Maru gets dronk as a skonk

Best moment is at 2:25. Yes you can fast-forward.

The only thing Maru loves more than boxes: cat-a-neep! Thanks Marianne H.



  1. We need to shut down ALL those catnips. They produce an intoxicating smell that drives the kitties CRAZY!

  2. I think it’s dead, Maru!

    (There’s a PSA in there somewhere. This is your kitteh. This is your dronk kitteh on nip.)

    honk shu

  3. This made me miss my ‘scamp’…she loved her sock filled catnip toy, nothing else would do for the catnip,only a sock…she would almost make love to it!!! This did make me laugh though through it all.

  4. My previous pair would do the same thing……current pair hasn’t become acquainted with ‘nip, as they’re hyper enough without help.

  5. I love watching cats “CUI” –cute-ing under the influence. Watching them mess with catnippy stuff makes my day.

    May I also say that I love it when cats do that double feet kicking to stuff near their bellies. Powah!

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    My cat sat on the desk and watched the whole video. (Something she has never done before.) I couldn’t tell if she was thinking “God, how embarrassing for all catkind.” or “Man, I wish I had some of that!”

  7. When it comes to Maru, I am powerless to fast forward.

  8. Probably a bit of both, Martha.

    Maru looks like he has such a lovely plush coat. I just want to bury my fingers in his fur! I’m guessing it’s a short-haired version of my little Abbie McFlooferson’s coat.

    *obligatory view whore link of Abbie*


  9. Oh, and no, no I cannot fast forward.

  10. Ah I need to make some of this size for my 2 furkids!

  11. How insanely clean is that apartment? I mean, in every video, it’s spotless. There’s not a trace of dust or a stray cat hair. And I’m pretty sure a large kitteh with a smallish brain lives there full time.

  12. Maru is usually so dignified, it’s great to see him totally whacked out on nip! And the crash afterward…you can almost hear it.

  13. Oh Maru. Know ehn to say ehn.

  14. Bunnyfluffs says:

    First off: I love Maru. Forever and always.

    Secondly to Trixie, about the back feety kicky thing.. I don’t want to ruin any cuteness factor by saying this.. but that back feety kicky thing is a hardwired reflex from the pre-domestication of felines.. and was used as a maneuver to disembowel prey! =O

    I still think it’s adorable, though. When my cat used to do it, I’d say, “disembowel! disembowel that teddy bear!”…

  15. To Bunnyfluffs, trust me, the cute factor is still very much intact :D. I know it’s a highly predatory move, but I still think it looks funny 😛 Reminds me of something Thumper does in Bambi. But yeah when it happens, I always think, “Oh snap. This just got serious. Shit’s goin’ down.”

  16. I bought my furkids a catnip plant and they showed no interest whatsoever.
    Being sophisticated Tuxes they probably have there own crack pipes.

  17. Carrie, don’t think I didn’t notice and appreciate that Champions Online reference! Who knew Maru was an alien being? It would explain much…

  18. Did anyone else think that brown striped thing at the bottom of the camera’s view was a step and kept expecting Maru to roll off it?

  19. I spend a lot of time stuffing catnip into baby socks to make toys for the cats at the shelter and my cat, Cipher, has no interest in the stuff. She’ll curl up next to me when I’m working and ignore the open jar of catnip and the flakes falling all over. I find it funny that I spend so much money on catnip when my own kitty is bored by it.

  20. Fast-forward on a Maru video? Surely you jest.

  21. Proof that boxes are a gateway drug.

  22. Colleen, my cat reacts to catnip like that. he doesn’t even get particularly hyper, but he practically makes out with whatever I put it on. he’s like, “oooo I loff you sooo.”

  23. Noelegy, I thought the same thing! Speaking of floors, I never before noticed the subway tiles Maru’s hooman has – verrry nice. Perfect for box diving but perhaps a bit slippery for the catnip dance?

