Welcome to Pearly Swine Day Spa

Relax and let your cares wash away, as our talented farmer/massage specialists pamper your little piggy body with our exclusive immersion treatment…

This could spark a new trend in pool toys, Chris H.



  1. Piggy squeals are the best squeals of all.

  2. Man…that is so cute! I keep watching it over and over. I love how the baby just instantly calms when put into the nice warm water. *watches again*

  3. I love how he just conks out immediately. So niiiiice. Now, please farmer sir, add some bath salts and a touch of lavender. Oink!

  4. Cute or sad… cuz this cutie pie is only having the luxury before he has to be slaughtered 😦

  5. O.O
    “NOOOO! Don’t put me in….. Oh.. this is nice..”

  6. no noNO NO-ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

    soo cute!! the relaxation is visible and i’m glad they got this on video

  7. LOL okay I haven’t watched it yet but just on the text alone I need some one to massage my piggy body. HEHehehehehe.

  8. Okay lol at everything, the music and the little piggies face once he gets into the warm water. and yay for Farmer Johnson and his piggy care!

  9. Isn’tthis a repost?

  10. Kritsin dennis says:

    Cute but did you see the mommy piggy? She was in a gestation crate, an awful contraption that does not allow her to move! One of the many evils of factory farming. I bet that farmer did not care if the pig was cold, he just did not want it to die! If he really cared, his momma pigs would not be forced to live in a cage.

    Go veg!

    -Jaded in NY

  11. This compeltely ruined my day – if I don’t get a cold baby piggy, a bucket and air packaging, I may die.

  12. ok i never comment, because i think people overreact. but this is horrible. you realize what they’re doing here, right? there is NOTHING CUTE ABOUT THIS!

  13. I have died and gone to porcine heaven. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more blissful face in my entire life. *faint*

  14. This is sweet, but I felt sorry that the piggy was shut out in the cold by his sibs.

    Yes, we all know what happens to piggies on farms. They grow up and lead revolutions against farmers, become corrupt and drunk on the power in their new government positions and completely forget the proletariat.

    But they’re still cute when they’re young.

  15. Cute little guy- feel so sad for his mommy 😦

  16. Cute little piggie – but intensive farming – not cute.

  17. Then they eat the piggy!!

  18. “Oh, Mr. ‘erriot, Tricki Woo has gone flop-bott again.”

  19. Die now or die later… poor thing.

  20. This is cute and all, and I don’t want to “nuff” but I would have used a heated blanket since water tends to get cold fast…

    As for the cruelty comments, we eat to survive. Meat is a natural part of our diet (regardless of what some may believe). You have the RIGHT to go Veg/Vegan and we have the same right to eat meat. Although it is sad, it’s a natural cycle of life.

  21. Kritsin dennis says:

    I have lived without meat for 15 years. I am thriving.

    Eating meat might be natural, but there is nothing natural about factory farming.

  22. “Die now or die later… poor thing.” “Then they eat the piggy!!”
    People say as if “other” people ate the piggies. Everybody who eats any kind of meat has part of it.
    And we should be happy for the little baby because the farmer is taking care of him, no matter what happens in future. They try to give the babies a good life.
    If anybody thinks this is cruelty, stop eating meat.
    Still, the vid is funny and the bay is immensely cute.
    Have a good bath, baby!

  23. I was going to say that looked kinda cruel until I saw his expression of utter bliss. Too adorable for words. Pigglets are the reason I dont eat pork anymore,. they are just too cute to eat!

  24. Kritsin dennis:
    I am not an expert on these thing, but I was told by a pig farmer that mother pigs have to be kept like this while they are nursing because otherwise there is a chance they might crush down and kill the piglets by accident.

  25. i really dislike this video. it just makes me sad. look at the tortured mommie pigs, they can’t even stand up, or lick or nuzzle or love their babies.
    there are So many alternatives to meat, that also happen to be better for you.
    please go veg!

  26. The gestation crate was not cute.

    As for comments like those by “Raven,” keeping animals in tiny crates is not natural. People like you say factory farming is “sad” but “natural” so you can remain thoughtlessly complacent. Agribusiness may admire you, but no one else will.

    There’s a lot you can do to reduce animal suffering, even without being a vegetarian. Think about it.

    [For the record, the author of this comment is Not That Meg The Other Meg – Ed.]

  27. I was aware of this too. The mother pigs roll over on their young sometimes. Although lack of space more than doubles the chance that this will happen. I doubt that many farmers allot luxurious amounts of space to nursing sows. All kinds of animals besides human beings eat meat as well.

  28. This video was adorable but Kristin makes a good point. Raven, even if you think eating meat is a natural part of life, does that include factory farming and unnecessary cruelty to piggies?

