In Just 30 Seconds, You Will Utterly Despise The New York Lottery

Oh sure, it gets off to a promising start, but just you wait: In mere moments, you will yearn for a plague of locusts to blacken the skies above their offices, and to hear the wailing and lamentations of their Marketing executives.

Wait for it… Wa-a-a-a-ait for it…

But sender-inner S.A. thought it was cute, so we’ll let them live.



  1. The first part is SO CUTE! but crashing the ceiling over the poor babies, scaring them? whats the point of that?

  2. omg NOOOOOOO Sleeping babies! I still yearn for the plague of locusts to consume their office.

  3. I’ve got to say, the crashing noise scared the beheebers out of me.
    But awwwww @ baby animals in pajamas.

  4. How many lives were ruined by wrestling baby animals into PJ’s? Have you tried wrestling a kitten into clothes? Not a pretty sight. Blood everywhere. And the corgis? Talk about stubborn! Not to mention the pigs. Is the New York Lottery going to pay for therapists for the handlers?


  5. jeebus! The twitching feets! The twitching feets!

  6. Mo – that’s what I saw too! I love when my goobies are sleeping and their feets go all twitchy.

  7. Zomg, little piggies in shirts that don’t cover their bellies. Little corgis in full bottom pj’s! SQUEE! *gets her pajamas on* It’s a pajama party!!!

  8. the corgies in onsies? the kittens in pjs? the piggies with tummy’s exposed?


    The cuteness, eet is too much. Must now stagger to work in a good mood. What will my co-workers (fellow sufferers) say?

  9. Colonel Jenna says:

    Locusts aren’t good enough for them. And it’s going to take more than therapy for the handlers who had to put clothes on cats. Start with the emergency room care and end with a rocker on the porch of a very nice very quiet special Home….. But golly it was cute!

  10. Nooo, despite what the sender-inner thinks, I say we *don’t* let them live! This is just too henious a crime! Those sweet little critters in their jammies, all cute and fuzzy and peaceful; to disturb them like that is too great a crime. I will never forgive such a thing! *grabs pitchfork and heads off to NY lotto office, which is only about a million miles from here*

  11. Creepy. But I liked the guy’s voice.

  12. BeckyMonster says:


    IN PAJAMAS!!!!

    Well that’s just the ca……. (you get the idea)

  13. Money is the root of all evil. And the lottery is on top of that list.

  14. Absolutely heinous! When I think of a punishment worthy of such a crime, I’ll be back!

  15. What soulless pawn thinks a big crashy-crash over a bunch of sweet little sleepy critters is A GOOD IDEA? Geez, they ARE cute, though.

  16. Really cute baby animals all dressed up or I should say dressed down for bed. Great pictures. Didn’t like the ending.

  17. Damn those sweet million Marketing exec’s giving us the taste of all that is the essence of the cute and then ripping it from us ….. Damn them!!!!!

    And can pork bellies get any cuter!!!!

  18. LunaChickFringe says:

    Me too! Kill’t by the twitching feets!

  19. OMG, the piglet gutulence hanging out over their underoos as they dream, one with twitching hoof, the other clearly smiling as if in the most blissful of piglet dreams. I might have to take a sick day from the cute poisoning.

  20. Okay so far I have counted three …well I don’t know what you call them, but visuals of catch phrases in the video

    we have the cats pajamas, pork bellies, and pup tent..

    any other ones you peeps see?

  21. BeckyMonster says:


    Not to be argumentative, but the actual words are “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil”. People get it wrong all the time, makes me a little crazy.

    Hopping off soapbox now.

  22. Laws, that was A-NER-A-BUHLS! Until the end. It would be New York, wouldn’t it? The Irish Lottery would never do such a thing. (Ooh, that reminds me — need to reply to that email telling me I won.)

  23. This just made me think that this is the reason I get animals in pairs. So they can have someone to take a nap on.

  24. This only proves that advertising is the devil! Cute babies tho. So cute.

  25. Go, locusts, go!!!

    I want to scoop up the pups and rock them back to sleep.

  26. WTF, who the hell does that sh*t???
    Like seriously…
    Kitties Birdies, Piggies & Doggies all being cute as.
    Whoever decided to be an a** and break the roof
    over them should be shot.

  27. lunacydress says:

    OMG, if dressing up baby animals for a TV commercial is exploitive and wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Is there an extended version or outtakes of this somewhere? WANT!!