    Fast forward through a Maru vid????? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  24. But…. if you tell people to fast-forward, then they might miss the magnificent Maru belly shot at :50!

  25. “I love you more than any cat’s ever loved a hastily-manufactured red-and-white stripey cloth bag….”

    except Maru’s is more pinstripey.

  26. I agree with Andrush – that belly display during the catnip-pause-to-luxuriate is fantastic. (catnip-paws? Ha! I’ll be here all ze week!)

    ps today is my birthday! I’m happy to spend it with my CO buds.

  27. Happy Birthday, kzgz!! I can’t think of a better place to spend a birthday or any other day.

  28. Andrush – I was all set to notify peoples of the belleh at :50. You could dive your face into it. (Probably would need stitches after that but it might be worth it.)

    Hippo Birdie kzgz!

  29. I used to have a 36 pounds cat and I would put catnip in a saucer and watch as he tried to get his entrire body intp the saucer. (And don’t jump on me he had glandular problems the vet tried everything, his bother and sister were normal size, he lived to 12 very happy years)

  30. Love it love it…KILL IT KILL IT! Love it KILL IT!

    Love those crazy kitties.

  31. Ditto Andrush!

    Kitty is happieeeeeees. 😀

  32. Great video, I didn’t fast forward either, just enjoyed every minute of it! 😀
    Happy Birthday kzgz, have lots of fun today! 🙂

  33. too early. caffeine needed. lots….love this kitty. love that flat…wonder where they keep their STUFF…

    rolls unsteadily to kitchen. still in love with john hurt in ‘1984’, love me some craggy, depressed guys…

  34. Hey, Maru, don’t bogart that catnip.

  35. I have a new kitten (Gallileo) with the same markings as Maru. Only he has a spotted belleh – and loooovves to have said belleh scratched and rubbed. Good thing, because it’s very hard to resist!

  36. I did not fast forward. Found this mesmerizing.
    My kitties love the ‘nip but it’s gotta be fresh neeep.

    Happy Birthday kzgz!!

  37. Maru is the great floor pawlisher.

  38. It’s amazing what nip can do to the most *ahem* dignified of kitties. Normally my Misha does not bring herself to toy with the most squeeky of squeeky mice or the most fluffy of fluffy mice. But if you put nip inside, stand back! Because it unleashes an animal that runs sideways on the couch like it’s in a Matrix movie. And then there is the other cat.. nip or not.. Sasha is always crazy.

  39. Funny that a move used to disembowel a victim now has the cutesy name of “bunny kicks”..

    I guess that the floor in Maru’s new apartment isn’t quite as slippery as it looks (and yes, I have noticed the extreme meticulous clean..). There was a discussion about it some time ago in Maru’s blog that said that it didn’t work as well for box sliding. 😦 Guess that Maru needs to learn some new tricks. At least he still utilizes the back leg splayage for killing catnip tubes.

  40. From one addiction to another. Tsk tsk. We’ll have to find a facility that specializes in both boxhab AND nip-hab.

  41. Whoa! I brought home a new catnip toy for Dante yesterday, and the following ensued:
    Chase chase chase, play play play, beat the crap out of it, pass out.
    (repeat 25 times)

  42. Thanks, everyone! I guess I am a shameless whore to mention it’s my birthday in a Hint-Hint! kind of way – but you only get one a year, am I right??

    Anyway: whenever I give fresh catnip leaves to my two kitties, their reactions are quite different: My boy cat holds them in his two front paws and rubs them on his face. My girl cat, though, SNAPS it out of my hand and scarfs it down. A sort of Watch Your Fingers kind of situation.

  43. martha in mobile says:

    @Rachael: I think the floor is Pergo, which accounts for the high noise factor (beyond that provided by Maru’s worshipful bulk), rather than subway tiles.

