This Just In: Baby Elephant in Utah

Actually, make that this just out, because the Hogle Zoo in Utah introduced a new baby elephant, born to first-time mom Christie on August 10.  The calf, a girl, went on public display over the weekend.

Pink baby elephant feet

Many more photos here, and watch her get rambunctious in this video.

THIS JUST JUST IN (10:08PM PT) courtesy of Holly B.:




  1. I’ve seen that picture before, earlier this year, so that can’t be her. But damn, I love that picture- babyelephantbutt!!!!

  2. That baby elephant’s name wouldn’t happen to be Maru, would it? ; )

  3. Whaaaat? That picture has been floating around the internet for ages as a meme:
    Question marks??

    [Hmm. I’m asking. – Ed.]

  4. oh isn’t that adorable!!!??? squeeee

  5. I’ve seen that picture, too…captioned with a I Can Has Cheezburger font saying “Logging Off” lol

    Always good to start of the day with los elefantes! 😀

  6. If she’s that rambunctious now, what will she be like as a teenager?? Poor mom! Utterly adorable though. 🙂

  7. So young, and showing those tocks on the Internet already

  8. the picture used here on co is not included in the picks on the site linked to, also if you watch the vid linked to mama elephant doesn’t have those orange spots on her face I think you got a old pick of completely different elephants somehow conflated with this story.

  9. I would never forget this set of elephant ‘tocks, but it sure is worth the repeat. *tweaks cheeks*

  10. Definitely a re-run, but still – I want to tickle those little feets. and give a helpful shove to those adorable ‘tocks.

  11. Geez, whiz, you’re not blowing through all of the ‘Toctober shots, are you? You will still have some left, I hope? I do so love “Tocktober.

  12. If you follow the link to the video you will see that this is not an elephant, it is an “artifant.” Or maybe an “artinfant.” The mom was artificially inseminated. Baby tears around amazingly!

  13. It’s not tocktober yet!

    Love the little brown feets!!!!
    “MOM! My footy pajamas are dirty again!!”

  14. I watched the video – those are some great ears!!

  15. I rode an elephant at this very zoo in about 1976 🙂

    I could’ve sworn the name of the zoo was Hogel, but perhaps it has been changed to Hogle since then.

    Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the elephant.

  16. Watching the baby on the video, reminds me of learning how to parallel park. (spelling sucks due to teh qte)

    OK, I am in gear… look at the mirrors.. ok check. Backing up… OOps! Log there. Ok, oh darnit, I stalled out. Ok, in goes the clutch, *car lurches forward* Oh no! OOps…. Alrighty, forward.. slowly… ok turning… ouch! Car there… ok, turn the wheel, back up… Doh! Log again. *ad infinitum*

  17. Video has me hearing “Baby Elephant Walk” in my head… even though she’s running around faster than the pace of the song.

  18. Just speed it up, a la Chipmunks!

  19. In the video she keeps running up to the fence and looking at the people. Why aren’t they petting her???? I would be petting her and telling her what a wonderful little elephant she is…. She wants to interact with them, but the people are just standing up and moving back from the fence. I would be petting her like crazy! She is absolutely adorable. I want her. LOL.

  20. Cap’n ah cannae get yon video to play! Also the stills are of poor quality (focus, camera shake and composition). But apart from all that I love it’s highly fashionable baggy pants.

    [It looks like the “photo stills” of the ACTUAL baby elephant are all low-quality video captures. 😦 – Ed.]

  21. ‘Phantocks!

  22. Never seen the photo before… super cute!!

  23. How lovely little baby feets, so smooth. Can´t belive that this little one will be a big elephant.

  24. Thanks for the smile!

    May All Beings Be Happy.

  25. baby lellyfant is adorable. She doesn’t walk, she runs. Around the paddock, back to mommy for a security check, back to the logs, back to run thru mommy’s food, and repeat. Too cute.

  26. Theo,
    Thats all too complicated for me, I still prefer 35mm and my 40 Year old Pentax 🙂

  27. It’s definitely not the same mum/baby couple… But megacute anyway!

  28. Awww….
    She has more energy than she know what to do with!

    This is cute and sad to me, cute because, well, its obvious right, and sad because the only truly safe place for an elephant anymore is in a zoo.
    Their natural habitat is over run with poachers and there are not enough rangers to keep the poachers from killing them, so to keep them safe they must have human caretakers and live in an enclosure unable to roam free.

    And dont get me started on circuses and movie trainers, theres a special place in hell for many of those.

  29. Seen this photo before. This is a case of mistaken ‘tock identity, folks.

  30. I love how big her ears are in proportion to her body — and they have ruffles! So girly!

  31. LOVE that chubby little bottom! ha! 🙂

  32. Yeah, i thought this pic was older, too…hmmm….I mean really – I wouldn’t forget those ‘tocks or peeenk feetes if i tried.

  33. those ruffled ears, that curly tail. is this a boy? i keep thinking those are boy parts, but????
    i love to see it running around like crazy, just idiotically huge number of awwwww, ooooooo, baaaabeeeee from over here…

  34. Is it just me, or are all of the photos on the fox news website blurry and/or out-of-focus? They look like they were taken by a zoo visitor with a point-and-shoot, not a photographer. CO seems to have a pretty high standard for image quality on its page, so maybe that’s why they used another photo for the story here.

  35. DUDE. TOX.

  36. …they’re real and they’re specTOCKular!

  37. just watched the linked video. and now my day is so much better.

  38. the baby elephant is so cute.

  39. how cute! lotta tock action in that video!

