Laundry Mountain Blues

[blues licks, y’all] Dah dwee da dump.

I woke up this mornin’ (dah dwee da dump)
And went back to sleep (dah dwee da dump)
Cause starin’ right at me (dah dwee da dump)
This big wrinkled heap (dah dweedle da dump) (etc.)

Twenty tan and black towels
Just a pile o’ wet fuzz
One little pink sock
Told me right where I was…


I’m in the washroom, baby (back in the washroom, baby)
I’m in the washroom, baby (back in the washroom, baby)
I’m in the washroom, baby, face down on the flo’
(dah dwee da dump, dah dweedle a dump, dah dwee-aah)
And Miss Miranda H. Mama…
(all stop for a four-count)
…She don’t need me no mo’

[harmonica outro, repeat chorus, big finish]



  1. Sing it, baby!! Sing those little pink sock blues!!

  2. oh my goodness. his little baby tongue is touching the ground. SO. CUTE.

  3. This is why I don’t have black or tan towels around my house. I’d confuse a pile of pugs with a pile of towels. Might feed the towels and toss the pugs in the washer. Not good.

  4. OMG! The tongue ! The tongue !
    Squished beneath the pile of wrinkles!

  5. AlbertaGirl says:

    I sang the song in my head and it made me laugh so hard that a co-worker came by to make sure I was OK.

  6. Oh noes. Dee-Presh-ons.

  7. I’m melting….aahhhhh….

  8. Gee, my dirty laundry never looks that cute or snorglable. (Sometimes does smell like doggy breath, though!)

  9. This floor tastes funny…

  10. “bleh.”

  11. My boyfriend told me I would squee and he was right

  12. @ THEO Blurk!

  13. Dog: (thought bubbles) “I wish I had a black n’ tan.”

  14. “That’s strange….my towels weren’t black and tan going in….”

  15. “…and when did I get a pink sock?”

  16. I feel like that today.

  17. LOL @ victoreia! 😀 Cute puppy!!!!!

  18. Mutts reference! One of my favorite comics evar!

  19. Squeee. I’ll change the color of my 1950’s dentist-office green bathroom tiles for him/her. I love towels, (so says Killer’s Daddy). At least this way, it will always be warm when I emerge from my ablutions! And the towels will get bigger instead of smaller with time! Oh, this is a win-win for sure. What a wonderful photo.

  20. I’d say that someone should iron that pup, but I don’t want to incite another animal vs. appliance controversy.

  21. Von Zeppelin says:

    This song comes from the rare 78 of Blind Theo Kumquat recorded by Alan Lomax in the Mississippi Delta in 1934. Blind Theo, an impoverished sharecropper, sat sat with his harp on the front porch of his crumbling shack as Lomax set up the recording equipment. His pug, Towels, sat at Blind Theo’s feet. (He was too poor to afford the traditional no ‘count hound dawg.) The song was recorded in one take, with Blind Theo stopping only occasionally to take a pull from his jar of busthead moonshine.

    Blind Theo Kumquat never enjoyed the fame that came to some other Delta bluesmen. He was supposed to take the bus to Chicago with Muddy Waters, but had to stay home and do laundry.

    [I guess I can see why I don’t remember any of this. It’s a shame, really, but at least somebody was taking notes. 😉 – Ed.]

  22. I feel caturday deprived.

    [I think the pirates scared them off. Anyway, it’s Sunday now. – Ed.]

  23. You and me both, OmniE. You and me both!

  24. Theo – you the hep cat. Sing those doggie blues. Pink sock/pink tongue = pink cartoon. Me liking.

  25. VON Z…. LOL very well done.

    Sigh this is my life today Laundry laundry laundry … and no cute wrinkled pup to make it all that much more bearable!

  26. Blurk
    Ba bah da bump
    Ba bump bah bump
    Ba bah dah bump
    bah bump bah bump.
    I got those sitting on my laundry room floor
    amid a pile of dirty laundry
    Bah bump bah bump
    BA bah bah
    bump bah bump bah bump

    (Harmonica Wailing in the background)

  27. Q: What does it say on a blues singer’s tombstone?
    A: “I didn’t wake up this morning.”

  28. Brilliant transcription! in partic, the all stop four-count and harmonica outro.

    Now I have a new brain worm, as sung and stomped by Muddy Waters:
    dah dwee-daah dump,
    I gots them one-pink sock bahluuuuuuuuues….dah DWEE dahhhhhh.
    Ohhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  29. jabba the hutt?

