There is nothing—nothing better than this kitteh’s belleh.

Don’t bust your computer screen trying to touche.


Briana G. I’ve been known to squeeze a few bellehs in my time.



  1. All dis chair are mine.

  2. oh my look at that plump little belleh

    i thinks it be time to go snorgle my sleeping 5 month old kittehs..brb…

  3. Odalisque kitty says “Touche this exquisite belly at own risque, human.”

  4. We need a belly-hance!

  5. How he taunts us!

  6. Leslie (NTA) says:

    I’m so glad, to know that Briana was wise enough to purchase the entire chair for Mr. (or Ms.) Kittay’s Kumfort !!!!

  7. He’s so smug, he knows he has the best belleh. I love cats’ self-confidence!

  8. oh yes, I do bell-eee touche and squeeezes as often as I can.
    Some let me. Some. Do. Not!

  9. Keeling me softly with your snorgleable belleh
    Keeling me softly with your snorgleable belleh
    Keeling me softly, whoa oh oh, with your… snorgeeeeleaaaaable… belllllleheheh

    P.S. just had to be a marmie with lots of white and pink too!

  10. Everybody in the office just saw me giving my computer screen raspberries! Awwwkkkwardddd!

  11. “Hey baby. You know you like what you see. Why don’t you take a snorgle. You know you want to.. Prrrrrrr”

  12. Me wants to nom nom nom that ooohhhh so soft tummy. Could be lost in it for glorious hours.

  13. Adorable. My kittehs love my Poang char too!

  14. @CarrieH – same here.
    (We have the red canvas, y’know, with mixed shed fur.)

  15. Ten poängs for this kitteh belleh!

  16. Forget the squeezies, that belleh needs nozey-nuzzles, STAT!

  17. OMG! MARMIE!!!!!!!!!

    alternatively: OMG! TUMMY!!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m a snorgle of kitteh bellies myself !!! =^^=

  19. The only thing better than a kitteh’s belleh is, of course, a puppeh’s belleh — snorgle-snorgle, nom-nom.

  20. Space Cowgirl says:

    Scritch scritch! Dang, now my monitor’s all scratched up…

  21. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh, I just love their giant bellies at that age. This pic so reminds me of our little marmie at that age. After he’d drink milk, his little round tummy would be tight as a drum for a bit, then he’d open his mouth wide and let out an obscenely loud belch for such a little guy. Adorable as it was, we decided he was a bit lactose intolerant, and his belly was squishy forever more.

  22. Wish I were this kitty!!!!

  23. BeckyMonster says:

    Give. It. To. Me!

    Give me the belly and nobody gets hurt!!!

  24. punkinberry says:

    Goodness, so much to choose from here! The belly? The leetle pink nose? The adorable pink toe pads?!?

    *fans self* I’m going to need a moment…

  25. bookmonstercats says:

    There’s more belleh than kittayn.

  26. With the expression on his face, I think he deserves a “Duuude” tag. 😆

  27. EEEEEEE!!!!
    *goes in for full faced snorgle*
    Great, no one warned me there was a computer screen betwixt me n this lil beauty. Now I’ve gone and gotten face marks all over it and fell face first onto my keyboard to boot. My “Function” key will nebber be the same.

  28. Cats know how to relax. Bottom line.

  29. The cushion of the chair is mine. And this arm of the chair is mine. And this other arm of the chair is mine. And the back rest of the chair is mine.

    Cute kitten, cute tum!

  30. computer screen is fine…nose may need to be splinted.

  31. @brinnann: I dunno…I think his (her?) expression says “Worship me” more….which deserves tag-dom….

  32. My belleh. Let me show you it.

  33. Nancy (orig) says:

    I’d love to snorgle, but that looks like a stinky old chair.

  34. Bones. I no has them.

  35. alwayscataddict says:

    What! No one has mentioned the sleeeeepyyyy face!? I luvs the sleeeepyyyy face!

  36. Kitty bellies are better than chocolate!

  37. @ Trabb’s Boy: many cats are in fact lactose intolerant. My Jackie is – although he adores milk, it makes him barf almost immediately. Unfortunate.
    However, this marmie is incredibly adorable and snorglable!
    A wedding shower is going on in the conference room next to my desk. That + marmie = No more work for me today.

  38. Please send moi this kitteh immediately.

  39. Too late… Dove into the monitor before I read the title.

    We have poang chairs too. Our not-so-little boy loves it!

    All the cats I’ve had in my care have been lactose intolerant. Whether they throw it up immediately, or goes out the other end in seconds, none of my babies have ever tolerated milk well.

    Now to snorgle my own babies tummies! Well, after I get the nose prints off my monitor… again.

  40. Hm. Looks to me like one of those cats who flaunt their enticing tummies all over the place and they’re all ‘come on, you know you want to’, and you do, only once you reach out to do the rubber-tummeez thing, whammo! slasho! hand-blood everywhere, and the cat’s all ‘mwa-ha-ha–sucker-works-every-time’.

  41. Meg, escuzay’, deed yeau say,
    “squeeze” the heck..”?
    Or, ” the heck ? “.
    ’cause I wouldn’t wanna mix ’em up.

  42. ^Hovertext ref^

  43. perfect example of the term “guttular region”

    kittycats are definitely tuned in, tapped in and turned on!

