My Heart Will Blorp On

Of all the dangers faced by ancient mariners, none was more deadly or feared than the Giant Blorpular Sealberg.  These free-floating islands of blubber concealed as much as nine-tenths of their mass below the surface, just waiting to bounce any ship foolish enough to pass too close.




  1. But Mariners could avoid such a disaster by feeding a sealburg a fishy treat. And maybe giving it a kiss on da forehead.

  2. *squee!!!* he’s absolutely adorable!

  3. “No, no, not even that aberrant leaf, shall spoil my inner calm”

  4. TwilightGuru says:

    ITS…………….SO………..FAT!!-(and cute)

  5. CoconutCheez says:

    just watched Glee again… and then i see THIS. Music to my heart. (and he looks really comfy so maybe it’s telling me to go to sleep)

  6. wish I could swim like this

  7. and why is he/she swimming in gatorade? lol

  8. He looks so serene! But still in need of a hug, of course! *hugs da blorpie!*

  9. I seriously ‘ahahahahah’ed at “my blorp will go on.”

  10. Hey! Where you find that picture of me?!?!

    …Oh, wait. I don’t have whiskers…..

  11. By thy wild whiskers and beepable nose,
    Wherefore bounceth thou me?

  12. T.resa – I bounce thee, and holpen thee up on thy palfrey

  13. i’d be bouncing around,too, if i were floating in green stuff of unknown origin with a random banana peel next to me. blory says ‘i’d clean up but i don’t got no hands. ‘scuse the inexplicable mess. can i spend the night on board YER house?’

  14. Blorpberg right ahead!

  15. Is that a … feather?

    Not so innocent a picture now, is it?

  16. instituteofanimalhaberdashery says:

    He looks just like my yoga instructor… no joke

  17. I b’lieve that is a eucalyptus leaf, if my eyes do not deceive me…

    This reminds me of warm piggy, but without the neck-life-jacket. Ahhnnn.

  18. (?…Donde esta Leonrdo de Caprio?)

  19. (oops:;) LeonArdo de C… )

  20. Look! It’s Rule of Cuteness #40: Aquatic Edition

    I’m guessing this is a zoo blorp because, for some reason, zoos always have eucalyptus trees everywhere. I guess they look exotic?

    earlybird1 Don’t mention the piggy- you’ll just rile them up again. (I thought it looked like hims too)

  21. Looks like me in a wetsuit!
    Ahh, I am one with the water…


  23. Acshully, if you look closely, you can see that he’s floating in rainbow stew.

  24. @Leilani: I see it! Now he and Mr Froggy can make the Rainbow Connection… 🙂

  25. I don’t think I’ve ever been that happy in all my life.

  26. Blorpy McBlorpitude encased in lime jello. Ahhh, the bliss. 🙂

  27. GoodMorningCall says:

    Serious blorpitude.

    In other news — can someone explain exactly why *blorp* is NOT in the glossary? It’s certainly made it into the lexicon at our house.

  28. The bliss on his lisstle face is enchanting. Love!

  29. It’s good to see that Wilford Brimley’s still active and getting some exercise. It’s good for the diabeetus, you know.

  30. Noelegy–you made me snort my coffee…..

  31. …… I am so, like, jealous………

  32. Awwwww….. he’s taking a face sunbath — in perfect calm and equilibrium. Niiiiiice!

  33. *Blorpular* AHHHH finally an accurate descriptor for my body! I can floats good too.

  34. That’s an odd looking buoy.

  35. It looks dreamy, you can see her wittle belly button, they wouldn’t let Barabra Eden show hers in I dream of Jinny good thing they dont have sensorship at the zoo.

  36. this blorp has an “insie”!!

  37. Awwww, he (?) must’ve been a cat in his previous life. He’s all “Sunbeam!!”

  38. He looks like I could just hug him and he couldn’t do nufink about it!

  39. Hon Glad, I thank thee, I need all the holpen I can get. And all the palfreys, too.

  40. Reminds me of that old Cyndi Blorper song:

    Well I see them every night in pools of green
    In the pages of a blue buoy magazine
    Hey I’ve been thinking of a new sensation
    I’m picking up good vibrations

    Do I wanna go out with a sea lion’s roar
    I wanna go to the South pole and get me some more
    I say (and it’s with all behooval)
    I say this guy gets my seal of approval

    She blorp, he blorp, a-we blorp
    I blorp, you blorp, a-they blorp
    Be-blorp, be-blorp-a-lu-blorp
    I hope he will understand
    She blorp, he blorp, a-we blorp
    I blorp, you blorp, a-they blorp
    Be-blorp, be-blorp-a-lu, she blorp
    Oo, she do, she blorp, she blorp.

  41. Oh the blorp-attude..

  42. Am I the only one who thought of the Floob-boober-bab-boober-bubs from Dr. Seuss’ On Beyond Zebra?

  43. My Heart Will Blorp On?? BWHAHAHA!

    How about “My Blorp Will Go On”? Really, put the word “blorp” in just about any random sentence and it’s golden.
    I love/hate how this site makes me laugh. Why hate? Because no one else I know seems to get why I find it so funny. Phooey.

  44. Thank you for that, TUM. 😆 I’m going to be singing that the rest of the day!!!!

  45. Theresa – I wit ye yeade.

    T.U.M. – As I Only know ‘Girls just want to have fun’ I am perfectly willing to accept that Cyndi Lauper, er Blorper sings it .
    Just for fun, why don’t you send it to her, or blorp it onto her website.

  46. Arrr, tis yer giant seal-slug, that un is. Arrrr.

  47. the heading on this post is REDONK!!!! 😀

  48. Blorp!!!!! Bouncing baby blubber Blorps!
    Um….. ok, wait, I can think of something better…. maybe…..

  49. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Vicki–I remember the floob-boober-bab-boober-bubs! They float around like blubbery tubs. I have always been pretty fond of high gargalorums, thnadners, and quandaries also. Best Seuss book in the entire canon of the Doctor’s work.

    (Don’t have my copy in front of me–what was the name of the shy little creature with one rabbitty ear? Definitely a CO candidate!)

  50. VonZeppelin, I believe you refer to the Flunnel. (And yes, I had to look through the book.)

  51. KatieZientek says:

    teh belly button!!! *dead*

  52. @Vicki – No, you’re not. First thing I thought when I saw the photo, though I’d have had to look in the book (which is on a shelf eight feet from where I sit) to remember their name. I would have posted a reference to them myself, if I hadn’t perused the comments first to see if someone beat me to it. Good job. (Likewise to skippymom for remembering the Flunnel, lookup or no. Too bad he’s been out of his tunnel just one-th, eh?)

  53. Does anyone else suspect that he just ate a seagull?

  54. @Andy: I didn’t even need to look up the name in my copy of the book (which happens to be in the other room). On Beyond Zebra is, I think, my favorite Seuss book. I read it so many times when I was little.