Rubber Duckie, You’re So Huge

Don’t tell Ernie, but someone zapped his favorite tubbie toy (or our mascot) with the Giganto-Ray and sent it on a goodwill tour.  Hatched by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, this 9.5m tall by 11m long rubber duck has been spotted in Europe, Japan, and Brazil.  More photos here, and don’t miss the video below.







  1. catloveschanel says:

    He looks like a fairly cheerful overload…

  2. catloveschanel says:

    er, um, overlord

  3. I just love these photos – too funny!

  4. I thought at first it was a photoshop project! LOL


  6. Pleeez O pleeez let it come to a lake near me!

  7. Jess&Friends says:

    I’m swimming away as fast as I can but it’s gaining on me! Help flying hamster, help!

  8. Holy rubber bath toys, Batman! It’s a Giant. Rubber. DUCK!

  9. Hey!!! I live in Seattle!! Plenty of room in Pudget sound!!!

  10. Gozer the Gozerian?

  11. *snort* Patito Gigante… where are you besides being the post itself!?

  12. Von Zeppelin says:

    What we are looking at here is actually the Royal Dutch Navy’s awesome, nuclear-powered HNLMS Rubbereente, a new ocean-going strategic rubber duck. After completing sea trials, the Rubbereente will be the centerpiece of a NATO task force of giant tub toys.

  13. Annnnd, I’ve got a new desktop pic! :mrgreen:

  14. Want.

    Though I’d need a bigger bathtub.

  15. Wonder if he’d do a giant pink flamingo?

  16. catloveschanel says:

    yep, Off with the cute kittehs on my desktop and the rubber duck shall reign. (anything but work)

  17. So I looked out of the window of my office building and saw a GIANT rubber duckie and decided never ever to eat huevos rancheros, Excederin and 10 cups of coffee for breakfast. Last time I did that, I smelled colors for 3 days, but this is much crazier!

  18. I just have to wonder what those guys in the little boat told their significant others about work that day when they got home.

    “How was your day, honey?

    “Oh, you know, the usual. Just inflated a giant rubby ducky. Nothing special.”

    Unfortunately, inflating a giant rubber duckie is not on my schedule today. I *suppose* I will have to settle for snorgling two cats and a dog.

  19. MY Favorite song of all time…. and OMG the ducky is sooooo ducky.:) 🙂

    I love how when he is not all the way full he loks sad but once he is completely inflated … he looks happly…

    and LOL if I didn’t know better I could have sworn that guy was speaking scottish!

  20. P.S. Brinn … LOL a perfect addition to your desk top.

  21. Takes “Rubber ducky, I’d like a whole pond of you” to a whole new level. Since this fella is as big as a pond…

  22. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Saffron:

    “smelled colors for three days” !!! Groovy & righteous, man — to the utmost !!!
    (And, like, hey, man, was anyone in the area, playing G. Dead music? Perhaps several thousand of ’em, in VW minivans, w/ psychedelic flower-power stickers? 😉 )

    But I Never Inhaled.

  23. Leslie (NTA) says:

    BTW, partic. enjoyed the elegant, tasteful, sedate classical piano gently playing in the background AS THEY INFLATED A RUBBER DUCKIE THE SIZE OF TWO PICKUP TRUCKS … in the video. In passing, I would guesstimate (if our written captions/data doesn’t already provide the details) the spoken dialogue as perhaps being Swedish or Norwegian; neither of which I took in college. CO is making me SERIOUSLY regret my decision not to study 5 other languages, beyond the 3 that I did take ….HEY GUYS, maybe it’s spoken, in Swedish Chef???? Theo?????

    (Walks away, shaking head in regret for academic inadequacy).

  24. @Rob – Definitely! Gozer the Duck-structor!

    But wait – they cross the beams and obliterate Gozer the Duck-structor. What rains down all over NY? I don’t think it’s marshmallow… Ick.


  25. Leslie (NTA) says:

    oops — my bad; I was entirely distracted by the Cuteness to have the patience to first review the intro …which DOES give the source; & says the artist is DUTCH
    Mea culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

    That having been corrected,

    Yippee!!!! Maxima Rubber Ducky !!!!

