Friday Haiku: Opposites Distract

Black cat with white trim
Cuddles white bun with black eye
Your verse adds color

koko and rosie

Sender-inner Carolyne says:  “Yesterday afternoon we found our cat Koko had managed to lift the gate and climb in to Rosie, our bunny’s pen. Rosie didn’t seem too thrilled but let Koko cuddle up to her anyway. Maybe it’s time for another cat…”



  1. Oh, how sweet! I love this!

  2. Softest of pillows
    I dream of fluffy bunnies
    Bunny disapproves

  3. bunny plans surprise
    when cat wakes from his slumber
    the hilarity!

  4. Don’t separate them! Buns and cattle make great friends. I usually recommend introducing a kitten to adult rabbit to avoid bloodshed, but it looks like these two are playing nicely. Google “the Language of Lagomorphs” so you can interpret your bun’s body language. Her ears and legs to the side say that’s one happy and relaxed rabbit!

  5. We love each other
    But her parents disapprove
    Koko <3's Rosie

  6. I’ll tell our people
    That you gave me this black eye.
    So you’d better leave.

  7. Resriechan (formerly L, NTA) says:

    (sorry, I gots no Haiku but)

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!! Tres adorable !!!

    (if Ed’s aren’t maxed-out w/ Tags, may I humbly suggest adding “Matchingks”???
    Pwweeeeez???? )

    […but they don’t match. – Ed.]

  8. Kitteh wants to spoon
    Bunny rabbit disapproves
    What a perfect pair

  9. Heather in Oregon says:

    And they call it bunny love….isn’t that how the song goes? 😉

  10. Its all black and white
    The world has lost its colors
    Kodachrome is dead

    [All the crap I learned…
    [It’s a wonder I can think…
    [Time for a mocha – Ed.]

  11. I’m sorry about
    The sock in the eye, but you know
    The heat vent is mine

  12. Kentucky Kitty says:

    the ebony and
    the ivory living in
    good old harmony

  13. If you’re thinking ’bout
    My Bunny, it don’t matter
    If you’re black or white

  14. bookmonstercats says:

    Bun with eye liner,
    Kit-teh with striped nosicle,
    White picket fence – aahn!

  15. Courtney S. says:

    Kit and Bun at odds:
    Bun is not a teddy bear.
    Disapproval: MAX.

  16. white is no color
    black is all the shades combined.
    love is everything.

  17. Koko purrs softly
    Beside Rosie’s tiny head
    Don’t be afraid dear

  18. “Maybe it’s time for another cat.”


    This just really made my day 🙂

  19. What’s black and white and
    Cute all over? CO knows
    The color of love.

  20. I adore Edward
    But sometimes he looks at me
    Toothily. — Bella.

  21. Made for each other
    our love is more than skin deep
    now leave us alone

    Love is color blind.
    No mysteries here, we love
    and dream together.

    Shhh, he’s asleep now
    I’ll slip away for Equine love
    The meals are better

  22. Mean Mother insists
    No inter-species marriage
    Let’s go to Vegas

    [Throw money away?
    [I’m going to Disneyland!
    [We’ll have more fun there… – Ed.]

  23. Haikud be happy with you
    If youkud be happy with me
    I’d be contented to live anywhere
    What would I care
    As long as you were there

    (apologys to Sandy Wilson)

  24. no fence is too high
    no obstacle so great as
    to keep us apart

    love is love is love
    whether black or white or plaid
    friends forevermore

  25. Trabb's Boy says:

    Kitty sleeps, content
    Bun remembers Michel Moore’s
    Pets or Meat movie.

  26. Lovers: Black and White,
    “My dear, I hope you don’t mind,
    I got some on you…”

  27. “Opposites distract”?
    I seem to recall a song
    By Paula Abdul.

  28. H o w kyoot are Koko’s paws around the bunneh? Eep!

  29. Can you imagine
    how much soft fur we could shed
    on the new sofa?

  30. Annapolitan says:

    Sleeping with my hun
    Arm thrown across your shoulders
    No wait, you’re a bun!

  31. Vegetarian!
    Carnivore! Carnivore! Yeah!
    It’s not black or white

  32. Tuxedo, hoto
    cuddle up in the sunlight
    bunneh needs Xanax

  33. Koko hugs bun, thinks,
    “Hosenpfeffer, anyone?”
    Run, Rosie! Run fast!!

  34. Add border collie
    Bookended on the far side
    Fancy rat in front

  35. Cat whispers softly,
    “Bunneh, go steal the food bag”
    Buns make good minions.

  36. @Stunbunny – good one!

  37. You are all extremely fabulous.

  38. @Sharon Rose

    Found it ( ), thanks for referencing it. Fun to read. I liked this bit, under the section on relaxed poses:

    A resting rabbit has several body positions to indicate just how comfortable and happy with the world it is. As a general rule, the harder it is to get up from a position quickly and run, the more the rabbit is indicating that it’s relaxed and comfortable.

