Friday Haiku: Sharing Is Caring

Share and share alike
Unalike? Share anyway
Now share your haiku

9-3-09 004

Thanks for sharing, Sheri B.



  1. You, bigger than me
    Me, fluffier than you, it’s true
    Whoa! don’t step on me!

  2. I, so brown and sleek
    You, so bright and white and pink
    Our food is yummy.

  3. Little friend and big
    Sharing food without fighting
    Why can’t we do that?

  4. Anne Boleyn says:

    Bunny and a horse
    Sharing food love time and air
    The world should be thus

  5. Sister Francis says:

    No time to haiku – too busy awwwwwing! Too darn cute!

  6. Dirty bunny ‘tocks
    Eating Horsie’s Lunchables
    What a happy day!

  7. One Eyed Daruma says:

    Carrots are bestest
    Horse chow is acceptable
    Sharing is priceless

  8. Hippy hoppy bun
    Clippity cloppity horse
    Friendship knows no bounds

  9. Now THAT is cuuuute!

  10. sharing brings good luck
    four rabbit paws four horse shoes
    the two will prosper

  11. Fuffy bunny, horse

  12. Okay, working on a haiku here, but in the meantime, RoseyPosey made me laugh. “Why can’t we do that?”
    Yeah, man, I hate how every time a human shares food with a friend, it turns into a knock-down, drag-out fight!
    Sorry! Not making fun of you, Rosey, your thought is perfectly sweet–it just spontaneously brought a hilarious image into my twisted mind.
    In fact, just yesterday I went out to lunch with my mother and aunt. My mother asked if she could try just a bit of my sauce, and it made me so angry I hauled off and landed her one smack in the nose! She won’t try to get me to share my food again any time soon!


  13. that is too cute

  14. Rabbit eats horse food
    Or does horse eat rabbit food?
    Either way is yum!

  15. @Tony James….priceless! (and yes, I counted the syllables out on my fingers!)

    Size doesn’t matter
    When sharing a meal with friends
    BFF for life

  16. Hey, did you guys know that you got Kanye-tized? You didz!!!

    [That site is offline already; dang, that was quick. I’m glad I got a look at the Kanye-tized CO while I had the chance. –Mike]

  17. If you want my noms,
    You had better bring carrots….
    The next time you come!

  18. rabbits eat own poo
    horse’s glad to eat own food
    and not vice versa

  19. Trabb's Boy says:

    I cannot believe
    Nobody has yet made a
    Hare in my soup joke.

  20. catloveschanel says:

    Extra Small Saddle?
    No Sir! Not Me! Hitch up Pants
    I just go Commando

  21. Meal time at the farm
    Eating together builds bonds
    But this is redonk!

  22. Can’t think of a haiku but only a caption
    “Honey, there’s a hare in my food”

  23. SkippyMom – which brings us to an interesting conundrum:
    I’m a guy, and on occassion I’ve been known to take young ladies to dinner – hey, it’s just the way I roll, you know? Any in the event that a dish may be served with a choice of sides (let’s take baked potato, french fries, or green salad as an example), the young lady in question invariably orders salad (“I’m watching my figure,” or similar), and I frequently order fries (because steak with salad just isn’t right). So far, so good.
    So explain to me why, when the food arrives, she then proceeds to hoover up 93% of the fries on my plate within 12 seconds? Do women operate on the Feline Dietary Ordinance (“Stolen food has no calories”)? If she wanted fries why didn’t she order them? And why one earth would she imagine that, having ordered french fries, I would be interested in “sharing” her salad? A wise man once said, “Salad isn’t food – salad is what food eats,” and I don’t think I should fly in the face of reason.

    Can I get an “Amen” from the chaps herepresent? We like to share normally but there are times when it’s Just Not On.

    Some of this may explain why I’m single…

  24. Rabbit food in field?
    And who puts horse food in bowls?
    They stole dog’s dinner!

  25. Pellets for carrots
    What a bum deal this is, eh?
    Economy sucks!

  26. Bargles – the Kanye equivelent (no coffee yet!) of the Squirrelizer!?…yikes!

  27. horse: I poop bigger than you
    bun: gross, I totally disapprove. Now gimme room at the food dish
    horse: neighhhhhhhhh
    bun: harumph

  28. Tony James, the next time one of these girls tries to take your fires, just punch her! Right in the nose! I’m telling you, it works. She’ll be sticking to her damn rabbit food on her next date with you, I promise.