  40. Best part of video … Baby elephant runs under the Momma Elephant… LOLOL

    Wait omg right at the end Mama and baby mud bath…

  41. Okay who gave that baby a double shot of espresso?

  42. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) Love ‘s special note that the headline shall accurately run “This just OUT”
    (snicker, snicker)
    2) @ HonGlad (has anyone ever located vid of Scottie doin’ ennythin’ except throwin’ back uh Scotch; or whinin’ tuh the Kepn about how NOTHING could EVER be done???????????? okay perhaps I’m revealing my intense frustration — throughout the years — over why the Corporation never chose to replace such an inefficient, whiny engineer???? I mean the acksent wer’ enjoyable an’ all, but …….)
    3) @ Mamaclain (my sp bad?) — You just SINGLEHANDEDLY (or perhaps doublehandedly, dep on methods/ typing) replaced Bob Newhart as the ALLTIME FUNNIEST “learning to drive standard transmission” herky-jerky narrative !!
    Huzzah !!! (NO, NOT “huzzy” — that has a VERY different meaning 😉 )

    LOL LOL LOL LOL ………. (please repeat abbreviation as necessary, in order to make the point !)

  43. Love the video – see bebe elefent playing, and earses flapping in the breeze!! Er – flapping, anyways.

  44. Huzzah! Indeed! Thank ya thank ya! *bows* Now back to your regularly scheduled Qte-ness. Awwwwww!

  45. I saw this on the news, and my first thought was “Someone MUST inform Cute Overload!”

    According to my resident expert (aka, my 3-year old nephew) there is also a baby giraffe at Hogle Zoo, and according to The Hogle Zoo website there were also three tigers born at the end of August.

    Cuteness abounds in Utah!

  46. OK, now thanks to Trixie I will spend the rest of the day wondering, is it funnier spelled ” ‘tocks” or “tox”? What about toxic ‘tocks, because they’re so cute they make us all die? Oh, the really big questions in this world can be mind-boggling.

  47. Also, I would very much like to run up behind the baby as she is lumbering over the log, and “beep” the bottoms of those little feets.

  48. HA HA..More fun to climb over than go around.

  49. One of my favorite pics – cutest butt EVAR!!!

  50. Wowzer! That has to be the cutest elephant ever!

  51. She seems like a very happy critter.

  52. Andi from NC says:

    …oh we’ve all been there, falling over logs, tocks in the air, wondering what the heck just happened. Hang in there precious behbeh…

  53. Focus? My camera has a focus?

  54. ele’ ‘tocks! ele tocks FTW!

  55. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Awww she’s so cute! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Aw, … continue for full length of video, interspersed with the occasional “LOL”!!!

    Mamamclain ; as the practice-parent to two aspiring drivers-to-be, I think I just peed myself over your learning to drive tale; too true, all of it, and yes, the baby elelphant does resemble this, but trust me, her frustration is waaaaaay cuter.

  56. This is olllllllllld. You guys even posted it, I’m sure. It’s part of my homemade background that’s over a year old!

  57. This is the first time I have seen this picture, so thanks for posting it!


  58. Um, yeah, that photo is an Asian elephant. Hogle Zoo’s baby is African. That’s not our baby.

  59. Awwwww…
    trumpetty trippin over…
    so cute (never seen it before, either)

  60. TheCuteness says:

    Oops–I tripped over my trunk:-)

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep, seen it before and so on but it’s still pretty cute. I also want to go tickle the bottom of his little feets, not counting the part where his mama fends me off with her big sharp teefs. (Okay upon close inspection I don’t actually see the big sharp teefs but she could stomp on me instead.. and that would hurt too…)

  62. Someone with more time than I needs to take Boo’s voice from Monster’s Inc. and that video and mash them together.

  63. I think this is a photo of Oregon’s zoo’s bebeh elephant who is now just over a year old! Samudra! But bebeh lolphants are pretty any time you sees them.

  64. kibblenibble says:

    Frisky baby. 🙂

  65. she so adorrrrrrrable !

  66. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Cathy. Why, yes, dear. It works rather similarly to this:

    Does that help to clarify? Hope so.

  67. That’s one small ENH for baby elephant, one giant ENH for elephant-kind.

  68. I need a close up of that over the log foot action.

  69. Leslie (NTA)

    Being half Scots (my Mum) Scotties accent got on my tits, it was more Irish than Scottish, infact the actor was Canadian.

  70. Woo! We have the genuine article now!

  71. David Wells says:

    Hogle Zoo announced today that the baby elephant’s name is Zuri. The public was asked to pick the name from five choices: Abenia, Apara, Khari, Aisha and Zuri. Thanks, everyone, for visiting We’ll let you know when there’s more cuteness to share!

  72. Oh my. Baby elephant is all crack-ified. What a frisky little sweetie. Should be a new rule of cuteness for elephants!

  73. omg commentroversy! Us elephant connoisseurs can tell elephant baby #1 is an asian elephant, while #2 is African.

  74. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ HonGlad:

    Your points re. Himself, are duly noted. We will release a memo immediately, if not sooner.

    Now, on to the WONDERFUL little bit you slipped in, there. You say that when you find something annoying = “got on my tits”. (just a smidge on the racy side, for me, comin’ up a little –American– Catholic gurrrrl & all — but –) WOW that’s an impactful phrase !! Good on ya !!

  75. Awwww!

  76. Yes, I agree with everyone else. This image isn’t from August 10th. I’ve had the exact same one saved on my hard drive for over a year now.

  77. But it’s sad. The baby is running around and needs exercise and he doesn’t have enough room!

  78. Fantastic picture from Holly B!

    This baby lellyfant is too cute for words!

  79. Too precious! I vote that they name her “Trumpet”.

  80. i lub blelephnts!!!!!

  81. Cute, but someone over at Fox13now needs to learn how to use a camera!

  82. baby elephant are so cute and inocent i go to the zoo and watch them all day they are so interesting