  21. i can’t get over those tomatoes.

    [Stand on your desk, then look down at your monitor. 😉 – Ed.]

  22. Duck, duck, goose!!!

  23. One question: Is “a new niche” at all associated, with “knights who say ‘Nih’?”

    (plz excuz if my spelling of “Nih” is incorrect. Thk you.)

  24. I will never be able to look at zucchini and squash again without thinking of mallards.

  25. ¿ɟʇʍ puɐ ‘ɥo

  26. “We are the knights who say ‘National Institute of Health’!”

  27. catloveschanel says:

    Those are all actually real ducks, because if it walks like a duck, and photographs like a duck then it is a duck.

    [They even have hoverquacks like a duck! – Ed.]

  28. The world is a far duckier place than I ever dared dream.

  29. (Thanks, Theo! I often did wonder, what “NIH” meant!!!)

  30. Thanks! Seeing the site mentioned here will motivate me to add a whole bunch of great submissions I’ve got queued… I’ll post a set of updates tomorrow.

  31. Peanut Looks Like a Duck can barely be considered “new” since last year, much less this. I’m surprised and shocked that a intarwebz magnate can be this unaware and this egotistical.

  32. Peanuts that look like Di**s, would probably have more hits.

    Further to Theresa’s thread jack – There was an article in the weekend section of the London Times on Simon Tolfield,he originally dreampt up the cat “for a bit of fun” when testing a new software package (I beleive our cheif sister officer started CO from a similar point) he put it on his showreel to send to potential clients, he didn’t intend for anyone else to see it. A friend phoned to tell him it was on You Tube. So far the first film has had more than ten million hits.
    Tolfield does all the artwork himself: each second of film takes 25 drawings and Tolfield provides the realistic purrs and “brrupps”
    The big news is he has a book coming out SIMON’S CAT on October 1 published by Cannongate at £12.99 (I don’t know when in the US)

  33. Hon Glad: Simon’s Cat is already out in the US. I’m staring at it at work (otherwise known as good ol’ Barnes and Noble.)

  34. ha i love the wizard thing!

  35. peanuts. gourds. cheetos.

    i tuned in (can i still say that?) the day the duck butter dropped. and let me tell you, it was a magical day.

  36. AileenHeather says:

    They are only missing one important thing! The Tomato that looks like a rabbit… yes yes I know not a duck, but its cute enough it should count…

  37. Lovelei – Huh, why should you Muricans get it before it’s home of origin, sulk. Is it good? I am sure it is.

  38. What else floats on water? 😉

  39. @ Kristabelle: “A Witch!!! Witches float!!! “

  40. For Catholics it’s the virgin Mary; for CO junkies, it’s ducks!

  41. Wood… churches… very small rocks…

  42. Nancy (orig) says:


  43. Butter duck for my butternut squash!
    That tomato duck is beyond redonk! 🙂

  44. Call me crazy, but hasn’t the Peanuts That Look Like Ducks website been around for months, if not over a year? I’m not sure about this “new niche” title.

  45. These are some lame ducks! Where do they go at migration time?

    Sheesh! More people with too much time on their hands…. I second the “WTF” tag nomination.

  46. Hon Glad: It is quite good. I’d actually never heard of Simon’s Cat before I saw the book. :O

  47. Probably no one will read this but I just want to add that when I mention people with too much time on their hands, I am not trying to insult anyone — I find it amusing the ideas people come up with on the Internets!!