  29. Yes, that should have been “fries”, not “fires”. But if she does try to take your fires, I wouldn’t recommend asking her out again, she’s clearly incorrigible.

  30. @Skippymom, personally, when my mom, or when my grandmas tried it, rest their souls, I would leap through the air in a ninja pirouette, and karate chop their windpipes. They had sacrificed so much for me, that they successfully taught me that it was ALL ABOUT ME ALL THE TIME, and they had eaten enough in their lifetimes. They had sufficient nourishment to bring me to my pinnacle of awesomeness, and that was that!

    Aww, bunny and horsie!

  31. PS @Tony James, I think the answer to your question is “Yes.”

  32. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    This haiku is good
    And I’ll let you read it, but
    Beyonce’s rules all

  33. Tony James, I always try to go to the places where you can get a salad AND fries with your meal. 🙂

  34. ok folks, you’re crackin’ me up, but back to the haikus…

    chocolate horseh
    shares yummy summer snack with
    vanilla bunneh

  35. Hijacked haiku post
    has become too violent.
    We apologize.

  36. Rachael’s is my favorite so far!

  37. Hollywood Marie says:

    @TonyJames, et al: The reason this probably happens is because society tells women that we are not thin enough and that if we don’t claim to constantly be on a diet (to at least be on our way to “thin enough”), we are completely unlovable. Even if you are not the one telling them this, or even if you are telling them otherwise, it’s been so ingrained into society that many women have internalized it, and may even think it is their own idea. As for those of you condoning violence against women, even in jest, that is completely triggering for the many who encounter exactly such abuse currently or have in the past. Please be aware of the power of your words and remember that many types of women (large, small, abuse survivors, etc.) read this blog.

    Also, where are the moderators.

    Other than that, the bunny and horsey are so cute!

    Thank you for the noms
    And for blocking the sun, too
    Please watch where you step!

  38. but I even included a reference to a season! 😦

  39. Horsie, take me away!
    We will gallop and escape
    Panties in a bunch.

  40. I'm not a chap says:

    Tony James, here’s a strategy for you: Next time this happens (she orders salad) you should start .. VERY TEASINGLY…not hostile, obvy… “are you sure you don’t want fries” .. “fries really are good”, etc, before it’s too late to change her order … you could even throw in a teasing “ok but just don’t try to take any of my fries”. She’ll have to defend her choice.. and when the fries come you would be totally justified in “now hold on, I said you can’t have any of my fries”. Hollywood Marie is totally right about why women do this but they can, and should, learn to stop it and order whatever they want.

  41. Well done, Theresa.
    Perhaps we can leave it there.
    (Hopeful, doubtful sigh.)

  42. Mary (the first) says:

    Large chocolate horse
    Dollop of whipped cream bunny
    Scrumpdelicious !

    (that does not look spelled right..but you get the idea…)

  43. Hollywood Marie says:

    Will not make me shut up
    Respect for us all.

  44. Horsey chowing down
    With a little white buddy
    Bunday came early

  45. Horse Food Rabbit Food
    It all comes out in the end
    Ahh Fertilizer

    Yeah, I know, I *went* there. 😛


    Time 2 do laundry
    when socks crawl off leg and eat
    your dinner with you

  46. HollywoodMarie, I completely understand what you’re saying, and I even agree with most of it. But violent abusers are violent because it’s in their nature. Not because they saw someone “condone” it on a website somewhere. We need to lay the onus for this kind of behavior on the perpetrators and stop blaming their environment for triggering it.

    (I’d put it in a haiku, but like the bun that sucks at science and math, I suck at rhyme and meter.)

  47. strangers in the night
    meet to steal some doggeh noms
    and walk away friends

  48. HM was saying it was a trigger for the abused women. She wasn’t referring to the abusive men.

    And I think skippymom was being quite funny, but yeah, not funny at all to a victim.

