The GIFs That Keep on Giving

Browse enough message boards, or open enough e-mails, and odds are you’ve seen a few animated GIF images — tiny video clips full of endlessly-repeating hilarity, their sources long forgotten. Below, a few favorites (about 2MB each):

still-Kitten_pounces_dog still-Puppies_gate_GTFO
still-Guinea_pigs_nomrace still-Bird_steals_sad_wallaby


  1. Awww! The poor marseupial (no coffee, no spellcheck) looks so sad when his snack is stolen.

  2. Noelle (the First) says:

    OMG! The look on the dogs face after the kitty pounces is prescious! He’s all “WTF? Did you see that?”

  3. The doggy is more like, “Ugh, see what you’ve brought in?”

  4. papagenothehedgehog says:

    The wallaby actually made tears well up in my eyes– poor guy!! (Clever birdie, though!)

  5. Are those peegs on the Animal Olympics Synchronized Nomming team?

  6. The kitty pounce made me laugh out loud! And the poor puppy with that look on his face like “You’re taping this when you could have stopped it. Thanks.”


  7. LOF EET OMG! 😀

  8. I ♥ guinea pig mouths.

  9. CoconutCheez says:


  10. poor puppy just wanted to see what was going on and his sibling pushes him off….poor little guy

  11. As far as I can tell, those are WHEATEN puppies!!! We love Wheatens!!!!

    Poor doggie in the first one. “Had to go get a kitten, didja?”

  12. i swear guinea piggehs are the cutest animals on earth. and this from a confirmed cat-aholic.

  13. Those were hilarious. Where’s the one of the penguin knocking another one below the ice?

  14. They’re just like little kids… only waaaaay cuter!

  15. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Estlin: I know the one you mean; a penguin knocks (or in another version, trips) a fellow penguin into the water. That was done with computer manipulation, and here’s the original footage with just the one penguin falling into the water (which is funny enough in itself):

    And here’s what was done with it:

  16. mervtheflamingo says:

    I love the guinea pigs!


  17. The first one is so cute! The dog’s expression CLEARLY says :

    “Mooooooom….he’s picking on me”

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    Ok I admit, my favorite was the one of the 3 puppies, where pup# 2 wants to keep his spot and not let #3 into the picture. “Go away, we got here first! she only has two hands, that means two treats, and they are OURS!” Funny! But close in second favorite was the dog… “do you see what I put up with from this thing? And do I get any bonus points for not chomping this .. this .. “kitten” in one gulp which I could so easily do? NOooOOo, I get no credit for that at all. Life just is not fair sometimes!”

  19. I love how the pouncing kitten goes right back to “Hey, lookit this shoe … that’s where I been all this time, poking this shoe … don’t look at me, dogface”. Reminds me of how my cat plays ferociously with his toys until he spots me watching. (Followed by a glare that says “You buy crappy toys”.)

  20. The guinea pigs need a soundtrack of old timey typewriters….. tick tick tick tick tick *ping* tick tick tick *ping*

  21. Thanks for sharing these…what a great way to start my day !

  22. Hahaha! Poor dog. His look is totally “Do you SEE what I have to put with here???”

  23. hahahahaha, loove kitten and dog, his glance cracked me right up. I’ll be giggling all day now, lol

  24. I swear the guinea pig on the left keeps winkin’ at me.

  25. I totally LOL’d at the kitten, that dogs look is priceless.

  26. Poor wallaby!!!

  27. that puppy and bird just pulled a kanye

  28. bird just pulled a kanye

    Holy crap, it DID!

    “Yo, Wallaby. I’m really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but this is one of the best sammiches of all time!”

    (I sniffled for the wallaby.)

  29. I loved the kitten and the dog, how the kitten just goes back to his spot looking totally innocent and playing a bit with the shoe, like, “what?! I did nothing!”

  30. “nom nom nom…”
    *bird steals*
    “my…my food.”

    Poor little wallaby.

  31. that puppy, who pushes the other one aside, is like my Safin, personality-wise.

  32. I propose that ‘pulled a Kanye’ become our go-to expression to describe anyone spoiling someone’s special moment.
    Especially if the special moment is LUNCH.
    My favourite iteration (which I can’t find right now) is a portrait of Catherine Howard with Kanye popping in going YO CATHERINE HOWARD I’M HAPPY FOR YOU AND I’M GONNA LET YOU FINISH BUT ANNE BOLEYN HAD ONE OF THE BEST EXECUTIONS OF ALL TIME

  33. wow. that bird really kanyed. poor wallaby. i wanna hug that wallaby and give him/her big load of new food.

