Somewhere off the Coast of Maine…

Aye, a lighthouse keeper’s life is a solitary one.  Days spent searching the horizon; nights listening for the faint echo of bell or horn…  Sometimes I make shadow puppets on passing humpback whales.  Oh, it is a lonely life…


Can he make a swan, Rosanna D.?  Swans are my favorite!



  1. Wicked cunnin’.

  2. The worst part is everytime a fog rolls in it is accompaied by demons who want our young. And let’s not get started about the evil clown lurking around…….

  3. whaa..?? is dat a guinea peeg??

  4. There’s something in the fog!

  5. Seriously? I like this so much I am offended.

  6. Wait a mint– if he was OFF the coast of Maine, wouldn’t he be in the ocean?

  7. Islands, Theresa. Islands.

  8. Is her name Zute, by any chance?

  9. And people keep knocking golf balls through the front door.

  10. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Yes, there are some lighthouses in the ocean. >Minot’s Light for instance.

  11. NOMTOM sed, “Aye”.

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    o/~ “I’ll be your candle on the water…” o/~

    @Gigi: I love that movie; I think it’s underrated (the original; I’ve never seen remake). “Stay away from the fog!”

  13. Wow, thanks for showing us this. Now I have no choice but to find a carpenter who can build me a lighthouse for the cats to hang out in.

  14. Feverishly making plans to explore the coast of Maine this weekend. I have to meet this guy!

  15. Soooo cute! A lighthouse keeper’s life is quite solitary.

    Yay, Maine! Born and raised Mainah. Now living in Boston, but I go back all the time.

    @Hon Glad – hahahaha…that cracked me up!

  16. Hey eastiegirl – living in Lowell.

  17. @ 260Oakley:

    No, that’s her identical twin sister, Dingo.

  18. Hey, girls, I live in Kingston, MA on the southeast coast (not far from Minot’s Light!). Should we start a Massachusetts CO club?

  19. The hovertext, omg, the hovertext. Getting a little risque, are we, NTMTOM? Lol

  20. yay Eastern MA CO club! Maybe we can go Nahth to visit the Mainah… guinea pig? What is that thing, anyway?

  21. I think it’s a hamster… Yup, pretty sure it’s a hamster… or not. Who knows? lol

  22. Hey Eastiegirl and Rachael…i grew up in Revere 🙂 Been living in the south so long though i have lost most of my accent lol

    Aww…cute little hammie. All these adorable pics almost makes me forget they tend to be little evil growling beasties…lol (not all, of course, but i haven’t had many good experiences with them….give me ratties any day! 🙂 )

  23. Cashew, where are you?

  24. One if by ham, two if by sea?

  25. Monty Python ref-from the Holy Grail movie, Sweeda, deftly applied so as to mesh with the thread seamlessly. Although, I wouldn’t put it past ol’ NOMTOM to have a second job as a lingerie designer, really I wouldn’t.

    Happy Birthday zgz!

  26. I think NOMTOM’s a, um, sailor. No, um, a whaler. Somethin’ like that… 😉

  27. J – perfection!

  28. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Pyrit: I’m a lumberjack (and I’m OK).

  29. Swans? We don’t need no steenkin’ swans. DO DEFORMED RABBIT!

  30. OMG I love humpback whales, we get to see some off the coast of California about twice a year. Coming and going! They are so amazing. They travel at between 3.5 and 4 miles an hour so if you are hiking along the coast and they are traveling in the same direction as you, you can get your most long term view of Spouting , fluking, Tail splashes, and baby spouts. They travel in pods and first the Mamma comes up and then the baby comes up and the babies have the cutes litle spout sprays.

    As to the hammie in the light house, well, I hope he can make a bunny shadow.

    and nothing says exciting like bangles. Snerk

  31. I’m in Cambridge 🙂

  32. So what do all you New Englanders do to show your support for the Sawx?

  33. For those who have never seen the monty python Lumber jack skit..

    here you go
    I’m a lumber jack

    OMG it just so goes with this post!

    Yes it is Safe for work…well except for the giggles you will be supressing!

  34. Okay and this just has to be said….. Waves form the west coast to the east coast today!!!!!!!

  35. KittyAdventures: some years ago when I lived in Provincetown, my husband and I had a twelve-foot catboat (sailboat). You haven’t lived until you’ve been in a small, shallow, open boat and a humpback suddenly surfaces not twenty feet away. I experienced that more than once, and let me tell you, we’re talking some serious wow.

  36. LibrarianJessica says:

    Yay for the gratuitous Holy Grail reference!

  37. Nancy (orig) says:

    a new lead for murder she wrote!

  38. Hooray for so many Massachusetts folks! 🙂 We should totally start a club. haha

    @Theresa – I show my love for the Sox by cheering like a crazy girl. 😉

    @KittyAdventures – Waves to you!

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    I love when I see only part of the picture.. read the funny capshon by NTMTOM and then scroll down and there.. THERE… is the genius (in this case, hamster) that makes it wonderful.