    METZ!!! Love eet!!! Nice one!

    ceejoe, you incuded my fave season! 🙂

  49. One chow makes you big
    But the same chow makes you small?
    Alice’s restr’ant.

  50. A horse and a bun
    Don’t let my wife see this pic
    She will buy them both

  51. A haiku recipe:

    Horse oatmeal cookies
    Mares eat oats and hares eat oats
    Bunny adds raisins

  52. Horse and rabbit have
    The same digestive system
    They eat the same food.

  53. Willowywind says:

    I don’t look nervous
    I put on a good facade
    But bunnies scare me

  54. Heigh-ho, sweet Concorde!
    Rabbit of Caerbannog
    Killed Sir Lancelot.

  55. pyrit, coming from you that is truly a great compliment! Wow!

  56. Rachael – It was the hippity hop clippity clop and then “bound” that got meh.

  57. when did haiku day
    become rant and nuff nuff day
    go huff a kitteh

  58. HM has a point
    but its all about teh cute
    take deep breath, relax

  59. NTMTOM – George Bush doesn’t care about haikus. 😉

  60. Andi from NC says:

    Said Horse to Bunny
    “Two for me and one for you”
    “Whatev!,” quoth the Bun

  61. I haven’t a clue
    Where my pic thingy went to
    Parrot wing flew off

  62. to TEHO (if you’re lurking…):

    this pic is precious
    reality casual
    would make it killer


  63. Andi from NC says:

    Meant to add – we have an abundance of particularly good haikus this week – well done all!

  64. 5-7-5 b*tches…lol

  65. Oh NTMTOM.. that was tooooo funny!! lol…

  66. Seabiscuit to Bugs:
    “Pellet noms are yummy! Does
    this make me look fat?”

  67. Skippymom- I have a question I have wanted to ask you for a while.. is that picture on your posts your cat?? and is it’s name skippy??

  68. I’m in a race soon
    Back me at 20 to one
    Horse leaves to place bet

  69. Yes, Katiedid, that is my sweet angel boy Skippy. He will be 13 in January, and we have been together since he was two and a half. He moved in with me by his own choice, having started out living with a family down the street. He and I are absolutely soul mates. He has graciously put up with my acquiring three more cats since, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that while Mom loves all of them, her relationship with Skippy is special.

  70. Lepus / Equus share
    Alfalfa pellet buffet,
    Identical ears.

  71. Mares eat oats and does
    it oats and little lambs eat
    ivy, wouldn’t you?

  72. awwww… that’s so sweet skippymom.. He’s so pretty!

  73. Thank you, Katiedid! That picture is from some years back, but he is still very beautiful.

  74. Bun and horse buddies
    Walk into a public house,
    “Why the long face/ears?”

  75. BTW, today is the Dante-Versary. Four years since I brought the cheesy little butterball home.

  76. Happy anniversary, Dante and Theresa! Many more!

  77. Thank you , SkippyMom. Skippy looks like a mooshtastic animal.

  78. Eat now fluffy friend.
    Later you will replace my
    Missing front stocking.

  79. @thorn

  80. Cheesy butterball?
    Ooh, can I have that instead
    Of the salad plz?

  81. Oops, wrong.

    Cheesy butterball?
    Ooh, can I have that instead of
    The green salad plz?

  82. Nevermind, it was right the first time.

    (I don’t have enough fingers on one hand…)

  83. Hee hee, Theresa. I think when I go home tonight I will scoop up Skippy and coo to him, “Who’s the most mooshtasic animal in the United States? YOU ARE!”

  84. both are herbivores
    amino acids, the same.
    or else, whatta mess.

  85. This cafe is fail
    Not just a hare in my soup
    But an entire bun…


    Aha! I knew eet!
    A horsey is really just
    an oversized bun.

    For a couple years, my boyfriend and I volunteered at a domestic violence shelter/law center as certified counselors. One summer, he got a biggest baddest black eye of all time while playing basketball, and knowing my tendency for bad jokes, he sternly warned me to make no jokes at the law center about domestic violence. The next day, we walked into the center, all the (female) employees and clients looked at us and gasped, “Estella! Haven’t you learned anything while you’ve been here!?” and all cracked up laughing uncontrollably.

    /end random “domestic violence” story

  87. @Estella, the disapproval on your avatar bun’s face would be enough to wither away any possibly tasteless playful impulse I might ever have. If only he had turned up before I wouldn’t have been so norty.

