Can I Get One in Paisley?

Ever the innovators, the Japanese revolutionize the world of cuteness yet again — with the automatic doggie dispenser system! In this leaked prototype testing video, we can see how the patented Rol-Ovr™ rollers gently deliver a fresh, piping hot doggie, in your choice of colorful tunics!

On second thought, Amy R., make that stripes.



  1. I thought I wanted the white one, till I saw the yellow one with the brown… whatever those brown spots are. Yes, I’ll take one of those, thank you. Doggie dispenser – excellent idea for all playgrounds.

    (I love the way he goes down on both sides to make sure he is even!)

  2. Ha, love the slow motion footage at the end. And the outfit change.

  3. Leslie (NTA) says:

    How ’bout the GRIN on the pooch’s pouch??

  4. What a little goofball. It’s probably like a big massage.

  5. TW: I was going to say the same. The doggie sees it as an automated petting machine.

  6. Nawwww, it’s getting a massage! How weird is that fake laughter. i want Japanese TV

  7. The little running start he gets is the best!

  8. Them wacky Japanese!

  9. Leslie (NTA) says:

    also also:

    it occurs to me, that “rolling doggy” from the other video, ought to work at this company as a Dispensee Doggy …..He’d be thoroughly trained already !

  10. Quite funy. But what’s up with the ripple slide? doesn’t that hurt the but?

    [Rollers, not ripples. – Ed.]

  11. I love how he’s pushing himself off using one back foot. I bet he’d be a natural for a skateboard. 🙂

    Simply adorable!!

  12. You think they can make a ‘kitty dispenser’ too?

  13. omg the slow motion!! lololol

  14. I wish I could enjoy *anything* as much as this dog is enjoying the slide! also, I would love to try one of these slides as opposed to the kind I grew up with.

  15. Andi from NC says:

    That “roller” slide looks like a great way to get a massage – and the sweet poochie clearly loves it! The tunics are adorable!

  16. @Jess: That’s actually not fake laughter. They have these sort-of talk shows over there, where people watch and comment on videos like this one.The voiceover (the man) is part of the video, but the rest are voices from the hosts/guests. I can speak enough Japanese to know what most of them are saying. Most importantly, what the frenchie is “saying”. 🙂 “Feels so good~” “This is the BEST!” “One more time!” etc.

    I just got back from Japan a few days ago. Yes, you CAN buy anything from a vending machine. Pop/juice every 20 feet I swear, beer & cigarettes (ick), cheap and delicious ICE CREAM!

    The oddest I came across was a hot food vending machine that was atop a mountain observation point in the middle of nowhere! And I don’t mean it heated up a pizza pocket, as in curry and rice or teriyaki chicken. I liked the coffee machines that had 3 buttons to adjust to one’s tastes. Coffee strength, milk and sugar. Japan is neat. Although the bidets everywhere (read: they are in public bathrooms) was kind of scary.

    The cute was almost overwhelming at times. I brought back a small stuffed animal army. Was faaaantastic.

  17. That’s one happy puppers! Can I slide, too?

  18. After the sophistication of Netsuke Hokusai and Satsuma Ware, Japan produces this!

  19. Those Japanese shows are the best! No matter I don’t understand a word they are saying. I do want the dog and love the slo….mo at the end.

  20. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    When I was a boy, a local supermarket installed a system of rollers to move customers’ groceries. Bags would be placed into tubs, which would be sent rolling down the slight incline, around a curve, through a little door, and outside to the curb, where workers would put them in your car.

    This video reminded me of how much I longed to jump into one of those tubs and ride down that thing like a roller coaster.

  21. Yeeeah, kinda like the roller system at airport security, …except without the stinky shoes…

  22. The little yellow outfit slays me. Also, the gallopingks up the slide. Love!

  23. Is it just me, or does that look like a painful slide to sit on?

  24. The “Brown spots” on the yellow one look like sets of 3 grapes.

  25. @Not That Mike The Other Mike: We had those rollies at my local market and a kid got stuck in them once and then parents were hxc paranoid about kids playing. That one kid … ruined it for all of us.

    [Huh?? Was the kid ever definitively shown to be NOT a cardboard cutout? – Ed.]

  26. This is the same breed as the baby trying to roll over from his back. Proof they love to roll on their back. What a joyful dog. She looks thrilled to be part of the “pack” of kidlets at the top of the slide. Her tunics are so cute!

  27. Oh mighty and omnipotent Ed. I have looked very carefully at the video and I don’t see anything rolling it looks like corrugated metal, After all, how would the dog stay on its feet when it walks up the slide?

    [Look again, especially right at the end; you can see the gaps. But yeah, plain metal tubes don’t show a lot of motion detail on low-quality video. Also, the dog can use the rollers as steps on the way up, because it’s not perfectly smooth & paws fit in between the rollers. This was probably a cargo conveyor recycled into playground equipment. – Ed.]

  28. Oh my gosh, NOMTOM, I totally forgot about those rollers at our grocery store! Exactly the same – we would go get our car and pull up in line, and our groceries would appear around the corner from inside the store. And then a nice young man would load them in the back of the station wagon! Wow, thanks for reminding me!

  29. OMG, he also does it NEKKID!!!!
    Ladies and Frenchies, take my advice
    Take off your tunic and slide down the slide?

  30. chet, ruby, and miaoux's mommeh says:

    it’s clearly a chiropractic device. 8,000 yen per slide!

    and why does the phrase “colorful tunics” crack me up so hard?

  31. Ed – Mea Culpa I stand corrected . Theo San I have lost face, bow, bow. I’m just nipping off for a quick Hari Kari, does anyone need something while I’m there?

    [I’ll take a hot sake, please, and hold the Mata Hari – Ed.]

