What is that bewitching scent you’re wearing?

Eau de Poulet? Catnip Pour Homme? Chanel No. Tuna?! I MUST KNOW! [Crawls up pant leg]

Whatever it is, this kitten must have eet Heather B.



  1. OMG. The squeeks. They kills me. Is dead.

  2. snoopysnake says:


    I lurves him!

  3. Poor baby! He needs company! (I’d gladly volunteer.)

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    What an adorable skoodle-boodle! me ded too.

  5. Those squeeks…..gah. *dies*

  6. The Cute, it slays me!

  7. Yeah, those tiny mews got me. OR the muse got me, one of those.

  8. OMG!!! My FAVORITE kind of kitten– the rambunctious, demanding, noisy suck!!!

    Dante is looking around for the squeeker.

  9. Take that, cat haters!

    That video reminds me of when I had to wear a pair of jeans over my thickest sweat pants as protection when my five kittens used to do that to me !
    Thank goodness they’ve learned to NOT dig their claws in as deep now that they’ve grown older. ( & heavier) Especially when they jump up to my waist & climb up my body to sit or lay on the middle of my back or shoulder.

  11. P.S. Happy Birthday Cute Overload !!!! The best blog on the web !!!!

  12. This takes me back to when I fostered a litter of four. Three of them were marmies, btw, Teho. They had their own little ‘nursery’ (spare room) and every time I walked in it was a chorus of “MEW!” and they’d race to see who could climb me fastest. I never, ever got over it. The sweetest, squeeeeeest feeling EVAR!

  13. Had a kitten once that liked to crawl up my back and go to sleep on my head. Made moving around the house a bit of a problem.

  14. The outraged mews + the lack of hesitation about the pants-climbing = awesome

  15. Ah, a scene from my favorite movie, “Room with a Mew”.

  16. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    And if you’re not wearing pants, they just have to dig their little claws in a little harder/deeper, that’s all! My bottle-babies showed me how it was done this past summer, er, shorts season!

  17. Good one Oakley! 😀

    Love the squeekage, not a meow, not even a mew, just a squeek! 😀

  18. This is the very living definiton of Squeet.
    (falls over into a useless puddle of gooshy emotions)
    Gah. Now how can you expect me to be productive on this rainy rainy sunday?

  19. “Noooooo! Don’t leave me, Dad!”

    (ded from qte)

  20. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: I wish like heck that it would rain here. *now I’m back to ded from looking at cute baby kitteh*

  21. darn cute

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    I reeaaallly want that kitty. However, I just went over the Terms and Conditions page my kitteh presented to me upon his adoption. I’m not allowed to get anymore animals. Also, he said that “the hamster incident” was really stretching it. Oh well.

  23. If you read the youtube owners site he says :

    This is a page dedicated to our recent new kitten Conan!
    We found him walking alone on the side of the road by our house. There were other kittens but they didn’t survive. He is the cutest and most playful kitten and we want to share his cuteness with everybody else.


  24. Peanut's mama says:

    OMG! SQUEEEEEEEEEE! GIMMEGIMMEGIMME!!! I must squeesh the itty bitty kitty! He looks JUST like my Peanut when he was a baby! *SNIFFLE* Memories. Now P is too big to climb like that. And the pathetic little squeaks of joy! This made my boring rainy sunday much better!

  25. Adorable, the best kind of kitten there is.

  26. GIGGLE 😆 All I can say is “EEE-YEOW-WOW-WOW” 😆 The little kitty reminds me of when I was visiting my sister, Anne, and her daughter, my niece, Cindy about two years ago:lol: Their three all white babies who were that size of that kitty had to climb up my jean leg AT THE SAME TIME 😆 PURRING all the way up 😆 I lived 😆 and teased my niece that I would TAKE all three babies home with me 😆 All three babies, Snowflake (female) + Snowman (male) + Snowball (male), are all grown now and still with my sister and niece 😆

  27. OMG my kitten who is 3-4 months old still does that to me!!!! pain oww lol

  28. Back in the 70’s, panty hose were not as sheer as they are today, and they were perfect for our five Siamese kittens to climb. On Sunday mornings before church, all our kittens would swarm my sister and me, indignant that we would leave them alone for even a minute. We would gently unhook one needle-like little claw, only to have it snag somewhere else. We tried to just pull them off, but that didn’t always work. So we’d slowly pace up and down the hall, with their mother meowing in concern, and hoped the mama cat and the movement would make the kittens unhook. The thought of my sister and me with kittens clinging to our legs, all of them mewing frantically for us to stay, made us laugh at the worst possible moments in church.

