Tell ‘Em Flopsy Sent You

Don’t tell Hugh Hefner, but our friends the Japanese have revived the concept of the “bunny club.”  Only this time, the bunnies are real, and customers pay a fee to pet and fondle them — something you could never do at the old bunny clubs (and I have the restraining orders to prove it).

I’ll have the cottontail special with carrot juice, Kimber R.



  1. ooooh i hope these start popping up in the US!!!

  2. this is such an adorable concept, but i wonder if the bunnies ever get too stressed/scared of so many strangers and kids coming in! i know my bunz hates having strangers come over, so wouldn’t this be kind of cruel to the bunnies in a sense?

  3. I wonder if they have a “Bunny Safe Zone”- similar to what they have at petting zoos sometimes- a place where the animal can escape for a while if it’s feeling over-cuddled.
    I would totally go to one if it showed up in my neighborhood- bunnies are awesome.

  4. @Miranda: my sweet but fierce rabbit would have hated it too–she only wanted to be cuddled on her on terms and could give a nasty nip when she wasn’t in the mood. But I suspect (although I am no expert) that what the guy in the video says is true: that there are rabbits who are more social or socialized or extroverted and enjoy contact with kids and other bunz. But maybe a “den” area where the rabbits could go to be safe from contact if they wished could be provided. Also rabbits are physically fragile so I think the contact area needs to be supervised and people taught to be gentle with bunnies. One last thought: there is a shop for rent on my corner (local video store closed) if anyone out there is looking to open a rabbit cafe!

  5. I hate to be a naysayer here, but this really is no life for a rabbit. They much prefer stable environments, and the vast majority of rabbits hate being picked up and handled that way. It also appears they live in rather small cages when they are not being stressed out by a 5 year old trying to pet them.

    I love rabbits and have two gorgeous ones on my own, but I can’t accept this as cute. Sorry. =/

  6. I should rent out my bunny like this!!

  7. BYOB Bunnies….now I have heard everything!

  8. I have two bunnies, and I find that when strangers come to the house they’re very shy, but when I bring them to work they’re super social! The bunnies in the cafe don’t seem to be demonstrating the tell tale signs of bunny anger (ears back and stomping) so they seem to be OK. The little one had no problem hopping away from the small child when he didn’t want to be pet, and it didn’t look as though anyone was trying to force him to stay.

  9. 1:57 made my day

  10. I think that might have been a little too much information, but at least there ARE bunnies that won’t mind too much if you pet them a little.

    Also, why are these shops never in the US?

  11. motheralice says:

    I love the card trick bunny!! I would love it if one of these came to my area!

  12. the hovertext, OMG!! tee hee 🙂

  13. Yaaar, I’d be eating thar the next time we port in Nippon, but only if they serve my favortie fish ‘ead stew.

  14. platedlizard says:

    Lux, that’s a good question. The closest I thing I can think of in the US are the Rainforest Cafes, which often has parrots and other tropical animals. I’m guessing sanitary laws might be the main reason? Also, animals are expensive to care for properly on a business-level.

  15. Bitter Laura says:

    What the eff am I doing wrong in life? WHY am I not running a bunny cafe?

  16. I think this could be a good idea for animal shelters! They should add a cafe with animal shaped foods and also let people pay to play with cats, dogs, bunnies, etc. Would be a great way to raise funds to support the shelter! I know I would pay to play with kittens ’cause kittens=joy. 😀

  17. My bun was a socialite. He sought out attention everywhere he went. I even took him to my grandmother’s “Headstart” class full of 3 and 4 year old hooligans. He loved it.

    His favorite game was scaring the insurance people. While they were going over my parents’ policies, he would hop out from behind the couch. He was a 15 pound albino. They would always jump and ask what kind of dog he was!

    Duh, Karat looked exactly like the Cadbury bunny. Click on my name and you can see some pictures of him. I miss my bunny. 😦

  18. “I have the restraining orders to prove it” NTMTOM, you crack me up, matey!

    (Obligatory pirate phrase for the day….)

  19. Drama!bunny at 2:07!!!!

  20. Arrrrr! I wonderrr if teh bunnies would mind bein’ dress’d like pirates today?

  21. It’s a toss-up between which is cuter, the bunnies or the japanese girls.

  22. Rofnar Frougelson says:

    Specially trained to be amenable? Locked in their rooms between a steady stream of strangers fondling them?
    That sounds familiar.

