Casting Call

We love the little critters when they’re scampering about — but sometimes they scamper straight into trouble.  Never fear, however; as Animals in Casts demonstrates, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you cuter:






Found by Jessica T.



  1. Aww, I feel so bad for these little guys!!

  2. InkedEskimo says:

    It’s so pitiful! Especially that last one…
    *runs off to find sharpie*

  3. CoconutCheez says:

    this is the epitome of Cute or Sad?! i say it’s both! the poor darlings… so cute!

  4. gatita bonita says:

    The marmie in the cast is soooo cute!

  5. gatita bonita says:

    The marmie in the cast is soooo cute! I love the little pink lips.

  6. Bone Break the movie, with thousands of casts.

  7. SQUEEE!
    We love itttt! YES

  8. Heather in Oregon says:

    Sad wittle fox! awww heck what happened to that poor guy?? Bad doggies!

  9. SAD…. sniff sniff

  10. poor things… very sad 😦

  11. This is so cute! I guess you’re supposed to feel sad, and I sure wouldn’t want my cat to get hurt, but they’re just adorable… 🙂

  12. That fox is milking it with those huge eyes and that protruding (and I’m sure trembling) lower leep! Poor bebehs!

  13. The little roo… Awww.

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    The last pic made me go baroooooo!

  15. Hovertext in the ‘roo pic just made me guffaw. Thanks a lot for making me feel bad for laughing at a poor casted-up ‘roo, NTMTOM. Thanks a lot.

  16. First pic – so cute – two little big toes – red polish – hehe lol cute! Almost missed that – haha!

  17. foxy’s look is just killing me!!

  18. ickle wallaby is saying ” look at my arm” bless his little fluffy pouchy

  19. aw poor babies. get well soon!

  20. jackie31337 says:

    Something I’m wondering about: why do so many of the casts seem much longer than the animal’s intact limbs? I’m sure there’s a reason, but I have no idea what it is. Anybody know?

  21. I’m crying. not a good way to start the week.

  22. Beauty_Without_Cruekty says:

    Definitely sad 😦 I do not like seeing animules in discomfort (sniff…sniff!)

  23. casts mean that underneath ’em, it hurts real bad. i know these things, firsthand…

    poor things, i am doing a tiny itty bitty nuff here. please not to show pain even if it is basically cute. hurts my heart…

    theo, i cain’t find ‘bouncing baby bunny butt’…produce it, immediately!!!

    butt too functional to bounce no mo’. ah, but back in the day….ah….

    [I made you a link. 😉 – Ed.]

  24. Kitteh Toez says:

    omg i never realized how cute foxes are!! I think we need more of their cute little faces at CO 🙂

  25. Baby kangaroo: – Look at my arm! It has a hurt.

  26. Are both back legs of the dog in casts??? 😯

    Little foxy’s eyes are peering right into my soul. The lower leep action is just too much! *faint*

  27. Sad but cute!

    Nuffers, at least the casts are signs that these animals are getting quality care.

  28. Awww…poor lil critters!
    Doctor, doctor give me the news, I’ve got a bad case of saying baroo……

    Medical humor:
    1. Hey, what is the ICD9 for qte?
    2.This just in…. the FDA (Frisky Doggie Administration) approves fuzzy animals as official antidepressants!
    3. Political humor! Obamacare now includes Cute Panels. Now our coverage will be based solely on our worthiness to provide noms to our pets in an efficient an timely manner.
    4. Tufts Medical School revealed to actually be named for the tufts of fur on fluffy animals.
    5. A cat has been elected to be the new Surgeon General of the US. Plans underway to classify catnip as the “Official Plant of the US”. Although congressional hearings on this manner devolved quickly when Senator Fluffy repeatedly hissed at Senator Mr. Jinglepaws, and then Senator Wuzzles barfed from the ensuing stress.
    6. Dr. Doggie publishes in the New England Journal of Canines: “The Effectiveness of Barking at Stray Molecules” where he proves conclusively, using a well-designed study, that these molecules do indeed exist and, in fact, pose a threat to all and need to be barked at. Controversy ensues when Doctors Fido and Ruffernutter publish a follow up study refuting these results and showing that molecules are barked at just because it is fun.

  29. Poor babies.. I will give you all hugs and kisses! But not in the same room at the same time.. we don’t want anything else to break!

  30. Mike is crazy!!! Kangaroo hovertext is my fav! hehe.

  31. Saffron, you rock.

    InkedEskimo: I’m with you. Where are the Sharpies?

    My mother had a dog who’s knee was bad and they did surgery to repair it. Puppy was in a cast for a few weeks. We all signed it!

  32. Hon Glad – TOO Punny!!!

    While I am sad that these little fuzzy ones had to be in casts in the first place, it is obvious that they were being cared for and loved… Look at the little Marmie… She’s on her back sleeping… Kitties that are hurting won’t do that… Look at the leetle smile on the Pooch and little Lambsie, they know they’re being cared for… Then there’s the little Roo and Foxy… Those big eyes and calm demeanor says that they know the humans are doing something that will go away… So while I am conscious of the little casts, I think it’s still heartwarming that folks wanted to take care of these little ones…

    (That’s my happy warm thought and I’m sticking with it…) >^,,^<

  33. Reminds me of when my baby Carmel fell out of a tree and broke his little hind leggle. Wore a cast for several weeks and was fine!