    When we came home, all five kittens would again climb our shredded hose, mewing that we should never, ever leave them again. This happened every Sunday until they were simply too big to fight gravity. I still have a scar on my knee, and I still miss those mornings.

  29. Eeheeheeeeeeeeeee the little mewies!!

    Conan can climb up my pant leg anytime. 😀

  30. I am ded.

    I watched it once without sound, and had to put my headphones on to hear the mini-mews.

  31. Queen of Dork says:

    Shari: What a wonderful story! I can just picture it and it makes me laugh. 🙂

  32. When they were babies my Mia and Bindi used to do climb my legs all the time when I washed the dishes, like they were saying Mom there’s WATER in there get your hand out of there! Now they jump on the counter and take turn swatting at my hands every time I take them out of the water and I have to give them kissy-poos on the top of the head to calm them. It does make washing dished more enjoyable 🙂

  33. Omg how sweet is little baby Conan!

  34. If it weren’t for our lack of counter space, Gigi, I would teach my fur-kids to do that! 😉

  35. Love the soundtrack on this and the other videos of Conan.. Anyone have any idea what it is?

  36. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

  37. omgosh.
    As they say, “Ain’t no mountain high enough…” The cutie will go far. XD

  38. loves2sneeze says:

    omgomgomg. death by cute. this kitteh would totally be worth scratches on my leg and pulled stitches on my jeans.

  39. Von Zeppelin says:

    “In 1936, noted alpinist Conan the Cat finally achieved the summit of Mount SomeGuy’sPants, one of the highest and most challenging peaks in the Hindu Kush. Sir Conan (as he was known after being knighted by King George VI) had previously failed in his attempt on the mountain by the better known Seat of the Jeans route. Instead, he succeeded in summiting after an assault on the more treacherous Straight Up The Front path, passing through Kneecap outcrop, Pocket Ridge, and working directly up the north face of T-Shirt. Sir Conan left a small Union Jack, the flag of the Explorer’s Club, and an empty Fancy Feast Fish ‘n’ Shrimp can at the summit.”

  40. Frantic mewsings!
    I believe the scent is ‘Poisson’…

  41. Yitzysmommie says:

    So Qte I amd well and truly ded.
    First the squeaks: “Daddy! You’re Home! Finally!! I love you Daddy!!!! Play with me Daddy! I love you!!!”
    Second, baby kitteh looks like my Yitzy. However, at 15 pounds if Yitz tried this now we’d both fall over (or my pants would come off!).

  42. LOL, sooooooo cute! The teeny mews are just too much. What a great name for a kitten, BTW!

  43. @Von Zep I hear that during his attempt on the Seat of the Jeans route, Sir Conan was stopped when he reached an impassable crevasse.

  44. Juniper Jupiter says:


    But…why the HELL would you leave a kitty alone when he gets skeered!!!

    Big fat MEANIES! 😛

    (I’d take him wiff me wherever I go!) 😀

  45. Conan knows what he wants.

  46. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    @ Von Zepp:

    After one of your literary gems, there simply are no words left.

    “All hail Von Zepp!!”

  47. precious ❤

  48. Hail Von Zepp!! outstanding….

    and the mews far outweigh the painful journey, in my opinion.

  49. Von Z – “Ayyyyy!” (two thumbs up)
    Ooh, a story! I love the stories! Thanks!

  50. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude but this is not as easy as it looks, so I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t distract me. You could throw me a rope or do something useful.”

    Whaaat? Kittie’s even wearing a black mask!