  28. Ok, I jumped out of my skin when the roof crashed. Between the abrupt sound and the thought of those precious babies being crushed… Someone please take all the nasty locusts and send them north.

    I must now go home and reproduce this with my kitty babies. Except without the roof crashing part, of course.

  29. OMfreakinG!!!!! Bring on the locusts. I did laugh tho. And then felt guilty.

  30. I luffs twitching piggly feet. *sigh*

  31. More pig belly pictures, please!!!!!

  32. SO MEAN! D:

    But I never thought sleeping piglets would be so cute.

  33. i too lol’d and then felt guilty. peegy bellies! *heart* …. anyone else feel like this perhaps calls for the “impending doom” tag? =]

  34. Puppy and Piglet PJ Posers Placed in Perpetual Peril by Petulant PETA Peeps!

  35. Geeze! I about had a heart attack when I watched that.. and I was AWAKE! That’s pretty darn mean, I must say. And I hope they didn’t have to do multiple takes of that either… like, they didn’t let them drift off to sleep, *CRASH*, “oh that wasn’t good enough, do it again”…. *CRASH*, “Nope, not enough flinching.”…… *CRASH*, “ok! Got it! Yup, they really look startled enough THAT time…”

    Kinda twisted.

    The animals, however, are breathtakingly cute! My favorite is the leetle peeg with his cunky belly hanging out. SUCH kissable peegie nosies!

  36. i don’t get it? what’s the point of having the roof crash in and scare the animals?
    i’m missing something, because i totally don’t get it. to me it’s just really stupid, and Really mean. poor little guys.

  37. Von Zeppelin says:

    Beckymonster, I personally believe that the love of money is the root of all state lotteries.

    As to pajama-clad critters, don’t forget that you can get nice jammies for your adult greyhounds:

  38. Baby piggies in pajamas that don’t quite cover their cute little bellies?
    and in BUNK BEDS!?!?!?!?!?!
    OMG! {KABOOM!!!}
    head just exploded from the cuteness!

  39. Ack! A puppy in a pup tent? Did they stuff him in there after he was asleep?

  40. I love their rooms – did you see the cat portrait in the kittens’ room above the vanity? Ahn.

    I think the crash was “fake” in that – no, they didn’t have a roof or scaffolding partially fall on the pups. That, and maybe the falling dust, were visual effects. The babies most likely heard a loud clap or other noise to startle them and the director was like, “Cut! That’s a wrap, folks!” I used to work for a visual effects company 😀

    And now….back to the qte.

  41. Needs bunnies.

  42. Next time I watch it, I’ll stop it before that awful crash and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy-screw the New York Lottery with such bad ideas! Boooooo! Boooooooo!

    opossum, you are correct, I expect, but the abruptness is what I consider to be the ‘sin’ here. AWWWWWWWWW those leetle critters are cute!

  43. I didn’t like the crashiness either, but pigs in pajamas in bunk beds? Sheer genius.

  44. @kittyadventures — they missed out on including pigs in a blanket :~)

  45. The twitchings!!!!!!!!! OMG.. I’m dead! x_X

  46. Yeah, what Marie said – needs bunnies. In footie PJs.

  47. This is the cutest ad I have ever seen! I have the urge to share it with everyone, but my co-workers already think I’m nuts. Maybe I will just share it with the ones that understand.

  48. Sweet.

  49. The look of pure bliss on the face of the upper-bunk piggy!

    Could we make it a rule that any animal wearing jammies is cute? Or is that too obvious?

  50. great now im sleepy and my head is spinning cause of the cuteness the corgies and the piggie were so cute!!!

  51. Piggy gutulence? Nice one!

  52. Corgi puppies!
    Poor things, hopefully they aren’t scarred from the scary noise….

  53. Qtexploitation. hee. i like it.

  54. Oh please people do you really think that the end crash was real … its called editing.
    When the crash happens all the cute lil puppies look to the left not up. But the dressing them up … I just don’t know. =)

  55. I am sure opossum is right, if you look the pups all look to the left of screen (the clap or command) not up towards the ceiling. The crash is a cutaway, and possibly Jim Hensons creature worshop had a hand in some of the sequences. They worked on ‘BABE’ and I don’t remember catching any obvious fakes in that film.