  40. Skippymom OMG i dream of getting to go out in a smaller craft to possibly get to see one close up. I am so jealous.

    My father in law has a sailboat Smallish… I am guessing it is about the same size as the one you rode in … He once had it in San Francisco Bay … apparently scared the pants off his kids, LOL I love riding in the boat especially when it gets a full head of steamwith a good wind in the sail. you can fit 6 -7 in it packed like sardines as long as everyone knows to watchout when the boom switches sides

  41. Hey lil’ Lampy! Iffen ur bored you could always whitewash the lighthouse!
    It’s a razzle dazzle day!

  42. Theresa, this is how I support the Red Sox: if they’re doing well early in the season, I say “Hey, there’s still time for them to blow it!”
    (p.s. I have a Red Sox sticker on my car, so don’t any serious fans out there be all hatin’ on me!)

  43. Theresa- nothing, nothing at all.

  44. Theresa – We forget. You should give us some ideas! 🙂

  45. Bad, wicked, naughty Zoot.

  46. New Hampster is in the lighthizzouse! …..Or something like that.
    No Sox stickers, but plenty of Pats stickers on the car….oh dear.

  47. Pyrit, how could I presume when you have role models like this?

  48. Wanders in to find respite for the morning. sits down to day dream of shadow pupets on whale pictures and hamsters at sewing machines with little bedazzler machines.

  49. Theresa, that picture made me throw up a little. I don’t want to know how or where you found it. (But a friend of mine wants to know, do you happen to have that guy’s phone number?)

  50. I watched the lumberjack video, and now that’s how NTMTOM will be characterized in my mind for the rest of eternity. Thanks a lot, KittyAdventures. No, really. LOL. “He likes to dress up in high heels… whaaa…??” The looks on the choir dudes’ faces was priceless.. xD

  51. No, I’m sorry, it’s too perilous.

  52. @Skippymom, all I did was Google “Red Sox fan.” I swear!!

  53. I told you I DIDN’T WANT TO KNOW!!!

  54. Theresa! I got 3 words for you!

    You just know there will be a baseball themed post here on CO and:
    You. Will. Have. Your. Day.

  55. Wow, the trifecta: A rodent, plus refs to Python & Pratchett!

  56. testing…did I disappear?

  57. sorry, never mind, for some reason I thought Skippy’s picture was gone. All’s well.

  58. @ Sweeda YOUR WELCOME 🙂
    @ Saffron: Clevah Gayul(Said in aussie accent){=Clever girl}

    @ Pyrit That is 2 wors but OMG Imagination runs wild!!!!!

  59. exciting underwears?!? why was I not informed that lingerie was included in a lighthouse keeper’s job – I may need to reconsider my career plans – if I find out that shoes are also included -just sign me up – light house here I come

  60. Pyrit, I don’t remember seeing one since the praying mantis at the Portland Sea Dogs game. 🙄

  61. Hey Metz- Isn’t that from Pete’s Dragon?

  62. As someone who loves animals and miniatures….. I am now envisioning little villages populated by little meeces or hamsters or whatever, going to and fro on their little miniature business …….


  63. Mary (the first) says:

    That looks like a wayward “Miniature Golf” type lighthouse. Mabye when the lights are out at the min. golf place, the meeces etc. come out to play …

  64. Ahhhhhhhhhh, civility-and then-Theresa, my dear, dear fellow Peep sends us “the fan picture”. Oh, you naughty, naughty girl, you! What a sad, sad man. But I guess he’s happy-enough!

    How is the choir doing?

    So the pig picture thread got stopped, eh? Toljaso.

  65. Theresa – You remember the praying mantis post! Weeow.
    Wait, wha ..? It was at the Portland Sea Dogs? I am blanking out on that detail.
    CO’s “soich” thingy aint woikin’ so I can’t look up that post.
    There’s only one Portland Sea Dogs, right?

  66. @Pyrit, or maybe it was the Portland Beavers on the other coast.

  67. holy hovertext batman! *eyes wide*

    @ pyrit / theresa, i did some googling for you (in a prev post awhile back teho mentioned that the soich isn’t woiking too well.)

  68. oops, i dunno how to link, click my name

  69. berthaservant says:

    annoyingly: the song in “Pete’s Dragon” was “Brazzle Dazzle Day.”

    I think this still is more of a “Candle on the Water” moment.

    (I know way, way too much about “Pete’s Dragon.”)

    So instead….”The Lighthouse Song” by Nickel Creek anyone?

  70. love the hovertext- monty python and the holy grail- oh bad naughty zoot with the grail shaped becon! lol

  71. caligirl – Great trick! She found the praying mantis post! And linked it in her screen name!
    “How did she do it!?”
    (checks back pocket to be sure wallet is still there)

  72. Mainah heah, in the town of Eliot, sorry for being totally late to the party. Everybody in these parts has those freaking miniature lighthouses in their yards, to the point where my husband and I have made a car game of spotting them (aka punchbuggy) while we drive around. “Boat-for-sale” is the other thing we look out for.