  88. PPS Relating back to Mr. West, I am waiting for the “He’s a jackass!” sound clip to be available to attach to Windows and Mac apps. Please, please, oh pleas.

  89. Yes, Estella, we definitely need your bun around here more often to keep us from getting ourselves into trubs!

  90. @ TonyJames: The substance of your query has been addressed. Here’s my question to you: Are you not one of those British types? (Hints: “hoover up”, “just not on”.) If so, then wherefore “french fries”? Chips, neh? Chips!

  91. 😯 Theresa, your misspelling of “please” as “pleas” in that last post made me realize something:

    “Please” is one of those words that made me wonder how on earth someone decided it was an equivalent of begging or asking a favor. In essence (tho I’m sure I used that word incorrectly), asking for something in such a manner is the equivalent of making “pleas.”


  92. Babs – of course, but I was translating for the benefit of my less fortunate colonial (“sepo”) chums. We British types understand that a chip is a french-fry, but were I to talk about ordering food with chips then the poor benighted heathen who inhabit the Lower 48 might think that I had some odd dining habits.

  93. Tony – Don’t you guys refer to what we call “chips” as “crisps”?

  94. Giant doggie bowl
    Filled with delectabuhl noms
    Horse and bun approve

  95. Mare and hare in love
    They are two but yet a whole
    Share a bowl, no shove

  96. Brinn – yes. You can see why we’ve never got along:
    Pantyhose=tights (you have no distinct word for what we call stockings, which explains the level of frustration among American men and the volume of pron available in a country that regularly cuts the cr@p out of movies and damns a woman for flashing her nips on TV. Confused much? Incidentally, stockings are held up with a garter belt, and they’re a good deal sexier than pantyhose).
    Landwar in Asia=WTF?! Don’t you people every learn!?

  97. Hi Tony,

    One last bit on the fries topic, or any food item that girls won’t themselves order:

    I have a teeny little appetite, but I like bites of stuff, so 1 or 2 stolen fries makes me happy and lets me continue with my own plate, said appetite intact. Never apologize for wanting a bite, girls! Bites are good! 🙂 But 93% of your fries is just embarrassing .. that’s worth mentioning. Poss also a red flag for deeper issues, perhaps no second dates for this one? Am I in hot water with the girls now?

    Back to the cute ..

  98. wow! 2 much in10sit-e for a haiku friday……

    @kathryn “one pill” lyrics were jefferson airplane “white rabbit” and alice’s restaurant was arlo guthrie but guess you’re riffing on “in wonderland” gig. awesome reference……

    bunneh and horseh
    munching organic in field
    all comes out in end

    grace slick is trippin’
    “one pellet makes you bigger”
    “and one, makes you small”

    pellets gracie likes
    are lysergic acid ergot
    sees, dreams, in color

    idyllic field
    filled with peace, quiet and nom
    lets take a nap, horse

    lewis carroll dreams
    of long falls down rabbit holes
    horse too big for that

    majestic brown horse
    and powder-puff bunneh share
    a serene meadow

    where’s the mad hatter?
    or the red queen and her cards?
    i like cheshire cat

    i walked in white paint
    you got doused in it bunneh
    dont walk under ladders…….

    rock and roll lyrics
    by kath’ryn, merge in haiku
    along with good book

    horse, you look like
    you’ve not missed a meal in years
    give bunneh a chance

    bunneh, you’re not skinny
    you’ll never get mistaken
    for a powder puff

    bunneh buns and ‘tocks
    a horseh’s hinds and quarters
    is view from the back

    supple chocolate mane
    and soft, fuzzy furriness
    want to pet them both

    my porno name is bunneh love
    so whats yours big, brown horseh?
    I’m Miles Furlong

    last friday haiku
    better make it good for sure
    aw what the heck, chow!

  99. pond-hopping jargon
    diplomacy is called for
    bun and horse ignore

  100. that’s a lot of verse
    fast and loose with the meter
    ah well, it’s Friday


    Chow chicka bow wow to you too haiku babaloo!

