Help Me, Moldy-wan Baloney…

(The following has been typed in Overact-O-Vision™, which will cause you to hear it in the Emperor’s voice from “Return of the Jedi.”  Discontinue use if you experience dizziness, tingling in extremities, or urge to chew scenery.)


Goooood, my young apprentice.  I can feel the “squee” swelling within you now.  With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.


I am defenseless.  Take your Jedi weapon.  Strike me down with all of your redonkulousness and your journey towards the cute side will be complete!


From Animals With Lightsabers, found by Bill S.



  1. smiling clerk says:

    i believe it! kittens definitely would fight the forces of evil with lightsabers!

  2. oh my that hover text on the last one made me literally lol 😀

  3. Linda Harner says:

    I am speechless. I honestly don’t know what to say! It merits more than my mere words.

  4. Something Something Something DAAAARK SIIIIIDE

  5. Wow. Just . . . wow.

    Was this ‘shopped? The pixels are always a giveaway.

  6. Bet they’d run for their holes at the first sight of the Millenium Falcon. Or any bird of prey, for that matter.

  7. Use the squirrel Luke.

  8. Could this be my all time favorite CO post? It’s perfect!

  9. I love this.
    I am such a Star Wars geek.

  10. What.

  11. berthaservant says:

    I’m not much for such massive ‘shopping, it seems like it is “force-ing” (hahahahaha) the qte.

    But the last hovertext makes this one a winner. Well done as always NTMTOM.

  12. HAH! that is hilarious! crazy, LMAO

  13. I love the flying skwerl.

  14. PS
    I met him in a swamp down in Dagobah
    Where it bubbles all the time
    Like a giant carbonated soda
    S-O-D-A, soda
    I saw the little runt sitting there on a log
    I asked him his name
    And in a raspy voice he said Yoda
    Y-O-D-A, Yoda, Yo-Yo-Yo-Yo Yoda . . .

  15. kibblenibble says:

    Yay, Theresa! 🙂

  16. Flying squirrel with lightsabers in front paws, eh. Flying squirrel with lightsabers gripped tightly in the backfeets, WIN!!!!!!!

  17. ……………………..General Grievous is a sugar glider?! O_o0

    No, seriously, four light sabers, plus he’s got a built-in cape! You see it too, right?!

    …….sorry, I’ve got Grievous on the brain whenever it comes to Star Wars. xD I would NOT want to see that flying out of tree & swooping towards me. That’s like……worse than giving an Ewok a light saber. Little guy would be hamstringing enemies left & right, I tell you.

  18. I did once see a squirrel pick up a stick and hit another squirrel with it. It’s a good thing they didn’t have Jedi weapons.

  19. JenJen: Really??? That’s hilarious!!

    Roketto, that was hilarious.

    Berthaservant, I’m with you.

    And Nomtom……. your craziness is win. I will never look at Star Wars the same way again.

  20. I think this was photoshopped…..MWAAHHAAAHAAA

    [ 🙄 – Ed.]

  21. NOT CUTE!!!

    These animals are obviously being exploited and abused! Normal animals don’t act that way! What next, people, kitty in a blender, maybe?

    Grow up! This is abuse, it’s not funny!!!

    [You do understand that most folks who read this won’t get the sarcasm, right? 😐 – Ed.]

    […well, maybe not “most”. MAYBE. – Ed.]

  22. The flying squirrel is epic.

  23. just when I thought cute couldn’t get any better. BRAVO!


  25. kinda creepy and not cute. if i wanted weird photoshopped pictures of animals with light sabers i would be looking at at different website.

  26. Wierdest. Rave EVER. heeeee! (I’m with bservant, too)

    Theresa — S-O-D-A, Y-O-D-A — loff eet! And to my favorite catchy cross-dressing tune!

  27. LOL @ Theresa’s song. Awesome
    😀 😀
    ….and it made me thirsty for soda.

  28. I agree with most of the above: ‘shopped skwerls: meh. kittehs with same: meh. Raving sugar glider with **FOUR** lights sabres: epic!
    Person who thinks this is real: AWESOME-O!!

  29. hmmm…i’m suprised nobody has combined the squirrelizer with the light saber yet!!!

  30. So all this time, my cats have been practicing their Force-jumps? …….. I can see that.

  31. (And I just knew this was a NTMTOM production, as soon as I read the title!)

  32. Again, it’s not my song this time, either. It’s good old Weird Al.

  33. Theresa — quoting Weird All is enough for me!

  34. Von Zeppelin says:

    Hey, Star Wars experts–can you tell the good guys from the bad guys by the color of the light saber? Darth Vader was pink and Luke was green in the great duel. ObiWan was blue when HE fought DV. So, is the flying squirrel still deciding which side of the Force he will join?