  34. @ M: yes, the clickety typewriter music would be perfect!

    The three dogs totally reminded me of my three kids.

  35. 1. Bad ol’ kitten sez, “Face da mewsic!”
    2. That’s no dog, that’s Angelina Jolie. Oh, um, wait…
    3. Barbra Streisand and Barry Manilow singin’, “I Got Chew, Babe.”
    4. Definitely pulling a Kanye. 😦

  36. Queen of Dork says:

    skippymom said, “Synchronized Nomming Team”

    “Synchronized Nomming Team!” That cwacked me up.

  37. Queen of Dork says:

    The second video, that puppy is like Glenda the Good on The Wizard of Oz to the Wicked Witch in Munchkin Land…he’s all, “you have no power here, BE GONE!”

  38. Em (The Original) says:

    Awesome!! 🙂

  39. Oh no, poor wallaby.

  40. Can we get the guinea pigs in reverse?


  42. The puppy video is reduced to pointilism on my screen. Why can’t we have Guinea Pigs at recycling centres? then we could feed in our green waste to the green nomming machines.

    The Evil Penguin is a real hoot.

  43. the wallaby bird one never fails to slay me!

  44. Those birds are cheeky, one nicked the bacon off my brother’s sandwich a while ago.

  45. Aaawwwww look at the poor kangaroo looking down going, “Whaaa—? Where’d my sammich go???”

  46. Andi from NC says:

    The guinea pigs are my fave, but all them are so cute. Love the dog’s reaction to the kitteh attack – just looks at the camera hopelessly as if to say, “Mom, I thought you promised no more kittens!!”

  47. Don’t go to the website shown on the bottom left hand side of the GIF – NSFW!!!!!

  48. hahaha.. I feel so bad for the little guy in the last one.. that mean old bird stole his foods! He looked so sad… 😦

  49. 1- I would find it hilarious if the kitten jumped on me. The dog’s reaction is so cute.
    2-I think pup wanted to push the first down to but was farther away.
    3-On your mark… get set…go!!! eeeaaaoooow. (saw mill sound)
    4- Like at the petting zoo with small child deer always comes by and takes toddlers food. Poor thing!
    All are cute.

  50. Thanks, Mike! I had no idea that the penguin vid had been manipulated.

  51. Ha! In my near-dyslexia I read the title of the guinea pig one as “guinea pig romance” instead of “guinea pig nomrace.” I expected them to be chewing each end of the same piece of grass and kiss in the middle, a la Lady and the Tramp.

    [Well now I like it better that way. *sigh* – Ed.]

  52. i haz a sad because of the wallaby! he looked so forlorn! 😦

  53. Hilarity in a tiny frame. The pups one made me think of Cinderella – the stepsisters when the prince comes around with the slipper. And the wallaby one? I am still LOLing. That is the definish of “crestfallen”.

  54. Love these!! And the penguin one too – I think the original is funnier.

  55. Oh, these are all so cute, and so funny! If I had to choose a favorite ivideo, it would be a tie between the pouncing kitten and the 3 puppies. Thanks for sharing.

  56. I loooove the kitty jumping on the dog one.The dog is like, “You saw that right? Cats.”

    The shoving doggy is my second fav. 😀

  57. That poor wallaby depresses me so much. I feel like that poor guy, and just want to give him a hug (and another sandwich). Bastard Kayne bird stole his Happy.

  58. Ok, the guinea pig one is totally what my office mate and I will be if we continue eating more salads.


  59. Cute and very brave, no wait, very stupid kitty!

  60. oh pleeease give him back his snack! haha

  61. Really wonderful. Thanks to you sharing, I have burbles and bubbles of happiness. Each one brings out a separate set of repeat laughs. Thank you repeatedly. 🙂

  62. globalinternational says:

    wow , thats really very cute , all were awesome.
    Thanks for sharing these, best of luck.

  63. Awww…poor little Wallaby! He needs another snack!

  64. I laughed myself to tears over the first two. The dog’s expression is like, “What the heck was that? No, seriously, what?” And then the shoving puppies–siblings for sure!

  65. I laughed the hardest at the unmanipulated penguin video. I can just hear it saying, “I totally meant to do that, I could see that ice was thin; I planned the whole thing, face plant and all”.

  66. Poor sweet baby! Birds are such jerks…