  102. Jennifer – I have no problem with someone saying, “I’m going to order salad but I’ll pinch some of your fries.” At least there’s a statement of intent, and we can get along with sharing food (come on, now – it’s nice to occassionally pass over a forkful of whatever you ordered so you can try some of the other person’s. It’s all romantic an’ junk).
    It’s the sense of entitlement I find most galling. There’s a tacit thing going on here:
    “We’re going out/dating, and as the girlfriend I have been endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Among these are the right to: eat whatever I like from your plate without argument, expect that I will have a date on major holidays and weekends without it being brought up, and criticise your bachelor friends, tastes in furniture, music, decor, art, culture, films, and wardrobe (“It’s not that I mind you wearing black t-shirts – I just think it would be nice if that wasn’t the only option”).
    Of course, rights do not come without responsibilities. To whit, you have the responsibility to: know what I want without asking, give over 92% of your bathroom cabinet to my pills, potions, nostrums and facepaints, dedicate 103% of your storage space to my clothes, not criticise when I go to the flea-market and come back with possibly the world’s ugliest orange ceramic owl that you can store cookies in, and to accept that whatever has happened it is your fault: lost while driving, movie is sold-out, boss being a douche, lost cat, or global-thermonuclear war.”


  103. I’d have a hard time
    putting up with some of that

  104. {{{HUGS}}} to Tony. 😦 I’m sorry we’re crazy. 😳

  105. Double-u tee eff
    I can’t believe all my posts
    Haven’t been haiku!

  106. lets all take a pill!
    too critical of others
    enjoy bun and horse!!

  107. A horse is a horse
    of course until he becomes
    A bunny Rabbit!

  108. Brinnann:
    Women are crazy
    But men tolerate you girls
    Because you’re cute too 🙂

  109. Kelsey (GodIhopemydad'snotonheretoday) says:

    I’m a bit late on the commentroversy, but I thought I’d add, (seeing as how this is an anon setting, and if this is deemed inappropriate, the powers that be will remove;))… As an abuse survivor, I took no offense whatsoever to what Skippymom or Theresa were saying. Those of us who have come from not so nice relationships or what have you have to learn that the whole world does not go through what we have gone through. We can’t expect them to deal with it day to day- that’s selfish. If you let what happened in your past control you to the extent that you can’t even take a comment like that at face value without delving deeper into it, then your abuser is still in charge.

    I just wanted to put my two cents in because I didn’t want Skippymom or Theresa to think that they’d offended the entire populus of Knocked Around Women of the World 🙂 (I make light of it as often as I can- it helps me COPE)
    Cute Overload is better therapy than anything I shelled out for in some stark shrink’s office anyhow. You people do more good than you could possibly realize…

    Soapbox stashed away for another day.

  110. Mary (the first) says:

    @Kelsey, thank you, thank you {{ KELSEY }}. You are so right. That’s all I even need to say. You’re just absolutely 100% right.
    And back to the Tony James discussion, I’m glad I’m not the only one that wondered at the combination of “fries” and “Just Not On”. Regardless, I agree, girl saying “I’m ordering salad but can I have just a couple fries” ahead of time is one thing. Taking almost all of them later, with no warning, should be discouraged. “Sense of entitlement”, for sure. I hope she’s REALLY cute if you put up with that.

  111. Mary:
    Actually, yeah
    She’s really really cute and
    she seems to like me 😀

  112. The horse asked the bunny “Do you have problems with poop sticking to your fur?” … Wait, wrong joke 😉

  113. Mary (the first) says:

    @Tony James, Well, who wouldn’t like you! I’m half in love with you myself! But seriously, if you can’t “call her” on this behavior it could be a bad sign. Gently, of course.
    And by the way, we also call them “stockings” although that style is seldom worn nowadays. If you’d ever spent much time wearing a garter belt (I assume, no?) then you’d know why.

  114. Mary – only *half* in love with me? What’s wrong with the other half, dammit!?
    Not to worry, I was just ranting – she’s really quite well behaved, and she’s taking well to the training. 😀
    Stockings are sexy (from a male perspective), and while we wouldn’t expect you to wear them all the time (the novelty factor would be lost if you did) every so often means that we’re pleasantly suprised when you do.
    And your assumption is correct (if you discount rugby-club christmas parties and the Hash kennel’s annual Red Dress Run…).