    Oh, yes–the color descriptions above refer to light saber optics. I was in no way suggesting that Darth Vader was a Communist sympathizer, Luke was inexperienced, or ObiWan was depressed. All or none of these conditions may apply. Or not.

  35. GIGGLE 😆 I LOVE the Jedi kitties 😆

  36. saintstryfe says:

    Von Zeppelin: No. In official star wars cannon, there is no difference between red, blue, green and red sabre blades. In the expanded universe, it is explained that only difference is the type of crystal used to power the blade. The Sith, the evil Jedi, it is hypothesized have larger supplies of crystals that make a red blade, and some choose it to represent blood. Other then that, it seems to be only personal preference among the individual Jedi.

  37. Okay now I have the kung fu fighting earworm STUCK IN MY HEAD…

    LOL And NOMTOM… The URL… BWahahahaha.

    Regarding the light sabers I always thought it was Green for the good guys and red for the bad guys but … I never looked to see if anyone had different colors and I have not seen all the latest movies so maybe in newer ones it is more diverse.

    Besides Obi Wan was blue because he was sooo cool!

    [Re: The URL, I think that’s a TheoCo production. –Mike]

  38. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (@ NTMTOM:)

    “oh no, he DI’unt !!!!!”
    (but actually, it would appear, that he DID. Or SOMEbody did. ANYway…)

    Fun, fun, fun (“til our daddy takes the Tbird away”, etc etc.) !!!!

  39. I… what were those squirrels DOING in the first picture??

  40. @kittyadventures: “…have not seen all the latest movies…” :O the mind boggles…

    (“You want to see the latest Star Wars movies. These are the movies you will see.”)

    [Your puny mind tricks will not work on me, jedi. – Ed.]

  41. Much better than the movies! 😉

  42. OK, so I am not enough of a nerd to actually buy this costume for my daughter for halloween, but I figure somebody here at CO will appreciate it. I call it:

    “Cute? Or potentially embarassing photo down the road when daughter starts dating?”

  43. Wait, that came out wrong. I’m not calling the folks at CO nerds, heavens no!! And I am a nerd, but just not a Star Wars nerd. No offense was intended. True nerds know who they are and shouldn’t be offended. 🙂

  44. “Splittin’ the Kitten” – LOL

  45. I’d s*** myself, if that flying sqwerl type thing, flew at me out of the forest.

  46. Andi from NC says:

    manly, yes, but I like it too!!!

  47. The second pic has a real “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” look to it. Real nerds watch that one with the subtitles ON.

    And DaytimeDeb – Buy it. Put it on her. Let the photo chips fall where they may in 15 years. What are babies for if you can’t dress ’em up all crazy and whatnot? (I had three to do that sort of thing to and they’re fiiiiiine…heheh.)

  48. @ DD: i’m with bev. buy it!!!!!! if i had a baby it would be on her already. hilarious!

  49. oh, and “weirdest rave ever” belongs in the HT hall of fame 😉

  50. Well, we made the page. Congrats! After years of Dune and Firefly jokes, we are officially geeks.

    [Mostly it’s about the Animals With Lightsabers site proper, but yeah we did get a shoutout. Hehe. Well spotted! – Ed.]

  51. Um, not to get too nerdy (Big Bang Theory level) about this, but didn’t Obi Wan give Anakin the red-colored light saber? Also General Grievous used both blue and green light sabers. There are no “bad” colors.

  52. Daytime Deb: It’s BOTH! (Cute AND potentially embarrassing) Nothin’ wrong with that!

  53. Grievous used whatever light sabers he took off the corpses of the Jedi he killed. I’m assuming he didn’t kill any Sith, otherwise he’d probably have a red saber in there somewhere too.

    [Or, y’know, a phaser. 😛 – Ed.]

  54. Now see, 53wuyizidi is the type of Star Wars fan who should really buy the princess leia baby costume, if he has a toddler. I’m not THAT big a fan that I know what color light sabers are used/given by whom. This costume is for the children of that person.

    However, if I can get it cheaply on ebay… I might just become that person.

  55. I know I should move on, but I just found the perfect costume to complement leia if you have a little boy:

  56. Von Zepellin- In the Star Wars universe, everything is color coded for your convenience.

    And now I have Duel of the Fates stuck in my head!


  57. Rats Rafael now I have Daffy Duck Jumping out in my head yelling TADAAAA! in his cape and mask..
    The Masked Avenger was it????

  58. DaytimeDeb – Actually I’m not that big a fan, because I was clearly wrong – only the Sith use red ones –

    victoreia –

  59. Cool love it

  60. Here we go, kat and Kar… a saberized random squirrelized pic taking geekiness to a new level (I don’t know who squirrelized this in the first place, very likely an evil scientist?)