  34. i haz a sad. poor lil guys. exp the foxy

  35. Awww, glad people are stepping in to help them. Little babies.

  36. What cute, poor little babies! This post is definitely a little sad. *sniff*

  37. I think the saddest part is the bandage on the front leg of the fox. As if the cast on the back leg wasn’t bad enough!…

  38. Poor babies. They need extra TLC. I volunteer for duty.

  39. Awwww, poor baby animals. It looks as if my poms are descendants of the fox kit. BTW, Saffron, enjoyed your post greatly. Bless the beasts and the children. Amen.

  40. Awwwwwwww!!!!

  41. Poor babies!!

  42. So sad! 😦

  43. The poor wee critterzez. Look at ’em. Li’l troopers.
    But I call shenanigans on drama kitty up there. The existence of bones in cats is a myth! Don’t be fooled!

  44. Awww…there is a little note from the website that goes with the pup with the two casts…

    “Yuffie was pulled out of a puppy mill suffering from grade 4 luxating patellas in both of her back legs (as bad as it gets). Shiba Inu Rescue Association raised funds for and paid for her surgery. Now she’s my shiba puppy, and she loves to run around and chase anything that moves, something she couldn’t do before.”

    The beginning is sad but it makes me happy that she was taken care of and is now a happy pup!

    And that little fox just makes me want to snuggle him and give him all the treats he can eat.

  45. @Hon Glad, I snerked!

  46. If you go to the linked website and look at the entries for 09/03, there are two cats at a bowl, both with casts. Wonder what that story is? Vet’s office – or some strange accident/fight?

  47. Sympathy for little cuties is a powerful emotion indeed!

  48. At the site they have pictures of very unusual animals in casts: a baby giraffe, several rodents and even a few turtles with casts on their shells!

  49. AWWW, Bebeh Foxie’s pouty mouf!

  50. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Saffron: esp enjoyed item # 6.

    @Tygress22: do they really intend to use the adjective “LUXURIATING” as part of a medical disability? I smell irony there …. (about like cheezpuffs)

  51. So sad.

  52. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ NTMTOM, IMHO… caption EVER for the bit about his/ her “wide, sweeping gesture” ……..LOLLOLLOLLOL (etc, etc.)

  53. Um…ow?

  54. @ Leslie (NTA): Tygress typed it correctly “luxating” not “luxuriating” 🙂

    Glad they were able to fix up the little Shiba. I agree, a little sad, but ultimately happy that the animules are getting good care! Bring on the sharpies!

  55. Annapolitan says:

    I fostered a kitten for the local SPCA once, and he came to me in a cast just like the first photo above. He had been found in the middle of a road rolling around, either having been hit by or thrown from a car. A generous vet donated his time and placed a pin in this kitten’s upper front leg bone to stabilize the fracture, and “Pierce” needed weeks at my house before the cast and pin were removed.

    He was not the cutest kitten there was, but had the sweetest personality. Managed to learn how to get around wonderfully well. I hated giving him back.

    Months later I was asked to foster him again. He had developed an upper respiratory infection and needed a few weeks on an antibiotic, away from the other cats at the shelter. I went to pick him up and discovered he had turned from an ugly duckling into a swan. He was gorgeous: long, jet black coat, fluffy tail, gorgeous green eyes.

    I hated giving him back. But I had five cats of my own.

    Pierce found a wonderful home just in time for Christmas. The folks who adopted him hit the jackpot. So did he.

  56. Sad that animals get hurt.

    Happy that people go the extra mile to make it all better.

    Sad-Happy Monday for me.

  57. if you go to the website, there’s a hamster or two with casts. now that’s SAD!

  58. Jess&Friends says:

    What do the animals do to have fun when they have their little limbs in casts? Do they just sit around and watch movies? I hope they have enough popcorn…

    If I sent them flowers would they eat them?

  59. Jess&Friends says:

    There’s a chick on that website with two broken legs. I can only assume their human’s life now revolves around caring for a disabled chick, feeding it, cleaning it, entertaining it, taking it to the vets, helping it go to the bathroom, etc. I wonder if they have someone to sit up with it at night?

  60. oh,ddddddddddear. (-Piglet)

  61. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Natalie:

    (OOPS !!!!!! I dun’ been keer-ECted ! So noted.
    –in Emily Litella voice: “Never mind.”)


  62. catloveschanel says:

    kitties in casts
    forever slay me
    There I was like Cicero,
    giving my oratorio

  63. Not sad at all! It’s awesome that we have vets and owners who care and the technology to fix our pets when they break! A lot of these injuries would have been death sentences 20 years ago. And I have had broken bones and the casts actually helped to minimize the pain.

  64. I went for a close up of the blue pictures on l’il dramatic gesture kitty’s cast there and, what are those? A cat being blessed by St. Francis?