  29. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (ummmmm….Pyrit …..????? WT ** ???
    why don’t I even ALMOST understand your post, today? I’m sure it’s a reference to something particular; but you’ve stumped me, entirely. HALP???) 🙂

  30. This is going to turn into a battle, I can see.

    I’ll just switch to another thread now……

  31. Kristen Dennis,
    It’s great that you have gone 15 years without meat. It’s even better that people can choose what they eat and what they don’t. I know that with the right supplements and vitamins it IS possible to not eat meat. I respect that.
    But, just as you have chosen to not eat meat, I choose to include it in my diet. The only reason I said what I did was in response to the “Go Veg!” comment. IMO there is no right or wrong way to eat because we all eat to survive.
    I do agree that some methods of farming is cruel and it does make me sad, but my refusal to eat the meat does not and will not change anything IMO.

  32. As a member of PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals), I approve of this video 🙂

  33. Lookforthewoman says:


    The only reason that would happen would be because we insist on keeping our pigs in spaces too small for them to move around it. If you can keep 6 pigs in a space that might comfortably house 1 and her litter, then you reap x5 the profit! All you need to do is make sure the pigs can’t move = money.

    I’m not a vegetarian by a long shot, but I wish we had more alternatives in the market place for “Humane” and “cruelty free” animal products (including eggs!).

  34. Damn, those mother pig who is forced to lie down completely spoils the cuteness for me…. If I only were heartless (or brainless) enough just to enjoy how cute baby piggy looks.
    Sorry for the rude words, but I can’t stand how anyone can ignore this cruelty!

  35. I love this video, because it is adorable (LOOK AT HOW HAPPY THAT LITTLE PIGGLE IS,) but a part of me hates when things like this get posted because we get all the people preaching about going vegetarian.

    I respect anyone who has the willpower to go veg. That respect is lost the moment you no longer respect me because I eat meat. I feel bad for the pigs and cows and chickens, sure, but they are being taken care of before they die. I eat free range meat if I can help it. Eating meat is natural; I don’t see anything more inhumane about raising stock to kill them than knocking an animal unconscious and breaking its neck so you can eat it (talking about our ancestors here.) Either way — the animal is not going to waste. It is being eaten. Not to mention, we use the cow’s hide and hoofs and organs as well.

  36. Meg,
    Not once did I say that keeping animals in crates is natural. My comment was that eating meat is natural.

  37. ruhroh.

    the stench of commentroversary is wafting out of this one…….

    *runs n hides. waits for the fireworks*

  38. I’m sorry, I really did not mean to start anything. I was just posting my opinion in response to the go Veg comment.

  39. This little piggy goes to market.
    This little piggy stays home.
    This little piggy has roast beef.
    This little piggy has none.
    And this little piggy goes honshu-honshu-honkshu,
    Until his piggy-warming bath is over.
    Then he goes and sucks down some dinner.

  40. I want to throw some black-eyes peas and some greens in the water with him.

  41. Leslie – Hi! The vid reminded me of James Herriot’s books.

  42. Pyrit, love the All Things Bright and Beautiful reference. Tricky Woo indeed. 😀

  43. no no stop NOOO – ahhhhh oh yea dat’s niiiiiice mhm

    So cute! I wuv wittle piggies!^^ But it really sucks when they have to be slaughtered… 😦

  44. And i wuv da squeals! 😀

  45. Kat, sows don’t lick the piglets even if they get the chance…

  46. Oh boy, yah know I could almost see the Kitten in the Blender in the background here. Good lord people… come on. You could probably look at a picture of a little kid smiling, see he is missing a front tooth, then preach about proper hygiene in kids or whine about how his parents MUST be abusing him because he is missing a tooth and they much have knocked it out by punching him in the mouth.

    *End run on sentence, and smile at piggy bliss* Yes they may be future food, but at least he is having a happy moment in life. The runts of the litters usually die of starvation. Better to have smiled and lost, than to have never smiled at all.

  47. Some people just love to be dramatic. They are the ones that come to this site with the specific intention of finding every aspect that may have even the slightest scent of “cruelty”. Then they rub their little hands together and write a really long, boring comment about how evil everyone who eats meat is so that they can feel a little bit better about themselves. I think people use the term “animal cruelty” way too frequently these days. You know what, there is so much ACTUAL cruelty going on in the world (animal and otherwise) that the fact that you’re wasting time whining about a video intended to show a cute piglet getting to warm itself up in a bucket of warm water because its owner is concerned about its well-being is ridiculous. Get over your vegan god-like status and stop pointing your little finger of blame at everyone else who enjoys eating meat and go out and DO something to prevent real animal cruelty instead of sitting on the computer.

  48. Jess- Here Here!

    Piggy- I’ll warm you up too! But I currently have a five year old calico sleeping in my hoody next to my tummy, you may need to fight.

    [It’s “hear, hear” actually. Kinda like “Now hear this”. – Ed.]

  49. I gotta stop coming here. Or at least stop reading the comments. 😦 There is so much I want to say on this issue, so much I disagree with, and it just isn’t the place. And I’m frustrated and about ready to burst.

    Blargh. Where do you go when the place that’s usually your outlet IS the source of your frustration???

  50. Jess- AMEN!

    Mama- OMG! I would love to see a kitten play fight with a piglet. Would that be cruel?
    My kitteh would probably just hiss and hide under the bed, giving up her warm spot on my lap.

  51. I bet you meat eaters would all change your tune if you being warehoused as dinner for a ‘higher’ being who just thinks ‘you are tasty, so who cares’.

