Winston Just Got Schooled.

Oh, Winston. You know you’re a bit of a hero in these parts, but that’s only because we’re drawn to magnificently fluffy, ambivalent cats with questionable intelligence. Yes, studies suggest your brain is the size of that kernel you don’t know how to eat, as evidenced in this cob-bacle. So it pains us (delights us!) to do this to you, but this is how it’s properly done. Winston, meet Myack:

That cob never saw that cat comin'.

Myack? Really?

R.I.P., corn. R.I.P.

He’s a cobnobbing cat, Lillian O.



  1. Is that cat meditating? Nommmmmmmm

  2. AA! He looks just like my Morganna! I love his little prissy crossed paws!

  3. Love the privacy paws! He is too proper to let total strangers see the little cob and kernels.

  4. Zen and the Art of Nomming Corncobs…

  5. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Raise your hand if love the crossed paws.

    And while this isn’t a traditional cats n’ racks photo, I think it could apply. Just consider it.

  6. One of my cats love corn on the cob, too. Why is that? But, he doesn’t sit so cutely when he does eat it! This is too precious!

  7. Winston, are you going to put up with this? Come on, man (cat?)! It’s on, I tell you, it’s on!!

  8. Awww. it’s so cute! He looks like he is covering his privates… lmao.
    So modest!

  9. What is this, cat corn porn?

    How do we know Myack is the one who daintily nibbled that ear of corn and not the human just shoving pre-nibbled corncob in Myack’s face? Hmm… ? J’accuse!

  10. *speechless*

  11. Re-DONK.

    Totes Ridic.

    And so and so….

  12. Oh my God I love his dainty sitting position. Best corn-nomming cat ever.

  13. Seriously, that is adorable. he’s obviously enjoying some delicious butter and salt. And did anyone else notice her shirt says “Cornell {something something} Society”? Get it, CORNell? 🙂

  14. LMAO! Love the paws and the kernels strewn all over.

  15. i love it… so cute

  16. Wow, look at the smile on that blissed out nommersons!!

    (Did I actually just use the word ‘nommersons’ … oh dear.)

  17. Totally schooled, Winston. The polite paws are a big hit! What a humble and happy kitty!

  18. The crossed paws take this into a whole ‘nother realm of cuteness.

    @Argyle Donkeypants: I was thinking exactly the same thing about a possible cats n’ racks tag. It is defo worthy of consideration.

  19. Myack is possibly the best name for a cat I have ever encountered. I imagine it’s the sound a cat makes eating corn on the cob in a sitting position:”myackmyack myackmyackmyack myackitty macksmack”.

  20. catloveschanel says:

    He looks like a proper gentleman while eating corn! I must have went to the wrong finishing school! I been schooled.

  21. Love this! Absolutely love it!

  22. BeckyMonster says:

    Myack is probably the noise he makes right before he horks up any unchewed kernels. Excellent use of human corn picks. The Russian judge gives him a 9.875!!!

  23. That is so awesome! I think my cats would only lick the butter off.

  24. Kathleen in Canada says:

    Aww… I love his paws. And look… he made sure he’s got a snack for later!

  25. It’s the fangs, Winston. The fangs. They no good on corn.

  26. loves his little crinkled up nosie

  27. He looks very civilized, sitting there with his paws politely crossed as he noms on the corn. He may need a bib, though.

  28. Notice that the cat’s dignified posishe is in stark contrast to the huge mess of corn he has made of all over himself.

  29. Winston should also note the proper sitting posish.

  30. Queen of Dork says:

    I was thinking the same thing as nismo! He’s sitting so daintly prim and proper yet he’s covered in niblets. Adorable!!!

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s too much.. I thought it was cute enough when all I saw was the head (and rack) .. then scrolled down to the dainty paws and chubby tum… omg. TOO much. That’s a pretty spoiled kitteh.

  32. Bellie kernels! Snorgling snacks!

    Also, what’s with cats liking corn? Mine loves it too but she’s much too dainty to eat it off the cob. She’d be mortified if she found a kernel stuck in her teefs after she had a long, menacing chat with the birds through the window.

  33. Helena Montana says:

    Love the polite paws, too. It must be noted however, that there appears to be more corn ON the cat than IN the cat. But that always happens to me, too.

  34. Wow he looks so proper and fancy. I’m interested to see if he drinks tea with a pinky up.
    Before coming here, I really never knew that cats liked corn so much =/.

  35. Random Thoughts:

    @Helena Montana, looks like some corn -or other foodstuffs- have definitely made it into Myack, he a healthy boy.

    @Rachael and Argyle Donkeypants: Beat me to the bunch by a mile. I am a “me three” for cats n’ racks, peeps.

    Since I just fed my baby, I have to admit one of my first thoughts was Myack needs a bib!!

    Lastly… request for video, please!!

