Red light!  Green light!  Red light!  Green light! Redlightgreenlight!

I’ll look for you in the labor camp, Natalie D.



  1. I think that he needs his paws on his hips..

  2. Uh…. that’s if he can FIND his hips…

  3. All your base are belong to us.


  5. I’m sure he’s a nice cat and all… but the eyes, the eyes!!! I must go buy cat treats, and cat food, and cat toys…. I must….

  6. 😀 Man, that kitty sure knows how to sit 😀 😈 Makes me want to SNORGLE SNORGLE SNORGLE that white fluffy tummy 😈

  7. Queen of Dork says:


    I am putting on the Lederhosen………………wear it right now.

  8. I am totally fine with this because I look so good in waterskis.

  9. ahahahaha WHAAAAT. o_O

    NTMTOM, you are too much. ❤

  10. Damn it, I am STILL laughing too hard to drink my tea! I want my tea!! *pout*

  11. Take me to your lederhosen.

  12. @janet2buns: perfect!

    “Oh, listen, monkey boy. Compared to you humans, I’m on the top of the evolutionary ladder, so can it, all right? “

  13. I don’t know if I can handle zither-playing dogs.

  14. OMG he looks just like my T-Two when he wants cat treats and let me tell you HE GETS THEM!

  15. Oh my, someone found the Yeti!!

  16. catloveschanel says:

    Did somebody tell Texas yet?

  17. @catloveschanel: I dunno, but can Europe handle Texas?

  18. catloveschanel says:

    maybe it’ll spice things up a little… all those years of gentility..

  19. catloveschanel says:

    Svensk det Chili!

  20. Ha! He’s so baleful.
    If my cat did this I would poo a brick.

  21. I showed my mother the pic; her first reaction: “That’s a cat?!

  22. catloveschanel says:

    He’s got Betty Davis eyes

  23. Victoreia: NO!

    Give us Sweden back!!!

    IKEA!!! 😥

  24. all glory to the hypno-cat

  25. Why Texas and Sweden?

  26. Well, that’d be one place in America with a working health care system for all citizens.

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    Lederhosen…must wear….Lederhosen…*thunk*

  28. Texas – Sweden, det ar en bra ide

  29. Pretty talented cat to do that. Don’t think I have ever seen a cat sit up like that.

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    All of the really weird stuff happens in Germany or Florida.

    [Hey, don’t knock Japan. – Ed.]

  31. This is tagged “kittens”???? Is there a world domination tag, or at the very least impending doom (ours, not the Supreme White Cat Overlord’s)?

  32. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    1) The Overlord appears to be wearing a coat of sheepskin rather than of cat fur .
    2) May I humby suggest the possibility of either a Tag of either “Impending Doom” or “Danger” ?

  33. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    @ Fluffy:

    We must have both been typing at the same time!

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: he-he. I thought somebunny might get mad at me for that comment. I’ve been to Japan. Everything there was not weird…just cute.

  35. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan! Love that name. This kitty frightens me. He is the opposite color of my kitty. But really, can you imagine waking up, all sleepy and tie tie and seeing this thing hovering over you on your bed?

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    Crap. My kitteh is having kitty freak out session. He just now burst into the room through his cat door. He’s seeing things… I don’t see anything.

  37. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:


    re. the Added Tag (I won’t quote it here so everyone will have to scroll up to see it):

    YOU, sir, are (among other things) DAN-gerous !!!!

  38. Hmmm…

  39. Didn’t Ren Höek already command us to wear lederhosen?
    “I do hereby promise only to watch the Ren & Stimpy show,
    to make underleg noises during the good scenes,
    to wear unwashed lederhosen every single day of
    the rest of my life.”

  40. Queen of Dork says:

    My kitteh is having a problem. Wait..there he goes. No…that…he’s running that way…no that way! He’s Freaking Out!! (I think he’s broken)

  41. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    @ Q of D:

    Go to your house’s (apt’s) Circuit Breaker box & change out the “Kitteh” fuse.
    That should take care of it.

