Rescued McMonkersons

According to picture-taker Simple Tess;

“I caught my mother’s cat playing with this baby chipmunk. He curled up in my hand and did not seem to want to leave. I found his family’s hole and set him by it. He slowly retreated to the hole, but turned around to look back out at me and considered coming back to my hands! It was love.”


Cute Overload Xtreme Munk Up!


SimpleTess, that is some great eye capsule action…



  1. awwwww

    and i like her shirt too.

  2. You’re a stronger woman that I. I don’t think I’d have been able to go of something this soul-stealingly adorable.

  3. cellarmouse says:

    Gosh, I’m glad you came along before your cat started playin’ rough!

  4. I think a koala just vomited a rainbow of cute in my brain.

    That takes amazing willpower to be able to give him back!

  5. awww the poor baby. So lucky you came along.

  6. Chip-n-McNugget! Where’s my honey mustard dipping sauce?

  7. OMG, teh EARSES!!!!1!!1! Seriously, the ears are just TOO MUCH.

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Uh-oh. Here comes a chipmunk outburst…

    We are the Chipmunks!
    Alvin, Simon, Theodoooorree!
    Da da da da da da,
    Da da DA DA DA DA!!!!

    [That Alvin is a worse hacktor than Bill Shatner ever was, believe you me. InSUFFerable. – Theodore]

  9. What a cute chipper!

  10. I love this time of year, when the chipmunks seem to be everywhere, playing in the leaves. Thanks for saving him!

  11. so, so cute. eep!

    And such a nice thing you did for him, Tess 🙂

  12. I don’t think I could of let him go he was so cute.
    You’re a better man than I am Gunga Din!

  13. so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Oooh I dunno which is worse, a bad cat or a mad mom. “Where did you think you were going? Who were you with? You could have at least called!” Probably lost cartoon privileges for a week.

  15. *eye twitch* just…can’t…take…the cute…*topples*

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    “Theodore:” Bill….Shatner…..was…..drama. DramaItellyoudramatic….things….happening….here……

    [Why the quotes? That is my name. However, I may not actually be a singing cartoon chipmunk. – Khan]

  17. moistenedbink says:

    Aww. good for you for finding the home tunnel. My cats have turned positively peaceful and instead of bringing in kill for approval are presenting me with live chipmunks, bunnies, snakes, birds, bullfrogs and even katydids. Then they sit back and watch amused while I try to corral the prey and return them to the wild. I so love the interaction with them and on one level would love to domesticate and keep them in the house but I know that isn’t fair. So cute to cuddle for a few minutes though.

  18. Heather in Oregon says:

    That is so unbelievably cute!
    Oh and on a side note…can I start a commentroversy? can I can I?


    Your interfering in the natural circle of life. That cat thought the munk was lunch! Give it back to the cat! Thats cruelty to cats! and other stuff along those lines.

    There….I said it!

    [Siiiiiigh… – Ed.]

  19. Queen of Dork says:

    Ed: I think I was for a moment there. I’m okay now. *whew*

  20. chipmunks are way cuter than squirrels.

  21. Being rescued makes you so tie-tie!

  22. squeak squeakers, squeaky squeak squeakiter squeak squeakin’

  23. In the first pic, the chipmunk looks like a baby protected by his mother.

  24. In pic no. 1, check out the one open peeky eye. Poor wee monkette.

  25. Poor little munklet! At least he got rescued by someone in a nice blouse and cool retro red nail polish. I love his stripy back!

  26. kibblenibble says:

    I like hims fancy stripes!

  27. kibblenibble says:

    Sarah: Jinx!

  28. Queen of Dork says:

    Nite Theo. Khan vid coooool.

  29. *gasp* Why do I have the urge to stuff him in my mouf? If want pouches in my cheeks to carry and cuddle him.

  30. @ Laura K…

    We call them helephants, because they make so much noise carrying on in the hosta.

    The end.


  31. In the first picture there looks like a tiny smile of contentment on munk’s face. Ok, its just Meester Munk’s nosticle slits but still….!

    We have scary grey squirrels in my area. I’d rather have these cute little ones.

  32. Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the lord my soul to keep
    If kitty grab me for I wake
    I’ll hit the bugger with a rake.

  33. This is my fantasy, to have a chipmunk love me! But I would beep his tummy with my nose before I put him back. So soft, so sweet!

  34. I have colonies of chipmucks that live in the stone walls on my land, and they love to taunt my dog when he goes out. I do enjoy watching the little chipmucks running around. In fact, it is generations of chipmucks that have lived on my land for many years and they have a distinctive red rump so I know. 50 odd years and still counting. I love them and want one as a pet, but probably too hyperactive to be a good pet. I’ll stick with my hedgehog and dog.

  35. So sweet. Love the dainty blouse and the gentle hands cradling the dear wee thing. Sigh. Really beautiful.

  36. Daphne Moss says:

    *one eyebrow raised*
    Theresa? In Oregon also?

  37. All I hear is “honk shuuu” “honk shuuu”

  38. Tess
    U R awesome keep ur kind loving heart guarded, it is rare in these times…

  39. (extreeeemly high voice) I shall want a hula hoooooop!

