I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the spinner is missing…

Unfortunately, they realized too late that Farmer Ted had duped them once again. In hindsight, his suggestion did seem odd; and playing Twister over an empty bowl proved to be very foolish, indeed.


Farmer Ted will pay, Julie D.



  1. So much disapproval in such a small place!!!! It hurts to look …. eeeeeeeekkkkkkk

  2. Snorgle Pie

    5 or 6 medium sized buns
    1 slightly too small dish
    Snorgle to taste

    Serves oodles.

  3. I want to dive in the middle. At least until I start sneezing! 🙂

  4. hot crossed buns!

  5. I like that bun bun pile; CO is jackin’ my style.

  6. looks like a quorum. they can easily pass a resolution of disapproval against him.

  7. Rabbit pile on the rabbits..

  8. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Bowl o’ Bunnies.

  9. There is a heap, in Cute Overload, they call the Rising Bun, and it’s been the ruin of many a floor toy, and Ted, you know, you’re done.

  10. I don’t even think the all-brown bunny registers disapproval – he just got caught in the pile-up. Wrong place, wrong time.

  11. There you go again, Pyrit!!!! Too moishe!!!!! 😀

  12. For some reason, I keep thinking of the old Warner Bros cartoon with Yosemite Sam working as a medieval cook for the King, who wants Hasenpfeffer…

  13. fearthebear says:

    The dangling foot! I shall nom the dangling foot!

  14. Looks like I have a new background for my computer at work.

  15. Darn. fearthebear beat me to the danglage.

  16. @pyrit: Awesomesauce! 😀

  17. Slap on a pie crust. Bake at 350 for one hour. Bunpie!

  18. BeckyMonster says:

    Bunday, roasted Bunday!!!
    (sing in Bono voice)

  19. pyrit wins again.

    Farmer Ted, try ebay or check your local thrift shops. And Farmer Ted, never let buns play Twister unsupervised unless you want more buns.

  20. One ex-large bun bowl to go, please.

  21. This message brought to you by the Society for Stacking Bunnies on top of other Bunnies.

  22. Who woudn’t want more buns?

  23. So this is what a disapproval singularity looks like. It has been known to cause anyone who sees it to feel inadequate as its disapproval is infinite.

  24. that’s even cuter than a bowl full of bunnies….wait a sec.

  25. The disapproval and cuteness is too much!

  26. Farmer Ted, eh? Hmm…was this an outtake from Sixteen Candles?

  27. rabbit pot pie, hold the hare….

  28. LilLordFauntleroy says:

    omg, i can’t stop saying ahhhh. ahhhhh. ahhhh. damn it! ahhh.

  29. Wanna buy bunnehs in bulk!
    Big bunches of bunnehs in baskets!
    Wanna dive – drown – in the ocean of disapproval!
    Where is that Farmer Ted and his bun bun barn?

  30. Hm. If the bunnies continue their revenge plot, and rob Farmer Ted of his posessions, would that make them… Buns of Steal? 🙂

  31. A little whip creme, some caramel and you’ve got a bun sunday!

  32. catloveschanel says:

    It’s so hard to find a good salad spinner {sniff, disapprove}

  33. “Nobody goes there any more, its too crowded” Yogi Berra

  34. THIS is what’s in store for Sen. Wilson (R-SC) is the Democrats have their way!

  35. Send some of those caramel tofees my way…i dream of lop, they are gorgeous!

  36. the paw… THE PAW!


  37. Ackshully, those buns look like they’re on a BBQ grill! Yikes!

  38. Let me fess up. If I see Rabbit on the Menu I usually order it. Yummy.

  39. The Rabbit Theater Features:


    Life still goes on…

  40. ‘Kay, I keep reading ‘Farmer Ted’ as Father Ted. Who coincidentally did have his house overrun by rabbits.

    Aaanyway. Jenga? Yes please. I’ll pull the black spotted one out from the bottom. Your turn!

    Whaddya mean I have to put it back? What a stupid game.

  41. @Katrina: All bow down to the Ineffable, Inscrutable, Indispensable Yogi!!! Saw him at a Mets game a couple of weeks ago, and he’s lookin’ good! He probably got the hugest ovation any majorly-Yankee-connected jock has ever received at a Mets game.

  42. so much fluff together lol

  43. Leslie (NTA) says:

    While I nearly always feel as tho’ Pyrit knows the winnin’ answer to everything posted here & I still feel he does …..in this one isolated case, I gotta (will I sound more hip if I use the following phrase) send a Shout Out to gizmo….whose Comment on this post, seems to me, to be the *ne plus ultra* of pithiness.

    (wow, sounds kinda filthy; but those phrases actually mean “great stuff” !!!)

  44. Theresa- yup- they broke the mold when he was born.

    I have been *paying attention* when the baseball games come on, and I know a little something abut the game, now. A leeeeeeeetle something. I can see why you like it so much. Are you having a good season?

    And- how is the chorus-have you started rehearsals yet this season?

  45. Gosh, that looks just so appetizing! In a snorglish kinda of way, please understand.

  46. Leslie (NTA) – It is interesting. You’re not the first peep to think I’m a he. Maybe it is something to do with peeps’ preconceptions?
    I am a she. Like a SHEll, SHErry, SHEnanigans. And I like S(H)Ean Connery. Yum!

  47. hassenpfeffer!

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    @Katrina / Theresa .. “chorus” ???

  49. Mary (the first) says:

    well fer cryin’ out loud, ya learn something every day. I would have sworn Yogi Berra died decades or at least years ago. Apparently this is not true! Good to know!

  50. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit: Madame, je m’excuse pour cette gaffe. Mea Maxima Culpa. Your brilliance remains unshadowed, even by my goofy gaffe. I extend my deepest felicitations to you & your entire ship’s crew !!!! (Doffs fancy bonnet & curtseys)

    (“AAArgh” — isn’t that what pirate parottes are alleged to say, matey?)

  51. Oh my, that ginger spotted bun on the bottom is disapproving SO. HARD.

  52. Mmmm, a bowl of bunnies for breakfast.

  53. Not that Bob, the other Bob says:

    Look at that yummy paw danglage! Once that grill fires up, that’ll be one crispy snack! Pass the BBQ sauce!

  54. A. Non Ymous says:

    They’re probably in the bowl to avoid standing on that cage floor . . . but I’ll assume that they have a solid surface for walking close by and that piling into a bowl is something rabbits do spontaneously.

  55. My Lady pyrit – You rock.

  56. Blondie – now that’s what ya call ironic.
    (re: Deborah Harry)

    (thank you)

  57. omg so bunnular!

  58. Aw – cute babies. Grab the bowl ( bunnies in tact ) – hold close and blow lightly to cool down, snuggle and enjoy each one.

  59. I can’t figger out – HOW MANY BUNNIES ARE THERE? 5? 6? 7? MORE?

  60. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  61. No wonder they’re sleeping in the bowl if they have to walk on the grates instead of soft stuff like wood shavings.