  32. catloveschanel says:

    May your day be that happy! One banana, two banana, three banana four….

  33. What a happy doggie!!

    Ed. et al….in what magical town did you all grow up that you had such an ingenious and super-fun way to get your groceries??

  34. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @opossum: Sadly, it’s not so much a question of “where” as of “when.” That level of service is rare today.

    [The Byerly’s near me has a whole drive-through loading area, where your checked-out groceries roll out in numbered tubs and get loaded into your car by attendants. Needless to say, it’s not a discount vendor. – Ed.]

  35. This is so…. odd. Not to mention cute.

  36. we had one of these on a playground near where I grew up. It was definitely manufactured for that purpose, though recycling cargo conveyors would be cool! Ours was yellow, and I always had a dread of finger pinching, but it never happened! So yeah, that kid that ruined it for you, Amanda, boo on him/her!

  37. Huh. We had the grocery stores where not only they NOT put them in your car for you, you had to bag them yourself, too.

    (Waiting until I get home to see the video. La la la!)

    [Oh we got those too. – Ed.]

  38. I love that he runs back up the slide and goes again, with a blatant disregard for the unwritten rules of good park etiquette. A rebel with fashion sense! That’s my kind of puppers.

    On a side note, we had these slides all over when I was little; at least three or four parks we visited regularly. And I’ve seen them since. Maybe it’s just a CA thing? They always hurt my tush, honestly, and I generally preferred the loopy slides, but maybe that’s just cause I’m a loopy chick.

  39. I loved those slides when I was in Japan! You can make them a LOT longer than normal slides.

  40. Haven’t we already surrendered the Qte to the Japanese?

    I’ve seen ice cream vending machines; one in a local multi-plex, and one in a hospital cafeteria…

  41. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    So what is it with bullgoggies? They seem to be naturals at skateboarding, sliding, and other athletic pursuits. Or at least, they seem to be the only ones filmed doing such things….

  42. That is a female dog, folks, hence the lovely yellow tunic!

  43. I wanna go sliding with that dog. How cute! ^_^

  44. I usually am freaked out by kids, but THAT kid is ridiculously adorable. OSH KOSH!

  45. We really shouldn’t be laughing at this guys, that’s how they tenderize him!

  46. Goggie is happeh.

  47. I can’t believe doggie runs UP the slide so easily…. even with spaces to put his toeses in! I sure wish I got to go on one of these slides when I was a kid. Heck, I would go down it now. I also wish we in the U.S. were more like the Japanese, and had more TV shows with Qte. Maybe it would be a more peaceful place……

  48. Ermine, it wasn’t so long ago that you could buy cigarettes from vending machines in the US of A.

    This really is one of the happiest doggies I’ve ever seen.

  49. We still have the rollers for the Liquor Commission: a two-four of beer comes barrelling down and slides gently to the padded end without a wet-head in sight.

    I wonder how many nuffers started to tippytap ‘Ohh, the poor thing, how CREW-well, think of the CHILLdrin,’ before they see the big doggie grin as it slipslides its way back up.

  50. Love the oscillating slo-mo snoutage.

  51. Haha! She even turned her collar so that it would make a lovely clattering noise all the way down!

  52. Once again, am sad. Cannot see the video. Please tell me where else I can see it cos it sounds awesome.
    😦 =(

  53. @ Nisielli
    I can’t access the vid either. Must be something wrong with it, but then why can everyone else see it? Am confused. 😮

    @ Plaid-shirt Pyrate
    You’ll be surprised how many talented doggies there are in the world. My shih-tzu cross poodle can surf. Well, ride a boogie board in the pool, but she still doesn’t fall off.

    That is the level to which I am reduced by the pure happiness of this video.
    Ruth: way to hate on an entire nation for one industry.

  55. I don’t know what’s cuter, the cheeks going up and down with the bumps or the yellow jumper at the end. I just can’t decide!

  56. That must be the best doggie massage evah! 😀

  57. OMG, TOO funny! Love the slo-mo tongue lollage, and the way the poor kid on the beginning’s thought bubble plainly says “Will I EVAR get to go down the slide or will I just watch the dog all day?” Also love the bizarre patriotic music. Huzzah for sliding doggies!

  58. i distinctly remember having one of these slides on my school playground, going on it once, getting my leg pinched between the rollers, and then never ever ever going on it ever again.

  59. momof2kittiesandapuppeh says:

    We have one of these slides at the school playground in my neighborhood. There has never been a kid as cute as this one on it though. Love the yellow tunic!!

  60. Love the stories of the roller-grocery-slides. I don’t think we had those in the grocers of my childhood, although I suspect it was around the right time (early 1970s?). Small town, I guess. However, we do have them now at the beer vendors.

    Even though I don’t share the memory of the rollers, those stories made me nostalgic for the wonders of a grocery store as seen through the eyes of a child.

  61. HappyDog HappyDog HappyDog!!! I love how the hinder legs propel him along – *faster, Mom! Faster!* Can I do it again, Mom, huh, can I??

    In the Boston area, the Star Market (otherwise known as the “Stah Mahkit”) used to have the rollers. The bagger put the bags in bins that were numbered, you got a tag with the matching number. You got in your car, rolled up to the front of the store, popped open your trunk, and the boys on the bag line would take your number, look for the matching bin, and put the bags from “your” bin in your trunk. It was really cool, particularly during the winter months!

    Them’s were the days.

  62. animal luvr says:

    frum the top: automated petting macheine! i luv it!!

  63. stripes would be a good one

  64. Fleurdamour says:

    Once again, the Japanese kill with cuteness.

  65. Sam Diamond says:

    This ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like a VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (hee hee hee!)