  26. OoOOoOOOoOO I wonder if it squeaks when you squeeze it?!?! 😀

  27. That is full of awesome. I totally hope they bring it to NY!!!

  28. love the first and third pics.

  29. Sorry guys… I couldn’t help it. It just popped in there…
    I tried to think….
    I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something that I loved from my childhood. Something that would never ever possibly destroy us…
    Ernie’s rubber ducky…

  30. I adore that second photo – some kind of accident scene photo where they are hauling a submerged car out of the harbour in a “News at 11” piece, while the red-wet-suited police divers and the crowd of onlookers …. um ….. look on ……. and there, nonchalantly in the distance, is a giant rubber ducky who will not be ignored.

  31. @ Katiedid – LOL!!!!!!! Stay puft, my fellow eclectus owner, stay very very puft.

  32. Birdcage you get 10 points for figuring that one out! I could only imagine what that scene would have been like with a ducky instead of a marshmellow man.. hehe


  34. I feel sorry for the ducky to be honest, if he went back to Hong Kong, I am surprised they didn’t make gigantic Pekeeng Duck.

  35. Aw, that would have been perfect here the holiday weekend~we have a thing called The Rubber Duck Regatta~they dumped 100,000 rubber ducks into the Ohio River~it was a fundraiser for the food bank mixed with the old carnival game~the winner won a Honda Insight Hybrid and raised a TON of money for the food bank.

  36. BeckyMonster says:

    Since the Ghost Busters have already been quoted, I think I shall pull out another fabulous 80’s movie quote for what’s inside the CUTEST GIGANTO QUACKINATOR IN ALL THE LAND….

    My God, it’s full of stars…

  37. LoL @ teho “Patito Gigante” …
    i want one too. wonder if you pop it will it explode a bazillion rubber duckies (normal size)??

  38. Okay I could not stand it anymore he is officially on my desktop HE has replaced the bear waving form the alaskan beach… THe third picture for this week and I saved the fourth picture too for next week becasue LOL you need them both on your desktop eventually.

  39. Cali girl on the video there are all those people wandering around with little rubber duckies it is awesome pawsome!

  40. Can we ride the giant rubber duck? That would be amazing.

  41. Best. Hovertext. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. @ KittyAdventures: thx!!! i have to check it out at home. like auntiemame, no vids at work =( boo!

  43. If we crossed Ducky with the Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man would we get really big Peeps?

    [Almost certainly, but think of the logistics! 😯 – Ed.]

  44. CoconutCheez says:

    Got in the office this morning, half awake… checking CO first thing while sipping my morning tea… and then SPLAT there goes the tea on the screen.

    Giant rubber ducky… WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?! The ocean, after all, is just like a humongous bath tub 😀

  45. Are you the keymaster?

  46. @ Camille, you made me think of Roy Scheider in Jaws: “We need a bigger boat.”

    In deadpan voice (and my best anchor tie): “We need a bigger bathtub.”

  47. no.. no.. no.. marmar .. To make GIANT peeps.. you just have to take a regular-sized peep and put it in the microwave!

    *****WARNING***** If you put your peeps in the microwave you *will* end up with a giant peep.. and peep cement…. all over your microwave….

  48. Patito=small (or baby) duck
    Patón=big duck=this inflatable one

    [“Gigante” = truly and remarkably large – Ed.]

  49. Quick pick a duck!

  50. Awwww, Mega-Cute.

  51. charliewabba says:

    it is the uber duckie!

  52. @BeckyMonster “the thing is hollow… It goes on FOREVER!”

    So does that mean that when you cross a giant duck full of stars and the stay puft marshmallow man, that when you obliterate it NY gets showered with sparkly marshmallow fluff? I can handle that.


  53. Aout the language: The artist may be Dutch, but the speaker (some politican) and the interviewer speak Flemish (Belgian Dutch), they are from Belgium. I can understand it perfectly, but it’s difficult to explain what they are actually saying.
    “It’s important that this rubber ducky (lit.: bath duck) brings everywhere a smile on everyone’s face.”
    I saw an article about this ducky in the schoolpaper, but I never actually thought of sending it to Cute Overload, I’m ashamed of myself. It’s so cute!