  52. Oh, NOMTOM, trolling for commentroversy? 😉

    Piglets are cute. Piglets smiling in warm baths are simply adorable.

    My personal opinions about meat-eating and factory farming belong elsewhere.

  53. Mamamclain!! Your calico is INSIDE your hoodie?!?!?! What is WRONG with you?! Don’t you know your cat’s claw could get snagged in the fibers and then….and then…who KNOWS what could happen!?

  54. MMMmmmmm…. That Bacon Soup was freaking delicious! lol

    That squeal is adorable: ‘What?!? Hey! Don’t put me in that… AAAHHHHH… Nevermind, you may leave now to go prepare my mud pack.’

  55. It would be nice if all out produce and livestock was still grown on small family farms, but, unfortunantly, most neighborhood associatons, HOAs and city planning committies would frown on someone keeping a pig pen in their back yards.

    Anyway, I love the little piggy life preserver.

  56. As far as I can see, the pig is in a restricted space for feeding time; we have no context to tell us if that pig is kept there all the time. The sow does not look in any way distressed, and there is no sign of filth or contact/restraint sores, so I think that we should take the video for what it is (cute pig! tiny flotation device!) and leave the hysteria to PETA.

  57. Oops on the ” Here Here” ……

    Jess- Hear Hear!! >.>

    On the hoodie cat, yes, she is laying on her belly with her head sticking out one pocket side and her tail and backfeet sticking out the other side… she crawled in there all by herself I swear! So no fibers to be caught on delicate little claws that are not razor sharp and shaped like talons…

  58. Andie,

    with all the nuffing going on, I’m SO glad that I’m not the only one that saw this and thought “ooooh, black eyed peas and greens please! and cornbread!”

  59. It’s been said many other ways, but I can’t stop replaying this vid for the HEY WHAT THE! EHN!- niiiiiiiiicezzzzzzz

    Anyone who says there is NOTHING cute about this vid has clearly failed to notice the piglet-sized life preserver/bath pillow.

    [I’ll take you one step further: Anyone who says there is NOTHING cute about this is reacting to what they already know or think, rather than anything in the actual content of this video. – Ed.]

  60. @DebH – If I had never known differently, I wouldn’t know to care. You do it for me, ok?

    I am a bipedal animal with a taste for quadripeds that are lower on the food chain than I. I also eat botanical products, for they are even lower on the food chain. I guess that makes me an omnivore, much like a good portion of the animal kingdom.

    Where’s the pudding and chardonnay? I’m having a seat for the rest of the show.

  61. Katrina – I know what you mean, but I’m not too worried as long as [Ed.] will be the *controlling* factor.

  62. Noelle (the First) says:

    Mamamclain wrote “Better to have smiled and lost then to have never smiled at all”

    I love that! Can I borrow it.

    Piggy looks so adorable and content in the bath. I love the floaty collar to keep his head above water and the way his little eyes close almost as soon as he’s submerged. Piggys are cute…squealing? not so much.

    One more thing before I go: Pasickie!
    (pudding for all)

  63. @Lizzums – pudding and chardonnay? Kinda either/or, on my menu.

    @Pyrit – this old controversy is just so, SO very tired, isn’t it?

  64. Sigh I just knew this post was gonna go like this .. Pulls out bowl of pudding and sits down with my all creatures great and small books . Blows Kisses to PYRIT Tricky woo indeed!

    throws out a term “agrarianism”.. love and respect for the land and all it’s inhabitants.

    Wendell Barry I believe is the author of “back to the land” an interesting essay on agraianism versus industrialism..
    Agrarianism encompasses natural farming. I doubt the piggy is at a big ol factory farm being he is at a small english village. Mama Piggy may only be in there while nursing.

    now back to the piggy… he is cute floatiing in his little private spa.

  65. Sure Noelle (the first), you can use it, but I kinda did a mad scientist on the original,
    from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem In Memoriam:27, 1850:

    I hold it true, whate’er befall;
    I feel it, when I sorrow most;
    ‘Tis better to have loved and lost
    Than never to have loved at all.

  66. Aw jeez… I admit that I’m a meat-eater. I just love steak so much. But pigs are just so wonderful. They remind me of my pit bull. I can’t eat pork now. I love how the piggie closes his eyes once he gets in the bath. Give that man some cucumber slices!

  67. BeckyMonster says:

    I think Emo Bunn, Blender Kitteh and this cute little guy need to have a picnic out on some sun-dappled field in England somewhere. You know, all Victorian “Pride and Prejudice” style with big hats and parasols. Kind of like Animal Farm, except not all evil and self-centered and egotistical.

    I eat meat, I try to eat free range and/or humane when possible. If God didn’t want us to eat animals, he would have made them quicker. Now you veggies, get off your holier than thou soap boxes and do something more productive than trying to make people who aren’t exactly like you feel bad.

