Mabel and the Evil Penguin

When she was a little girl, Mabel Flossenglottner had an imaginary friend, a penguin she called Mr. Flappy.  She would run and play with him all day long, and share her most private thoughts.  In return, Mr. Flappy would tell Mabel to … do things.


Vintage Qte found by Lindsey J.  (With apologies to the little girl, who probably turned out just fine.)



  1. “Slide. Hehehehe.”

  2. Squeeee! Before the pa-sickie parade begins, I’d like to say that is an absolutely adorable little girl, and I am jealous of her pet penguin!

  3. I love the furry belly on that penguinie!

  4. catloveschanel says:

    I thought everyone had a secret penguin friend that told them to do things.

  5. What things NOMTOM what things. Was it like shouting out BUM in the School asssembly.

  6. Love the somewhat evil eyebrows on the penguin… which only appear evil in this context, obvy. I know they’re normal for that type of penguin.

  7. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Possibly a macaroni penguin taking this dear child down the path to perdition??

  8. Macaroni Perdition!! 😯

  9. HAHAHA… things… evil things…

  10. *snerk* Katiedid, after that last comment of yours I thought,
    “Katiedid it.”
    “Yes, Katiedid!”

  11. OMG, I thought I was the only one being “persuaded” to do things by Mr. Flappy!

  12. NTMTOM said, “With apologies to the little girl, who probably turned out just fine.”

    If only this were the case. The girl in question is one Margaret Hilda Roberts, the daughter of a Lincolnshire greengrocer. Had she been content to stay in the provinces and sell carrots and cabbages then the world might never have heard of her and the malevolent spirit Mr. Flappy.
    But ’twas not to be – Mr. Flappy steered the young Margaret through education and eventually into politics, where his Machiavellian streak guided her to British Conservative Party and eventually to become Britain’s first female prime minister.
    However, like Faust, Mr. Flappy’s ambitions were to be his undoing. In 1982 he convinced Margaret to support his coup in the South Atlantic – Flappy’s plan was to turn the Falkland Islands into a penguinic military dictatorship to exploit and corner the market on the rich reserves of fish. Recently de-classified documents reveal that Flappy had convinced Thatcher to send a combined military task-force to accomplish this, but he was undone by a group of Argentine penguin mercenaries who invaded the Falklands and, following a drum-head court-martial, executed Flappy in the courtyard of the residence of the british Lieutenant Governer. A plaque commemorating the event can be found on the wall of the residence.
    Margaret’s star never shone as brightly again after Flappy’s departure. A succession of poorly planned and badly-thought out policies, coupled with unholy relationship with the leader of a foreign power (at that time being controlled by a minature schnauzer named Fifi), damned her in the public eye and she was unseated in late 1990 and condemned to roam the earth in perpetuity, an unquiet spirit desperately calling out to anyone who would listen, “Beware the penguin!”

  13. I ♥ Tony.

  14. gasp! (whispers) We need to keep an eye on Bindi Irwin!

  15. nomtom and tony
    sittin’ in a tree
    K I S S I N G..

    no, wait: nomtom and tony and dancer
    uh, menage a trois
    and evil spirit of flappy, um and margaret

    gives up. flappy got me.
    (true story: someone once told me that i had so many internal resources i could commit folie a deux alone. i wonder if he meant menage a trois? i wonder if he found that in a book or something? )

  16. and furthermore: except for the little chubby legs, that child looks exactly like i did at her age. it’s creepy. i mean, exactly. i had long skinny legs…

  17. LOL at the Hover text..

    Oh Evil penguin you are so… EVIL.. I live it!

  18. Aww, all he’s saying to her is:
    “Ladies and gentlemen
    Take my advice,
    Pull down your bloomers
    And slide on the ice.”

  19. Sometimes I don’t know what I like more….the imaginative captions and stories or the pictures.

  20. Never. Knew. There was a Macaroni Penguin…

    It’s a pasta disasta!

  21. catloveschanel says:

    Stuck a feather in the cap and called it macaroni… Keep it up!

  22. Hmmmmmmm?!?

  23. Andi from NC says:

    chubby-legged toddlers rock – and her expression (and the penguin’s) are priceless – she totally looks like she just shared something devious and wonderful!

  24. Oh my cod, that hovertext had me in stitches!!! Penguins/ferrets are my favorite animals (it’s a close tie), and that little girl is adoarable in her haf-scared/ half-excited reaction to Mr. Flappy.