  54. Heather in Oregon says:

    The third photo, the hovertext…oh no he’s spotted us…thats gonna give me giant inflatable nightmares or is that duckmares, no ….nightducks. Night of the living inflatable ducks, coming soon to a theater near you!

    And yes, he is the keymaster!

  55. bert from belgium says:

    It was just here in belgium, in a town next to mine, the day after we went to see see it some vandals cut it up at night!! it had to be repaired at great cost!! too bad some people are just ***holes!!

  56. Man, those cut-backs must be harsh, if that’s the new Harbor Patrol!

  57. Bring one to the San Francisco Bay Area, please!

  58. Vandals cut it up? Oh noes! Did they repair it with duck tape? (yes, I know….)

  59. Yeah! Belgium represent!

    I love hearing my language on CuteOverload. It makes me feel so validated.

    Ducky is awesome.

  60. @katiedid: Is that the voice of experience re peeps in the microwave? (shudder)

  61. Actually Patito is Duckling in Spanish


  62. Damn that esprit d’escalier! Should’ve ended my “duck tape” comment with (ducks)!

  63. Noelle (the First) says:

    I had a nightmare like this once 😦

  64. Well I for one hope they bring it to San Francisco… Still giggling about the ducK Tape (Duct Tape)


  66. OOOPS I see Estlin posted it already or I am an idiot
    anyway I love the jukstaposition of …. duckling Giant!

    or well really as in Spanis every thing gets switched around or in english it gets switched … depending on your language … Giant Duckling.

  67. You’d need a big bathtub for that duck.

  68. So… someone is driving along the wharf, and the next thing they know they’re explaining to the accident investigation team that they swear they really saw a 100ft-high duck, and that’s why they sent their car into the bay, really…

  69. victoreia- Well it’s not like I’m ganna eat them or anything.. so I had a bunch of peeps.. and lots of time to kill.. and there was a microwave.. so I figured WHY NOT!

  70. This is the happiest day of my life.

  71. wow the piano music of the video is so depressing.

  72. Notice the yellow duckie-eye t-shirts, WANT!

  73. What? No random townhall nuffer complaining that giant duckies will upset the delicate harbor ecosystem? YOU’RE SO CRUEL! THINK OF THE ALGAE!

  74. OK, I’m thinking of algae… and?

  75. Algae algae algae… owl gee… algae zeera… Aljeeves and Woofster…

  76. towel jeep…

  77. You know what’s really hard? When somebody tells you: “don’t think about algae”. Damned if you can think about anything else.

  78. Algae make a VERY healthy diet if you can’t get any other veggies while lost on the seven seas, floating on a giant ducky. Anything to avoid scurvy, ya know? (Hint, hint: I hope CO has something planned for this Saturday, Sept. 19th)

  79. Shiver me algae-slick bilge boards…

  80. We should all spend a little more time not thinking about algae.


  82. zomg… How can that not make you smile. Too cute! 🙂 I was having a bummer day and once I got to the third photo, with the straight-on cute little duckie face… I couldn’t help but grin. Whee. That’s why I come here.

  83. Fronk, I too am excited about Hermione Granger’s upcoming birthday.

  84. …wait, what?

    OK, I guess that worked. 😐

  85. Leslie (NTA) says:

    wow; it would seem the power of suggestion is truly….powerful!!!!

    And @ IsaWP :LOVE the conclusion, ABOUT POLITICIANS TALKING:

    ” I can understand them perfectly but it’s hard to explain what they’re talking about”
    Needs to be its own Newspaper (or perhaps these days a webpage) Title!!!
    Created numerous LOL’s. Thanks!!!.

  86. ♥Duck with gorgeous sunset♥
    Giant Rubber Duck

  87. What’s it all about, algae?

  88. Of algae gin joints in algae towns in algae world, she walks into mine.

  89. Hey! What about New York Harbor? One of the finest an busiest natural harbors in the world? Surrounded by ~8 million cute-seeking citizens? Don’t we get a second glance? Whatsamatter?

  90. PS VonZep, Rubberente, snerk!

  91. PS What about Algae in “The Importance of Being Sea Vegetation”?

  92. Ok, I’m done, stick a spoon in me, my brain is mush, my head is as hollow as that ducky, that is just TOO CUTE;

    not even a Monday can withstand that grin.