  42. healthcare system!! LOL, snort, kaff, that is very very funny. i lost you in the onslaught, sorry, clever person…

  43. Queen of Dork says:

    Maybe I should try to hold him.


  44. Queen of Dork says:

    wannadance!!!!!! HI!!!!

  45. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    Also @ Q of D:

    Thanks for apprec. the screenname. I was rambling around various pictures & posting comments “here there & everywhere” for a few moments & briefly forgot which pic your compliment was under, thus I’m out of sequence. But thanks!!

  46. i wore lederhosen as a young dancer, in scenes requiring dancers scampering around, pretending to be ecstatic villagers.

    i looked cute in them; they were red velvet.

    the very concept of my wearing them now is inconceivable, unbearable (impregnable? etc???)

    woooo. need caffeine. why do i always attempt to comment straight after rolling out of bed?

    woke this morning with a Jasmine sleeping all nailed against me (cold) and me holding her back foot…amazing. so sweet that she would allow that.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: Thanks. That worked. *putting balm on sores*

  48. queen of dorkette, hi yerownsef’! i am on FB…are you?

  49. Queen of Dork says:

    wannadance: Remember the Maypole dance? I loved doing that one. I also miss dance like breath.

  50. Queen of Dork says:

    Umm. I’m so lame that I don’t even know what FB…Oh! Facebook, right? No, I’m not on that. I’ll try to figure out how to reach you on that.

  51. And y’all, don’t forget there’s always the CuteTalk forum.

  52. Queen of Dork says:

    Resriechan: I don’t know which pic that was under either. Waayy too hard to figure out. But I remember your story of how you got that nickname and I really, really love it!

  53. Queen of Dork says:

    Um. Theo. I totally tried that and it really messed up my ‘puter. Now,I have that as a permanent thing on the bottom part of my computer. I cannot click on to it, I can’t click it away. It’s just there. A permanent fixture at the bottom of my computer

    […huh? You mean you tried visiting the forum? It’s just a website; it can’t be on your computer any more than Cute Overload can. 😕 – Ed.]

  54. No wai!!! You’re SO NOT bringing Texas to my neighbourhood!
    Sure Swedes are gay and weird, but Texans? No thanks.

  55. Queen of Dork says:

    Well I’m totally serious Ed. I cannot get this little thing off the bottom of my computer. It’s weird. Even my daughter can’t figure it out.

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    OH MY GOD!! What if my computer has Swine Flu?! Does this mean I can no longer eat bacon?!!

  57. I think it means you can no longer eat your computer.

  58. Wow, the most interesting thing about this cat is the eyeshine.

    One eye shines green, which generally means colorblind (rods in the back of the eye see white grey and black, and shine back green) and the other eye shines red, which generally means it can see color (cones in the back of the eye see color and shine back red).

    I wonder if this cat can see in color.

    Wouldnt that be interesting 😉

  59. Queen of Dork says:

    😯 *whew* Thanks. I was about to eat this Mofo.

    Help! Cat…blame the caaatt. helpl

  60. I want Texas to change places with Sweden! I live in Oklahoma and I’d love to have the mountains and scenery of Sweden just a couple of hours away.

  61. Sweden here in the states??? Sign me up Great Kitten Overlord! I will do your bidding!!

  62. Noooo! i no wanna change places with sweden!!!! O.O

  63. hey we texans arent THAT weird! lol 😀

  64. Oh, love the tag. I plan on blaming everything that goes wrong today (and things will go wrong today) on the robot zombies.

  65. catloveschanel says:

    The stars at night
    are big and bright
    Deep in the heart of Sweden

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  66. I’m the first to say this??

    I for one welcome our new kitten overlords!


  67. Holymoley!
    Desu kitty!

  68. that cat is askin’ to be pounced upon and tickled – who can resist that tum?