  25. pyrit, there’s also a Faerie Penguin!

  26. I’ve had this as my FB profile pic for ages! That little girl could so be me, she looks so much like me at that age!

  27. ahhh, help me, I can’t stop laughing …. gasp …gasp … clunk.

  28. One Skunk Todd says:

    Mr. Flibble says: “Game over boys!” 😛

  29. i can just about time that photo as vintage or just retro: look at the child’s tee shirt. carefully, binding on the sleeves, pics on the front. now look at the skirt: machine smocking, esp. around the waist. no skirts were held up by smocking back in the day. kids are shaped like hot dogs; skirts just fall down unless there is elastic.

    also, the socks. i mean, well, am not sure about those. everything else is fine, esp. the hair (mine exactly like that, strawberry blonde), my face, eyes, smile, lips. i mean it’s creepy.

    i place this photo in the late sixties/early seventies…

  30. That little girl has such glee! 🙂

  31. Wannadance – the sandals, too, and the haircut. Probably late sixties, since it’s B&W, but could be early seventies.

  32. That is way too darn freakin’ cute. Both girl and penguin, but the combination is absolutely charming. I love the little girl’s clear delight in her feathery new friend.

  33. The hovertext? It keels me!

  34. Suggestion of burning down an orphanage=not cute or funny.

  35. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Tony James:

    Sir, where did you hear your version of events? Perhaps you are simply attempting to deceive the general (or Major) Publique with your flights o’ fancy? Please substantiate your allegations.
    Thank you.

    Indignant. ( “Harumph” sound)

  36. I had shoes very much like that when I was that age (late 60s). (Although I bristle a little bit at the notion that my early childhood is “vintage.” 😀 )

  37. “Kneel before Zod!”

  38. I have a house full of penguins. Maybe that sound I hear in the night isn’t in my head. Penguins and cats colluding…..

  39. Leslie – it may have escaped your notice, but penguins don’t have flights o’ fancy. They have waddles o’ wishfullness.
    But no matter – the version of events is substantiated by de-classified records available to anyone who is prepared to spend the requisite time at the Public Records Office in Kew (it’s a lovely spot, right across from the botanical gardens). If you care to do your own research into Operation Rockhopper let me know and I will send you the index numbers of the relevant files.
    Rockhopper only covers the Falklands situation. If you want more information on the long history of political meddling by flightless southern birds, you will need to request these separately.

    I trust that this answers your question. Should you need further assistance, pelase address queries to my assistant, Mr. H. Appyfeet.

    Tony F James

    PS What, you think Steve Bell just made that shizz up?!

  40. (_._) BUM!


    I love Mr. Flappy

  41. Doesn’t he resemble another evil penguin, namely Feathers McGraw?

  42. Theresa – pssst…Feathers was a chikkin.

  43. I’d think the people at FU Penguin would have something to say about this…

    [*giggle* – Ed.]

  44. ceebee-I read the opening of your comment “I’ve had this in my FBI file for ever”.

  45. I wouldn’t be so sure of that, Tony. I think he was more likely a penguin in a chicken suit. Most likely a Snares or Fiordland Penguin, though I’m not ruling out the Humboldt.

  46. brinnann – Hi! Faerie penguins! I believe anything you say about faeries.
    (hope you made that trip to Ireland, m’dear)

  47. awww there’s nothing as hertwarming or familiar as a girl and her evil penguin.

  48. Pyrit, sadly no, I did not go. I used the money for another trip which was just as enjoyable! I visited Bugmom and CuteBabyFix up north first, then Kitty Adventures, R. Moore, and Oaklandcat on the west coast, and last but not least Metz and Metsakins on the east coast!

  49. T[Ed.], I see what you did there. 😉

  50. Brinnan – Wow! I just know meeting them all was like a fairy tale.

  51. Isn’t Mr. Flappy distantly related to Harvey? (Okay, it’s an extremely distant relationship between the penguin branch of the family and the rabbit branch….)

  52. Have you seen this chicken?

  53. Wow, brinnann, what a field trip! I’ve often wondered how to find out which COers live near me, and imagined actually meeting them. How do you do this?

  54. This photo has inspired me to create my own imaginary penguin. I shall keep him in my imaginary basement and feed him sushi.

  55. Oooh. The little girl looks like a little hammy, with her paws up and fingers curled! Sweet. Such unmitigated glee. I loves it.

