THIS JUST IN: Baby panda with milk mustache


Baby 2nd exam

According to Laura S., The San Diego Zoo is at it again with the behbeh bear action.



  1. Pandas are great – so cute!!!!


  3. Dawn Buchanan says:

    Awwww!! First time I’ve ever seen one with a ‘stache! I love it….

  4. kibblenibble says:

    Such fierce-looking toenails! Rawr!

  5. Milk it does your panda good!

  6. Meg? not credit for moi? Still cute though.

    [Don’t take it bad; very likely you’re not the only submitter, or the first – Ed.]

  7. Milk mustache? I’m obsessed with the tennis ball fuzz all over his head and body!

  8. AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

  9. Where do I get a job as handler? want want want want want

  10. They just get cuter and cuter every day that they are alive!

  11. O Hai Guyz! LULZ

  12. Tennis ball fuzz! Love it! I was going to say baby panda needed some conditioner. But he is perfect, just the way he is!

  13. FUZZYFUZZYFUZZY!!! That is all.

  14. I just looked at the SD Wildlife Park baby animal slide show– baby panda, cheetahs, rhinos, elephant! It’s a MUST-SEE for Cute-ophiles! Cute-oisseurs?

  15. This fuzzy wuzzy is fuzzy!

  16. That SMILE!!!

  17. Well, I’m melted – total puddle of goo.

  18. I second Theresa – everyone should see the baby animal slide show. All kinds of cute!! Don’t miss the baby gorillas!

    The people in these slides – they have an excellent job. I would like this job.

  19. Well fed little panda bebeh… Kiss!

  20. EYE CAPSULES! *plink plink!*

  21. I calls for a ‘Stache COXCU. Stat.

  22. Apparently, Fuzzy-Wuzzy wuzza panda bear! I love the was his fuzziness makes him look almost not real, like a Muppet or a boiled-wool toy.

    Also, I second Bircage’s call for a ‘stache COXCU! Stattitty-stat-stat-stat!

    [Sorry y’all… source image is just too darn grainy. What you see is what we got. – Ed.]

  23. Queen Of Dork says:

    I’m really tripping over the clawableness! yum.

  24. Those podular paws are awesome!

  25. 5^^now8ing “Stattitty-stat-stat-stat!” -superb!

    Yes, please, may we please have a coxcu of the milkies-sodden moufie, please?

    Dose eyesies aren’t even open yet! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    This is more than stinkin’ cute- reekin’ cute, mayhaps, Theresa, yes?

  26. Pannnda! He/she is too cute! There’s a panda-cam here:

  27. kibblenibble says:

    pandasocks: the videos are must-see! If you think the above picture is cute, the vids magnify the Qte immeasureably! I’m meeellltiiing!

  28. dancercatsmom says:

    No COXCU on this????? I think it is very deserving of one…

    [I would if I could, but I can’t so I won’t, please forgive me if I don’t – Ed.]

  29. WMCOs* like this should be outlawed! I mean, really! Exposing an unsuspecting public like that!

    Carry on.

    (*WMCOs: Weapons of Mass Cute-Overload)

  30. ;-( to no COXCU. But I understand that even your amazing powers, Theo, are limited. 😉

  31. so cute

  32. I bet it’s velcro-compatible.

  33. What, no stache-hance COXCU??? 🙂

  34. Oh oops, It’s been questioned, never mind!
    x-treme dehance me!

  35. Queen Of Dork says:

    He looks so happy and snuggy and seepy, seepy boy! Like he just finished his milk and is now so very content and tie-tie.

  36. Nothing more cute than a baby panda

  37. Aww, it looks like they’re burping him! Like he’s just had some milk and is getting burped. 🙂

  38. Superboymom says:

    What’s black and white and sweet all over?

  39. This little boy cub is adorable and chubby and being well-looked after by his experienced mommy Bai Yun. He is so sweet with his milk mustache.

  40. Someone made him in felting class.

  41. Teeny fuzzy panda of milky sleepiness! Splort.


    Hey, now my head has exploded I probably don’t need to go to the dentist this afternoon. Right? I mean he won’t even be able to find the tooth in all the mush, never mind extract it, right?

  42. Londoner: I fail to see how you could go to the dentists ever again, really. You better just call them and inform that you have an acute case of Cutexplosion (an explosion of the head, caused by massive doses of the Qte).

  43. Thank you sooo much for posting this cuteness…now all we need are penguins :)…perhaps pandas and penguins all at once…maybe thats too much cute to ask for?

  44. There are plenty of great stashenhanced pics in the slideshow in the first link – over 30 pics of otw cuteness!

    But the best part is watching mom and baby live on the pandacam:

  45. Or as my fiance’s nephew used to say, “milk mooshmash.”

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