  68. I agree about it being tired. It’s something that will never go away and will always be argued over in just about every thread. I rarely comment just because everyone has already said what I wanted to say by the time I get here, but sometimes I just can’t let it go, you know? I give you guys a lot of credit for continuing to post so much great stuff even though (for some reason) it’s not always appreciated. I think I would have probably given up by now. So on behalf of all the dedicated C.O. fans who love what you guys do and stand behind you on every photo/video you’ve ever posted, thank you all SO much! 🙂

  69. Hear hear…… *snicker* Sorry Jess, I had to use it in the right context, and I got it right this time!

  70. Noelle (the First) says:

    I second what Jess said!

  71. Hahaha! You’ll never forget it, that’s for sure! 😛

  72. DebH, you’re joking right? I think I’d do the same thing that the zebras that lions hunt do, or the rabbits that coyotes hunt. And if my predator was smart enough to get me into a position where I wouldn’t fight back, then I think I’d get eaten.

    If you don’t want to eat meat, that’s cool, but don’t act like anyone who does never gave it a thought. Meat-eaters made a choice just like you did; they just picked a different option.

    Lizzums has the right of it, and was probably more polite than me.

  73. Getting schooled by Ed is a humbling experience/

    [OK, that’s my cue to be obnoxious… BUTTS! 😛 Hehehee. – Ed.]

  74. Sows not only do not lick their young they sometime eat them, I was raised in the country and I’ve seen it with my own eyes, adult pigs on farms are NOT nice, they are not pets…Oh what’s the use…

  75. Why, oh why do I even bother to read the comments on this site?

    *just look at the cute and move on*

    [The comments here are like life itself, which is to say, not unlike a box of chocolates… – FG]

  76. @Lizzums – I have some excellent chardonnay here, I’ll share.

  77. My Jack Russell Terrier’s nickname is Piglet – same size, same running style, same li’l butt, floppy ears, eats anything, digs in the dirt… Mah li’l Piglet!

  78. Gigi: yes and sometimes they turn the tables on their keepers and eat them too. Not nearly often enough, though. ;D

  79. BeckyMonster says:


    You obviously bother enough to post your snarky comment telling us how above it you are. See you later then.

  80. Leslie (Not The Author) says:

    @ Pyrit: “Ahhhhh, NOW I see the source of your commentary. Thx.
    Hope you’re well!!

    (to the general CO Public: evid. there are several of us Leslies around today. I’m considering using the term NTLTOL. Anyone have observations, whether that would keep Threads untangled?…..)

  81. Terrible post. I totally agree with Kritsin Dennis Its a shame to humanhood to have those kind of farms. Its beyond vitamines, proteins and minerals I’m talking about.Consider all the BAD ENERGY you are putting into your body. All the sufference. GO VEG, wake up, people.

    [ 😕 – Ed.]

  82. That look on the piggy’s face is absolutely amazing. Beatific. Especially at the end of the vid. He is so young, he probably feels like he is back in his mother’s womb, warm and comfortable.

  83. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..bacon!

  84. “Bad energy,” huh? All this time I thought it was gas. *rimshot* Thank you! I’m here until 5!

  85. why doesn’t he just get a pig in a blanket?

  86. That was adorable!!!

  87. Very cute but I’m kind of sad – he’s going to be on someone’s plate in a few months.

  88. I LOVE how people think that anything they say has any impact what so ever on anything that anyone else eats! Wake up people, other people eat meat (we’ve even got the teeth for eating meat!). If you don’t like it then you go eat your rabbit food. I’ll be sitting here enjoying a cute video with a little piggy that looks so blissfully happy, even if it is for only a few minutes. I’m sure that if a farmer takes the time to make sure that one little piggy is comfy and healthy, he is going to do the same for all the other animals on his farm. If you do not like the video then go watch another. If it upset you that much then go on PETA’s website and talk about “sea kittens”.

  89. @ Copperbat:
    Hee hee!

  90. Leslie (Also NTA and not that other Leslie either) says:

    @ Leslie (NTA):

    I have never seen so many Leslies in one place! Usually I am a solitary and unique snowflake 😛

  91. say what you will about the pork industry…

    …but baby peeg was cute in the tub

    peeg face:


  92. Do you know what happens when momma pig is not in the gestation crate, when the baby piggies are that little? She can stomp all over them, accidentally suffocate them or in rare instances, even eat them. None of which are particularly pretty.

  93. i saw an overturned truck of pig organs and skinless heads yesterday, I’m glad you all think that the pig industry is so cute. you should all take a good hard look at mommy pig, not so cute is it?

    and katiedid, you can eat meat and still think making animals suffer is wrong. if you have any compassion at all you would understand that no animal should be kept in a tiny crate unable to turn around.

  94. @Lizzums: Animals arriving at the slaughterhouse do know whats coming.
    @shaninrani: You are not a lion or coyote. As you said, you have a choice, they dont.

  95. Leslie (Also NTA and not that other Leslie either) says:


    I know, I know, I should just let you wallow in your self-satisfaction, but I will again point out that we don’t KNOW that the pig is in that crate 24-7. Animals of ALL SORTS are restrained for a variety of reasons for short periods of time during normal farming operations, outside of factory or high-production standards. Enclosing animals for veterinary services, for example, or sheep for sheering, or Llamas or alpacas for grooming. In most cases, the animals are restrained for that period to keep them from harming themselves or OTHER ANIMALS.