  51. The ole climbing the tree move. Had it done to me a few times. Unfort. for me sometimes I had on shorts instead of jeans. Nothing feels quite like peeling a kitty off from bare leg. One of our cats still likes to come to us and place her front paws on our leg in the ole ” pick me up please ” move. She is alittle overweight, otherwise she would still be treating our legs to the ‘ tree move ‘ 🙂

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    Von Zep: Hee-hee 🙂

  53. aww 🙂

  54. @260Oakley: hahahaha… \m/

    im ded from teh cute with a bellyache from the laffs xD

  55. pyrit for the win! 😀

    “He didn’t fall?! Inconceivable!”

  56. Thank you, Queen…we really were a sight! Sis and I both had lots of scratches during their entire kittenhood, but we didn’t mind. Those kittens were so sweet, and so cute!

    As a side note, they all grew up to be the most beautiful cats, with the classic Siamese personality and charm. They only got more vocal with age, but that was fine with us. If you’ve ever spent time with a meezer, you’ll know why.

  57. thatonegirlannie says:

    clingy kitty 🙂

  58. kibblenibble says:

    Aww, Conan was resQte! I’m so sad his siblings died, but happy he was taken in by these folks who obvy appreciate him. What a sweet teeny squeaker! 🙂

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Dang. I made tortellini with alfredo sauce for dinner. I served myself up a little bowl which I placed on the couch for a sec while I did something else. Came back and my cat was eating it. Crap. He’s all: nom nom nom nom nom.

  60. OMG it was so cute it made me cry!

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Awwww Shari. How nice!

  62. Shari: LOL! I remember the quality of the hosiery to which you allude. More like what we call tights nowadays. I can just picture you being beset by tiny meezers.

    And re: Conan, I can remember when my Philo-pants was like this. Now he’s a snot who’s affectionate on his OWN terms.

  63. Heather in Oregon says:

    I am sooooo happy! I saw this video and had to forward it. When I watched it originally it had so few hits, I was surpised cause he was too adorable!….but I knew once the world of cute got ahold of it…Conan the people climber would be a star! 🙂
    I too had many adventures with kittens that insisted I was a tree, especially when Fancy Feast was on the counter.
    Anyone remember that video of the hungry kitten that screamed its head off when the owner was opening the can and before the owner could even get the food out the kitten grabbed it and was meowling and trying to take off with it? I can’t remember the URL, but I think icanhazcheeseburger had something to do with it……

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    No. I’ve never seen that but totally want to! My cat cusses me out like that every single morning. Even before I’ve had my first cup of coffee. He’s sitting here right now being stupid.

  65. G-GUH, SO CUTE.

    My baby used to do this as a kitten too. She was very attached to me because we found her so young, and the only warning I would get before little pinpricks would be all over the back of my legs was the jingle of her bell! Though, we lived down south, so a lot of the times I wasn’t wearing pants, let along jeans. Ow! (I still love her to death though)

  66. What’s it saying? Google translator?

  67. Here is the link to that hungry kitty video, Try not to laugh to hard.

  68. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi: Good grief! Even my cat doesn’t cuss me out that badly! That video was totally hilarious! Thank you!

  69. Heather in Oregon says:

    Thanks Gigi!! I needed a refresher!! 🙂

  70. catloveschanel says:

    That’s one way to keep your man…

  71. Oh my. *dies* That is the most adorable thing ever — I love rambunctious tykes like those. ❤ And also, I really enjoy reading all of the comments too, especially the cute stories like those by MudBug, PippinT, Guido, Shari, Gigi, and everyone. They just make my day a thousand times better. CuteOverload, never change.

  72. Puppies trump kittens any day though, and you know it.

  73. All my Cats have been rescue, so I have missed out on the kitten stage. I have always wondered what they were like as kittens. Especially Gladys, who’s name I have borrowed.

  74. Its my secret formula, just a touch of ambergris…..

  75. Aww, listen to those little “squees”!

  76. Ohgod the mewing!

    Also needs a chubby kitty pal named Andy. Just saying… ^_^

  77. needle claws, stubby tail, lil mews…sigh

  78. Gigi, thank you for posting that video. Now, THAT is one determined kitty!

  79. That’s no leg…. It’s the Eiger!

    ::crampon crampon crampon crampon:: Getting ready tuh set up Base Camp Zero.

