aaaaaaaaargh HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE OVERLOAD!! dammit 😛

This was, of course, before COXCUs, before tags, before 560-pixel-wide pictures, before calendars, before commentroversy, before moderators and [-Ed.]s, possibly before a storied wet meteorological event requiring a lengthy journey in a big wooden freighter full of two of everything. (Awaiting confirmation on that last bit.)  Anyway, let’s pretend I posted this on “Caturday”.

I’m inno-cent!
by MEG on SEPTEMBER 26, 2005




  1. [bellypoke]

  2. [belly snorgle]

    Happy birthday CO!!! Is it still Caturday somewhere just this side of the international date line?

  3. Happy birthday CO! Hard to believe you’ve only been around since 2005. What did I do without you before that??

  4. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    Still possibly the single simple best-ever pic !!!

    Hope this little guy/ gal has been released from (are ya ready for this?)
    THA POKEY !!!!!!!! (bwaaaahaaaahaaaaa etc.)


  6. My kitty, Dharma, who only comes home once or twice a week, (apparently she drives a big rig full of produce to Texarkana every Monday,Wednesday and Friday) is home today and snuggled with me on the couch. We both wish you happy birthday/anniversary!

    [Here’s hoping she’s a better driver than Toonces, then. 😉 – Ed.]


    Hey, dint we just do this a while ago?


  8. Happy birthday, Cute Overload! Even the gloomiest of days becomes brighter whenever I visit this site.


  10. Happy Birthday, CO. You make every day better, and the bad days bearable. Thank you, Meg et al.

    Told you all the best things were ‘born’ in September.

    (grabs kitty and nuzzle-wrestles the belly)

  11. Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe!

  12. happy, happy birthday CO!
    the web wouldn’t be the same without you
    it’d be a less silly (sillyless?) less funny (and phunny)
    and definitely less cute

    hippo birdies two ewe!

    [ 😀 – Ed.]

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Happy Birthday, CO!! You have brought so much extrreme silliness and Qte into my daily grind. Thank you for that!!! 🙂

  14. Happy b-day CO!
    4 years already… Congrats and thanks for my daily cute fix (or should I complain that I’m addicted?)


  15. Wonder where that lil kitty is today.

  16. aww i just wanna cuddle ’em!

  17. Happy birfday, CO! You have made the intarwebs a much cuter and happier place to be.

  18. Happy Birfday CO! And many many more…

  19. HAPPY BIRFDAY CO!! To my absolute favoritest sight ever!!

  20. tropicalgeek says:

    cant live without you now! Caturday and everyday! Feliz cumpleanhos!

  21. kibblenibble says:

    That baby IS inno-cent. Too Qte to be otherwise. Happy Belated B-day, CO! I love ya.

  22. Happy birf day CO!!! I maded you a cake but I eated it… sowry.. 😦

  23. Happy Birthday CO. You brighten mine and my coworker’s day everyday. We have to suppress giggles sometimes, and I can’t think of anything better to look at while on hold with the IRS.

  24. Happy Birthday CO! I can’t even begin to describe how you brighten up my life each day! 🙂

  25. Happy Birthday, CO! I struggle with depression and my daily visits (actually mulitple visits each day!) are something I really look forward to! Thanks!

  26. You’re 4, yes you are! Who’s 4 years old? You, that’s who!

  27. Caption: “Come up with your paws up and no one will get hurt.”


    Happy birthday, Cute Overlords. ; )

  28. Happy Cute Overload Bithutthtutthday to all Peeps everywhere and especially to Meg and her Amazing Dream Team! It is so wonderful to engage in mirth, levity and the occasional profundity on this site! Love always, Katrina, Killer on the Steppes of Central Connecticut (Soldier on, dear peeps, soldier on.)

  29. catloveschanel says:

    You look like a monkey and you smell like one, too!
    Surely, it is cuteagainstthelaw to have two standup kitties in one day, Meg.

  30. Happy Birthday dear CO! Thanks for so much animule joy, from the Disapproving Rabbits to tiny snails to the incomparable Maru. Best wishes for many more years.

  31. Theo – Be happy you don’t work for Donald Trump or the next words you’d hear are “you’re fired!” Happy Birthday, CO!

    [Can you really see The Donald trying to run an outfit like Cute Overload? – Ed.]

  32. ARE YOU KEEDING ME???? CO and I have the SAME BIRTHDAY???

    Wow, I used to be jazzed that I shared the day with T.S. Eliot and George Gershwin, but this takes the cupcake!!!