  30. I was hesitant to click on that pink sock link, thinking it was linked to Urban Dictionary’s definition. 0_o

    Alas, and thankfully, it was not.

  31. Jen – I think it might be Jabba the Mutt…

    [Can I get another instant rimshot? And a witness? – Ed.]

  32. Queen of Dork says:

    This wrinkular thing looks really thirsty. I think I need a glass of ice water.

    kittyadvendures: I really, really, really like that song!

  33. This picture is NOT cute at all. Because this dog has been ‘bred’ to have all this excess skin which forms all these folds on its face the poor little animal has all sorts of day to day problems. With this kind of characteristic the dog can have problems seeing and can develop skin disorders because of all the skin folds. The dog, because of the way it has been ‘bred’ to look ‘cute’, also has real problems breathing because its nose has been squashed in and is also very small. Us humans have done this to this breed of dog and NOTHING about it is in any way cute.

    The way the pug dog has been ‘bred’ to look like this is cruel. Some people may think this ‘look’ is cute but cute for whom? … for us, not the dog. Think of the well being of the dog. I can assure you that this dog’s life is not a happy one because of the health problems humans have bred into it.

    [ 🙄 – Ed.]

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    I meant adventures. Sorry.

  35. okay, I can hear the song in my head, but I don’t know what song it’s based off of… help! (before I go completely crazy)

  36. LOL, i dont know about laundry, but I have the same expression EVERY morning like this.

  37. Twinkle, well what do you expect we should do about it right this minute? Do you have some kind of “shunning” program for the puppies in mind?
    I agree dogs shouldn’t be bred in ways that cause them to have unhealthy lives. But in the meantime the so-called “deformed” dogs are with us, and they need love just as much as the “un-deformed” dogs, whatever they are.

  38. Queen of Dork says:

    Me and my daughter (Princess of Dork of course) have a really cool song for our cat. It’s called, YES! You are. The prettiest kitty! (and so on)

  39. So cute but i prefer black pugs

  40. @von Zep

    they’ll never get THAT on the album cover!!

    (lil’ pink sock bloooooos…oh, yah….)

  41. to fluffy siberian jasmine, i sing all kinds of bluesy stuff like:

    you are….the gorgeous one…so sleepy…and warm.
    when you sleep…you get all messed up
    and and and….you look all stuffed
    and drooled upon…

    you ate some scotch
    tape this morning
    no wonder
    you ain’t
    yer glued, oh, lawd, yer all glued up.
    so don’ cry to me…

    have to admit, after about 2 lines, jasmine has left the room. i am a trained singer.
    i don’t get it!!!

  42. Queen of Dork says:

    wannadance: That was so awesome! Love it! Here’s the end part to my cat’s song: The prettiest kiiiiitttttyyyyy, in the whole wiiiiiillld world!! Prettty kitty…YEAH!

  43. jackie, it’s based on every single blues song ever written.

    you can build you one, thusly:

    1 – i woke up this mornin’ / late last night / it rained yesterday

    2 – and my woman/man was gone / and i looked all around / i heard a weary song

    3 – no smokes on the table / i couldn’t find no booze / i got nothin to eat

    4 – so i jes’ lay my head down. / there’s nothin’ to do but cry. / and the ole blue dog is gone.

    [You tell em sista an’ a-MEN – Ed.]

    […which is to say, Precisely. – Ed.]

  44. *standard blues riff*
    I saw a tiny yorkie, it was a sweet baby boy
    He was soft in my arms, and kissed all my fingers long
    I got the tiny doggie bluuuues yeaaaahhhhh,
    I got those doggone blues
    They won’t let me keep a doggie, here in my own apartment room yeah!

  45. ffleur

    barooooo, ah’m so sad
    ah want me a warm ole boy
    ah might, yes, i might
    have to actuallllllllly
    find a man…baroooooooeeeeeeoooooo
    (ka thmp thmp twaaaaaaannnnng)

  46. Queen of Dork says:

    okay. I’ll give it a go.

