Candid Critter Cams

Check out these awesome critter cams over at the Museum…of… ANIMAL PERSPECTIVES!

First, the armadillo cam is all real-time armor and stuff:

Then, there’s the hummingbird cam!

1 Picture 7And my third fave the ground hog underground hog cam and last but certainly not least is the Little ringed Plover incubating eggs



  1. How cool!

  2. Von Zeppelin says:

    I think I saw that armadillo footage on the Military Channel last night.
    (Heavily-armed Special Forces Armadillo moves swiftly through the dense forest, wearing body armor and camouflage body paint. He stops momentarily behind the tuft of weeds, rotates his ears around to detect the presence of the enemy, and then moves on, swift and deadly.)

  3. You have GOT to see the Black Bear rubbing on the tree clip! He’s like scratching his back for like EVER!…Then he finds the camera…

  4. I’m liking “TAWNY OWLET TRYING TO LEAVE NEST”. He’s all like Ehn! Ehn!

  5. That armadillo is on a MISSION. Woe betide any creature foolish or reckless enough to get in his way!

  6. Ehn! (which, by the way, is one of CO’s Greatest Inventions, I think)

  7. Yes, it’s me again! Beg your pardon. a href=””>Watch the owlet As a bonus, they are also very fuzzy!

  8. Wow!
    Keep ploving, little plover!!
    Wait, isn’t ploving what a plover does?

  9. POOP! Watch the owlet

    I swear I did that right! But, I did get to post again!

    It was my birthday yesterday, you know.

  10. @kzgz — like this:

  11. hmm. that may be too complicated and/or modern for me! I’m an old-fashioned Link Girl. So you used the embed link??

    ehn! ehn! (that was me, not the owl)

  12. Something like this came to our art museum, and the armadillo-cam was in fact my favorite!

  13. JohnnyJohnny says:

    The armadillo cam made my day. TH:ANKS!

    Today’s Factoid: In some places in the U.S., Ground Hogs are locally known as Whistle Pigs for the little whistlie noises they make.

  14. Whistle Pigs! That’s fantastic. Thanks.

    [Weeeesil Peeeeeegs 😆 – Ed.]

  15. the way that armadillo freezes with his ears cocked to one side starting at 0:12! his trotting motion! the sounds of his feets! fantastic.

  16. I just saw several of these at the Royal Ontario Museum last weekend!

  17. Love that armadillo cam! Never knew what it was like to be an armadilo. And the hummingbird – so nice in the tree but I guess they don’t get motion sickness? Can’t see the others yet … supposed to be working…

    What about a human cam for the smaller critters on the ground. I think they have often wondered what it was like from WAY up high – the two legged perspective, you know.

    or we can just pick them up.

  18. Look closely @ the hummingbird one, you can see it’s tongue darting out around :27!

  19. That owlet is going to earn himself a timeout once his mommy sees this. But his dad will be all, “That’s ma’ boy!” 🙂

    Aren’t animals just so incredibly amazing? *sigh*

  20. BabyOpossum says:

    I love the insta-gape of the baby blackbirds when they sense that Mom is home. That gets me every time.

  21. Thank you Sam Easterson!

  22. @Metz, that’s one of my favorite moments, too! LOVE hummingbird tongues. Love the “pitterpatter of little (armadillo)feets”, too!

  23. GACK! That hummingbird cam kills me. I have a feeder right outside my window here my the PC. These little kamakazi’s come zooming in at 100mph and stop dead on a dime, BAMBAMBAM. It’s like the LA Freeway sometimes. I have a webcam here–I just can’t figure out how to aim it at the feeder…

  24. JohnnyJohnny says:

    (runs through comments flailing arms and screaming “WHISTLE PIG!”)

  25. Patricia Shapiro says:

    Think about this: the hummingbird nest is about the size of a golf ball. The hummingbird egg is the size of a large-ish pea. The hummingbird baby is as big as a bee. Our world is a wonderful place, no?

  26. As I already have armadillo ears stenciled on my eyeglass lenses, this is blowing my effing mind.

  27. That armadillo is adorable! I wounder if he’s a nine banded or which n_n
    They’re such cute creatures in the wild running around.

  28. I should have stayed with the cute – I was for some horrible reason tempted to click “scorpion cam”…ugh…the legs…the legs….

    (Goes back for more hummingbird tongue to cleanse eyes)

  29. Armadillo has a small clockwork motor?

  30. I liked the snuffling done by the armadillo. Snuff, snuff, snuff, snuff… SNORF… snuff, snuff, snuff. Excellent entertainment.

  31. And as a side note, the grey wolf chasing the garter snake? AWESOME!! you can even hear other wolves howling in the background. Totally amazing.

  32. Huh… never saw a hummingbird sit still for so long before! 🙂

  33. Armadillo cam is too cool! Love his little wee, pliable ears!

  34. From the lumbering, iron-plated armadillo to the tentative life cycle of the dainty hummingbird- thanks so much! Love them!

  35. platedlizard says:

    I LOVE those armadillo ears! They’re so kroushable.

  36. next they’ll be strapping lasersbeams to sharks!