  56. FZiii – Jinx ( sort of )

  57. Oh…. My…… God……
    I have tears in my eyes from the cute. I think my heart is going to ‘splode in my chest.
    The corgi’s are adorable, but it’s the piglets in the pjs that don’t quite cover their little bellies that is about to kill me.

  58. I hate lotteries anyway. You wanna be rich? Get off your @$$ and go get a job and earn it.

    But now I’m champing at the bit to get home and watch all the aminals in their PJs!

  59. “Piggies used to look good to me,
    but now I find them,
    Simply Irresistible.
    These so fine,
    There’s no tellin’ where the money went…!”

  60. @ BeckyMonster

    Thank you! I though I was the only one who goes a little crazy when people get that wrong. Money itself is not evil!

  61. Maybe it’s the rooF of all ebl…

  62. Auntie Meme says:

    I want to edit out the crash and just put the rest of it on a loop. I think I would just bliss out watching it and get *yawn* so tie-tie and…..snorghhhhhhhhhhh.

  63. OMG Corgies in Pajamas /dies

  64. All you need is a dollar and a dream.

  65. Janet in NYC says:

    This is unacceptable.

  66. BeckyMonster says:


    You are certainly NOT alone. Bad grammar and misquotes drive me totally bonkers. Don’t get me started on Their, They’re and There!

  67. just looking at those piggies (and the tiny sleepy chicklets), how could anyone Ever eat one?!
    they’re So cute i can hardly stand it. they’re actually smiling! and does everyone know they’re smarter than dogs? so please don’t eat the piggies!

  68. This vid is so cute it has taken a while to recover so that I can actually type again! Seepy sheep babeh aminals in pjs! OMG! That. is. deadly. qte.

    I was always taught that “greed is the root of all evil.”

  69. Curse you, lottery, curse you!!!!!!

    Also, the protruding pig bellies and corgies in footsy pajamas just made my eyes twinkle!

  70. That little kitty sigh…too much…it was just too much…


  71. Corgis!! Baby corgis in PJs!!

    replay replay replay replay….. can’t get enough.

  72. I have a really strange kitty then. She likes to wear clothes and even has a Santa hat to wear at Christmas time. I also have a Pom that loves to be dressed up. She is starting to get more clothes than me…This was just way too cute.

  73. I’ve watched this about 100 times and still cannot get over the cuteness. I pause it just before the BOOM!, then start at the beginning again, and again, and … But you guys are right, the puppies look to the left, and prolly the whole boom thingy is just a special effect, and some nice hoooman was really saying, “who wants a nice treat?” to get their little attention.
    Also noticed that the piggies have little kid-type drawings on the wall beside their bunk beds. I still need to watch a few more times.

  74. As I live in NY, I already despise the NY lottery. On the other hand, they have tapped into a powerful cute with that video. And now that smart folks have pointed out that the crash at the end is faked, I can feel free to watch it over and over and over and (*melts into puddle*)

  75. Best part was the end! LOL!

  76. Too much! Even from the screenshot!

  77. @Mare: I’m right behind you….(as soon as I finish swimming the Pacific Ocean….)

    (looking through programs list…don’t I have video editing software in this mess?)

  78. Glad to see more wordsmiths here.

    And now for the video: Sleepy babies were cute beyond words to describe them.

    Then comes the lottery . . .

    I’ll be happy to kill their advertising people if a few of you will alibi me.

  79. is it me or is this video not working anymore?

    it says “this is a private video.” for shame!

  80. Not sure why they made it private, but it seems to be working (or it’s a different version) on his channel page –

  81. @ Baroo
    Same here, can’t watch the video.

  82. thicktortiethintabby says:

    Me three. I couldn’t watch it either.

  83. Also now getting the private video problem. Boooo! 😉

  84. thicktortiethintabby says:

    And I *ain’t* signing in to YouTube on his channel page to watch it there. You lose, doggie, you lose.

  85. Baroo, it’s not working for me either. “This is a private video” or one they regret making?

  86. thicktortiethintabby, you don’t have to sign in to watch it.

    It’s right here – working fine right now –

  87. video comes up with “private video” but brooke’s link works. puppy in pjs!

  88. Chix pretending they’re awake, sandwiched between tweetching trotters and catspaws.

  89. AH! I can’t see eet!!!1 I wanna see eet!!!!!!


  90. They blocked it shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  91. meh…seems like I got the private problem too.

