I got ya broccolis RIGHT HEAH

Poor Sarah Bernham. Can’t catch a broccoli break. 😉

Broccolis? for moi?

Amazingly, lil’ Kumanoko always appears to have his mouth open in astonishment. Prolly amazed by his own cuteness. Even HE can’t believe himself!


OK, perhaps most precious detail photo EVAR? You cannot disagree.


Snorting brocca-leh! She’s snorting! UHN [Say in Dana Carvey voice]
Once again, Seattle Roll gets the prize for best macro hamster lens.



  1. Darn cute….

  2. ok which is it? Bernham or Bernhardt?
    and yes, yes it is.

  3. I want to weave the broccoli into a flower headband for the little chicken nugget~ ❤

  4. Awwww such dainty broccoli nommage!!

  5. Awwwww! Love the open mouth, reminds me of how my mom likes to capture pics of people eating too! 😀

  6. You like Bernham, I like Bernhardt.
    You like Sandra, I like Sarah.
    Bernham, Bernhardt, Sandra, Sarah, let’s call the whole thing off.

    May I have some cheese with my broccoli, please?

  7. lovin the hammie overload lately 😀

  8. Look at his speckled earses and his leetle leeps!!! People, just look at them! 😯

  9. mini-nommulance!!!

  10. Space Cowgirl says:

    I agree, Rachael – his ears look almost leopard-print! Too prosh!

  11. I love how one paw is grasping broccoli florets as he raises the other in astonishment. “You mean I can have MORE?”

  12. “Brocco-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  13. Animal-print ears + BEF + leeps + mini-hands + delicious broccolis = I think I need to go home now, much too dead from the cute.

  14. PS I was happily singing the above while chopping up broccoli, and my four-year-old nephew threw a fit, insisting that I “couldn’t do that!” Kids today are so uptight!

  15. Theresa, I know exactly what you mean. I start doing or talking about things from my childhood and they look at me as if I’ve grown a 3rd head (I’m pretty sure they already think I have 2 heads). Especially when I tell them they should appreciate their tv choices nowadays, as “back in the day I had to wait a WHOLE week to see the next episode of a show” and if I missed it then I had to wait until summer to catch the rerun, and if I missed it then I was outta luck. They don’t believe me. “C’mon Mom, everyone knows you get to see the same show 15 times before they show a new one!”

  16. capt' tightpants says:

    “My little hammie…. she came over to mah….. spoon. She wanted some bar-ocalli! She wanted it nooooooooooow…….

    She schnarfed some broccoli!”

    Thanks for the hearty guffaw… much needed!

  17. Daphne Moss says:


  18. Annapolitan says:

    Oh my gawd… me needs a little hammie, like, right now.

  19. 1st pic: “For *me*? Oh, thank you ever so!”
    2nd pic: Dainty nom-nom-noming

  20. Mary (the first) says:

    I might have to get a hammie some day. They are adorable and the freckeled earsies have sent me over the edge. Over , I tell you!

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    “freckled”, I meant to say. But you knew that.

  22. @Theresa: couldn’t do which? Sing? Chop broccoli? Sing while chopping broccoli? He has to be specific!

  23. LOL @ victoreia and Theresa! I agree, be specific! 😀

  24. @Victoreia: He was saying I couldn’t/shouldn’t sing it. For some reason he gets very upset when adults have any kind of fun in front of him. 😛

  25. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa, that’s funny.

  26. That first pic, he’s all: *gasp* “for me?!”

    [Funny, that’s what I thought, too. 😉 – Ed.]

  27. THE EARS SLAY ME!!! OH-EM-GEE!! I hope my own hamster doesn’t get wind of my *discreet* looking at other hams… lol. My little Rosie girl won’t be happy with me. ;D

  28. If you look up the definition of “prosh” in the dictionary, this ham’s picture is there.

  29. Andi from NC says:

    hammie is all “You mean I can have ALL of it??? Just for me??? I don’t have to share with the other hammies??? GEE THANKS!!!”

    And to keep the whole Dana Carvey part going, you can’t forget when he really rips it up at the end…. “She CHOP! She CHOP! She CHOP – uh!! Broccolaaaah!!!”

  30. Aw, I love him. I’m glad he had an owner who was willing to deal with his myriad of issues in order to have such a lovely expesive ham.

  31. Since childhood, Prudence Peabody was known for her prized collection of pixie slippers, which she proudly displays on her antique CO puddinpult. One other, Hamish Blickenbragger, President of the Order of Hoarders, owned more pixie slippers than Prudence. If only Prudence could find the missing slipper to match the odd one she found at a Devonshire estate sale, she would set the new world record!
    Then, it happened. While Hamish was home, stuffing crackers in his cheeks, Prudence took a notion for the local flea market…and the record books were re-written. Here, she is shown celebrating soon after. Her friend, Sarah Bernhardt fainted. Hamish Blickenbragger, demoted to Mister Manager, now spends all day on eBay searching for pixie slippers.
    Never let a pixie slipper between the crackers.