  36. Is Myack preggers or just full-figured?

  37. Oh my goodness! Look at all those little corn pieces on him! hehe

  38. Am I the only one who didn’t know people fed corn on the cob to their kitties?

    [People generally don’t. This is an exception thing, which is partly what makes it special. – Ed.]

  39. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Argyle D et al definitely hit the mark w/ my POW mental impact on seeing these pics & story …We are almost unani”mouse” (giggle) in our appreciation of the dainty posture & crossed paws (& the cat/rack aspect)….

    Just one ques. remains. Has Rich the ….(voice of Cowardly Lion, here, please)
    “courage” (YIPES) to attempt to discuss/ show Winston that he might at present lack some skillzzz?????? I for one, would be too much of a wimp to instruct Winnie on ENNYthing. But I am entirely within The Winston Spell so maybe Rich would manage to get ‘r done????? Anyone wish to discuss this commentroversy potential?

  40. I think Winston and Myack should have a corn-eating contest. And if they both finish their ears at the same time, it will have to be declared a Tie Cob.

  41. Waves to Helena Montana.. I left my heart in Helena long ago. Beautiful place.

  42. I tink Rudy, Winston’s bro cat, could kick his floofy butt. He is much cleaner as well. But darn, those “nyarnyar” nomming noises Winnie makes, takes the cake for me.

  43. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ 260Oakley:

    YOU knocked that one, OUTTA THA PARK !!
    (continuing the baseball parallel 😉

  44. First this….

    Poor Winney 😦

  45. The prissy paw posish has been noted, but what about the closed eyes? They fairly cry out “NYANG NYANG NYANG.”

  46. PS: New Category, Cats ‘n’ Cobs.

  47. kibblenibble says:

    Theresa, I’m with you! The closed eyes suggest genuine concentration. I also concur with the many others who enjoyed the very proper sitting posishe, crinkled nosie, and scattered kernels. Myack is a doll. But Winston is still fabulous, just as he is. I loved his method of “fanging” the cob! 🙂

  48. Those folded paws! Those blissfully closed eyes!

  49. Yes, the little velvety furrows in the nose are incredibly cute!

  50. Hell hath no fury like a Winston s-corned.

  51. More furrows:

    [That. Is freakin’ AWESOME. 😆 – Ed.]

  52. @Theo, I’m acquainted with a dog of that type, furrows a-plenty– some meanie must have told him he’s ugly, because he’s got the biggest charm offensive of any dog I’ve ever known. “Oh, excuse my drool. Are those your kids? Got any more pictures? Did you lose weight, you look FANTASTIC!!!”

  53. Kitteh needs a bib. That says “OMNOMNOMNOM”.


  54. berthaservant says:

    Definitely cats and racks and cobs and kernels.

    I’m sorry to say that many times I have probably resembled this, without the adorable furry stripes. And it was popcorn, not real corn. But yeah.

  55. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Theresa :
    In Re. Disapproval Dog:
    HOLY CRAP. Imho, now that you posted THAT canine curmudgeon,
    C/O might as well simply eliminate the Disapproval Tag — not due to lack of great pics posted on This Topic….but simply in obeisance to The Disapproval of Tha Dogggg.
    HOLY Hand-Grenades. It jist doesn’t git enny more disapprovin’, than that — bunnies or no.

    (course, I COULD easily be wrong. )

  56. nomming in blissch! NOM!

  57. Who’s schooling who here? Myack’s sitting on a pretty girl’s lap while she’s holding up an ear of corn for him and presumably moving it when he runs out of sweet kernals and melted butter.

    That is a well trained hooman as they say.

    Reminds me of that Chinese folk tale of the world’s laziest man. Not that I’m implying that cats are lazy. That would be slanderous!

  58. I really want to know how they came up with that name.

  59. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:

    You could run a service (no, not THAT kind of service), providing immediate witty puns on demand !!!
    Performance Art !!! (maybe peeps would even PAY you for your clevair repartee!!) You might have to require that the topic include cute animal pix; otherwise ‘twouldn’t be enny fun!!!

  60. @Leslie, I don’t see him so much as disapproving as just deeply, deeply disappointed. In us all.

  61. This is too precious… Awwh… I want him to be mine ❤

  62. This cat officially joins my “Favorite Kitties” list, which includes Winston and maru.
    (Please don’t tell my cats about this. They each think they are the only one on the list and I’d to think what they would do if they found out otherwise.)

  63. I refuse to eat corn on the cob in public because I always end up with errant kernels in my hair and on my face and glasses. It’s just humiliating. I’m therefore inspired by the sight of Myack looking all cool and dignified in spite of the mess he’s made on himself.

    I wonder if he carries around a little thing of dental floss for just such occasions.

    It really is all about the attitude.

  64. That is an aMAIZEing photo.

    …oh dear.

  65. cats and racks and cobs and snacks!

  66. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Such lovely table manners. No elbows on the table. No, no, daintily crossed.