  44. What is it about these IKEA chairs that produces this response in kitties so consistently?


  45. @ Diana: *snerk* “hand-blood”

  46. PS: Spotteh belleh.

  47. Gives a whole new perspective on “Tummy Tickle Pleease !”

  48. “Now I am going to pet you too many times.”

  49. I’m just disappointed that this photo was presented so small. I mean, I’ve got a whole 22″ flat panel monitor here that could be filled up with that belleh!

    [You know you can sometimes click through to the full-size version? Like, for instance, now. – Ed.]

  50. EHN…………..can’t quite reach the arms !

  51. What a boogery nose, too!

  52. *tickles belleh*

  53. *sigh* Don’tcha wish you could freeze them at that “tiny-cute-innocent” stage? (I tried. I really tried. But they insisted on growing…..)

  54. Queen of Dork says:

    Kitteh’s all: Behold. My. Belleh.

  55. Daphne Moss says:

    Hey. Mah belleh’s not gonna pet itself, you know…

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    Also, the left back paw looks cutely huge in proportion to the rest of him/her!

  57. Thanks for all the comments! I will pass the love onto Bo (that’s his name 🙂

    He is quite larger now, but his belly is still just as cute! He OWNS that poang chair, and you can’t sit in it unless you want to be covered in fur.

    Bats — Your right! For some reason he always has a boogery nose.. allergies??

  58. P.S. I always said he looked like a rubber chicken in this pose

  59. Perfect belleh. I will snorgle zees belleh.

    Poang here too – navy, and our cats love it! But they go more for the meatloaf position.

  60. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    can’t. breathe.gasping. for. air.

  61. Queen of Dork says:

    His name is Bo! Mo’ Belleh Bo!! 🙂

  62. Is there a rule of cuteness about plump, fuzzy bellies yet? Because there really oughta be.

  63. OMG YES! ♥

  64. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Brianna G.-yes, allergies. Our Tubby Kitty has’em, too. And Elivira, “Queen of the Deadly Snotty Sneezes”. Ragweed season is soooo hard on them both.

  65. Definitely stretching the laws of physics, that one is.

  66. KatieZientek says:

    Mffmmmff mffmmfm ffffmm.

    *talking into kitteh belleh*

  67. Must… rub… BELLY!!!!!

    My kitties will be getting belly rubs as soon as I get home from work tonight – which means they will get them Thursday morning, since I work till midnight.

    {Paws computer screen}

  68. MarmieLover says:

    and here i was, composing an angry email to CO to complain of recent marmie deprivation, when this comes along.
    aaaaaaaahhhhhh ornj addiction satisfied *snorgle snorgle**sneeze*
    the PINK! of the PAWzes! oooh

  69. Ed.: GAZZASP! That was even better than I thought it would be. 🙂

  70. I just showed the full-sized belleh pic to my hubby, and he said, “Awww. Lumbar support.”

    [Not only that, it’s self-heating and it VIBRATES. Just don’t mention all the pointy pointy. – Ed.]

  71. Mrs. X you sure those aren’t the Paws of Physics? Sorry, sorry, couldn’t stop myself.

  72. my chair. MY chair. Mineminemineminemineminemineminemineminemine.

  73. I came across an news article that 60 percent of all adults are lactose-intolerate. Apparantly, most humans are not designed to absorb milk into their digestive system. No wonder my stomach rebells so much. here’s the link –
    It seems like quite a few animals have problems with milk as well, and yet, we all think milk as this comfort food or beverage. Nothing like cream in coffee, whipped cream in anything, milk in our cereals, it’s all part of us.

  74. My boys love a belly skritch, I tire of it long before they do.


  76. Are y’all done now?

    I figured I’d wait until the belly-snorgle line was gone. Now he’s all mine. He’s MINE, I tell you!!!!! Mwaahahahahahahahahaaha!!!!!

  77. What a colour! Camouflage. Pour cat, I would have a problem in sitting down.

  78. Dawn Buchanan says:

    Too. Cute. For. Words!

  79. Sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! I want to snorgle that belleh RIGHT NOW

  80. prrrr

    This seat is taken!

  81. My kitty usually does that when I get up from my chair and go in the other room.
    When I get back he has that “you move, you lose” look!

  82. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    OMG. He looks so much like my dear departed Taffy. =^..^=

  83. @KittyMarthaPoo: very sorry * sniffle*

    When I was a kid I had one named Smitty. His head was larger than his body. Always sat in my bedroom window. Swore he knew how to speak English!

  84. Harumph! What a show-offy kitty! He just KNOWS he’s adorable, doesn’t he? No one could resist that BELLYRAMA!

  85. Reminds me of my brother and me in the backseat of the car on family vacations. “this area of the seat is mine” If ya wanna live dont cross the line.

  86. *Hand blood*-I remember hand blood. Cute belleh.

  87. My cats don’t much like having their belleh’s rubbed…
    Oh how I wish I could reach through my monitor and snorgle teh soft belleh.

  88. 😈 SNORGLE-FEST 😈

  89. Yup, I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten up from my computer here at home and had an “added feature” in the seat when I got back.

  90. Fantstic picture. Sure does want his belly scratched. And he does take up the whole chair.