  33. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Happy Birthday, CO, and thanks to Meg for creating such a fun place!

  34. Happy Birthday, CO!!!!

  35. w0oT!
    hoppy birdday cute overload!
    long may teh qte rule.

  36. Oh Theo, this is so yesterday’s mews.
    Happy Birthday CO ! May you have a four-star year full of four-leafed clovers.

  37. LOL/thppppp Pyrit. 😆 😛

  38. Happy birthday and thank you for keeping me away from a nervous breakdown at my office every morning!! ♥♥♥

  39. i can’t believe it’s been that long… i remember when you were *this* big!

    i love you guys!

  40. Well congrats! You did better than I did… I announced my blog was a year old about a month later. Just reading your post and love the term ‘commentroversy’. Will have to look around and see what you mean by that. Sounds intriguing!

  41. Happy Birthday CO! Thanks to Meg and all the others for the cuteness that makes us all smile! .and many more…..

  42. Congratulations!!!! And thank you- you’ve provided us with a great and powerful public service.

  43. Teh Mirth! Specially teh mirf!

    You widdle kitteh are guilty! Guilty of Qte! I sentence you to a belleh rub and a NOM NOM NOM on those earsies!

    Thank you guys for spreading a lot of happiness.

  44. PS I’d like to see Donald Trump squeal n go all silly and stuff over a bebeh kitteh or puppeh. Seems to me he’d be a kinder and gentler Trump.

  45. Congrats on four years of cute! I hope you’re around for a long time to come. 😀 Despite the nuffers’ attempts to ruin the site, it still brightens many of our days.

  46. hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie two ewes
    hippo birdie dear meg’s blog
    hippo birdie two ewes

    [Sandra Boynton is cool, Sandra Boynton is cool… – Ed.]

  47. poit your hands up

  48. Hey, Hoppy Birthday to you too, Theresa-the-bunny!

  49. Cake and ice cream and tuna and corms and broccolis and chewbones for all!

  50. Thank you Pyrit! I am getting used to being a bunny! Fluffy and cute? Check! Disapproval? Have to work on that.

  51. Happity Birfday CO.
    You bring a smile to my face, a song in my heart,wind in my sails ( sorry about that)
    peas on erf and that’s all folks!

  52. Theresa-
    -Legato, con molto vivace- Happy, happy, birthday, baby-from Katrina and Killer and the whole, entire both orchestras!

    May I have an “A”- you’re a little sharp on the diggereedoo, there, Theresa-, thaaaat’s it, HMMMM Happy Birthday to You (and George Gershwin) Happy Birthday to you and (seriously-T.S. Eliot?), happy birthday from a big whole world of the RedSox, Happy Birthday to you and CO! What a line up!

  53. Happy birthday, Cute Overload! It can be your birthday MONTH if you want it to be! (And next month is Tocktober. Yay!)

  54. tickle the kitty’s tummy!

  55. CO has been a must-squee part of my web surfing for what seems like forever. thank you, meg, for dreaming up this furry haven of the qte!

  56. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Heppy, heppy birthday, CO. I wouldn’t get through a single day without you. Meg, you have changed the world!! Good for you.

  57. Happy birthday Cute Overload! Of course we’ve given you your own birthday thread on CT as well! 🙂

  58. Happy birthday CuteOverload!!! *hugz* 🙂

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: Very nice pictures!

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    AuntieMame: I’ve ALWAYS believed in celebrating your birthday the whole entire month! Yay! Mine is in ‘Tocktober!!!! Yay!!!

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    Yay! And happy, happy birthday Theresa bunny!!

  62. Happy Birthday, CO! Thanks for adding cuteness to every day! 😀

  63. Happy birthday CO

  64. Happy belated, CO!


    I am so happy that Meg started this site! It is one of those things that is more important than even my coffee to get me started in the mornings! ❤

  66. bookmonstercats says:

    Happy birthday CO. Happy birthday Theresa.

    Theo, we always celebrate our birthdays for a week at least. My daughter is 21 next week and I think it’s going on, one way or another, for a month!

  67. Theresa, Cute Overload and I have the same birthday?! Awesome! Fun animal fact: the original Baby Shamu at Orlando’s Sea World also celebrates her birthday on September 26! Her name is Kalina and she was born 9/26/85. As a kid my family took lots of trips to Orlando, and I absolutely loved telling people that, lol! I was a nerdy kid.

  68. As Frosty the Snowman sez, ‘Happy Birthday!’

    Thanks to all the CO’ers, esp Meg.