    Usually when a rabbit flops near another it shows how comfortable it is with the other, but with rabbits that are not good friends it can actually be used as a mild insult. When used in this way it means something similar to the “I don’t care about you” insult described later, but more like “I’m happy and you’re a miserable excuse for a rabbit, so there.”

    That could be a happy bun in the photo, or it could be a disdainful one! Those cat ears are hardly up to bunny snuff.

  39. Resriechan (formerly L, NTA) says:

    @ Ed: oh, ok — I thought the B & W splotches were sufficiently matchy.

    You’re the Ed., so be it !!

  40. sea kittens are real?
    oh I still got pink peeg spas
    on the brain, sorreh

    poor kitteh needs a
    sleeping pal, so let’s give her
    a massage and kees

  41. Frowning bun thinks “Dude.
    You’re invading my space here.
    Your breath smells like fish.”

  42. Bunnies need bunnies
    Where are this bunnie’s buddies?
    Someone’s splitting hares

  43. Theo, don’t forget
    Another tux wearer,
    Boston terriers.

    [Amazon Kindle
    [Add salt and pepper to taste
    [Serve cold with Shamu – Ed.]

  44. Our fur is happy
    Shiny Yin and Glossy Yang
    Kit Bun Kit Bun Kit!

  45. Basement/ceiling cat
    Has split purrsonality
    Saintly bun furgives

  46. Punchie

    Sea kittens sound cool
    But really they are slimy
    Not cute fuzzy cats

  47. Hon Glad – great reference. Could be “poor little Pierrette…” also. but Haiku wouldn’t fit. Fancy, just fancy, you remembering…

  48. “furgives” lol… I see what you did there.

    Kitteh is confused
    “We match, but you got huge ears.
    Oh well. We spoon now.”

  49. pyrit, “Someone’s splitting hares.” Love it! *sniggle* [um, that’s a snort and a giggle] 🙂

  50. Bunneh-kitteh lurve
    Monochromatically sweet
    Oh so floofy, too

    (Is anyone else having trouble with ICHC and IHAH displaying weird?)

  51. Kitty Oreo
    Goes nice with bunana split.
    Needs choclit chip(monk)

    ok I’m done have fun!

  52. Hmmm….Coordination.
    They can “Make it work”,
    said in Tim Gunn voice.

  53. I see grayscale here
    oh wait bunneh has pink ears
    Now CMYK

    [ 😆 – Ed.]

  54. “Hey babe, you wanna…?”
    he says, but sadly I am
    just not in the mood.

  55. perhaps a panda
    could be squished into the frame
    if he/she were small

  56. When in Land Of Cats,
    security under paw
    of puss. Bunny knows.

    takes wabbit safety classes.
    Sleeps, dreams of lettuce.

    Bunny becomes kitteh, or
    is cat becoming?

    So many questions
    make kitteh and bunneh brains
    yearn for sleepages.

    Ebony kitteh
    Ivory bunnehrabbit
    Where is the keyboard?

    Wonder of Stevie
    Inspiration can come in
    manifold forms, yes?

  57. @Dilly – yes! That was the other impression I got: “baby baby, do you know what I mean baby? C’mon now…”

  58. To Tony James:.
    Don’t mess with Stevie,
    He a musical genius!
    Just step off, mofo.
    (cf. the works of Eddie Murphy)

  59. gizmo! great paul simon reference
    wvaden-great mj ref…..
    some clever folks today!

    5am, wide awake
    bunneh caught no zzz’s all night
    not your next meal, cat!

    working….more to follow

  60. A Kitty and A Bunny
    Black and white mixing together
    They call it puppy love….

  61. I think we should all start chanting, “gillian! gillian! gillian…!”

    (Gregorian. Gregorian. Gregorian.)

  62. many references
    to black & white ani-mules
    made by hip CO’s

    many references
    to musicians: simon, jacks
    macca, stevie. more?

    should too, remember
    panda, orca, terriers

    below should have been:

    5a(m), wide awake
    bunneh caught no zzz’s all night
    not your next meal, cat!

    previous haiku
    violated protocol
    excess syllables!

    bunneh closed one eye
    before white paint dumped on him
    all black before that

    lunch over…. more to come

  63. White bunnies, black cats
    Is this good luck or bad luck?
    Depends on your view

  64. Dreaming through honk-shus
    Hugging my new bestest friend
    Who’s all like, “As if!”

  65. I have to try a haiku so I can post MY cat/rabbit pic (hope link works)

    My bun loves my cat
    cat tolerates the bun
    secretly likes him

    sept 09

  66. doggabone – Happiness or disdain, one thing it does not denote is tension. That is certainly a bunny at ease.

  67. Basement cat, with splash
    of Ceiling. Ceiling bun with
    sprinkling of Basement.

    So it is with life,
    dearly beloved, nothing
    is all good or bad.

    Within the heart of
    Basement Cat is the desire
    to be good, righteous.

    And Ceiling Bun, while
    seemingly sweet and docile,
    conceals wickedness.