  56. If the photo was in color, I think we’d see that she is the very essence of “tickled pink.” I almost can’t stand how adorable she is!

  57. Pyrit, it was! And of course the trips all ended way too quickly!

    Skippymom, I akshully live waaaaaay down in the southeast corner of Texas, so it was more of an air trip than a road trip. These are all my peeps from the CuteTalk forum that stemmed from the Buddy Post (Didn’t you join us at one point?). After talking, er, typing to them everyday for the past few years, they’ve become like family to me. So of course it was time to take a trip! Some of them had already met before, especially those who live in the same regions, so I met up with the groups of them for several days each. It wasn’t at all strange because I know these ladies as well as I know anyone else I’ve met IRL. It was absolutely wonderful! And to top it all off, our Australian peeps are planning a trip to the US next year! *insert Teho’s “Yay” pic here*

  58. I’m completely in love with this picture because I love both penguins and chubby legged toddlers. Wouldn’t it just be teh awesome if little Mabel Flossenglottner, now all growd up, recognizes this picture of herself and her beloved Mr. Flappy, while visiting CO from her office at the East Wootton Wawen Public Library, where she has been Head Librarian since 1980. And upon recognizing herself drops in and introduces herself. And stays for a spot of tea and the occassional snark biscuit.

    I imagine Mabel as delightfully snarky.

  59. Penguins rock! Mr Blondie and I were married in Maui. My step mother found a great rubber stamp that had a penguin with a lei and grass skirt on – we were going to use it for the shower invitations. Mr. Blondie mentioned (in front of my Mom, my Step Mom, & my Sister) that he didn’t like the penguin thing. Mistake. Ever since then, Mom & Step Mom have found some kind of penguin something to get him for birthdays, holidays, whatever days. I have penguins EVERYWHERE thanks to him! I haven’t decided if it’s good or bad tho… 🙂

  60. Yuppers, we all met. (or Metz…hahahaha) *ducks from rotten apples being thrown*
    but we’ve have been chatting a long time. I had met a few b4, but then the evil Brinn had to out do me!!!!! and go off flying all over the place to meet them.

    I’m in a northern suburb of NYC. I’m sure there are plenty of NY CO’ers.

  61. Metsakins – yes, indeed there are…

  62. *gasp* You mean I coulda met Tony while I was up there?!?!!? How come nobunny told me?!?! *sob*

  63. I was s’posed to meet DKN while I was up there, too, but little missy was out of town!

  64. No, brinn, I never joined that forum, but I’ll look into it. Thanks for the tip!

  65. I love this photo!

    What a cool thing to meet other COers! Go you, Brinn!

  66. lol, @ todd: thanks for the red dwarfism! Hmmm, Rimmer wore gingham, too . . .
    So: checked gingham attracts cute-but-evil penguin overlords. Who knew? CO!

  67. Brinnann – cuz you never asked?
    Anytime you find yourself in the Big Apple let me know – I’m sure a field trip could be organized.

  68. That is one GREAT photo! Cute kid, cute feathered friend. I hope they made much mischief together.

  69. @ Skippymom or any onelse interested there is a contingent of us in the San Francisco Bay area and we do try to get together occasionally. It is very fun and I also enjoyed Meeting Brinn in Person , She totally put up with me dragging her all over the bay area and wearing her out.
    And When Metsakins was here it was so much fun… that was the first time we tried to meet and it was a blast.I meet OAkland Cat and RMoore who are also in the Bay area at that get together
    anyway anyone interested can come over to the CUTE TALK FORUM

    Located here
    Cute Talk Forum

    or find the link on the left side of the Cute overload home page.
    YOu do have to sign up.. our way to keep spam at bay and then pick a thread any thread and say hi we are all there every day just like on here!

    P.S. Tony Should you ever decide to come to the left coast let us know too so a suitable field trip can be arranged.
    I promise I wont drag you all over the bay area.

  70. Just to the Aquarium
    OR the Zoo or a fine Coffee or tea spot.. Or maybe even Clint Eastwoods restaurant.

  71. I want a penguin and I want those little ‘knee’ socks, and I want to be drug (dragged?) all over SF by kittyadventures and I want to go to NYC and meet .. whomever!

  72. Golden LOL NO We will not drug you all over SF but Drag yes LOLOL

  73. BEST photo ever of girl saying, “SQUEEEEEE!” This photo should be in the glossary as an illustration for said word.

  74. kittyadventures, thanks for the link in comment 71… i am in the SF bay area as well! it would be great to meet some peeps! =)

    btw this pic is soo cute in many ways. i love the shoes on the girl, and Mr. Flappy looks like he wants to go “over dere” (points)!