    *staggers away with empty head bobbing from side to side*

  93. Wow, that would be a H*LL of a bird strike for Capt Sullenberger to have and then land on that water.
    Your move, Sully.

  94. Oh sorry,, I tried so very hard, but it just has to be said:

    We DO know that “wretched” has a T in it, right?

    Dangnabbit.. just the English teacher in me.

  95. Super-frickin-awesomest rubbie duckie ever.

  96. Yeah, that’s “rubber” ducker.

    Just got a little excited there for a sec.

  97. PPPS Are these actual pictures of Patito Gigante?

  98. @Marmar and Skippymom: thank you, I now have iced tea all over my keyboard! 😉
    (love the sunset pic, nicely surreal for a monday!)

  99. I want one. Now.

  100. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Hi Sue !

    .I truly “I feel your pain” on spelling/ grammar particulars. I have also — pretty frequently — experienced that mental angst, when trying to decide whether to suggest possible adjustments to someone’s writing.
    (“Help, help; I’m Being Repressed !!”)

    Darkest Grammatical Confession: After completing high school, a BA degree in French (with minors / Ger & Russkie), then completing an MLS (aka “Librariology”)….I actually decided (after NEVER using the term as a young’un) to ADD the occasional, selective use of the “non-word” “Ain’t”, into occasional statements (such as when I BRAZENLY suggested to Our Beloved Theo, that the photo he posted & which he alleged was of NTMTOM …..”AIN’T” actually that Personage…..but, as often haps, I digress. Sorry.)

    When I forget that my mother (who will turn 80 in November) is nearby & sprinkle it into a discussion ….”You know, Leslie, that ISN’T a WORD !!” “Um, yeh, Mom, but it is fun & occasionally it’s more descriptive!!!!” (Plus, I’m actually an adult, tax-payin’ Amuricun citizen now????? AND in this case, I made an active decision to add it IN !!!)
    So, Sue — do not despair !!! You ain’t alone 😉

    Now — anyone wanna take on the whole ATM “machine” or “VIN” “number” issue? ‘Cuz I have some scholarly pages prepared & efficiently filed in my cabinet, on the topic. No? Ok, I’ll just turn the computer off & return to watching Antiques Roadshow, History Detectives & Intervention.

    Peace & fuzziness to all —esp Sue & Argyle Donkeypants (BTW, AD, DID you get your Paisley Donkeypants back? I never heard the end of that story??)

  101. little godzilla is going to pretty maad LOL!

  102. Theresa, it is one of my young.

  103. @Patito, wow! How long did you, erm, incubate the little mite?

  104. Hahahaha, Patito Gigante. If that’s a baby, I’m leaving the planet before it grows up! When does the next trip to Mars leave?

  105. @Leslie (NTA): Don’t forget the “SSN” number!

    (Don’t get me started on plurals versus possessives….or plurals versus contractions….)

    Not an English major; just a serious bookworm.

  106. Katiedid, loved the Ghostbusters reference! ROTFLMAO!

    But I must add another 80’s reference:
    Did anyone else think of the Otto Pilot from Airplane when you saw the crew inflating the giant rubber ducky via the long unidentified (penis!) appendage on the underside of said ducky? Or am I the only prevert?

  107. kibblenibble says:

    Patito, when you said this was the happiest day of your life, that made me happy. Doncha love days like that? I like to remember to appreciate them when they come. 🙂

  108. OK, now I can die of cuteness. Wonder if Mr. Duckie could waddle over to the Great Lakes?

  109. Does anybody know what the piano piece is on the video? It sounds so familiar, but I can’t place it…

  110. Sorry to deflate the rubber ducky, but the idea has been done. Take a look at “from shore to shore”

    [Um, that’s a painting. That’s like walking up to Julia Roberts and saying “Sorry love, the whole smiling thing’s already been done” because of the Mona Lisa. – Ed.]

    [To be fair, given that standard, who knows? She might agree with you. – Ed.]

  111. I love it!!

  112. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Victoreia: ahhh, a gal, after me own heart!!