    [This should be fixed now. – Ed.]

  92. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I’ve updated the post with the link from Brooke (thanks, Brooke!). You can still watch the video at YouTube, so just scroll up to the post and look for the link.

  93. I’ve just died. The chickies in the smocks killed me. I want to watch it over and over and over again.

    (Thanks for sending an updated link, Brooke! I was going to be so brokenhearted if I couldn’t watch the sleepy babies!)

  94. Thanks Brooke. 🙂 The vid is way cute, I’m glad I could still see it at your link

  95. Whether the end is fake or not, it’s OBNOXIOUS. I hate lotteries and I hate yelling guys and they took away my sleeping animals in pajamas for that!


    *angrily massaging cat*

    Uh, that sounds dirty.

    Never mind.

  96. Sweeeeeeeet! ❤ 😀

  97. The corgi in the mint green pajamas with the snap buttons is THE CUTEST THING TO EVER HIT THE INTERNETS EVERS.

  98. Someone here must be tech-savvy enough to grab the video and edit a version of it with just the sleepy baby animals. Please?

    I cannot think of anything in the world cuter than a Corgi puppy in pajamas. Not even in Japan. 🙂

  99. They don’t look at all scared – either someone blew a whistle, or clapped or yelled, “BACON!” I hope the piggies didn’t hear any “bacon” remarks.

  100. those bahstads at the ny lottery!
    but those bebehs were just so adorabuhls…le sigh.

  101. At least the roof falling in stopped that creepy music.

  102. They all had to be drugged… there’s no way this could have been done peacefully.

    [Right. No cute baby animals ever get sleepy. – Ed.]

  103. This was the best video ever when it was puppies in pajamas. When the kitties, piggies, and chickies showed up, it became the BESTEST best video ever.

  104. why do i think it’s anerable to wake up cute things whilst they slumber? to me, the pups waking up and looking surprised is precious. am i a masochist?

  105. I just don’t get it.

  106. I live in NY, if I buy one of these tickets do I get a free pj’d pet 2?

  107. piglets in spiderman underoos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    puppies in footie jamas

  108. I don’t know how those people filmed the little bebeh’s. Seriously… they wouldn’t have been able to get to sleep with me constantly SQUEEEEEEing in the background and attempting to snorgle the hell out of all of them.

  109. The only other pet phrases I saw were “bacon bits” and almost “three dog night,” because in one scene there were just three corgis.You’re right, pigs in blankets was a missed opportunity, but I wouldn’t have traded seeing those pork bellies for anything! Well, maybe for a winning lottery ticket. 😉

    @Leezil, they’re saying that winning the lottery would be sweeter than sweet, and for some reason were showing us the sweetest things they could find. I guess people are struck so dumb by the cuteness (OMG CORGIS!! THEY USED CORGIS!!!) that they can’t think straight after that. Ergo, the tagline makes no sense to anyone, even the ad directors and lottery officials who OK’d the concept.

  110. all teh piggy lubs reminded me of this old favorite.
    yes, yes, once upon a time I usta know this song by heart.

  111. Oh, those animals are so sweet and cute. it reminded me a family movie where pets play main roles. lol! My little sister likes such things. not for me actually. horror movies are the best! I could not keep silence and even wrote my blogs about that!

  112. Felicityanne says:

    @Metz: oooh, I can’t wait to read the comments people are going to make on those song lyrics!!!

  113. I was ded in the first second seeing the little corgi bebeh jump onto his pee-lows! I just want to scoop ’em all up an snorgle all their little tummehs (especially the little pork bellies)!


  114. psychologist1 says:

    so cute beginning – and so “sad” end…. ))

  115. ambrosia202 says:


  116. Obviously, they had to use CORGIES!!1


  117. I really think they needed the standard ASPCA disclaimer at the end!

  118. LOVED the little critters – SO cute
    HATED the end – evil lottery people indeed!

  119. poor animals,this is awful:(
    transforming a piglet or a chick into a pet for the time of an ad and eating it five minutes later is particularly loathsome.