    Honestly, why does absolutely everything the Japanese do have to feel vaguely creepy? And regarding the women, why can’t the Japanese sexual ideal involve women behaving as if they’ve at least hit puberty? Gah…

    Cute bunnies though.

  23. @Aimz, I think you’re on to something. Our local shelter has absolutely no county budget anymore. I wonder if they’d go for it.

  24. I love the toddler in her little pink dress, chasing the gray bunny. Also, there’s something vaguely unsettling about news translators with British accents, as if somehow there should be ANOTHER translator talking over them in an American accent. I know, ridiculous.

  25. The rabbits are hopping around on wood floors – are they house trained?

  26. Hah, my Finnegan (a very handsome black french lop) would love to have a bunny job at this cafe. He’s really really outgoing and friendly and quite the charmer. He’s also a total Casanova, and would probably love to have throngs of japanese girls fawning all over him and giving him free treats & ear-rubs all day long.

  27. Soo cute and we had several bunnies some are just very friendly some are quite shy. Like cats or dogs or really people for that matter.

    Rats I missed most of talk like a pirate day

    Argh me school work has gotten in the way of swashing me buckle.
    Wheres me rum bottle fur a nip.

  28. @ MAndy Karat is very cute so sorry he is no longer with you!

  29. My bunny would bite everyone’s fingers off.

    [that rabbit’s DYNAMITE – Ed.]

  30. Even the food is cute – she ate the ear first like we eat the ears from a chocolate bunny first! 🙂

  31. So weirdly cute…

  32. pinkmariposas says:

    oh the Hovertext made me LOL!!! and almost have an accident….

    it is cute however bunbuns do not like peeps that much…

  33. @kittyadventures: Thanks. Karat was, is, and will always be the most unique pet I’ve had the privilege to know. 🙂

  34. There used to be a mini-golf place with 100s of loose bunnies running around in Pigeon Forge, TN. Judging from the conditions there, I don’t think I’d want to _eat_ in a place like this.

    [Didn’t watch the video, eh? Rabbits aren’t in the dining area. – Ed.]

  35. Am sad. Lately my internet hasn’t allowed me to see vids on CO. Well has been going on for long time now, but still I am sad.

  36. Don’t be fooled, those Rabbits are just gathering information for world domination.
    We will be controlled by massive disaproval on an industrial scale.

  37. Never mind the bunnies. What about the cute Japanese girls? They are all sooo pretty. 😉

  38. Yeah, 2:05 to 2:07 is the best WTF face on a rabbit I’ve ever seen. He’s like “scuse me? that’s not petting.”

  39. Queen of Dork says:

    What happened to Caturday? 😦

  40. Argh I be catching up – I have been spendin’ the day in my Brigantine – she be parked in Rivacre Brook and I shall be upon the High Seas and the Spanish Main – I be a-followin’ of Cap’n Sparrow.
    @Miranda @ Alanna – if it’s Different Strokes for Different Folks then can we just say Different Bun – Different Fun, I would not watch it all – not happy with it some of the bunnies seemed not at ease – and children with inquisitive fingers are not always kind.
    @ Rofnar – your reply held an enormous amount of interest for me – Japanese Women seem to be very childlike indeed – I believe it may be that their Society demands it of them – it seems male dominated
    @Annie – Your Finnegan – he sounds a wonderful friend – I had a big and beautiful dog like that – same loving temperament – he always wanted to go visit with the children in the park – he loved hugs
    Love to all

  41. Patti! – I be knowin’ of which you speak! Good on ye! Hope she’s grand. Bid ‘er well for me. I saw her last month in Belfast! Guinness records attempted the largesst gathering of pirates. (paperwork error probably flubbed it). But it was arrrrrrsome!

  42. It does look really cute, but…the rabbits mostly look like babies, which is probably why they put up with all the handling. So what happens when they hit puberty and become aggressive and territorial? Also, I sure hope those rabbits have been spayed or neutered, especially the ones that are brought in by cafe patrons, because “socializing with their own kind” usually means mounting each other to decide who’s the alpha bunny. The bunny in the basket looked very stressed out – eyes wide, nose twitching fast, ears back.

  43. I personally see a whole bunch of disapproving going on here by all of the rabbits involved. Every bunny-face close-up = extreme disapproval.

