Vincent and Jules Hatch Their Plan

“I don’t know…What do you think?”

“It’s risky. But if I’ve done the calculations correctly, I think it will hold. I just wish it had a bit more length.”

Say hello to my little friend.

“And what about the pigs?”

“You know them – it’s always hard to tell with their incessant wheet-wheet-wheeting, but I think they’re on board. But they want us to go first. You know, because of our ‘lucky feet’.”

“Typical. So we’re a go?”


The following morning Farmer Ted went out to his garden and discovered a veritable vegetable massacre. All that was left along the outside of the fence were six tiny trench coats, six tiny mustaches, and one leaf of kale. Farmer Ted thought back to the previous week and suspected that those ungrateful bunnies had actually followed through on their written threat:

“fArMheR Tehd:

We sicK of KAle. FEed us CaRROt oR wE usE kAle as PoLE vAUlt inTO VehgtIblE gARdEn. U hAve 7 Day.


RaBBits and Teh PiGs”

Build a higher fence, Julie D.



  1. Farmer Ted: “Carry on, my wayward Buns, there will be peas when you are done…”

  2. Oh, give them what they want. They’re so cute!

  3. LOL

    You have 7 days
    LOVE Rabits and The Pigs


    IT is the little details that make a joke .

  4. Should’ve had Duck deliver the ultimatum, then Farmer Ted would’ve known that they meant business.

  5. Send these guys to my house! I just yesterday pulled a bunch of beautiful sweet carrots out of the ground, and there are plenty more that these two can have if they just let me have a little snorgle right between their ears!

  6. I love the “impending doom” tag as well as the tan guyliner on bun-to-the-left. I have never seen tan, only swooned over black!

  7. silly wabbits

  8. Dumb Bunnies:

    You know what happens to naughty rabbits, don’t you? I suggest you ask your friend Peter if you don’t.


    Mr. MacGregor

    PS The pigs think you’re a couple of harebrained losers.

  9. Metsie LOLOL Tricks are for kids.

  10. lol… I can second that – I tried kale once for my piggehs and they DID. NOT. WANT. Ended up throwing the whole bunch outside for teh coons and possums…

  11. Leslie (NTA) says:

    LOVE the STORY
    Agree w/ Natalie; LOVE the “Impending Doom” Tag use here (Akshually, it seems hard to miss w/ pics of cute kritters, combined w/ the phrase “Impending Doom”)

    Love the pictures

    BUT MOST OF ALL — LOVE LOVE LOVE the specific inclusion in the story, of the detail that “tiny mustaches” (disguises to hide the cute kritters) were LEFT BEHIND as unfortunate forensic evidence. DNA is left from adhesive mustaches, doncha know ….. Call Agatha Christie !!! Prong is hereby “NOM” 🙂 -inated for some kind of prize/ Creative Cuteness Writing….

  12. oh dear…maybe someone can tell the sender-inner that the buns are actually too small to safely eat veggies?

  13. Haha – pyrit – you win!!!!! 😆

  14. just don’t let those bunnies read Animal Farm by Orwell. Especially keep that book from the piggies.

    I loved this story Prongs. Shades of Chicken Run?

  15. …don’t pole-fly no more 😆

  16. Yes, well done, pyrit, but now that song from my youth (which I never particularly liked) (the song, not my youth) (well okay, neither of them very much, really) is now stuck in my head, complete with all the mis-heard lyrics I already had. Thank you so much!

    [Pyrit! I believe you’ve earned your Earworm Wings! 😀 – Ed.]

  17. I jus sploded from the cute.


  18. Meh hate salad, how bout some Hawchooos.

  19. …because of our “lucky feet…” LOL!

  20. I ment Nawwchooows

  21. Pyrit for the win!

  22. Awesome song Pyrit!

    I believe this is a case for CSI:Vegetable Patch.

  23. for some reason, this makes me think of bunnicula….

  24. LOL. The idea of a team of rabbits and guinea pigs makes me so happy! I grew up with a bunny and piggies as pets, although our bunny actually preferred kale to carrots. Never saw her use it for pole vaulting purposes, but maybe she was just very careful… maybe she used it to sneak over to visit the boy bunny a few houses down…

  25. +1 Pyrit!

    But there is something odd going on – although these two bunnies clearly disapprove (of kale) they do not look disapproving! Just like white bunny on the stairs – where are these bunnies coming from?? Have they not learned disapproval??

  26. Vincent and Jules, two buns, fairly pale
    disapproved of their diet of kale.
    They started a riot,
    said, We wanna coirot,
    at once, farmhur, or U weell wail!

  27. I’m a little leery of the one on the left. He looks like he’s plotting….*rubs chin*

  28. Do I smell a ‘Pulp Fiction’ reference?

  29. “This was no man. Does a man have teeth the size of axe blades? Or ears like terrible tombstones? By tampering with nature, forcing vegetables to swell far beyond their natural size, we have brought a terrible judgement upon ourselves!”

  30. PS:
    “Oh, Gromit! We’ve created a monster. Hutch is the beast! The lunar panels! They must’ve ovestimulated his primitive bunny nature. And now when the moon is out, he undergoes a hideous transformation!”

  31. “Vince and Jules hatch their plan”

    Is it a coincidence that they look like eggs?

  32. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thought of the book Click Clack Moo when I read this post.

  33. And we thought NOMTOM was doolalley!

    Well done, Mr Potter. *snigger*

  34. @Laura S – Must be. At first, I was thinking Twins, but that was Julius. Though, at times, Vincent does call him “Jules.”

  35. AmyJ – I am sure the bunnies are disapproving, but they are hiding it underneath their uberfuzzywuzzy fur

  36. a lah Pyrit…………All we are saying is give Peas a chance.

  37. What the hell can one say after that? Niiiiiiiiiice.

  38. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Hon Glad:

    numerous years ago, my favorite corny joke, was that Birds’Eye ought to use that for their theme song: “All we are sayin’, is Give Peas a chance…”

    (Actually, I still think it would have legs; think of all the young whippersnappers who are certain that Peas are a Weapon of Mass Destruction ….)

  39. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (PS: I just realized –btw les lapins ici, and Winston’s new adversary munchin’ on cobs o’ corn ….peas, corn …..all we need is a pkg of lima beans & we have some serious sufferin’ succotash ready for dinner. Lemme get a headcount: 1, 2, 3, 4,5,
    6,7,8,9,10 …….etc etc across the Internet)

  40. My babies were eating lettuce and spinach when they were still nursing. I had seven and they were just as cute as these. I still think they are cute even though they are all grown up now.

  41. Bunnies will always pick bananas over carrots in my house..

  42. Leslie (NTA)

    I know the expression “suffering succotash” but I’ve never known what it is. I always imagined a root vegetable, a bit like a Parsnip.

  43. You guys are genius! I love this site.