    (The ISBN/ISSN “number” issue is part of the file folder. I actually considered mentioning it, but figured that CO’ers might not all be familiar immediately w/ the meaning of that one, compared to ATM “machines” [AAAAUUUGGGGGHHH] of which nearly every bank-using human on the planet knows). Thanks for joining the Commission of Correctibility !! Have a great night or day or whenever you get this response.


    There’s a lake not far from our office, and I live in a coastal city. There should be giant rubber ducks everywhere!

  114. I agree with Beth RUBERDUCKZILLA!!!!

    Clickie my name to see advertising website

  115. *sirens blare* Rubber Duckzilla!!!

  116. You, world, might have giant rubber duck but we have Posankka!!

    (from the words possu = pig and ankka = duck, so good translation would be maybe something like pduck)

  117. @Jonna — wow, that’s… um… [head tilt] …huh.

  118. I think Duckie would give Mothra and Godzilla a run for their money.

    Leslie (NTA)

    My mum would always correct me if I used the word Kid for a child. “Kids are baby Goats”
    she would say. I try to stick to child and children, but we are bombarded with “Kids days Out ” “Kids size meals ” “Kids back to school” ad nauseum. So sometimes I succumb.

  119. Does anyone (besides me, of course) have a problem with the misuse of the first person for the third person? E.g. He was shooting at “Duke and I.” [The proper form would be “Duke and me;” “me” being the object of the preposition “at.” Sheesh, that gets my apostrophe riled!


  121. “Is that a threat huh Patito, you can’t afford to waste good grammar, not on your sal-ry,
    not on an associate professors sal-ry. So here I am, stuck with this flop ,this book worm, who’s so goddam complacent.”

    with apologies to Edward Albee.

  122. nicefrenchgurl says:

    could anyone please tell me who wrote that wonderful music? it just cured my headache (bad work, bad bad work)

  123. biganimallover says:

    OMG!! This is SOOOOOO crul. What is he going to eat? Not his natural habitat!!!!!!! You peopel are so ignorent.

  124. BeckyMonster says:

    My biggest grammatical pet peeve is the people STILL don’t seem to grasp the proper usage of THEIR, THEY’RE and THERE.

    IT MAKES ME INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, it’s simple middle school English stuff.

    Example: They’re going to their cottage over there.
    They are (contraction) going to their (possessive) cottage over there (adverb)


    [What?? That one? Right their? – Ed.]

  126. rubber duck says:

    Er…um…I don’t know what to say.

  127. That is wonderfully awesome!

  128. that. is. so. CUL

  129. CUTE oh-no it’s spotted us LOL

  130. Veronica Synth says:

    Imagine waking up that morning to a giant, frickin’ duck outside your window. Hahaha. Wonderful.

    That is SO cute.

  132. please come to saint john! this is epic and so very very cute i wish he was mine i would love him like a pet

  133. Ok right whatever ps my dads name is mathew

  134. HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! duck i want to swim with it

  135. UGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! i am SICK!!!!!!!

  136. Cloverfield 2?!?!

  137. He is soooooooooooooooooo cute!!

  138. : ))))))

  139. Anyone have large wallpaper worthy photos? So awesome.

  140. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its so cute!!!!

  141. Sooo great! Finally a duck that can take over the world..Big is better!

  142. Was Ernie there? I mean, come on Ernie had to have been there with Rubber Ducky!

  143. Uber duckie is cute, but suspicious. I want Benson Hedges to investigate…

  144. …or maybe his partner Spiny Norman, y’know, given the scale of things.

  145. Yeah, Spiny Norman to keep watch…

  146. I’m sure I saw that duck in the Chelsea area of New York City some 3 weeks ago

  147. why don’t people make rubber ducky hot air balloons an rubber ducky submarines

    [Dunno about subs, but hot air balloons? Definitely. Check out all of these, too. – Ed.]

  148. That balloon… my god… I want to be a super-villain, flying to my island in that thing.

  149. Fleurdamour says:

    I want one!

  150. that thing is huge

  151. ı love duck. : )))))

  152. spikethecat says:

    There must be a good story behind photo 2: guys in the dive suits, the car being hoisted out of the water and a giant duck?

  153. Here is the site of the artist, Florentijn Hofman:

  154. omg, that rubber duck rox! i hope he comes to the usa, i wanna see him with my own eyes!