One banana pie with cream to go

Er, to stuff. not to go—to stuff.


Jorma M. check it out, he’s all ‘please Suh, may I have anothuh?’



  1. …with chocolate sauce and a little whipped cream? No nuts, please.

  2. Awww! What a cutie!! More hamster photos, please 🙂

  3. *gently pets hammeh’s forehead and nosicle*

  4. Are you sure that’s a hammie? Looks like a ratters to me, with a wee bit ‘o foreshortening on the snouticular region.

  5. Ham and Nanners! Sounds like a new kid’s series.

  6. Awwwwwwww the little ear (*_*)

  7. Kathryn, I have no clue. I just know he’s wee and adorables, and my first guess was hammeh. I’m not familiar enough with wee pets; mine have always been kitteh- and puppeh-sized.

  8. healthy eating is important 😉

  9. “For ME? You shouldn’t have!” *digging in*

  10. hammie: er..does this come with a graham wafer crust? no? what about nilla?

  11. and did everyone notice the tiniest of bite marks around the slice parameter?

  12. Look at those crinkly ears. It’s totally a ham and not a ratster.

  13. Squee! (and ffleur, I thought that’s what they were!) That’s one cute fella!

  14. that’s a cute little hammie face if ever I saw one. Having loved a dozen or so through the years, I’m an expert on those 😉

    *faints from cuteness of little nibble marks*

  15. On sunny days, Madame Fuzzybosom of Swellingshrew takes her ritual afternoon banana pie in the front parlour.

  16. No really, I couldn’t…it will go straight to my cheeks.

  17. …and lingers over memories of fresh fruits she met during her years of valiant service in the Royal Pouchstuffers.

  18. Hammie jumping on the banana diet craze too?

  19. Lol @ Kathryn for “snouticular region”!

    Lol @ Suzanne too! 😀

    Hammy or rat, what a beepable nosicle!

  20. I think our suspect got in the strawberry jam before he stole the banana, the red paws and nose are a dead give away. Book’em Dano.

  21. The trouble with telling them apart Rats and hammies is that it is very difficult with just a head shot… of course in real life Rats are giants and hammies are tiny.. and of course there is the tail which is a dead giveaway..

    But SQUEEE!!!!!!!!! he/she is adorables.

  22. Hrmm…it’s either a pudgy rattie or a svelte hammie…either way, I concur with the qte designation!

  23. The tiny mouf and the even tinier nostrils just killed me dead. It’s a good thing his/her paws are hidden because surely my head would explode from the cute.

  24. “Dis is the most perfect gift I have ever recieved. I thank you.” (hammie bows, then nomnomnom)

  25. What an absolutely beautiful photo! It could be the cover of a Valentine’s Day card. Be Mine!!

  26. Hammie + bananie=cute!

  27. kibblenibble says:

    Love the generous fan of delicate wheeskers…*sigh*

  28. Luv, luv, luv hammies!!! Keep ’em comin. :o)

  29. That hammy needs…a gentle pet on the head.

  30. What a cutie pie! Definitely a hammie.

  31. I put this through a noise filter to clean up the larger image and now it’s on my desktop. And I just ate a banana. It just gets to you, soooooooo cute.

  32. Well that sure is a fancy mancy tea rooms she is eating at, what with the lace edged napery.But remember dear “a minute on the lips, forever on the hips”

  33. @PJ: I thought you said you’d put it through a “nose” filter and I got to giggling pretty loud.

  34. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Excuse me folks, but HOW did we get to comment # 33, w/ no one noticing (or at least no one COMMENTING) on the Hovertext “Hold the banana” while the hammie/ Rat is EATING banana?? (or at least gazing covetously at said fruit)

    Conductor, could you please cue the orchestra for “Yes, we have
    no bananas….We have NO bananas, TODAY !!!”

    Thank you.

  35. Leslie (NTA) says:

    And @ HonGlad:

    (me thinks, that perrrrrrhaps, ya meant “fancy sCHmancy”???
    It’s ok, there isn’t anyone else here but just us two. Then again, maybe it IS “fancy mancy” ….& my mom got it wrong??? 😉 )

  36. KatieZientek says:

    Agghh, I can’t get enough of that fuzzy pink nose! I want to doot it! *doot*

  37. OMG!!! that was so cute. Love it!!!

  38. Andi from NC says:

    What is it about a hammy face that is so pleasant – it is the tiny eyes, or the nose, or maybe the little hammy paw position – no matter – love him!!! And yes you may have another, and another, and all you want!

  39. Well you see Leslie (NTA) I am a Brit and not fully conversant with some of the Amurican slang. Neither do I understand it ” way to go ” for instance and ” your da bomb “

  40. What a sweet hammie. I bet she could teach Mr. Manager a thing or two.

  41. looks like he has the sniffles with the red nose

  42. “to stuff” ah, I finally get it. Nebber had a hammie myself…..

  43. Just so you know, re: my previous comment. I really enjoyed waking up to the sight of this hammie on my desktop. It still makes me warm and all fuzzees.

  44. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ HonGlad: I’m gonna give “fancy Mancy” a try, myself. It’s growing on me !!!
    Like I said, mebbe my Mudder had it all wrong to begin with !!!
    (“With which, to begin”? Naaaaahhhh. ) Peace !!!

  45. why, Mancy! Aren’t you all fancy!

  46. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Paunchie: HomeRun!!! (developed from idea, derived from HonGlad’s Brit Brilliance)

  47. I just came back to see this little punum again…