  40. What a heartwarming story, and glad you were able to capture him, Tess!

    Earlier this week I was sitting at my kitchen table and saw a couple of cats very intent on something on the sidewalk in front of the house. Turns out they were chasing a baby chipmunk. I shooed them away and followed the chipster down the sidewalk when he darted between a couple of garbage bags. The cats had lost interest by then. The next day I noticed one of them “playing” with him again, so I went out with a box to try to capture him. I wouldn’t try to pick him up b.c. I remember my brother doing this with an adult chipmunk and getting bitten when we were little. My parents talked about rabies shots, but as I recall he didn’t end up getting them. That would have sucked!
    Anyhoo… I watched the little fellow run for cover, and again, the cat lost interest. Hope he finds safe harbor somewhere! I’ll keep a lookout for ‘im.

  41. berthaservant says:

    Lost Chip seeks his Dale. No felines, please.

  42. Sweet story, cute pictures, pretty blouse. 😀

  43. *’splode* I are ded. too cute and soft! love it.

  44. Re: the William Shatner reference. There was a sponsored message on Facebook earlier indicating that if I so chose, I could follow the Tweets of 1) Barack Obama, 2) Arnold Schwarzenegger, or 3) William Shatner. Talk about being spoiled for choices. Too bad I don’t do the Twitter/tweet thing. 🙂

  45. And on the topic of chipmunx, when we visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs last month, there were chippies everywhere, just running underfoot, getting in people’s pictures, the whole works.

  46. Simple Tess = Lucky Tess (not to mention Kindhearted Tess)

    I fell in love with chipmunks the day I looked up to see one perched on top of my cubicle wall at work. He came, he scooted, he escaped… with my heart.

  47. Rachael – where do you work that you have chippies *indoors*?? I want to work there too!

  48. This little cutie will have a great story to tell the grand kids someday! I loves me some minkmunks, as my niece used to call them.

  49. Resriechan (formerly L, NTA) says:

    1) Possible Chips n’ Racks category?
    2) I hereby nominate the Chipmunk Rescuer for Best Manicure.

    3) HonGlad: wow !! You obvy know how to wreak vengeance (and how to express it in rhymed verse, as well) !!!
    (Pulling my cap off my head & doing a sweeping bow in your direction)

  50. Awww man.. I love chipmunks!! But they are always so fast.. they never stick around for me to get a good look at em… 😦

  51. Ceejoe, this was actually at a previous job. It was on old, one story building that apparently had some large cracks in the foundation, perfect for the occasional visit from a chipmunk or even a small squirrely. I can’t believe I ever left that job. 😦

  52. but how did you find their chipmunk home?

  53. Marty's Mom says:

    Love the story! My head nearly exploded from the cuteness.

    BUT…don’t show your dirty fingernails in a close up!! Tsk! Tsk! Congrats for saving chippy’s life though…you are a hero.

  54. bookmonstercats says:

    Clawsies in the second picture. I can feel them digging into my palm as I type.

  55. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    I LOVE chipmunks! Once when we went to the zoo, I tossed out a few bits of french fries to them – we actually saw one of them eating the french fry – he was holding it in his tiny paws! 🙂

  56. Just yesterday I came face to face with a chippie, or as my mom calls them, “munkchips” (English is not her first language). The chippie was trying to avoid my dogs so she hopped up on the fence (the higher of two horizontal beams) and made a run for it. I heard a loud panicked “cheeep!” so I went to investigate. As I came in for a closer look at the intersection of fence and front gate, there she was, about 6 inches away. We were practically nose-to-nose and we both froze, looking at each other. She made a jump for it and was gone in a flash. Sigh.

  57. Awww, poor little munkchins…. I hope the bad cat doesn’t come back though.

  58. Jorden= She used her Munkfinder 2000, with optional thermal imaging/ marshmallow toaster attachment.

    Yeah, Rachel-now I want a munk at work, too. Of course I am home all day and work is home, but all the same, it is time for my munk to be delivered. Fedex would be fine, thank you very much.

  59. My friend’s sister has been married twice – her first husband was Dale, the second one is Chip. I kid you not. It has always cracked me up, but I suppose that as a family, they are over that joke. 😆

    Yay for saving this little one!

  60. When I was a kid, my best friend and I rescuted some baby chipmunks who had been flooded out and no mom was to be found. We named them Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, Guinevere, and so on (our school play at the time was “Camelot’). When they got big we let them go in the park. I don’t recall ever holding one though : (

  61. Ach!! Just LOOK at that bebbeh groundchunk!

  62. um…

    don’t animals not take back their young who have been touched by humans?

    [That’s mostly a myth. – Ed.]

  63. Thank you for putting it back instead of keeping it or giving it to a sanctuary! By putting hiim in his right home, you gave him a much better chance of living! ^_^

  64. Resriechan (Formerly L, NTA) says:

    I LUFF the term “munkchips” !!!!!

    My Nana did verbal wordjumbles, too. The red octagon street sign is called a “Pots” sign, etc. etc.

  65. Awwww, cute little chipmunk with a cute, heartwarming story. 😀

  66. omg so cute i want to eat it