  75. awww friken cutee!!!! hover txt LMFAO :] LOL wuvs chu xD

  76. BabyOpossum says:

    Macaroni and SQUEEEEEEEEs!

  77. Adorable! They look like they’re having a conversation:

    Girl: Really?
    Penguin: Really!
    Girl: No, really?!
    Penguin: Yeah, really!!
    Girl: O RLY?!?!?
    Penguin: YA RLY!!!!!

  78. …or not. Come on people, we all know what an imaginary penguin can do to a person’s mind.

  79. That is so NTMTOM! You are a national treasure.

  80. Queen of Dork says:

    The little girl is doing one of the Rules of Cuteness. I don’t remember exactly which rule it is but…paws up is CUTE!

  81. HonorH, either that or
    “No Way!”
    “Yes way!”

  82. Queen of Dork says:

    Theresa: I really dig your picture of Dreamy Cat.

  83. That little girl is soooooooooooooooo adorable.. 😛

  84. toffiffeezz says:

    love it!!

  85. SQUEEEEEEEE! What an adorable chubby little girl! Totally giddy with glee.

    Tony James – Brillo.

  86. @robin ‘…a girl and her evil penguin…’….bwaaaaahahahahahahaha, gasp, choke, spit…

    nomtom, how in the hinges of hades do you do the things you do? i am in awe…IN AWE, ah tellyew…

    swoon..overwhelmed with love for mike…calls fan club meeting to order. oh, wait, it’s 0340…mike you are the perfect remedy for a bad attack of GERD caused by dietary indiscretions, you know, where you wake up and you are all coughing and stuff and….

    sounds of nomtom’s lil feet pitty patting into the distance….gerd/schmerd, he is heard to say…

  87. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ KittyAdventures:

    “the left coast” ….very nice ! I’m probably hopelessly slow on hepcat terminology, but this is the first time I’ve heard that phrase. Melikes. Thanyeverrmu’

    LOVE clever new vocabularic terminology.

  88. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Tony James:

    Thank you, sir, for your helpful helpfulness. I shall have my people call your people & they shall complete the necessary research while I relax on a leather couch with a bag of Fritos & watch “America’s Next Top Model”.


  89. Are you sure that isn’t really Mr Flibble? (Red Dwarf fans will know what I mean)

  90. This is so very precious. And I haven’t seen a nuff yet!!

    You all are so very, very amusing. 🙂

  91. First off: BabyOpossum (#78) FTW!

    Aww, Tony I really wish I’d known you lived in that area. 😦 I guess I should’ve broadcast my travel plans all over CO when I went. You could’ve watched me freeze my ass off in NYC the week before Thanksgiving! I was SO out of my element. 😆 You should see the pics on my Facebook of me in my layers upon layers, while my NY peeps are completely oblivious to the fact that it’s 25 degrees outside.

    Those of you planning on taking Kitty Adventures up on her offer, be forewarned! If you acquiesce, she will certainly take you to all those places and then some! It was well worth it, though. 😆 Aquarium and zoo were awesome (except some little kid made fun of my southern accent 😯 ); Clint Eastwood’s restaurant was DELISH; San Juan Batista on the San Andreas Fault was beautiful; but my absolute favorite part (aside from meeting the peeps themselves) was the Winchester Mystery House.

  92. i met this bird in the 1970s at a rest stop in pennsylvania. it was quite a character.

  93. Brinns accent is secksi….the little boy that made fun of it will be hearing it for the entire span of his hormonal years in his dreams. It will make him feel funny ;P

  94. 😳

  95. Once A Fish says:

    To One Skunk Todd: If that’s Mr. Flibble, then the little girl must be the King of the Potato People.

  96. Yeah! One Skunk Todd! Another Red Dwarf fan! (And now Mr Flibble is very very cross)

  97. I bought a birthday card last week with THIS VERY PICTURE on it!! The card reads “Happy Birthday from one funny bird to another”

  98. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Brinnan — NICE blushing action, there !!!!

  99. 8) :mrgreen:

  100. We should all be lucky, we’re not talking about The Daughter of Flappy.

    Yes that was a Son of Sam joke, I hope that’s not too dark for here.

  101. I makes me squee! I first saw it probably half a year a go and fell in love with it 😀