  65. Poor babies! Especially Mr. Foxie–not only two casts, but they don’t match! Oh, the embarrassment!

  66. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Jezebel: True indeed. One of the animals pictured at the Animals in Casts site is a horse with a broken leg, and of course what used to happen in such cases is a well-known cliche.

  67. AWWW Thats So Sad

  68. The 2nd photo down reminds me of those old pin-ups. ^_^

  69. I was a chick with a broken ankle a few years ago. 7 weeks in a cast up to my knee. No one felt sorry for me or thought I was cute *sniff*. I had to resort to sneaking my mom’s knitting needles to get a nice scratch. (almost got wupped for that). On a happier note, my legs were not nearly as furry as these babies.

  70. Aww.. poor little things 😦

  71. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Bawww!!! 😦 Po’ widdow guys!!!

    Although there was this early Animal Planet vet show a while back that had this wee kitten abandoned. They found it with one of it with one of its front paws/legs badly deformed, but reparable. So they put a Vetwrap cast on it, and what me go from Bawww 😦 to OMGSOCUTE!!! was the fact that cast was printed with “OUCH” all over it! It got better after that, but I never forgot that kitten in the “OUCH” cast! 😀

    I wonder if anybody else remembers her!

  72. ellie the one and only says:

    is this supposed to be cute or deppresing!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  73. OMG, the LOOK on the foxlet’s widdle FACE!!!


  74. Awwwwww, poor babies, they don’t understand, bless them. Huge hugs and kisses to all critters in casts ~~~~xoxoxoxox~~~~~

  75. Queen of Dork says:

    awwwwwwww man. So many owies. The last two look so sad. They’re like, “what’s happening to me?” It’s so sad when your pet is sick or hurt because they don’t understand when you try to explain it to them. I hope all these sweethearts are all mended now.

  76. Oh, the poor little fox! The expression on his face is heartbreaking, but it’s so wonderful someone cared enough to bring him in for medical treatment. It’s always sad to see animals with injuries, yeah, but how wonderful they have people who care about them.

  77. Leslie (NTA) 09.21.09 at 8:20 am
    @Tygress22: do they really intend to use the adjective “LUXURIATING” as part of a medical disability? I smell irony there …. (about like cheezpuffs)

    Actually, it LUXATING patella, meaning the knee caps pop consistently out of point.

    I work in a vet’s office, can you tell? Yet I still come here every day too. Is there such a thing as cute-hab?

  78. Queen of Dork says:

    RoseyPosey. That kneecap popping out sounds really painful! My knees hurt right now thinking about it.

  79. i did not know foxes were capable of those kinds of expression with their eyes. that is really tricky.

  80. ooohhhh….do you think that fox got stuck in a fur trap?? I really hope not…its such a barbaric thing….

  81. AWW 😦 Poor animals 😦 I agree with everyone that it is sad to see them wearing casts 😦 I also agree with everyone that I am happy to see these animals getting good care 🙂 Especially, the little marmalade tabby 🙂 I so want to cuddle that sweet little baby 🙂

  82. kibblenibble says:

    I’m SO glad somebody loves these babies enough to fix their boo-boos. That said, the casts look so stiff and uncomfortabuhls. Especially the part that goes around tiny marmie’s neck. I want to gently kees and snorgle them all ’til they feel all betters. 🙂

  83. *Signs each cast “GET WELL SOON!”*

  84. Anonymous Coward says:


    Do corgies know any other mood than silly happy?
    Both legs in a cast (I shudder to think how he tries to do his… er… “business”) and he’s still smiling!

    The fox, on the other hand… I hope the poor little chap got better.


    p.s.: the ‘roo seems to be all “want to sign my cast?”

  85. That poor pooch like totally looks like he’s sporting an ’80s Madonna-in-leggings look. Poor little guy!

  86. Awwww, poor sweeties. *snorgles them all*

  87. Kitten seems to be doing well, puppy looks okay…but the lamb seems to need a shrink and the roo looks like it’s going to cry…lets not talk about little foxy…it’s all tooo much to bare 😦

  88. tinybunnybob says:

    ohhh, poor babies… 😦

    I’m glad they’re being cared for! 🙂

  89. Mostly cute, but definitely a bit sad. The fox especially looks sad. Love the look on the dog’s face! He looks like he’s ready to get into something and break off the cast!

  90. hahahahha – “grand sweeping gesture”!!

    I had a kitty who fell out the window from the 2nd floor & yes she landed on her paws but it was cement. She broke the bones in both front paws and and two casts on with sticks in them and it was SO funny to see her walk…… and I’d be laughing and crying at the same time.
    I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks it’s odd to have a while site devoted to animals in casts?? I guess people are trying to cover every topic one could hope to find, and some one wouldn’t, on the internets.

  91. ADORASAD!!

  92. Super link!!!
    Thank you!

  93. i feel sooo bad for the dog. i mean who wouldn’t

  94. Hugs for each and every single one of ’em!

  95. People who care for animals are good people!

  96. the sheep pic is from a friend of mine via flickr, she has lots of other cute pics of animals.

    the trials of being cute and fuzzy

    not so incidental daisy
  97. cute,lol