  80. I loves the squeaks!! my little boy used to follow me ALL the time when he was a baby, but he never climbed up my leg.

  81. Heather in Oregon says:

    I just checked Conan the kittehs youtube stats, he went from 300 views to 16,000 views! Guess no one can resist the mew from this guy! 🙂 🙂

  82. Heather in Oregon says:

    And only 500 of those views are from me 😉

  83. I’ve never had a kitten do that to me. I want, I want!!

    I’ve always been a dog person but since coming to CO, I’ve become almost 50% cat person. I can see myself sliding down that slippery slope into cat obsession any day now. 🙂

  84. Watched twice for extra squeaks 🙂

  85. Victoriea! Ask if kitty has six fingers on his right hand!

  86. Argyle Donkeypants says:
  87. For heaven’s sake, someone cuddle that kitteh!

  88. Apparently, Conan the Kitten here is quite the “bedsheet slayer” 🙂 It’s too cute…i think the music really makes the video though.

    [Conan the Percale Perconqueror, perhaps? – Ed.]

  89. aww, goodness, after only 2 minutes? LOL the poor deprived thing~ what a goofy sweet little fella!

  90. tygress22, i like that video. thanks! the music was definitely key.

  91. Conan is just too cute! He reminds me of my parents cat when he was little. Thanks for sharing “the cuteness” with us.

  92. He’s little and weighs nothing now–but if he keeps this up as an adult, someone is gonna have some seriously scarred legs. (But it will still be cute.)

  93. graveofsorrows says:

    aww,such a sweetie xD!!!!

  94. Tygress, thanks for posting that video! I love the slo-mo bedsheet slaying. I also love his little black ‘tocks! yay Conan!

  95. GAH!!! It’s SOOOOO cute!!!!!!!

  96. dewicasgwent says:


    Perfume with a hint of old whale vomit, yep cats would love it

  97. Natalie beat me to it: the music! The slo-mo! The ‘tocks!

  98. Tee hee, its a quote from Sweeney Todd as well ^_^

  99. Heather in Oregon says:

    I am so glad I came back to read more comments…the slow mo sheet attack is only been uploaded today…I might have missed it!!! SQEEEE! tocks!

  100. InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

    The bedsheet slayer reminds me of my previous kitty, Minette. When I changed the sheets on the bed, she would jump up on the fitted sheet and pounce on all the wrinkles, to let me know what spots I had missed. And then she’d climb on the flat sheet and do the same. Once the sheets were wrinkle-free, she’d go lounge on the pillows, so I could put the comforter on.

  101. I wish I could enjoy cat related humour more but after the internet has decided to stuff my face with it for the past three years, I’m finding it less and less funny.

    I thought this post would be about fragrances.

  102. OMG, he looks EXACTLY like my Domino as a bebeh!! *melts*

  103. i had a kitten that used to do that to me too, she ate dinner off of the counter because of the bitey dog. i have a scar in my left thigh; four cuts all one beside the other of kitten paw claws

  104. EEEEEE!!!!! Brings back memories. Our Seamus was just like that when he was a wee kittie.

  105. 😆 Gigi, that is one HUNGRY kitty 😆 “I want to EAT NOW!” the kitty screams 😆

  106. 😆 I can laugh now 😆 kir, I have a three scars on my left leg from our dear kitty Badger who when she was a kitten decided to climb up my leg while I was eating breakfast 😆 You try to SCREAM with a mouthful of scrambled egg 😆 I lived 😆 Badger the little stinker sat in my lap until I finished breakfast 😆 before I went to the bathroom and put on some band-aids 😆

  107. Before Sir Conan next attempts the Seat of the Jeans route, he might study this guy:

  108. Chris:: exc vid & POIFECT muzik (incl/ 3 stooges sounds at end) !!!!

  109. I suspect a new CO phenom–AGH OMFG THE SQUEAKS ❤