  69. I don’t claim to be an expert on Sweden, but what I have seen,Boras Varberg and a Major town in the south, who’s name escapes me, it is pretty boring. We went for a friends wedding and while there did a day trip, it was just mile after mile after mile of pine forest. The Swedes are a pretty buttoned up lot of cutain twitchers.

  70. And Happy Birthday, Theresa!
    Hon Glad- turn left and go to Norway- now that is some fun!

    That kitteh is not supposed to be able to do that-if he walks that way, run, runaway, runaway!

  71. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: They’re showcasing your country on a program on PBS right now. (at least where I live). Didn’t know London was that far south in the country. huh.

  72. It seems to me, the further north you go, the more “buttoned up” people are. My own people were Fresian, and they were pretty up-tight *ahem* buttoned up people….

    what the heck is a curtain-twitcher? Sounds ominous!

  73. He got port and starboard backwards!

  74. you know looking at this again, I think there’s a person flopped on the bed behind the cat – look, are those boots? He mowed someone down with the laser beam eyes??

    Oh no! *flees in terror*!

  75. @Paunchie – a ‘curtain twitcher’ is the sort of person who keeps a constant eye on the neighbours from behind the shield of their net curtains and drapes, occaisionally twitching the nets aside for a better look at the apalling depravity going on across the road. And for glaring purposes. I have been known to do it in order to glare at the drunk/bored teenagers who think that my driveway is a public skateboard park.

  76. Nooooo, I want my Sweden right where it is thank you very much!

  77. Re curtain twitcher–

    LOL like in the Meaning of Life, when they do the “Every Sperm is Sacred” song, and the Protestants are muttering about bloody Catholics having so many children that they can’t afford to feed, mutter mutter mutter…. and if I want, I could go down and what was it? Cloak my Johnson in a rain jacket? Or some such. That was a very funny scene.

    Apologies to anyone offended, but that is one funny movie.

  78. YEEM is one of the coolest words to say… this is too funny NOMTOM!

    i vote for tx and sweden to trade places!! not only would we get the beautiful scenery, we’d get their hockey players too!!! if they can make this work before the 2010 olympics, the US would get the gold in hockey hands down. bring it on!

    [Hey HEY. Mike wrote this post, and it is LOL, but I provided the links. And the Glossary. Ahem. – Ed.]

    [Not that I really expected you to know that ahead of time, I suppose. 😐 – Ed.]

  79. I viewed this post for the first time on my phone, and I could have sworn the cat was wearing a pink komono with just its head and arms sticking out. I thought to myself, wow the Japanese really have done it this time! I think maybe I need to get my eyes checked (or our new cat overlords are already sending off subliminal messsages!)

  80. Don’t ask me why, but the first thing i thought of when i saw this picture was Orson Welles.

  81. Andi from NC says:

    Bring on the drama!!!! I’m officially freaked out!!!

  82. “robot zombie ate my brain?”

    [More than one, even! – Ed.]

  83. NOOOOOO! You can’t switch us with Sweden! It’s too cold up there! I’m used to spending my winters in shorts and T-shirts.

    Then again, I really wouldn’t mind being in Europe. Sooo much closer to all the wonderful destinations I’d love to tour. Would my Google search engine be permanently set to Bork bork bork over there?

  84. Dang it! Somebody beat me to “All your base are belong to us.”

  85. Wvaden, you gotta be quick on your feet with these peeps. They’re all so very clever.

  86. oh no way caligirl, you’re not getting our hockey players! We’re going for gold be sure about that! 😉

  87. My three-year-old son just said “Look! It’s a kitty dressed up as a chicken!”

  88. LoL at Zither. I seriously had to look that up on Wikipedia.

  89. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Shyoot, Texas would own Europe by the end of the week. But I like it right here with our current neighbors, besides I doubt anyone in Finland knows how to make gumbo and it wouldn’t be as much fun kickin’ Norway’s butt in football every year.