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh crap. Demoted to Mister Manger…a cubicle replaces the corner office with windows.

  33. His BEF is OUT OF CONTROL in the first pic

  34. Marie – His eyes are actually extra beady. If you check out Seatle Roll’s flickr account she kind of explains it.

  35. saintstryfe says:

    Mah lady she went down towwwn… she.. bought some… broccoli… she brought it home….. she’s chopp’n broc-ol-li….. chopping broc-ol-lah, chopp’n broc-oc-lah-ha…. CHOPPING BROC-OL-LI… Sheeeeeee’s chopp’n she’schopp’nshe’schopp’nshe’schopp’n nnnnaaa… CHOPP’N BROCCOLI…. SHE’S CHAAA… AHHHP’N Brocollah….. She’s chopiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn……

  36. Perhaps the expression is ” Oh gawd not bleeding broccoli again,you know it gives me wind, brrrp, see I told you”.

  37. loving the broccoli BITS.
    and in the first photo the whisker that touch its left eye looks almost as though the hamster is tearing in joy 🙂

  38. cute hammy darn weird earidge going on there though!!

  39. OH GOD IT’S SO ADORABLE! I had one just like him when I was little 🙂

  40. capt' tightpants says:

    couldn’t resist:


  41. Awesome SNL reference. One of my fave skits! I love Phil Hartman’s face during that one.

  42. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ….1) um, would a little “I’m going to eat you” tag be useful (perhaps only to my Librariologist’s needs….)??

    …2) Think I’ll wander over to locate the Dramatic Chipmunk . He/ she & this guy/ gal just might have a bit, in common ….

  43. OK, I could deal with kittens in blenders, and sad animals in casts, but causing the Choppin’ Broccoleee-hee song to get stuck in my head fro probably the next three days….NUFF.

  44. augh. “for”, not “fro”.
    SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME…me….meee….broccoleeee..

  45. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:
    (“Peering, pensively” over the top of cat’s-eye glasses)
    “Hmmmmm. Very intriguing little storyline, you have developed, there.”

    aka: “Wow, man; COSMIC” !!!!

    ps: esp enjoying the names that you create!!!!
    Prudence Peabody; Ham-ish , etc. !!!!

  46. omg so cute

  47. oh, the pinkness!
    oh, the peacheyness!
    oh, the proshness!

  48. Insidious Twinkle says:

    We can has wallpapere of the second pic? I’m having a zoom fail. 😦

    *wants broccoli-snorfing ham on her desktop*

  49. Rachel- I too was/am, stumped with the ears, the spotted and ever-so delicate, translucent earsies, the earsies of, dast I say it- DOOOOOOM. I wonder if they shall I propose it, wiggle?
    The open mouth with zee tongue- too yes, yes, prosh!

    I’m going to make some microwave popcorn this has just slayed moi/or is that me? I need to hear soft kronshing noises-oh good Killer just came into the room, we shall soft-kronsh togezzer.

  50. My dear Pyrit-I am proud to be in the same general vicinity of you. My God, you’re good.

  51. Leslie & Katrina – Most elven wear Birkenstock flip-flops, with lots of melted cheese. Pixie’s prefer to wear Broccolistalk florets, with lemon-butter, which is, heh, slippery. And they are forever losing them! Much to the delight of their devoted fans.

  52. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (@ Ed’s: “thanks for the Add”itional Tag !!!!) 🙂

  53. OMG — the spotted ears just slay me!!!! I am ded, tewtally ded from the spots. Too cute!!!

  54. So, pyrit, the elves rotate their stock/stalks frequently, then. Birkenstocks that is…..broccoli stalks that is, grocery stocks, that is…….yes, a triple pun.

  55. Katrina, you should look around for an arrangement of “Celery Stalks at Midnight.”

  56. hi. this picture is cute.

  57. Why, is it stalking me? NUmber 4!

    Thread snatch:
    Hey CO Peeps- I need a really good name for a musical event I’m planning for low brass- tubas, euphoniums, trombones and maybe bass clarinets-yes, I know they are woodwinds, but the poor dears never have any fun. OK put your thinking caps on please- short, snappy and clean, please. Puns accepted, plays on words encouraged. The winner gets a copy of the DVD we’ll make of the event. Thank you.
    Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

  58. Well, “Heavy Metal” sort of jumps out, straightaway.

  59. @ Katrina

    Wood You Like Some Brass With Your Band?

    Something to do with Blowin In The Wind?

    Is it in the winter? Play on people’s desires to escape Winter drearyness,
    “Blown Away”

    Tiptoe Thru The Tubas

    I’m sorry these are bad, been too too long since 6th grade band and me trusty Trombone.

  60. Von Zeppelin says:

    Katrina–Breaking Winds? OK, maybe not.
    How about “How Low Can You Go”?

  61. LoL, I loved the Dana Carvey broccoli song!

  62. couleursoleil says:

    You has got a beautiful blog ! I love it !

  63. I’d like to be that hammy :3 mmm, broccoli.