  68. didn’t read label
    wash kitty in cold water
    or colors may bleed

  69. Rooanne, that’s a great picture! Kitty’s lyin’ if he says he doesn’t like the bun. 🙂

  70. Alice Cooper Bun
    Thinks “welcome to my nightmare”
    As black cat sneaks in.

  71. The bun with black eye
    Permanently looks surprised
    ‘Chill’ says kitteh friend

    ‘I AM chill’ says bun
    ‘Getting ready for cat nap’
    Sounds good to kitteh

  72. Koko and Rosie
    Dream of Oreo cookies
    Someone pass the milk

  73. One is black, one white
    We don’t care about colour
    Our hearts beat the same

  74. I am the cat that
    walks by himself. And to me
    all places are ‘like.

    But I am the cat
    that sleeps with his friends. Like this
    bunny rabbit here.

  75. Me and my shadow
    Curl up together for naps
    Only I can’t sleep

    Cat shadow sleeps fine
    Maybe I should take lessons
    On how to relax

  76. Kitty is all “My bun!”

  77. Opposites Attract
    but fluff and fur
    are we so different?

  78. black and white black and
    white black and white black and white
    migraines really suck

  79. Mary (the first) says:

    Kitteh tries “guy liner”…
    Needs lessons.. Bun’s the perfect
    One to demonstrate.

  80. Mary (the first) says:

    (see, cuz the guyliner got all over him instead of .. well .. you get it.. right?)

  81. Bun with two black eyes
    You can’t tell her anything
    She’s not heard ‘least twice

    [Well, that’s dark. And offensive. DIAF much? – Ed.]

  82. Suzanne – Hee Haa! LOL! Ooh, until the last line. Feel better.
    But I loved the intro!

  83. very long Friday
    wish I could nap with these buds
    would make all better

  84. Fleurdamour says:

    It’s like Asian philosophy – interspecies snorgling out the yin-yang.

  85. Lazin’ in a beam
    of sunlight – we are very
    snoozin together

  86. Cat says to rabbit:
    Come to my house for dinner.
    Guest of honor? You.

  87. there’s ying and there’s yang
    all cuddled up together
    perfect harmony

  88. Suzanne…hope you feel better soon.

  89. Thanks Rachel. I’ve been dying to show off my babies!! We get along well for 3 diferent species.

  90. Cure for migraines is
    interspecies snorgeling
    and Cute Overload peeps

    Migraine was going
    until circular convo
    with opposing atty

    want to go home now
    and huff a kitteh or two
    contemplate atty’s end.

  91. When cat and bun play
    Who can be the softestest
    Everybody wins!

  92. On warm fall asphalt
    Cat dreams, spooning toasty bun
    Bow chicka bow wow

  93. @dub1 snort…bow chick bow wow??!!?
    Yer showin’ yer age, totally!

  94. Queen of Dork says:

    I don’t have a haiku but…Wow Rooanne! Great picture. Your bunny looks so happy with his pal that he has even forgotten to be disapproving! He even looks like he’s smiling.

  95. A challenge! Ok, then, even olderer then newerer pop cult ref:

    Cat fails rabbit test.
    Bun sez, ‘Shoulda put a ring
    On it. Whoa oh oh.’

  96. Just why, may I ask,
    Are all the Friday Haikus
    About two species


  97. Besides the one about the cat in the fish tank, but that’s still two specieseses.

  98. Mrs. Lackey says:

    retractable claws…
    thank god you’re not double-paw’d…
    no sudden movements!

  99. Helena Montana says:

    That rabbit is all, oh, shoot, now I’m lunch.

  100. Rooane- such wonderful animal companions, bless you all with peace and harmony.

  101. Queen of Dork says:

    Maybe it’s too early at CO Headquarters but I’m having Caturday withdrawals. 🙂 Anykitteh? Anykitteh? *making the universal-squeaky-pursed-lips-to-try-to-summon-cat sounds*

  102. the cutest pics ever …love em

  103. AWW 😀 The kitty must think that the bunny is a strange looking cat that needs a friend while the bunny thinks the kitty is a strange looking bunny that need a friend 😀 Something to think about 😀

  104. I’m glad you remember me, Ed. 🙂 I was going for dark, but humorous. They’re not necessarily at odds. I’ll behave more in the future.

    [As I’m sure you’d expect me to behave in your house. And, you know, I never found that Ralph Kramden character to be very funny either. – Ed.]

  105. have you guys ever read japanese manga SENTARO??? it’s abt a bunny that has a kitten as his bestfriend. Cute!:)

  106. I confess i snorked
    [briefly] at Mike’s dark humor.
    Am i terribuhls?

    I sometumes read Cute
    Overload and Fark dot com
    back to back- crazy!

    PS i also live with, and adore, a companionable kitty and bunny.

  107. Koko looks so much like my dear departed Flossie, it’s actually a little scary but I can’t help but go awww. Floss never would have cuddled up next to a bunbun though lol

  108. Bun says no fangs yet . . .
    I’m starting to get hopeful
    This could turn out cool.

  109. Buns thinks all the girls
    I knew when I was single
    Were in color, none cats.

  110. The bunny is looking at the camera, like he’s thinking..”I am NOT okay with this.”