  67. That is just so very funny… lololol! Made my morning utterly.

  68. Very Kyoot… But, who gets to clean that litter box!!! Scary thought that it may be blown all over the place!!!!

  69. awesome pyrit 😉

  70. It’s not a fair comparison! Myack obviously has human help!

    My cats love the cobs, but, like Winnie, they prefer the used ones.

  71. my name is Lillian O. too!

  72. I cant believe no one commented on the fact that the girl’s shirt says ‘CORNell”!

  73. @Jon — scroll up to comment #13.

  74. i think this needs a cats-in-racks tag….

  75. why oh why did the image cut off before his FEETS? I predict some wonderful tabby toes down there…

  76. Hmm, don’t understand this whole cat corn thing. According to research, cats can’t even taste sweet, and they’re pure carnivores. Could they be eating it for the fiber content, or is it like one of those foodie things, y’know, when you hear people say “I’m not really eating it for taste, I just like its texture.” Maybe they like it because it’s more ‘natural’ – more like eating things off the bones?

  77. Katja : LOL

  78. how do you pronounce myack? like my-ack (two syllables)? or m-yack (one syllable)?

  79. And Saffron swings for the fences! (I’ve been watching baseball).

    Decca- Cats don’t usually eat the things you wish them to eat, and they themselves pick their own gustatory quirks. Mine were all different, except for dairy products (the corn butter in this case, I’m sure), then they aaaaaallll joined in!
    IF cats don’t taste salt, it would surprise me! They do eat house plants-not so much as food as for recreation- I know, I lost a dozen (big, luscious, apparently), plants once when I asked a friend to hold on to them while I moved. All of them, gone.

  80. From what I’ve previously read, corn is sometimes used in cat foods, but it’s not really something that cats need (ditto for wheat and soy products) since cats require a high-protein diet. The high carb amount in wheat, corn, and soy supposedly may cause a rise in the blood sugar level in many cats. Any one else heard of this?

    Obviously, just because the cat likes it doesn’t mean it’s good for them One of my cats will eat/lick pretty much anything…including dried leaves.

  81. Time for me to lower the tone. I hope the corn doesn’t have the same affect on Myack that it does on me. To be said in Lancashire accent “It goes right through me” usually in a couple of hours.

  82. i’ve seen scientific studies that say cats and dogs can’t taste sweet, but experience has shown me that they can and they love it.

  83. @Hon Glad, like corn through a goose, presumably.

  84. That cat wins every prize.
    Couldn’t love these pictures more!

  85. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theresa …is that, the same way, our parents (well, maybe just MY parents?) used to shame us/ me, by NOT hollering & screaming & grounding us for life, but by simply, quietly commenting that they NEVER thought we/ I “would disappoint them so deeply” ( & then heaving a monumental sigh of angst, which felt like nails screeching on chalkboards)?????? O.M.G., that was devastating.

  86. Cute little tiger nomming his corn in a prayerful position. Crossed legs KILL me.

  87. Until CO, I didn’t even know kittens like teh corn on the cobs. I feel so bad for having deprived my babies in teh past. When the girlios are old enough, I will definitely introduce them to it and show them this pix, so they’ll know how it’s done, yo.

  88. Eats corn like a typewriter. tttttttt (left to right)

  89. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ saffron:

    “ochen kharasho”

    (aka: “Yay for you!” — approximately — in transliterated Russkie)

  90. i love cats, this cat has some very cute feet. ka-wai!!!

  91. AWESOME!! 🙂 yay for kitty getting his yummy corn noms on! He be soooo happy! look at that kitty contentment 🙂

  92. 😆 kitty loves his corn on the cob 😆

  93. The attitude of most proper decorum is somewhat diminished by the many corms scattered hither and yon. Still, a most amusing series of photos. _Golf claps_ and a 7 from the Russian Judge.

  94. Yo, CO crew!! Is crossed paws a rule of cuteness???? If not, IT SHOULD BE!

  95. teh corns is all over Winston…

  96. Such a Royal Regal position while the servent holds the food. Now that is what a cat deserves. Good human manners. Love the photos. Thank you for sharing.

  97. Many years ago I had two brothers, Leo (black fluffball) and Micio (slinky black) who loved sweet melons, sweetcorn, avocado pears and mushrooms.

    Leo used to eat a raw sweetcorn cob by sticking in the claws of both front legs to hold it steady and munching along until the row was chomped totally. Then he released his claws and turned the cob to get to a new uneaten row, and stuck in his claws again to repeat the process.This continued until it was totally finished. He also climbed into the fridge when he was little to get to a cut sweet melon and ate it skin and all.

    Micio was obsessed with cooked black mushrooms and would pester until he was given a plateful.


  98. This cat is deeply engrossed in eating and meditating – how adorable and awesome!

  99. “All your cobs now belong to us!!”

  100. The corn is plain, not buttered. Here’s actual footage!