Homework is HARD!

I hate math

I hate sciences

I’m majoring in naps


You get a ‘Z’ grade, Sae K.



  1. I have my masters in napping with cute cuddly animals. It took years of hard work and studying. Just when I think I’m comfortable with my level of education, I come across another perfect specimen to study. A gal’s work is never done.

  2. bell-eeeeeeeeeee snorgles!

  3. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Cutest. Bunneh pic. Eveh.

    Just one small rabbit’s foot bone to pick with yous: Bunnehs ROCK at multiplication. ; )

  4. Awww, I relates, little bunster! In fact, having been awake for almost an hour, I believe I’m ready for a nap. May I join you, little floofy bun?

  5. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1: [cute bunny — NOTE: while he/she is disdaining his studies; I perceive NO disapproving facial expression, in this bunny. Anyone? Discuss if desired ……]

    2: Meg is the Queen (but I’m only reiterating the known status quo, I’m aware of that): “Majoring in naps; (hovertext) minoring in Beer”. HOME RUN!!

    and 3: Blondie’s additional objectives: icing, on the (cuteness) Cake !!!

  6. You can’t do this to me CO!! It’s too early in the morning to… be… seeing……. sleepy.. bunnyzzzzzz..zzzz……zzzzzzzz….zzz

  7. I wish I was majoring in naps… Actually, I wish I was majoring in CO. : )

  8. Andi from NC says:

    goodness leetle bunbun is so.. very…. tie tie…….. zzzz

  9. Beth (in NC) says:

    This. Is. RIDICULOUS. My bunny agrees…. this particular lagomorph specimen is too cute. 😀

  10. Awwwww! That is so adorable!!!

  11. I aint nuthin’ but tired!
    This bun’s for hire,
    Even if it’s just napping on homework…

  12. @Leslie: You try showing disapproval in your sleep.

  13. Gah, if I had a bun near me, it would sure make this 20,000 word dissertation easier to write!

  14. What a snorgalicious little bun bun! I’ve never looked that good on my best day. Need to re-think the whole nap concept.

  15. I’d hate to hear the belch that little fuzzball can muster.

  16. That looks like me after a day of Milton. Of course, I’m nowhere near as cute.

  17. Can I go to this college, or is it just for buns?

    Even sleeping, he manages to get a small amount of disapproval on his little bun face…

  18. “Adults totally don’t understand. I mean, don’t they KNOW we have other classes that are giving us just as much homework?! Being a student is SO stressful! I can’t wait to finish and just start working!”

    Oh bun, so misunderstood.

  19. No more pencils
    No more books
    No more Teachers dirty looks
    When the teacher rings the bell
    Drop your books and run like hell.

  20. Oh, such a cute lil bun!…Wait… Is it dead?

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    Crossed pawsies …. all of them…. *Faints*

  22. @Raiu9, yeah that whole thing about the Fall of Basement Cat is pretty intense. “Better to nap in Hell than to serve in Heaven.”

  23. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    I wish I had soft, floppy grey ears.

  24. I just got up…but dang it, I feel like a nap right now!

  25. Ahw…

  26. Aw, all tuckered out.

  27. He may look all relaxed, but this is actually a desperate attempt on the bun’s part to acquire knowledge through osmosis.

  28. Folks, take a look at the paws. They’re like little cotton balls.

  29. wuyizidi, he should sit on it. Then he can learn through @$$mosis. 😀

  30. @J — “Bunnehs ROCK at multiplication” … Brilliant! And I’m guessing they’re all PhDs!!!!!

  31. @ Leslie (NTA): I, too, noticed that bun disapproval disappears whilst napping. Cause, or effect? Does the bun not notice anything to disapprove of while it is asleep, or does the disapproval take so much energy that it passes out?

  32. Clearly the bun disapproved of studyingk, so he took a nap. Homework? He disapproves!!!!

  33. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ JH: Very nice direction there. Esp enjoyed the “cause, or effect?” tangent.
    “Thanks for your participation 🙂 “

  34. Insert nose into floofy bunny belly and snorgle!!!!!

  35. I’d comment, but it’s nap time….

  36. Straight Z’s, looks like. 😀

  37. Hmm, I hadn’t seen the rollover. He minored in beer?

    I’m minoring in Billiards. : )

  38. This looks EXACTLY like my bunny.

    Here’s proof:

  39. Bunneh luv.

  40. Yeah, I passed out every time I studied stat too.

  41. I was lucky, Chanpon; my RA was also the TA for my stats class. That was a good quarter.

  42. Thats so cute =]

  43. Rainbow*Star says:

    Floppy McFloppersons approves of procrastination.

  44. This is me everyday! Nap time.

  45. Awwwwwwwwww.

    Cutie tie-tie little bun-bun! WANT! BELLEH!