Knit one,
Purl two,
Add ice,


That’s an igloo for hamsters, Holly M.



  1. Hippie teepee.

  2. Sooo cute 🙂 I used to have hamsters when I was a kid and I made them 2 level houses out of popsicle sticks with roofs terrace made of leftover carpeting…for lounging.

  3. catloveschanel says:

    That’s got me in stitches

  4. I’ve been killed ded several times by the CUTEness, but I’m pretty sure this one will cause me to take my final bow.

  5. ha ha ha! Poor little guy is all like – I feel redonkulous, but I do this for the treats.

  6. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “Yes, please tell Tenzing I’m ready for my tea, won’t you?”

  7. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    I guess my dogs are lucky i do not know how to knit…they would be walking around with the cutest (i am sure they would disagree with me and call my creations ridiculous) clothing ever. Specially during fall and winter!
    They would be such fashionable doggies…

  8. Autumn has descended on the midwest (at least for now)… if I had hammies I would most certainly get them one of these! As it is, Petco has many doggie outfits on sale/clearance so I’ve been stocking up on those.

  9. Are you sure he hasn’t eaten a hole, in a egg cosy?

  10. I think he can see Russia from his front yard…..

  11. Ginger gazed out the window of her little cottage, just thinking her own thoughts to herself, oblivious to the fact that the Giant Red Spider Of Doom was silently making its descent from her rooftop….

  12. He looks worried. Maybe he was afraid it wouldn’t be finished in time for winter.

    He’s so cute I can hardly stand it.

    Beauty Without Cruelty: I learned to knit just so I could make stuff for my chihuahua. Needless to say, she has a much better wardrobe than I do. Tres chic!

  13. It kinda looks like a knight’s helmet to me, and I think the Hammie likes to be called Sir Fluffy Pants-A-Lot

  14. Meg, I think you’re spending too much time with the website code! Purl, for knitting, and Perl, for the language. And don’t even get me started on the jewelery… I never manage to spell those right! 😉

    (Countdown to a pattern request for this showing up on Ravelry in three…two…)

  15. It’s a volcano! Silly peeps.

    Too cute! ^_^

  16. I believe the look on this ham’s face is all “I sooooo love my new house Mama”!

  17. a Ham cozy !

  18. There are charities that accepted knitted blankets and kennel pads for cats and dogs, there should be one soliciting igloos for hamsters. Only seems fair…

  19. As a photographer, I am always impressed at what good models Hammies are. They always seem to cheat a skosh to their “good side,” nice expression, good gestures. (“Work it, bebbeh!!! Yeahhhh!!!”) And, yes, they smile with their eyes just like Tyra . . . . or actually better than Tyra. . . well, certainly cuter and furrier than Tyra!!!

  20. I’m thinking this more resembles a yurt, or perhaps a Bedouin tent. (That tassel, you know)

  21. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    Rachael – you remind me of a younger me (like 2 years younger) when i decided to learn to knit for my 80 and 70 pound dogs. The scarf that was supposed to be my first project is still sitting in my knitting bag, half finished 😦

  22. Nooo, it’s a brain coral with a red sea anem, enem, anenome! And there’s the fierce moray eel! Scaring the snorglers.

  23. Von Zeppelin says:

    Apparently this hamster is living in a fuzzy Hershey’s Kiss wrapper.

  24. Did ya ever notice that in all the pictures of hammies, they are always all “WTF?”. Its like they can’t understand why that big, fur-less hamster who brings them their food is always making them wear strange clothes or sit in strange cubbyholes.

  25. Best poem ever! ❤

  26. *stares at pic*
    *reads comments*
    *falls into a mess of giggles*
    (and repeat)

  27. OMG Skippymom Are you trying to kill me .. LOLOL I thought it looked like a spider too..

  28. Yeah, I think it’s more of a Yurt/Ger than an igloo. It would be very appropriate for either hamsters or gerbils… maybe especially gerbils (they’re from Mongolia ya’ know).

    Crochet, I learned from my grandmother, but knitting I learned from a kit for KIDS. Seriously, they have the BEST directions, and the projects are usually a size that people are likely to be able to finish. It’s when that first project is a little too big, and never get finished that people give up. (That first scarf should be fat yarn on medium, to fat needles… (not skinny yarn and skinny needles) it’ll be finished over a few days.

    (and even though I haz skillz, I love the things this crafter makes, and I’ll probably buy some stuff for my cats.)

  29. Kittyadventures, I swear I am not trying to kill you. Really.

    (drops big red spider down kittyadventures’s shirt, runs away)

  30. I am the ham that says “NEEP!”

  31. Dammit, now *I* want a knit igloo…

    [starts knittingks]

  32. Such a serious faced hammie in a mohair cabana….he is thinking deep thoughts.

  33. Jumps around screaming and trying to extract spider …

    I’ll get you Skippymonm!!!

  34. Dudes. It’s a ham-filled volcano. Der.

    [Hey, you can totally make beer volcanoes out of ham. Trust me. – Ed.]

  35. peek-a-boo

  36. moistenedbink says:

    Well that’s a lot cuter than a toilet paper cosy!!!

  37. Just in time for cool weather – I’m looking forward to the knitted fire ring, hammies warming their pawsies. Really adorable.

  38. I have the pattern for this, and I made one for my gerbil Fernando. At the time he was an extremely elderly gerbil and he seemed to appreciate it. A few days later he passed away, and the ham-gloo was buried with him.

    Email me if you’d like one for your ham/gerb.

  39. That is adorable!

    E. Spinner, is there a crochet version of this pattern?

  40. Hi everyone! This is so neat, someone sent me a link to this website and said my Hammie Hut was featured! All of your comments just cracked me up and made my day. There are so many cute pictures on here, thank you to the creator for including mine:)

    You can check out my other hand knit goodies for animals (mostly cats) at http://www.CattitudeCreations.etsy.com

    The hamsters name is Penelope. She is a 3 year old Tortoise shell Hamster that I adopted from the local pet store I work at. She was with us for 4 months and didn’t find a home. I promised if she was still there after x-mas I would take her home. She’s the best hamster ever:)

  41. Ham-cano, maybe? I don’t know which sounds cuter…