    I woke up this morning

    My man ran away

    Now I just have

    A kid and a cat

    Oh crap, I don’t know…

  47. oh, mighty queen:

    that just about says it all, don’t it?

  48. Queen of Dork says:

    I know. I’m not really the best song writer.

  49. hehehe @Wannadance.
    Nah, rather have the baby yorkie (he was 11 weeks old and sooooo sweet)

    I was thinking if I ever get a tiny dog like that I’d name him KILLER. You know, to build up self-esteem and confidence….

  50. am i allowed to post a pic of a painting of me done by a friend? if not, admins, just kill it.

    it’s called ‘dancer’s world’

    “E:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents\downloads\carole2.jpg”

  51. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh wannadance, I totally want to see it! How wonderful!!!

  52. hey, lookee. however revealing of my pc innards, you can copy and paste and there i am!!!
    done in oils.

    it brings me joy even if i can no longer be a dancer…

  53. can anyone else see it???sheesh…

  54. i bet not…how about:


  55. kibblenibble says:

    Love all the blues songs. This made me smile. 🙂

  56. NEED A NERD!!! HELP.

    [You need to upload it to your blog first (if you have one) or some kind of photo account, like Flickr or something. THEN you can share its URL. – Ed.]

  57. I think we’ve got a contender for the Friday Haiku: The Sunday (gots to go to work on Monday) Blues (ba bah ba bump).

  58. kibblenibble says:

    I tried both of those, wannadance, but they didn’t work. 😦

  59. Towels on the floor, mmm
    Those towels on the floor, mmm
    I’m pickin’ up
    What you’re layin’ down, mmm
    Towels on the floor.

    Anyone else read, “Dah dwee da dump” and hear a Scottish brogue?
    Ah dinna hae nah doon da dwee da dump.

    No? ok.

    Is this one of Theo’s best posts ever or what?

    [Heh. Thanks, but it’s no Bouncing Baby Bunny Butt. 😉 – Ed.]

  60. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m so going to look at the pictures! I’m not a dancer anymore either, but I used to be yeeeaaarrrss ago. I was in Dance Theatre of Harlem. Long, long, long time ago 🙂

  61. @wannadance, try Photobucket. Its a way to upload your picture for others to see without linking to your computer because you definitely want to protect your identity.

  62. i give up for now. maybe in the morning it will magically be there…like when you wish on a four leaf clover…

    or not.

    i’ve got the male part; there is no female part. is it any wonder i don’t know what to do?

  63. ffleur, thanks i will sign up in the morning.

    queen, you were in the dance theatre of harlem? that is EXTREMELY

  64. Queen of Dork says:

    wannadance: I tried to copy and paste but that didn’t work. I hope we can figure this out. In the meantime, I have a question…How the heck do you put a picture with your comment??

    [If you mean that little avatar pic that some of us have, that’s because we have WordPress accounts, and have uploaded a little thumbnail photo to kinda be visually self-representative. The accounts are free (as in free) and Cute Overload itself is a WordPress blog, these days. – Ed.]

  65. Queen of Dork says:

    And yes, I was in DTH in the 80s

  66. test

  67. Von Zeppelin – It’s always great when you’re inspired! I laughed at the funny names, esp. “His pug, Towels”. And the ending – oh noes!

  68. queen, that is exactly why this won’t work. i have no idea, am just flopping around hoping some nerd will happen along. now i cannot even get then deleted…sigh…am irrationally afraid someone will steal my identity. and all my money, which amounts to about six dollars and t weny five cents…

    where are the admins when you need them???? help? mike, theo, meg?????

    [Looks like it’s just me, tonight. Photobucket is a good suggestion, esp. if all you really want to do is post & share pix. Flickr is another obvious choice. – Ed.]

  69. I’d like a whole bunch o’ nommin’ from THAT little guy, STAT.

  70. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m aging myself. But yeah, I used to dance ballet. Now I’ll be 45 next month and I have a teenager. I totally LOVE growing older! I think it’s neat. It’s a journey.