  44. Here’s another vote for the belly flash at :52 as The Cutest Moment. I love me some BELLYRAMA!

  45. Oh man. That is the cutest kitty face. I want his tummy to carry around with me all the time.

  46. What about the moment at about 1:41 where Maru just kinda gazes off into the distance for a few seconds. I can almost hear his stoned little brain asking “wait. now what was I doing? oh, there’s something shiny.”

  47. Charlotte- I agree and I hope there is no substance escalation that isn’t filmed for us.

    kzgz-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! On your birthday you may tell everyone it is your birthday. You have my permission to be vain, call attention to yourself in a cute way and let all of your friends and family know that you are someone special. My birthday, (March 24th) is the only day of the year that I will gladly tell everyone just how marvelous I am! They have to wait the rest of the year. As I have done this scores of times, by now, my friends and family are ready with wonderful life-affirming quotes and sayings for me-“Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know already” and such…I keep doing it anyway. I’m charming like that. They smile wanly and look at their watches a lot. CO is a great forum for getting birthday wishes.
    And, many returns of the day to you!

    OH, Maru has his own “stripedy thing'”- how wonderful!

  48. groove on, big furry Dude!

    (sigh! I wish my cat loved catnip too. Sadly, not all cats like it – some genetic thing I think.)

  49. Von Zeppelin says:

    Somebody needs to put Maru in a nice quiet box where he can sleep this off.

    (Happy Birthday, kzgz)

  50. Maru is our catnip.

  51. KZGZ Happy Birthday..and “many happy returns of the day” (Said in winnie the pooh voice)

    Maru has the same coat as Magneato had, except she was a calico torby…
    They are the best cat coat as far as I am concerned they are a medium length fur but so thick and luxuriant and bunny soft you can not resist petting them and running your fingers through it.

    They only shed in the spring with a little bit on the hottest days .. so unlike a typical short hair you do not have the steady rain of shed fur.

    PS about 10% of cats are not affected by or attracted to catnip.

  52. Maru, I love how round and squishy your are.

  53. I, too, noticed how immaculate Maru’s home is. It’s much better to watch Maru without clutter distractions! I did also notice in a previous video that Maru’s human may want to avoid leather furniture in the future, because his claws have done some damage on his nice Barcelona couch.

  54. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    Okay, I must have the weirdest cat in the world: My tuxedo cat boy doesn’t respond in the slightest to catnip. But he WILL dig through the grocery bags if I bring home celery. Yes: celery.

    And if I break off a leafy stem for him, he will grab it out of my hand and act just like Maru on ‘nip. Rolls all over it, gets big pupils, etc.

  55. I feel so cheated. Neither of my cats like catnip. 😦

  56. My housemates’ cat is one of that 10%, but honeysuckle does affect him. He’ll just lay there rubbing the toy all over his face and rolling on the rug.

  57. Maru is powerless over catnip, and his cuteness is unmanageable.

  58. When I put down little piles of catnip for our cats, three of them would go nuts and poor Bobcat would go from one to the other looking confused. “But… it’s just leaves! I don’t get it!” So he got extra cuddles instead.

  59. Maru is my one and only true love. I would do anything for this feline.
    Just don’t let my cats/husband know 🙂

  60. So catnip is a plant? I’ve never had a cat…but I wish to! And it appears prudent to me that I learn of this phenomenon!!

    [Well, yeah. It’s in the mint family. – Ed.]

  61. Unwanted factoid for the day:

    All members of the Mint family have square stems.

    [Tru dat! – Ed.]

    [Also, nobody ever says “tru dat” anymore. Dunno what came over me. – Ed.]

  62. Ed. – Tru dat. I guess no one does. How about “Word.”?

  63. Regarding Catnip there are two plants there is catnip which gets quite large and the smaller variety catmint which gets about 5 to 6 inches tall versus the 24 to 30 inches tall of catnip. also catmint is drought tolerant. (this is important for those of us out west… and it smells musky and intoxicating.

    Also for humans”’ cat nip and mint is used in tea for many things
    here is some info

  64. Yes, catnip is a member of the mint family, which means it’s VERY easy to grow. Too easy. Invasive, actually. It’s also a rather unattractive plant–very leggy and weedy looking. If you’re interested in growing it, I’d recommend doing so in a container, or it will take some work to keep it from taking over. My parents have a big batch of it growing between their lawn (mowed, of course) on one side and a stone wall and gravel driveway on the other–and it’s STILL pretty out of control. I grab some whenever I’m there. My cats go absolutely ZONKERS over it.

  65. I heard this sort of folksy piece of whatnot that if you grow catnip from seed, local neighborhood cats won’t mess with the plants. But, supposedly, if you start with actual plants, they will. Like, roll around on the plants and stomp on ’em and rip them out down to the roots – whoopee!! Catnip! Right out in the open where I happened to wander past!

  66. If I had Maru I’d never get anything done.

    But what I want to know, in the entire Maru repertoire, the house is *spotless*. And this is Japan, right? So the apartment isn’t that big .. does this person swiff their floors every morning?

  67. What. A. Varmint!!!!!!

  68. platedlizard says:

    I wish my kitty liked catnip. Maru is so cute!

  69. proof that boxes are a gateway drug <— LOL!!!

    you guys notice the 'tock splayage? Just like when he did the famous box run!

  70. Haha, thanks for the permission to fast forward! I love it when cats make curly paws. :3

  71. I believe “OMGG Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the proudness of having found the Maru-vid first and got sender-inner credits is immense!” is the appropriate rendition of my feeling at the moment. Proudest Intertubes moment this far.
    Thanks Meg!!
    PS. Maru, you fill my world with fluff, fun-ness and cewt. Please accept my utter adoration. I. Just. Want. To. Snuggle. Yoooooooooooooou!

  72. Happy Birthday, kzgz!! You enjoy your birthday! I once worked with a crazy person who said she could celebrate one day for every year of her birthday – as in 53 days when she turned 53 – now, THAT is annoying. Whooping it up on the day of is normal and h-e-a-l-t-h-y….
    And catmint (aka Nepeta) – not intoxicating but my neighborhood cats sleep under mine at night in the spring so it must have some charm for the cat folk.

  73. I couldn’t bring myself to fast forward past one moment of Maru-ness. Besides, if I did, I would have missed the true best moment, the spread-eagle splay at :52…

  74. Happy birthday, kzgz, all the best persons are born in September(…. anyone want to hazard a guess as to what month I was born in) hehe.

  75. I love Maru.

  76. Von Zeppelin says:

    @Jennifer–(and others who note the surgical cleanliness of this floor)–Maybe this Japanese family just sprays Maru with Pledge or Endust and lets him chase boxes and catnip toys around the apartment all day.

  77. @ Marianne H Congrats!!!!! 🙂

    It does feel like you won the Internets doesn’t it. I have not gotten a picture posted but i feel like that when I manage to get [OH LORD IT’S HARD TO BE HUMBLE, WHEN YOU’RE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY, I CAN’T WAIT TO LOOK IN THE MIRROR, ‘CAUSE I GET BETTER LOOKIN’ EACH DAY, TO KNOW ME IS TO LOVE ME, I MUST BE A HELL OF A MAN, OH LORD IT’S HARD TO BE HUMBLE, BUT WE’RE DOIN’ THE BEST THAT WE CAN] on a page at CO. Even better when I manage to think up a clever line to go with it.

  78. I’m guessing the cleanliness factor comes as much from the fact that Japanese people don’t wear their outside shoes indoors as the smallness of the apartment.

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    Awwwww! He looks like he decides not to kill it at the end and just use it as a pillow.
    Hon Glad: I spit out water I was drinking when I read your Tuxes with crack pipes comment! I have to remember not to eat/drink when viewing.
    I had a cat named Picard once who naughtily jumped up on the bathroom counter. He started sniffing the toothpaste tube and got totally whacked out over it like he would with nip. It was the weirdest thing! After that, we would have to put the tube in the medicine cabinet ’cause he was always trying to get to it. The vet said she’d never heard of a cat reacting to toothpaste like that. I forget what kind it was…plain Crest I think.

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    Happy Birthday, kzgz!!!

  81. Mary (the first) says:

    I had a cat who, along with ‘nip, was sent into a tizzy by an olivewood spoon that I had. Just the kind you’d stir food with, and it was in one of those jars by the stove that people put their utensils in. He got up on the counter (which he NEVER did) and dragged that thing out of the jar and was gnawing/drooling on it when I first caught him. I couldn’t leave it out on the counter or he’d be crazy. Nothing else (other than ‘nip) had that effect. It was strange. One day I decided to see if he liked actual olives also, and he did.. black or green.. he wouldn’t go crazy on them but would like to nibble them if I’d share one. (The martini, however, was all mine.)
    And I once had a friend whose cat was insane for asparagus. It’s weird what they all have their fetishes about, isn’t it.

  82. Queen of Dork-shh, or they’ll all want some! Killer eats frozen green beans NOT fresh ones, mind you, but I can get her to do anything for a frozen one! Not that I have her do anything exotic mind you…

  83. Queen of Dork says:

    They’ll all want some what? 😉 (mums the word).

  84. Happy Birthday, kzgz 🙂 GIGGLE 😆 kzgz, your female kitty sounds alot like our kitty, Dooley 😆 He will INHALE catnip BEFORE getting BOMBED out of his furry little mind 😆

  85. Queen of Dork says:

    Mary (the first): Cats do have odd fetishes and habits. Mine has “kitty-freak-out-session,” where he dashes about, ears flat, tail hunched, eyes wide, chasing (and I guess being chase by) things no one else but him can see! Then he’ll lie down, bathe and slip into a freak- out induced coma.

  86. My kitteh does not roll around or get hyper with catnip — he licks it. He also likes celery. Eats the leafy part, and has been known to eat a green olive once in a while. Very weird. I once had a cat that got all crazy over the smell of licorice. Maru, now, he’s a cat’s cat. (Is Maru a he?)

    Speaking of weird (dare I mention it) wonder how Winston reacts to catnip? My guess is phases him not a bit……..

  87. it seems interesting …
    Happy birthday Maru… 🙂

  88. Queen of Dork says:

    Maybe it makes him crave corn. 🙂

  89. Too Funny!! LOL Love Maru

  90. berthaservant says:

    Bertha is going to get catnip RIGHT NOW.

  91. Space Cowgirl says:

    Teoh, while your contribution to the subject in this thread and in general are a great balm to my sanity, you must understand that my opinion is a value-added service, a labour of love and suffering, that I provide free to all mankind out the goodness of my heart. I snark because I care.

  92. Space Cowgirl says:

    *out of

    I wonder if that counts as Muphry’s Law since I’m working?

  93. I love his perma-poof tail! My kitty only has this tail when she is scared or scares herself (not sure how she does this). Is it wrong that I secretly love her scared poofy tail?? It’s so adorable.

  94. oh, oh having sooo much funs… loves the catnips…. zzzzzzzzzzzz…..

  95. @Queen of Dork: My tubby does that too. I call it “an infestation of invisible bats.”

  96. Fast-forward… HA!
    And then I’ll suggest to my gf that we skip sex and get straight to cuddling. HA HA1

  97. Dennis Cook says:

    Silly Kitteh!! Katnip is for Kidz!

    [No no, you’re thinking of Kid Nip. – Ed.]

  98. I love just watching him lie still & breathe. That glossy coat — slow waves of fluff! Ahhhhhh….

  99. i loveee Maru! at 2:07 you can hear his bottom go thump against the floor 😀

  100. he is soooo cute 🙂 i want a cat juz like him