  44. Dear [Ed.] and Amanda,
    Loved the Monty Python Holy Grail reference
    I try to post clipet here

  45. I am thinking of going to Japan and now I REALLY want to go 🙂 no… not really 🙂

  46. About the rabbits living in small cages when not being stressed by petting…

    In Japan, PEOPLE live in small apartments when not being stressed by work also. Hehe…

  47. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ meggy (presumably NTMTOMeg?)

    Thanks!! I hadn’t had a good dose of MP/HG & the Killer Rabbit scene in several years.
    For Your Consideration: would that scene be considered the Ultimate in Rabbit Disapproval??????


  48. I will concede that it is cute, but really hope it doesn’t become a trend. The best thing about the whole post is the hovertext; I’ll be sure to add it when I review the place on “Yelp”

  49. they should get a patent and do this on a franchise basis worldwide. it’s a really lovely idea.

  50. What a neat Idea. I wouldn’t worry about it becoming a trend.

    But if I was in Japan I would definitely make a point to visit. located a ten minute walk from the subway and train/busline?
    IT appears from their rules posted on their page that ,if you annoy hurt or disturb the bunnies you are ejected from the cafe and your privileges revoked. NO children under the age of eight are allowed into the bunny room unattended. There is a staff in the bunny room monitoring with the power to kick you out. There are rules about the bunnies. you are not to chase them or harrass them or make loud noises.
    I am not sure but it appears the owner is a long time bunny owner with his own bunny but that could be a bad translation

    And OMG they have a dwarf Thuringer and a Dwarf Silver Martin.. My two favorite dwarf breeds…. LOL They are bunnies with an attitude. Also I noticed the majority of the bunnies are Lion heads (I think). Perhaps they are a more social bunny.

    At any rate it appears that the bunnies are rather enjoying them selves and the people too.

  51. @ Leslie(NTA) LOLing at NTMTOMeg.


    PS t MEggy Thanks for posting the killer rabbit clip… IT is one of my all time favorites.

  52. no sunday afternoon cute?


  53. What a cute idea! I like it! ^_^

  54. I wonder … if you tip well, can you get a “hoppy ending”?

  55. It’s a “cafe”, Andrew. Not a “parlor”.

  56. Just because you don’t see thumping doesn’t mean it’s not going on. I love the idea os people loving bunnies for the sweet creatures they are but this doesn’t look to be the ideal life for a bunny. Small cages and being chased by five-years-olds certainly isn’t my idea of a good time….

  57. concepts like this will pull our nation out of the recession and we’ll have a cuteness boom. start collateralizing your pets today!

  58. Cute! I was trying to imagine bringing my bun bun in there for a visit…. can’t quite visualize that! He likes people but not cuddling so much. But then, we’ll see how he is after surgery next week …. (neutering). You gotta give it to the Japanse when it comes to cute! Those bunnies look very well caref for.

  59. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Okay, the little girl SPANKING THE BUNS (pun intended, pun intended!) just too damn…er…KAWAII!!! I’m sorry…I had to go there!!! 😀

  60. “I completely disapprove of this card trick.”

  61. WOW! That is such a great idea! The bunnies look so happy and healthy.

    Hurumpf…. Japanese people always coming up with the best ideas…..

  62. I want a cafe where I can eat bun-shaped onigiri while patting wee buns!

  63. This is SWEET!!!!!!! I wish they had ’em here in the US. that would be TOTALLY cool… hopefully not *too* expensive, though.

  64. I think I prefer the cat cafes myself.
    Not much of a bunny person.

    From what I’ve seen of these kinds of places in Japan, they treat the animals very well. The staff dotes on their charges. At the place I went to most recently, they require you to take off your shoes and wash your hands before you go in to see the cats. The rules for the place were posted very clearly before you entered the area with the cats.

    They don’t allow the cats to be picked up or held. The cats are only out among customers for an hour or so at a time, after that they’re taken back into their quarters. There also are plenty of climbing trees, boxes and nooks and crannies for the cats to chill or play in.

    The cats all looked very relaxed, healthy and well groomed, so I don’t think there’s any danger to the animals in these establishments. It’s actually a pretty fun and relaxing experience to go to one of these cafes…

  65. aaaahhhh! i’m going to japan in a month’s time and i am going to HUNT these cafes down!! well. hunt is a bit of a strong word. but this is much much much too cuuuuuute a cafe to pass up on