    Pigs are not pets, they are sometimes vicious creatures, and you are jumping to all sorts of conclusions based on a 45 second video. Just make sure you have your facts straight before you go jumping all over other people.

  96. Before reading the comments, I didn’t even think about pig farming, all I thought was “awww, cute happy piglet in a bath!” I think I might try to keep it that way in the future since usually it’s not the actual post that upsets me (or many people, I imagine) it’s the comments.

  97. platedlizard says:

    I always feel a bit sorry for the sows, but the only way I’d stop eating bacon is when it stops tasting so good.

    And that piggy would never have even been alive if it wasn’t for the meat industry. Just sayin’.

    I like the little flotation device! Clearly designed to not only keep the piggy’s head above water, but also to keep water from getting on his face and snout. Nobody like water going up their nose.

  98. i love piglets. they are so tiny and so pink and so silky! the mommy, by contrast, is SO HUGE!! i eat pork only seldom but still love the taste of it when i do.

  99. C’est la vie.

  100. wiggle wiggle NO BAF! Wait, waaarrm aaaahhh bafff.

    I love the little flotation thingie and how peeg relaxes and goes aaaahhhhhnn

    Remember the movie Babe?

  101. I love how people are commenting on stuff they know NOTHING about. Literally, unless you know this farmer personally, you have no idea whether or not Mama Peeg is in the crate 24/7. So why accuse a farmer (who obviously cares about his stock’s comfort) of mistreatment? That is the cleanest pig pen floor I have ever seen to this date of my existence- somebody who doesn’t care about their animal’s comfort wouldn’t go to all of that trouble (and I know how much work keeping a pig stall/pen clean is!) to keep it so nice and comfy for them. That’s not even what this video is about- it’s about a ridiculously adorable hot pink gift from Heaven getting to relax and warm up in its own special bath. He’s even made it a pillow so it floats, and he doesn’t have to “scare” it by holding it.

    Yeah, the guy’s a real barbarian…

    Ed.s- Is there any way to get a screen shot of the piggie’s relaxed and blissfully contended face at the end of the video? I’d pretty much like to make a 3×3 foot poster of that for my office. I’m really serious if you have the time or ability. 🙂 It’d make my day!!

  102. Candy- Try and put words in my mouth all you want. I NEVER said anything about putting animals in tiny crates. Your comment is rude and ill informed.

    I love animals and on occasion, happen to eat some. (Yes, I know. I’m a normal human being! ). This farmer in this video is breaking no laws. His animals look healthy and happy. He is actually trying to help a runt piglet. There are reasons that sows are kept lying down when they feed their babies, as previously stated by other people. We all die some day, even animals. Some animals eat other animals. That is called the circle of life!

  103. @katiedid – I had to google “sea kittens”. Thank you. I needed a really good laugh today, which I got when I found encylopedia dramatica’s entry on sea kittens. And I realized what’s happening here. CO has been targeted by PETA because of the SHAMELESS exploitation of animals merely for our viewing pleasure. And I for one say Keep it up guys – I love it!

  104. nano’s mom- What is even funnier is the reaction of two children when they were told about the “sea kitten” program. They came from fishing villages and fishing is what their parents did for a living ( think it was on cnn a months back). Great stuff for a good laugh!

  105. If you want to get really technical, having pets of any kind is cruel. Animals weren’t meant to be domesticated. Birds are supposed to be able to fly freely, yet we clip their wings and toss them in a cage. No matter how big your aquarium is, your aquatic pets are better off in the wild. So where do you want to draw the line? The pig that’s in a tight enclosure? The bird that can do nothing but stand in the middle of its cage? Hmmm….

  106. Personally, I really like reading all the comments. I think some are ridiculous, some are hilarious (and amazing, I might add), and some are offensive. Most of the offensive ones don’t move me to comment any more than I’d get in someone’s face who was pontificating in close proximity to my person. Those who want the whole world to be just like them, well, I rather think they just haven’t grown up yet, ya’ know?

    I have plenty of opinions, but unless I can share them with love, I usually don’t share them at all. I do FAIL my own rules sometimes, but I try. 😉

    Love the moment of piggy bliss.

  107. @ Katiedid sea kitten????? What the hairy heck are sea kitten???

    @ Copperbat “they turn the tables on their keepers and eat them too. Not nearly often enough, though” Funny how it’s OK to wish harm to other human beings and nobody object….

  108. It’s gotten to where I can’t even read the comments on CO anymore. I’m so sick of you idiots and your god damned bitching about everything.

    Meg, you should just disable comments entirely. A comment-free site would be better than wasting storage and bandwidth on giving a voice to idiots.

  109. *purposefully ignores commentroversy*

    Ahhh piggy bliss… I swear he/she is smiling in their baff.

  110. Gigi- That would be a “fish”. PETA changed the name to “sea kitten” so kids would think twice about eating those horrible cruel fish sticks!! For shame! Yeah, and kids didn’t buy it, they found it quite insulting. Another one of the fine examples of how PETA is really making a difference for abused and neglected animals! LOL

  111. @Redbone, now really…very few people who comment here are idiots. Methinks you give too much credence to the nuffers. Ignore those and enjoy the rest!