  115. sharing is caring
    but too much information
    not in haiku form

  116. Marianne from GA says:

    Okay, Tony J., you have hit one of my last nerves with a sledgehammer…
    If you have that many complaints about all the things your date does and expects, then don’t go out with her. Find a smart, interesting woman who has figured out the b-s, so aptly described by Hollywood Marie, and who won’t put up with it anymore–who will order fries and eat them and love it, and never claim to be on a diet for form’s sake while stealing your fried chicken or spooning up all your ice cream. And who won’t take over your bathroom without asking, or redecorate your flat without your permission, or get pi**ed when you make plans without her. You say “she’s really really cute,” therefore that’s the reason you want to date her and it’s the choice you are making. You put yourself in that boat; don’t moan and gripe now. You sound like Professor Higgins, bless your heart, only you are worse, and besides, that story had a fairy tale ending.


    In addition, love all the haikus and everyone’s inventive brains. I’ve been LOL’ing at them, and showed some of them to my work-study students. We attempted to write some of our own but got sidetracked by trying to do ABA rhymes at the same time.
    @ Teho, edit away if you wish.

    [Nah, not getting any further into this one. I tried to gently steer folks back to the haikus, but nooooo, some of y’all just had to jump headlong into this completely unrelated sandtrap, so you might as well dig yourselves out; silly me for not realizing that being happy & having fun together on a Friday night were such outdated notions – Ed.]

    [Also, THPPPPPPPPPT. 😛 – Ed.]

  117. @Tony James writes:
    “We’re going out/dating, and as the girlfriend I have been endowed by my Creator with certain unalienable Rights. Among these are the right to: eat whatever I like from your plate without argument . . . lost while driving, movie is sold-out, boss being a douche, lost cat, or global-thermonuclear war.”

    Was there a question in there somewhere? If so, the answer is “YES!” :mrgreen:

  118. @Mary, I can’t remember a fairy tale ending in any version of the story. THe play ends with Eliza walking out; the movie ends with her remaining with Higgins. Neither of those seems like a fairy tale ending to me.

  119. Sorry, that should have been @Marianne.

  120. White Rabbit to Horse:
    “The stuff my mother gives me
    Does nothing at all.”

    Then the brown horse said,
    “I just ate some kind of s’hroom.
    And I’m ten feet tall.”

    But the Red Queen says,
    “If you go chasing rabbits
    You’re going to fall.”

    Such is the chess game
    When logic and proportion
    Are both sloppy fed.

    [Nod to Kathryn #49]

  121. The solution Sir
    to your dining dilemma
    order extra fries.


    Being a hearty
    gal I always order fries
    and steak mmm, steak fries

    Back to bun & horse.

    Origin now clear
    Half Pint’s beloved long eared steed
    Bunny! Oh Bunny!*

    *read last line while sobbing and wiping tear from freckled cheeks with cute braids.

  122. @Kelsey, I really appreciate and thank you for what you wrote– I get annoyed when lectured by people who know nothing about me or my history, but also accept it as part of life on the Internet.

  123. PS, Fries or chips or whatever, by all means.

  124. Marianne from GA says:

    Yes, Theresa, you are right. But the movie seems more like a fairy-tale ending, if only for Higgins, because Eliza comes back to him. Shaw, I think, had a much more equitable and honorable vision of relationships; in that sense, Shaw and Peter Wimsey are very close in viewpoint.
    I expect anti-feminist nuffing any minute. Good think my B(oy)F(riend) is a great chef & can make flan, & creme brulee, & pudding cake, & heavenly home-made chocolate sauce with Chambord, & I think I’ll go home & have dinner now.

  125. Queen of Dork says:

    Metz: After your earlier Haiku about laundry and socks I looked again at the picture. That is what it looks like! Too funny!

  126. @QofD, LOL thanks! Funny thing is, if not for being unable to make it fit in the syllable count I was gonna use Stockings, before the whole stockings/chips/crisps/fries/salad conundrum. 😉

  127. Queen of Dork says:

    That WAS a conundrum! I still love chips, crisps, fries AND salad though.

  128. You can lead a horse
    to rabbit, but you cannot
    make him take a ride

  129. this looks like a photo you would see in a little kids story book. soo cute.

  130. “Use ‘horticulture’
    in a sentence, Miss Parker!”
    Rabbit disapproves.