  71. ffleur, the painting is all over facebook under my name carole jordan (and her six dollah)

  72. ignore this


  73. Queen of Dork says:

    wannadance…I know what you mean about worrying about you identity. Here where I live, people actually steal my garbage when I put it on the curb so I have to be careful about what’s in there,

  74. when the admins take all this useless crap off and replace it with one pristine effective THANG, the board will look a lot better. profound apologies for crudding it up….queen, we need to yak sometime…

  75. Queen of Dork says:

    FOR SURE!!!!

  76. Queen of Dork says:

    Other than giving birth to my daughter and having her in my life, you peeps are the other cool thing! Got to go to bed now. Love, QofD

  77. But what is this “one pristine effective THANG”, exactly?

  78. did this disappear and reappear or am i just going crazy?

    [Well I didn’t do anything like that here; as to the second part of your question, I’m perhaps not the most preeminent authority you might choose to consult upon the matter – Ed.]

  79. Must be MISS Thang. She’s a brick! House!

    [She’s mightay fluffay, lettin’ her tongue hang out, OWW – Ed.]

  80. OW!

  81. PS: Word Up!

  82. JINX!

  83. and NO we are NOT doing Cameo again, that codpiece scarred me for LIFE

  84. best



  85. Wrinkle while you work – tiddle om pom pom pom pom
    Yes all day long you’ll sing this song
    and wrinkle while you work

  86. I want this song to be set to MUSIC, accompanied by a compilation video of smoosh-faced puppehs with their tongues peeking out from under their faces.

    Theo? What say?

    [I say YOU’RE the one who’s got the training to do that, not to mention the idea itself. 😉 – Ed.]

  87. love the song. can almost hear it.

  88. :green:

  89. sorry, thought :green: would work as an emoticon……….

  90. OMGPONIES!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!1 says:

    So cute.

  91. @Weirdo – try “mrgreen” instead (with colons, not quotes)

  92. @ theo…take all my pathetic attempts to show everybody the painting of me and replace with either strong admonition to never try it again or a link to painting.

    that’d be pretty dang pristine!!!

    [Well it’s not like you’re doing anything wrong… – Ed.]

  93. we try again.

    [Looks like this worked! Very impressionistic. -Ed.]

  94. This is what happens when Botox goes horribly, horribly wrong.

  95. Best flump EVAH!

  96. WEll the comments on this post are as funny as the post . Great song.

  97. Wannadance – I can’t help but ask; what happened to you. Illness accident ?
    To loose full mobility for anyone is bad, but for a dancer it must be doubly so.
    PS you don’t need to reply if you’d rather not.

  98. @hon glad….no prob. i had polio in early childhood, not really a bad case, just a little deformation and some leg problems. no one talked about it back then because it was such an awful plague, even though relatively few people were badly affected.

    decades later, i started falling down a lot, was a respiratory therapist and still a dancer. weakness and pain, fatigue, all uncontrollable and no matter what i did, it only got worse. turned out to be POSTPOLIO SYNDROME, of which i had never heard and neither had many of my docs, most were too young. turned out to be quite common among polio survivors, 50-75%. and oddly, more sever in those who had mild cases earlier.

    so that is the story. i just plain can’t walk anymore. have lost muscle mass, strength, torn ligaments and hurt tendons, broken bones, etc. to where getting out of the wheelchair is not worth it.

    AND i inherited a progressive blindness from my father, who forgot to tell me, i guess. it’s a cornea thing. so a nearly blind woman in a motor wheelchair? wheeeeeeee!!

    this stuff is not nearly as bad as my friends my age (nearly 68) who are dead or suffering from cancer or heart disease. the mottled thing on the back of the headrest is an amnesty international sticker. i have darfur stickers and medicins sans frontiers stickers and various crip stickers, plus scarves and sequins and flags. i may appear demented to some, but what do i care? i am old, blind and crippled. to hell with my critics!
    so that’s the story. i miss dance like breath. i miss medicine. i miss working in the homeless shelter clinic, which was the best thing i ever did with my education. i sleep like a neonate or a kitty, hours and hours. i moan and groan and swear from pain. but mostly i laugh.