  112. Leslie (NTA, in N. Florida) says:

    …I truly don’t get what’s goin’ on w/ Candy, etc. But — to quote a Bob Dylan lyric, regarding the “piggie advocacy” thread happenin’ here:

    “It ain’t me, Babe(s)nah nah nah, it ain’t me …”

    I like folk to have room to voice their opinions (& I like to voice my own)
    but **please** choose some manner to distinguish yours, from mine….cuz I don’t wish for the CO peeps, to believe that your opinions are coming from me.
    They aren’t. I’m a pretty peaceful person but your comments are fairly forceful & some clarity btw our names would be useful.

    Outside of those concerns, I wish peace & fuzziness & rainbows to all.

  113. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen it.

    As for the commentroversy… count me in on the pudding, but I may need something stronger than chardonnay… 🙂

  114. Wend- You reminding me to put pudding in the cupcakes I’m making today!! I could keessss you! I had almost forgotten! *Muahs!*

  115. This is factory farming and it is morally reprehensible. It doesn’t belong on this website. All of those pigs should be free to walk and move.

  116. Always nice to be of service, Katiedid. Can I have one of those super-moist-sure-to-be-delicious cupcakes when they’re done, please?

  117. DebH, I wasn’t comparing myself to the lion or the coyote; I was comparing myself to the zebra and the rabbit.

    And actually you don’t know whether I am a vegetarian or not. All I said was that anyone who decides to eat meat makes the same choice as anyone who decides to be a vegetarian; they just choose a different option.

  118. Leslie (NTA, in N. Florida) says:

    ps:@ Editors…

    (I think this swirl of Leslie commenters today, might explain a couple of times recently when I did a comment to editors, where I said something meant to be gently silly & either got no answer or got an answer that felt prickly/poky/ aggravated)…

  119. Weee! Another commentroversy! Well done, Not Mike! 😀

  120. BeckyMonster says:

    PETA never ceases to amuse me with their idiocy. Sea Kittens!!! I prefer mine blackened, lemon wedge on the side.

  121. But of course!!!! *passes wend super-moist-spectacular-show-stopping-pudding-cuppy cake*
    A warning though, they will never be a sweet as that little tie tie piggy!

  122. Cute pig (looks comfy!), sad scenario. Trying to focus on the cute but am not going to deny reality.

    We used to have pigs on our farm when I was a teenager, and I thought they were so cute, and they were very friendly and sweet. One day we suddenly had no pigs and a lot of meat in the freezer, which is around the time I stopped eating meat. Life is easier now because the conflict about a cute dinner is gone. Whew!

    It just occurred to me, if I got one of those flotation things, maybe then I wouldn’t be nervous about getting too relaxed and falling asleep in the tub. 😛

  123. *looks in the cabinet*

    Vodka? Gin? Whiskey?

  124. I don’t like that farm. the animals are trapped into a small space. pigs should wander free, except when trying to protect the babies, but the cage for the mom pig is too small. she cannot move. this is inhumane.

  125. *keeps looking in the cupboard*
    Chocolate covered bacon?

  126. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    How come people think that eating meat is natural? The cycle of life? We do not have long canines to rip meat off the bone, nor claws to bring down prey, or short intestines so that the body gets rid of the meat quickly as opposed to keeping It in there to rot for three months? That is an excuse. And this is my opinion.
    i am tired of people who say that vegans and veggies are superior, all we do is be compassionate to animals, and expressing our love and respect for all living creatures.. And for the record, we are doing something to reduce animal cruelty, w do not eat them, and we are advocates for the voiceless. If anyone thinks I am superior because of my beliefs then maybe I am, whatever.

    Also, may I remind you, animal lovers are everywhere, and this is a blog, open to the public. If someone doesn’t like the so called nuffers then go, create your own blog where videos such as this will be seen by people who have no idea how the bacon makes it to their plates.

    Animal advocacy is my battle, I chose and am happy with it, not about to be brought down by people who disagree.

  127. mmmmmmmmm.. how about chocolate covered bacon pudding cupcakes?

  128. Beauty_Without_Cruelty, it’s not the opinions that are so offensive. It’s the attitude.

    It’s the holier-than-thou, I’m-better-than-you, I-demand-that-you-change-this-website-to-suit-ME crap that we have to deal with ALL THE TIME that makes these “commentroversies” so ugly.

    You can express your opinion whenever you want. Just don’t be surprised that people don’t like being looked down on.

    Everyone here agrees that animals deserve humane treatment, so all the posing and spouting is really just preaching to the choir anyway.

  129. @jan: I watched a true crime show the other night about a girl who supposedly fell asleep in the tub and drowned, but really, it was MURDER – dun dun dun. They had experts testify that there’s no way you could fall asleep in the tub and not wake up (at least, lacking pharmaceutical help). So I don’t think you have to worry, but if you happen to have a plastic feed bag lying around you could puff some air into it and tie it up real tight, then tie it around your neck. That appears to be what this nice farmer has done for his piglet.
    La la la, ignoring the commentroversy…

  130. Beauty_Without_Cruelty- I donno about you but my canine teeth are pretty pointy and sharp, same goes for everyone else… Maybe you should see a dentist… get that fixed..
    If you don’t like the post why don’t YOU leave?? This is Meg’s blog thingy after all… not PETA’s… she can put whatever she wants up.. kittens in a blender, dogs using people for swings, whatever!… and no PETA has not done anything to help animals.. they are alot of hot air with really weird ideas they try to pass as helping animals…
    The people that give up their weekends to clean shelters and look after animals, the people that foster or adopt animals from shelters, and the people that take good care of their animals at home are the people that have done something good for animals! I LOVE commentroversies!

  131. Well said, BWC.

    Perhaps a video of pigs screaming in a slaughterhouse would reduce the smugness of some people’s silly bacon comments. Go easy on the bacon cupcakes. Those things will kill you. (And the waste from hog farms and processing plants is doing the rest of us no favors, so thanks a lot. Enjoy your bacon.)

  132. BeckyMonster says:

    I’ll take a baker’s dozen!

    Humans are omnivores (both meat and veggie eaters). We are equiped to be predators (binocular vision, eyes facing forward, sharp little teefs). Do people eat too much meat? Absolutely. Do you honestly think that meat eaters don’t give a damn if their meal was made to suffer? Absolutely Not.

  133. I think I’d rather eat a miserable pig than a happy pig.

  134. *ears perk like Maru’s when he spies a box* Cuppy Cake? Can I Haz Cuppy Cake too?

  135. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    Like I said, I don’t eat it, I am proud of it and I express it. Anyone else eats it, proud of it and expresses it. Period. We are never going to agree on anything; there is no choir either.

  136. Beauty_Without_Cruelty, I may not understand what you wrote: are you saying that you think it takes a person 3 months to digest meat?

  137. Fine! Everyone gets a chocolate covered bacon pudding cupcake.. even the piggies… lol

  138. That pig looks the perfect size for a delicious BLT.

    And some avocado.

  139. Oh, goody!!! The piggies will eat thiers, too, and not even think twice about it. They are omnivorous, and don’t care who knows it.

  140. Going back to watch Maru video, again.

  141. Braised pork shoulder, sausage links, ribs. Mmm.

  142. OFF TOPIC:
    How do I get my avatar to show? Someone please enlighten me!

  143. Mamamclain( Not the First MamaMclain no wait, Yes I am) says:

    Well I can do without the bacon in chocolate. But wait!

    NOOOO! How dare you eat that chocolate with a demonic smile on your face! Those cocoa trees are now naked without the fruits of their labor! *snark PUNS!* The wheat used to make your delicimous cuppy cakes is only the reaped effort of a poor defenseless plant. Don’t you know that farmers scar the earf by clearing forests and planting seeds only to steal the sad little plants bebeh’s and then grind them up and stick them in bags? Oh the horror! Oh the un-humanity… oh the…

    Wow these are really good. NOMNOMNOMNOM ^ — _ — ^

  144. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    @Katiedid I am not leaving because I love commentroversies as well. Did you read my post? I said this is a public forum for people to post their ideas and I am a person. Not here on behalf of PETA either so not sure where you got that from.

    @ BeckyMonster-not sure. If they did, or knew what happened and how it happened maybe they would not have it, that’s why I stopped eating it.

    I did not start the commentroversy, I am just expressing my opinion. Not holy, not a saint, only human.

    Oh, and my teeth are fine, not pointy but fine. My dentist would have told me if there was something wrong with my mouth.

  145. It actually looks like the piglet is enjoying it. How sweet. ^_^

  146. BeckyMonster says:

    My name is Becky. I like tasty critters (not shellfish though, ick). I am not ashamed to eat meat, and you leaf-eaters will never change my mind.


  147. People insist in such hypocrisis!
    Those who think that keeping the piglets like that is cruel, stop eating meat.
    Those who find the video cute, watch it and be happy.

  148. Beauty_Without_Cruelty,

    I think it was this that made everyone dislike you:

    How come people think that eating meat is natural? The cycle of life? We do not have long canines to rip meat off the bone, nor claws to bring down prey, or short intestines so that the body gets rid of the meat quickly as opposed to keeping It in there to rot for three months?

    This is you basically telling everyone else that your lifestyle is the natural lifestyle, and that anyone else that doesn’t live like you do is wrong.

    I think if you had said “I don’t believe eating meat is natural,” maybe you would have gotten a different reaction.

  149. Oops. I messed up my italics tag 😀

  150. @Katiedid…

    They were serving chocolate covered bacon at the LA County Fair this year. I wasn’t brave enough to try it but the deep fried oreos were FANTASTIC!

  151. BeckyMonster says:


    Now you’re going to get someone started about fonts and proper punctuation. THE HORROR!!!!

    This commentroversy is just too fun, can’t stop fanning the flames! OK, I’m sure I’m being childish, but today is a little slow at work. Lord have mercy if they ever block this site….

  152. Do I smell a commentraversy?? Yes indeedy.

    Btw, cute piggeh.

