Things that make me go… Hmmmm

1. Are permed foreheads in this season?

2. Did I leave the iron on?

3. Worsted wool or Mohair? WHICH MAKES THE BEST SWEATEUW!?


Julie O. says the fine folks at FiberFarm had a Big essay contest. Stay tuned for the results.



  1. Oh little lamby mc Lamberson you are so cute. Who does your hair?

  2. Goat Or Sheep??? Goat or Sheep???? Hmmmmmm!!!! these decisions are so Difficult sometimes.

  3. Abby-Cadabby says:

    Silly goat, worsted wool/silk blend makes for the best sweatah.

  4. BTW IT is a goat. a special goat. SO cute!

  5. Em (The Original) says:

    totally Qte 🙂

  6. That’s not her tongue…She just went a little overboard on the collagen today :S.

  7. ” So I said to Maureece, I give you free rein to style my hair, anyway he came up with this confection, what do you think?
    “Oh its so now, so cutting edge, so you” (my God what does she look like)

  8. Check the curly eyelashes!

  9. Heather in Oregon says:

    That goat is totally saying “make fun of my hairdo? I shall stick my tongue out at u!”
    I can sigh in contentment and go to sleep with visions of that adorable goat to tide me through all the cute-less hours of the night. 🙂

  10. nicefrenchgurl says:

    OMG i rescued a pup a few months ago and to my surprise his fur grew very long and curly, and he looks totally goatlike lol

  11. Such a sweet little gossamer goatling!

    *sigh* We are dogsitting for my sister-in-law. Their Doberman has an injured leg, and the pain is making her snappish. She’s probably going to have to have it amputated. She’s been picking fights with the underdog of the household, a very sweet Weimaraner named Amy. Amy was sent home with us to visit her doggy cousins and to give Sarah (the Dobie) and her humans a break.

    Amy’s been really well behaved–we just brought her home this evening–but every time I’ve tried to put her out of the bedroom for the night, she sits outside the door and moans. It would break your heart. So she’s lying at the foot of our bed, and the cats are all like, “…The hell?” Poor Amy is just homesick, but I hope she gets over this part soon.

  12. So cute and the expression, the tongue the eyelashes everything just perfect

  13. tristabelle says:

    anyone else see a striking resemblance to Justin Timberlake?

  14. worsted wool!!

  15. wildviolette says:

    Tristabelle — That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking! I wonder if that little guy is going to bring sexy back for all the other goats?

  16. I once dated a guy with hair like that (only not as cute). Even the tongue action looks disturbingly familiar. Hmmm.

  17. 1. Permed foreheads are always in!
    2. I haven’t ironed in a millenium (my least favorite chore) so the answer to that is definitely “no”!
    3. Alas, both are too itchy for me. Cotton only.

    Rock on, little goat!

  18. Speaking of things that make me go… Hmmmm: This is enough to have you scratching your head in wonder:

    Snake-killing rabbits???!!!!

    These wabbits ain’t taking no bulldung, no siree.

  19. @tristabelle….prosh lambikins does look like Justine Timberlake!

    I was also thinking original Barbie….
    Barbara Millicent Roberts?? Really?

  20. Oops…”Justin”, not “Justine”. I am SO happy it is Friday

  21. OMG. There was a girl in my second-grade class who looked exactly like this, right down to the tight-assed expression on her face.

  22. Meh

  23. Resriechan (formerly L, NTA) says:

    “The tongue, Boss, the TONGUE” !!!!!

    (w/ a wink & apologies to the intro to “Fantasy Island”/ Ricardo Montalban et all 😉 )

  24. so cute 🙂 a good picture for today is hug a vegetarian day 😀

  25. That goat looks just like Betty Grable!

  26. I’m in that essay contest! I’m trying to win 5 angora goats for my mom, who is the most awesome person in the world. PLEASE go and vote for me. I’m currently in 4th place! Here’s the link:

    Just click the star under the pictures towards the bottom. (You only have to click once.) Please help me win these goats for my mom. She is such a wonderful person. You can read all about her story in my essay.

    Thanks so much! Rock the Goat Vote!!

  27. Carol Channing returns. She loves this board, doesn’t she?

  28. What?!?! No extreame tongue/nose close-up?!?! What is this world coming to..
    But what an adorable little goatlet.

  29. Looks like Justin Timberlake.

  30. Not worsted, bested!

  31. BeckyMonster says:

    This goat can be buddies with that sassy white actor kitten from a few days ago. He was also white-fluffed, and tongue sticking out! It is now on my background screen rotations!

  32. Robin, I clicked for your mom. It sounds like you had an awesome upbringing!

  33. Holy Goat-atude! This goatsie girl’s got ‘tude galore. That expression just screams Trubs! She/he’s all “Outta my way – here I come world – and I’m looking for sumpin’ to munch for lunch!” She’s channeling her inner Reese Witherspoon – or maybe it’s the other way ’round – maybe Reese is just putting her wild goatie-girl self out in the world!

  34. Robin,
    I voted for 4 your Mom too. Hope she wins.

  35. It’s STEVE LIPSCOMB!!!!! How ya’ doin’, Steve old pal? Great to see you again.

  36. I saw Steve the other day, wearing electric boots and a mohair suit.

    [Pfft, I know you read that in a magazine – Ed.]

  37. Thanks so much Rachael and mfar!! My mom is my best friend. I raelly want her to win those goats! :o)

  38. Oh, Ed., you beat me to it by about 30 seconds. I only just rechecked this thread and was about to make a comment about reading it in a magazine. Durn. Guess that’s one of the reasons you’re the Ed. and we’re not.

    [I do kind of have an all-access pass. 😉 – Ed.]

  39. This guy reminds me of Justin Timberlake and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why.

    Maybe it’s the curly hair…

    Or maybe I’m just crazy.

  40. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    I’m showing my age here, but…I see Jerry Lee when I look at him. Uhm, I was just a tiny kid, but who can forget “The Killer”?

    (Justin who??)

  41. This is exactly what one of my friends looks like when she is concentrating hard. “Now le-e-e-e-et’s see…”

  42. Awwwwww, looks like a cherub !

  43. Another of Susan’s babies! They are sincerely the cutest farm animals on the planet. Well, her lambs are pretty cute too. Don’t tell the kids I said so, though!

  44. The only thing needed to complete the Justin Timberlake look is a hat.

  45. “Hummmm…I’m gonna taste soooo good.”

  46. omgah. this lamb looks a wee like UMA THURMAN.

  47. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m glad you brought this gorgeous baby back up. She looks like a movie star! Angelina Jolie ain’t got nothing on this beauty!

  48. is it just me or does this goat look like justin timberlake.