  120. Fatty Pot bellies!!!!!!!!! Get those oinkers some bigger pjs!

  121. mandy_Reeves says:

    now I think about it…i think they are CGI bebeh’s….so no harm done

  122. globalinternational says:

    thats really cute 🙂

  123. Holy Jeebus! The poor babies!

  124. Leslie (NTA) says:

    hey folk — just had 4000 things to navigate in my (non C/Overload) life the past few days; just saw this items briefly actually on my way out the door — WOW. Can’t even slow down enuff to browse the comments…..but you can betcher sweet bippee that I’ll be back again when computers are avail to check this out more. Critters in PJ’s? “Sweet is sweet”? howdy & bye for now. Peace out

  125. Leslie (NTA) says:

    ps — the quick impact (heh heh) is that I wanna get a link to Beatles (yeah, I know, I like them just a bit) PIGGIES song …

    living Piggie lives…you can see them out for dinner, with their piggie wives…
    clutching forks & knives, to EAT THEIR [word edited here, out of concern for tha piggies’ self-esteem]_________. (;) )

  126. Sweet sleeping piggies….doggies in pjs…snoozing kittehs….and OMG WTF MAKE IT STOP!!!! WHY WHY WHY did you just crash a sign into the roof and wake the schmoopy babehs???? Worst. ending. ever!

  127. BeckyMonster says:


    You’re not a masochist, you’re a sadist. Sadists do the naughty things, masochist like it.

  128. Wow! I utterly despise the New York lottery!

  129. How DARE they use cute baby animals to manipulate people into buying lottery tickets!!! That´s ….. exploitation! How horrible. I hate the “psychology” they use behind advertising.

    But the animals……………. anerable!!!! 😀

  130. Omg when the tabby kittayn rests its little head on the other kittayn…*swoooooon* aaaaaand *dead*

  131. Crusty Baguette says:

    I was thinking about how perfect it would be to show to my toddler before bedtime… never mind!

  132. First of all putting clothes on animals is assinine. Second…scaring the poor things cruel. Poor little goomers.

  133. This….was…..brilliant.

  134. Are they trying to say that lots of money is better than cute? NO WAYS!!!

  135. That level of cuteness is dangerous to those with heart conditions. There should be a warning for sure. Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  136. Where is this place, and how do I move in and live there (without annoying crashes, please)??

  137. I saw this on TV the other day and couldn’t think of anything objectionable about it. I didn’t remember the ceiling-crashing part– just the adorableness. 🙂

  138. Wh- what’d they do that for?!

  139. Oh my goodness, those little puppies are mildly surprised! SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING HORRIBLE TO THOSE PEOPLE. Because there is no way that they dubbed in the crash and just made some small noise to get the puppies’ attention. Because puppies are such SUPER DUPER HEAVY SLEEPERS.

    Seriously, people?

  140. Oh, Madison Ave. What will you ponder next?

  141. ohhh…everything cute….except the piggies. something got me with those bellies..exposure? hm.

  142. That is so mean!!! They are so cute. Especially for my opinion the pembroke welsh corgi at the end sleeping with a stuffed animal.

  143. OMGOMGOMG….you can actually hear tiny puppy snoring at 0:19!!!!


  144. Oh, and for the people who don’t understand it…the point is, sleeping animals are superly superly sweet, but, apparently, this lottery game is EVEN SWEETER.

    Lies, I tell you. LIES!

  145. instituteofanimalhaberdashery says:

    Nothing is as sweet as a pig in pajamas… not even a porcupine

  146. oh.

    that’s just insane. those corgis in jambers. sigh.

  147. Cutest ad I’ve EVER seen! Seriously, this ad even puts us on Japanese level of cuteness, and you know Japan specializes in cute.

    As far a ceiling falling down, they were trying to appeal to guys as well as women. You know, not that guys would want to scare baby pets. More like, making it kind of a “Dude..” type of situation, if that makes sense. I guess, it’s like a guy would say “Enough cute already!!”

  148. no! sweet animals are still sweeter than a “sweet” million, you can’t cuddle with money!

  149. …but you can endow a humane society.

  150. GAh! Evil!!!!!

  151. Definitely CUTE OVERLOAD…until the damn ceiling fell in.

  152. kitkatherine says:

    i don’t get it?
    is there some deeper meaning to this?
    does it mean people spend so much money spoiling their pets they are going poor?
    i just don’t get it.

  153. The kittens, puppies, piglets and the chicks are soooo adorable but I don’t like the ending of the commercial. Benditooo!

  154. I saw a new one tonight! With dressed-up bunnies!