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    My late BELOVED sister was also born on September 26. (1962-2004) She would have been SO honored to know her b-day was the same as CO! (Love you, Lulu!)

    Happy birthday Samantha!

  70. Thank you for the ultimate qte blog. Thank you for all the smiles, laughs, and guffaws you’ve given me. Thank you for genuine joy….which is hard to achieve in today’s world. Thank you, posters, for awesome and funny comments. Thanks for the innovative language and the Rules of Cuteness! Meg, God love you, girl, you deserve it! Happy Birthday to Cute Overload.

  71. pasickie c.o. xoxo

  72. Queen of Dork says:

    Hey! I think it’s also some kind of Brady Bunch birthdayl! They keep showing it on TV Land. (I know, please don’t tell me I need to get a life).

    *leaving the TV and the computer to go mow the backyard lawn now* 😯

  73. 😀 Happy Birthday, CuteOverLoad 😀 and many many more 😀

  74. Had to wish you the happiest birthday ever! Even before I look at the baby bulldog actually managing to get up. (Bill Maher used it on his HBO show last Friday night.) You folks make our day, mine and Dudley’s. Dudley’s the Great Dane.

    And I can always tell before looking which ones Meg posted because they’re the sweetest and I can always tell which ones NTMTOM posted – something about that slightly twisted sense of humour.

    Here’s hoping for another four years of blissful cuteness.

  75. weeeee! CO birfday puddins all around!

  76. Yay, Happy Birthday CO!!!

  77. wow! hippo birdies two ewe CO! thank you meg, for sharing your blog. it has gotten me through any kind of stress / bad day that i’m having and i always end up feeling so much better. cheers to you and the CO team! (thank yous to teho, NOMTOM, and you peeps!)

  78. Happy Birthday CO!!!!! Thanks for supplying my daily dose of cuteness.

  79. Happy Birthday, Meg and Co.!! Thanks for giving us such a happy place to visit! And this is easily my all time favorite CO photo…

    You’re a rock star, Meg. Thanks a million.

    [She’s actually more of a country/western star, really, but I know what you mean – Ed.]

  80. Hippo birdies 2 ewe??? Darn, I was going to say that!!

    Well, it can’t be said too many times, can it? Happy birthday/anniversary, and many many many more!!

  81. Happy Birfday C.O.!!! 4 years old!

    Thank you for making so many lives brighter, and cuter!

  82. CoconutCheez says:

    happy bday dearest CO!!! i cannot imagine my life (and those who i push CO posts to) without thee!!

  83. Mary (the first) says:

    H.B. to C.O.! Thanks for the years of cute and silliness and excuse to write haikus (however bad mine are.) Love to all CO staff and peeps and animals everywhere!

  84. i’m sorry, did you just say
    storied, wet meteorological event ?

    f***g excellent.

    hippo birdie, CO

    [ 😀 Thaaank you. – Ed.]

  85. Apparently I’m a day (or two) late to the party but no matter. CO is the most sqeee-inducing site on the interwebs! What an amazingly bright light amid all the darkness in the world. May you shine for at least 44 X 4 more years.

  86. Andi from NC says:

    Thanks for bringing so much joy – Happy Belated B-Day!!!

  87. HAPPY BIRFDAY CO!!!!!!
    May you have many many many more years of qte! Thaks for brightening every day!

  88. I’m late to the party, too, but let me just say that I feel better knowing there’s such a site as CO in the world. Cute and at times a little odd, peeps that contribute sooooooo much to the overall conversation. Priceless.

    Thanks to you all…. 😉

  89. A belated happy BLEEN day to Meg, Theo, NTMTOM, and all the peeps! In fact, let’s call it BLEEN week, shall we?


  90. omg that picture is so cute I said the same thing when i was accused of using drugs that is why the picture of the cat was so cute to me it reminded me of how i was. like i didnt do it.

  91. Hippo Birddays two ewes 2 CO! When it says at the bottom about now don’t I feels better, I always says: Yes! Thank you for many, many smilees. Don’t know what I’d do if not for you……
    To the kitty: Watch out! Incoming snorgles!

  92. Happy Birthday, Cute Overload! You bring a smile to my face every day at work!

  93. Theresa & Samantha and me too!!! My birthdays just got better, knowing that!
    Thanks for all the Cute!

    (And don’t forget Johnny Appleseed!)

  94. Squuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….!
    Happy Birthday tooooo CO…..!
    That is the custest pic in existance…..!

  95. Lunatic rose, unpolluted says: