A Slice-of-Life Story

So Kenny, Marv and me hit the links over the weekend.  It was a tough course, with plenty of “beachfront property” and tricky doglegs—or, as we call them, “legs.”

par birdie and eagle.JPG

So anyway, Marv overclubbed past the apron on the fifth, but hit the green with a pitch-and-run and drained it for par. Meanwhile, Kenny found his sweet spot and swatted a wormburner straight to the pin for a double eagle!  Or something.

Par, Birdie and Eagle.JPG

I have no idea what any of that meant, Russ C.



  1. I wanna be their fourth! Darling!

  2. They look so happy to be out on the links.

  3. I would gladly take up golf if I could play with those guys!

    Marv *snicker*

  4. I still remember the days of the Mashie Niblick and spoon, all with hickory shafts.
    I don’t care what Marv did on the pin, they look like they’re having a lot of fun.

  5. Ahn! I lub dese puppehs!
    *makes note to self to put earplugs in to protect ears from squeeing when I show this to my daughter tonight*

  6. that second picture is great!!

  7. LOVE these! So much fun!!!!!

  8. I just feel the need to point out that this is also known as a “shaggy dog” story.

  9. there’s nothing happier than a happy dog

  10. Go Marv! (actually, I guess he did…)

  11. Of course Labs love golf, they’re birdie dogs.

  12. I thought you weren’t doing any more pics of animals being tortured and yet here we plainly see puppies being taken golfing.

  13. And after playing a full round, its off to the 19th hole to partake in some kibbles ‘n bits and to rehash each stroke of every hole over and over and over.

  14. Oh! OH! STINKIN’ cute!!!

  15. What, exactly, is a “wormburner”, please?

    [a very fast and low shot, according to my three minutes of research — Mike]

    [Yep! Term is also relevant in baseball and Ultimate Frisbee. 🙂 – Ed.]

  16. Labs have got to be the cutest puppies in the world! They are just so stinkin’ adorable! 🙂

  17. I’m surprised nobody noted yet how important it is to color coordinate your golf car with your puppies.

  18. of course if he hit the sweet spot it wouldnt be a wormburner… but okay.

  19. So we have “Weak Bladder” Marv and “Sweet Spot” Kenny… what’s the third dude’s name?

  20. Happy puppies are happy!

  21. Puppy Golf! yay.

    So, I’ve golfed a bit in my life, but what are those white things hanging on the sides of the canopy supports? Are those golf ball picker-uppers?

  22. Marianne from GA says:

    I always want to ride a horse over a golf course. Wonderful hills and nice clean grass, easy on horse hooves, no stones or rocks or hidden holes, and afterwards we could find a tree under which to have a nice picnic. And then these three darling puppies can go birding and bring home dinner. Roast pigeon, anyone?

  23. Kiragirl, I’m no golfer, but I’d say that those are portable golf ball washers.

  24. What a fun day on the (sausage) links!

  25. Doggabone, I should think the puppies could just slobber all over the balls to wash them, no?

  26. Thank you. Fore-warned is fore-armed.

  27. Such happy puppies!!!!
    I can’t stand the “sport” of golf, but you can bet your llamas that if there were puppies involved that I would be the first one on the course every day!

  28. Dogga,
    ah HA! thanks muchly.
    slobber, rinse, repeat, putt

  29. Happy puppies are happy.

  30. I thought maybe this was the pupp-eh snack cart. Imagine, you’re on the links, all frustrated and sweaty, and here comes the snack cart with a refreshing batch of pink puppy bellies to nom upon!

  31. LeeLeeMarie says:

    I think those white things are portapotties.

  32. I’m more of a cat person than a dog person, but I have to admit: Romping puppies make my heart warm!

  33. Trabb's Boy says:

    Man, I am loving every one of the comments today, not to mention the happy pupppppies!!!

    I was forced to play golf once in my life as a “team building” event, and it made it very clear to me that I would never fit into the corporate world. I always thought the only justification for golf courses was that they are perfect places to be a teenager at night — watching the stars, gettin’ high, enjoying someone else’s company outside of parental eyesight. Now that I’m getting close to having a teenage girl of my own, I was starting to consider advocating for their closure for . . . um . . . environmental reasons, I guess. But if golfcourses also act as puppy playgrounds I may have to consider other plans. (*** starts leafing through spy catalogs for tracking devices to sew into daughter’s jeans ***)

  34. LOL For the Golf haters the best and i mean truely best way to play golf is with some friends who do not give a fig what the score really is and with a margarita or two tduring the game.

    BTW Goldens are golden.

  35. Goofy woofers golfing for gophers.

  36. And after the puppies finished their round, the next players discovered that the course had suddenly become 72 holes…

  37. @Trabb’s Boy – ITA about the real use of golf courses. Any illicit use really; my brother and I used to throw our bikes over the fence, then ride around all over the course…. maybe smoke a little, ahem! – but that was in bygone days…

    And I so relate to pups’ disappointment about the lack of little windmills. Still, I think they enjoy all that green grass and maybe the chance to dig new holes!

  38. BB/VA- Yes, I have heard of this.. although, call me crazy, I don’t think I would want any caddy that can spit on me!

  39. The white things have grass seed in them that you can pour out if you make a divot 🙂

  40. The two white things on the side of the cart are to carry sand to fill divots! I’ve never seen anyone that happy on a golf course!! I like a six pack with my golf but I’d go for a three pack of these little guys instead.

  41. And is it true what they say?

    If it goes left, it’s a slice. If it goes right, it’s a hook. If it goes straight, it’s a miracle.

    (Yes, I know hook and slice depending on your handedness, but go with it.)

  42. You have to fill your own divots now? Pshaw.
    My only real golfing experience was when I was a kid, my dad dragged me along… I told him I was hot and he distractedly told me to drive the cart over into the shade. Which I promptly did, into a tree, knocking out a tooth (it was loose anyway). Bent the bumper into the wheel so we had to leave the cart there.
    He never took me again.

  43. How very sneaky, Natalie! (And good planning!)

  44. awww, these guys are so kyoot! =) love the ear flappage on the 2nd pic!! and is it just me or do all 3 look like they’re smiling in the same pic? looooove eeeet!

  45. i have done landed on another planet?

    all i remember about golf when my grampa played in the early last century were the great outfits…and my mom wore these great dresses and those shoes, like some sorta femme dominitrix…ice?

  46. Doxylover79 says:

    If they had those guys on all golf courses, I might like golf more.

  47. Stopping at the “19th Hole” for a long drink from the toilet.

  48. Very cute pictures.

  49. Love the grinning foolio in the second picture. Somebody said “cheese!”

  50. As has been said, if golf always included puppies, I’d actually enjoy playing. My one golfing experience was in Massanutten, VA and the gnats were out in the thousands. Nasty. Golf takes too much concentration for me to consider it any fun! Head down, hands just so, feet just so, swing, while keeping head down…too many rules!

  51. They can’t be golfers – where are their plaid pants?

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    Love those puppies! And it’s funny that most responders consider golf “torture” of some kind. I have been “golfing” a handful of times but mostly what I enjoy is the grass.. the drink cart .. the air .. the sun .. the drink cart .. and especially driving the golf cart (I insist.) They’re just plain fun to drive and I can see why these pups commandeered that one and (presumably) took it for a spin.
    I always thought those white bottles were for margaritas.. that’s what I use them for.. the big hole is to get the ice in .. isn’t it ?? 🙂

  53. And I thought Tiger Woods was the cutest golf puppy luv ever.

  54. @ Marianne from GA, I could not agree more. What is the point of all that perfectly groomed grass, if not for galloping my perfectly groomed horse over? Walk over it, or drive a goofily adorable little cart? No, those are methods for getting me TO my horse, before the riding commences. Sheesh. How have humans survived all these centuries is beyond me. Must be divine intervention.

  55. What a great threesome to play with! I think I might just take up golf after all! Bet there were lots of “birdies”!

  56. I totally agree pupsters – it’s not golf without little windmills and giant concrete chickens

  57. Pup-Pup Golf!!!

  58. That second picture is just wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a biped being that content and relaxed on the course, even ones who loves to golf. Amongst the people I played with at least, something about that sport just turns the most laid back of them into self-loathing OCD cases.

    It seems to have something to do with inconsistency: golf requires high degree of precision, it’s like shooting with pistol – a tiny deviation in your aim in the beginning turns into a huge error in the end. So if you don’t have consistency from long time practice, then you’ll feel great one moment when you made a really good shot, but really lousy the next when the same shot goes way off.

  59. fish eye no miko says:

    “A Slice-of-Life Story”

    I should flip you the birdie for making such a terrible pun…

  60. Happy puppies, yay!

  61. airplane ears! doggie smiles! OMG! ded!

  62. How did they sneak those pups onto the golf course? Wouldn’t they cause a rather conspicuous (and wiggling) bulge in your golf bag? I think you would only have a few minutes (seconds?) to get pix before the utterly humorless (non-puppy appreciating) security people show up.

  63. PG Wodehouse would love that story! 😀

  64. awww. cute puppies. Love them. So cute!!!!!!

  65. Love Labs! Fluff Flabs! Blub blabs! *squee* puppypuppypuppy! *thunk* 😀

  66. Yes, I think that the amount of acreage used for golf courses is nigh on criminal. Now if they had pet giraffes, I could understand it, but no, the course are restricted to silly people in equally-silly clothing who keep all that yummy grass for themselves, no grazing or anything. What a waste. Llamas seem quite at home on the ccourse.

  67. There is nothing happier than happy puppies! Nothing but smiles! (By the way, are these guys taken? I want all of them!)

  68. Yup, I didn’t understand a word of that, except ‘dog’. 😀