    (for Roxi)

  131. @Tony
    In my family, a person who won’t share their food with us (meaning, if you go to dinner with us, expect us to sample your dinner… and offer you bites of ours) either learns, or is not suitable dating material, lol.

    Tony, learn something
    from the bunny and the horse
    share food, no complaints

  132. Ah, the middle ground.
    Some folks have a real talent;
    I struggle sometimes.

  133. Some mediocre haikus from a mom of a cute little white bunny:

    Little bun eats hay
    ‘This isn’t your home,’ says horse
    ‘I’m cute, it’s ok.’

    What’s going on here?
    I’m hungry, let me eat hay
    Sure, I think you’re cute.

  134. Patty:
    Sharing? Fine by me.
    Tis with blatant thievery
    I have a problem.

  135. I lost my white sock
    But you are the right colour
    Shall I step on you?

  136. METZ WINS!

    another survivor (but only just) of beatings from multiple generations. i choose who to tell and then i want it to be a ZAP, a big surprise, ‘she simply doesn’t seem the type to have suffered like that…’

    oh, yeah? have a seat, here’s the kleenex and a basin should you need it. and here’s a minor version of

    and that, said she, is that.

  137. sharing food for tastes? why of course…

    we shout out ‘ bites!!’

    it’s a great joy.

    i agree, though, order two french fries plates. pass one to her. or get over it and realize how minor french fries are compared to people….

    woo, need brekkie and tea…back later for more rants ‘n’ laffs.

  138. Marianne from GA says:

    “But, Dad, he started it!”

    and, yes, it’s another tempest in a teacup. I should have ignored the whole thing as I usually do, and will do always from now on.

  139. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    @Marianne from GA, you rock! I’m totally with you!

  140. I bet you they are eating alphalfa (sp darn) pellets. Yummy for all !

  141. whut? Stockingks on bunnehs?

  142. Queen of Dork says:

    No. Bunneh is stocking. See?

  143. uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm not cute of funny

  144. Sharing together
    Always tastes so much better
    Humans should try it

  145. Queen of Dork says:

    My jockey was light
    Ran Kentucky Derby fast
    Celebrate with bun

  146. You need to know to
    Count on, not syllables
    “Haiku” has three

    Will Mike ever learn?
    “Haiku” is not English
    Don’t mispronounce it

    [Dude, we say “hye-KOO”
    [This is just the way it is
    [Sun rises, sun sets – Ed.]

  147. Steven, remember
    that Japanese has altered
    English words also.

    “Haiku” is a word
    that we have borrowed
    so it’s ours now, pfft 😛

  148. Did everyone run out and get a lobotomy? Is that it?

  149. LS: i know i certainly did. it was my day….

    steven: also, in wrong reference, in correct spirit: ‘no praise, no blame’ .

    throw them yarrow sticks

  150. If I step on eet
    I will then have four white feet,
    four winter snow feet

  151. (ref comment 130) Even an old joke is new to somebody. This could rouse its own nuffers but I cannot help myself, here’s your sentence: “You can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think.”

    [Any nuffers will have Dorothy Parker to answer to. 😉 And they’ll have to go through me first. 😈 – Ed.]

  152. horticulture <—- HAHAHA! *snerk*

  153. horses are so friendly
    and bunnies are so much fun
    to pet

    is this a haiku?

  154. lace wigs, a haiku is three lines with the following amount of syllables:

    5 syll.
    7 syll.
    5 syll.

    Go back and count out some of the other ones in the post. While not all of them are accurate, you’ll see the pattern.

  155. Let’s use yours and make it into a proper haiku:

    Horses are friendly
    1 2 3 4 5
    And bunnies are so much fun
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    I love to pet them
    1 2 3 4 5

  156. Well, I had used spaces to show where the syllables fell, but it didn’t quite work. Lemme try that again.

    Horses are friendly
    1… 2…. 3… 4….. 5
    And bunnies are so much fun
    1…. 2… 3….. 4…. 5.. 6……. 7
    I love to pet them
    1 2… 3. 4…. 5

  157. Can this be cuter?
    Yes or No or Maybe, if…
    Mini Bunny wig!

    (…in hot pink… think about it!)