  99. Wow, wannadance. Just wow. Heart wrenching, impressive, horrible, wonderful, inspiring. Your attitude after all you’ve been through is inspiring.

  100. Amen and amen, wannadance.

  101. Somebody make sure that pug stays naked. No cutesy clothes for this morsel.

  102. thank you kristabelle. all i did was keep breathing. here are my mottos for life in case you might be interested:

    Maybe later, maybe never. (housework, paperwork, etc.)

    I like to eat cooked food indoors. (reason for working)

  103. what do pugs actually look like, under all that? they look uncomfortable, near as i can tell…

  104. Wannadance – I am impressed that you keep on keeping on.
    My Mum had Macula degeneration and my Dad Glaucoma. Now my older Sister and Younger brother have Glaucoma, so far, except for age related Myopia I’m OK.
    We think the fact that both my Sister and Brother had Scarlet fever at a young age, has given them eye problems. They both had glasses at about 12 years old, whereas I was 50 when I had my first glasses.
    Anyway keep up the battle. : )

  105. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Wannadance: hope you’re feelin’ a Big Baroo & a Kosmic Hug, from the CO Universe !!! You add wit & perception daily to the site. Wish I could magically remove 150 % of the hassles/ trauma that you’ve endured.

    Meantime. yes, Theo, this pic & storyline get me votes fer at the very least, the Top Five CO posts of all time (& only not in Top Three, cuz CO is so often brilliante; beaucoup de richesses, doncha know? Yep, shur, Yewbetcha)

  106. Imma hear B.B. and Lucille checkin’ dis out, y’all.

  107. @wannadance:
    Your attitude and positivity have really given me something of a quick boot….up out of the “chair of misery.” (i.e., my current computer chair). Many sympathies for your physicality, but ain’t nothing wrong with your strength of will and purpose. Believe that you have given me some support today. *sending you a blown kiss*

  108. pugletsrule says:

    Love this puglet morsel – I love heem!!!

    Teho – most excellent post and awesome attitude wannadance 🙂

  109. catloveschanel says:

    oh, I laughed out loud on this. They could see some wrinkle serum to pugs.

  110. catloveschanel says:

    er. sell, not see

  111. Wannadance: *hugs* is all I can say.

    (Oh, and I LOVE the name “Tamsin.”)

  112. Twinkle twinkle little pom
    Om nom nom nom, om nom nom

  113. Queen of Dork says:


    I love your painting! You are beautiful person. I love your fantastic outlook on life! Absolutely beautiful!

  114. kibblenibble says:

    Yay, wannadance, you got it on there! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love CO, and all the wonderful people here.

    I woke up this mawnin’
    Mah baybee wuz gone,
    He took mah computer,
    All I got left is this song,
    I got the blues, baybeee,
    The caint see cuteoverload blues.

  115. @Von Zep: As always, an AMAAAAAZING comment.

  116. Okay, who let the air out of the dog?

  117. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Hi folks

    Theo (don’t know, wh. you would still see this, since the stream was happenin’ awhile — aka deux jours– back but )…..I was charmed by your statement about WordPress (or whichever specific item) being:

    “free” (as in, free) !!!!!!

    U sir, are Klevair. That is all.

  118. This has to be my all time favourite CO picture even though I’m a cat person. It is sheer genius 😀

  119. Saw this on Sunday when trying to get my laundry together……. Barooooooo! it’s still not done.

  120. pugletsrule says:

    My pugs get the laundry blues too 🙂

    Pugs helping with laundry

    [ 😀 Nice! – Ed.]

  121. This picture had me squeeing all over the place. Made a big mess 😛 heh
    Seriously though, if I saw that, I would omnomnomnom all over those face wrinkles!!!

  122. my carpet has a flavor

  123. Hugs to wanna Dance, you are amazing.

    The kitties send their love too!

  124. PS wanna Dance the picture is awesome– please tell your friend … I paint and I have to say she did a wonderful job. I love the color and the layout and the perspective of it.

  125. Is it okay to use this photo in a layout for livejournal? Full credit will be given – let me know how by email please 🙂

  126. Hey! We got a plug on the Mutts Official Site!

    (Hope I remembered how to do the link in HTML…..)

  127. So noted, Victoreia. 😀