  153. Kritsin dennis – Have to agree 😦

    I hate seeing these fricken things! Sucks all the cute out of the room. Let the animals roam whilst they’re alive I say. Give them the happiest life possible. Living in a gestation crate is so medieval. Haven’t we evolved? There’s no more excuses! Dammit.

  154. Sea kittens! For Real?! wow.

    Hey Leslie in N. FL. maybe you should change your name to sea kitten??

    Can I have a puddingk cuppercake or two? How about a dozen, two for eating and the rest for flingingk?

    Did they REALLY single out CO for exploiting animals? THAT is ReDonk.

  155. Poor little piggie is all blue (cold) before he goes into the bath….then he pinks up nicely when he’s in the bath….mmmmmm…..

  156. Beauty_Without_Cruelty- You are more then welcome to stay. But remember that this blog thingy…. It is owned and operated by Meg and her team of elf helpers… (did I just call theo an elf? Yes I did..) and they have power to delete comments.
    Never said you were from PETA, you did. Well you insinuated it anyways. I don’t care if you are here “for them” or whatever. Do as you wish but telling people that eating meat is wrong.. that is just crazy. Humans are made to eat meat, and all kinds of other great stuff. Things are made to be eaten also. Just the way things are. (when I got home from work I learned that my cats like doritos.. yey for the mess I have to clean up!) You do have a choice in what you eat, but you don’t have a choice in what others eat. That is also, just the way things are!
    Now I’m off to make my pudding cupcakes..

    [Well maybe I can be one of those kickass peroxide-blond elf princes. Like fey ninjas, they are. – Ed.]

  157. Oh the cow in the field says Moo
    the cow in the field says Moo,
    And that’s when the farmer Hits em in the head
    and that’s how we get hamburger —

    Now, chickens!

    (Phoebe on Friends)

  158. mems13- I got my picture by opening up a wordpress account and then it gives you an option for uploading a picture…

  159. .This is really bad, I have to keep dragging myself away from here and doing my work. Someday my boss will complain.

  160. Theo, Meg, NTMTOM, etc: Don’t change. Don’t ever change. I love you just the way you are, and that includes your website.

    I love it when my piggies take warm baths like that. Maybe the next time a piggy needs a bath I’ll volunteer to sit in the bath with the piggy so they don’t have to worry about the silly flotation device that doesn’t even have a picture of a duck on it.

  161. I’ve lived on both sides of the vegetarian vs. meat debate. I was a vegetarian for 3 years, but found that I felt less energetic and my heart wasn’t in it, so now I include meat in my diet again.

    What I think some people fail to realize, is that this is not a factory farm. Factory farms sure as heck do not give their piglets the individualized attention that this man does. More than likely, he owns a small farm in England as a way to make a living. Most of these farms are passed from family to family, and are not part of some giant evil corporation. We also don’t even know that the mother pig stays in that small crate all day. I think there are too many people jumping to conclusions here.

    To me, this looks like an improvement in the way most farmers treat their pigs, and I think any improvement (no matter how small) should be applauded.

    Also, mom pigs are not exactly cuddly and loving to their piglets in the way that dogs or cows or horses are. My guess is that alot of these “Go Veg” commenters (with the exception of a few) are city-folk, and haven’t been around pigs too much to know this.

    Ok so this comment is super long, but I just wanted to get that out there. I have no beef with vegans/vegetarians (haha get it?! no beef!), I just decided it wasn’t right for me.

  162. regarding the commentroversy:

    Now, about those cupcakes…..

  163. Marie and Kristen Dennis…I like your thoughtful comments. They are well stated.

    This is my very first comment on this site after reading for several years. I just want to say that I think the holier-than-thou comments towards vegetarians are overly harsh, and probably misplaced. The comments I read (I read a lot, but not all), were very thoughtful, and, it seemed to me, trying very hard not to be judgmental. In trying to defend their way of eating, though, there was some evidence of a holier-than-thou attitude from some meat eaters.

    And why not talk about this here? If vegetarians and animal advocates only talk amongst themselves, no one will ever be educated and nothing will ever change. These are very real and very important issues. Keeping silent about evil you see in the world never helps anyone-it takes a brave person to stand up for the defenseless and voiceless. Maybe someone who has never thought much about factory farming will pick up a copy of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” tonight and begin to think about how food is mass produced in this country.

    This piggy is cute, but I repeat what others have said: eating meat is natural, but factory farming is not natural or healthy…for us, the planet, or animals. The human race is better than this…I hope.

    Thank you, I love your site, both for the animals and the discussions it brings about.

  164. motheralice says:

    ~~wow, there are a lot of uptight folks out there.. poor tings 😦 ~~

    The important thing is:
    Piggeh Spa!!!!!! Look at that mug!! He are so cute, I could just eat him up!!!

  165. motheralice says:

    @ Victoreia — I lurves Bobo!!!! Thanks for adding a laugh!!!

  166. You know, if we were in the middle ages, and it were my job to clean up after the pigs in the barn, I’d definitely be a veg., cos they are the stinkyest poopers evah!

    Now this farmer’s barn looks super clean though!