CO Classics… well, enough said.

[snooty voice *ON*]

Normally this is where I do a bit of an intro & summary of the selection, lamenting Modern Man’s inability to learn from the past enumerating the ways in which the classics inform the events of the present day, like Alistair Cooke from Masterpiece Theater.  (Yep.  Juuust like him.)  This post, however, needs no introduction.

♫ Ba da bump, bum bum, da boodle boodle bum ba da da bum bum bum da dummmm, ba-bump… ♪


Ow! A third submission for a new “Cats n’ Racks” category arrived. It’s now an offical category! As ‘Tracy B’ noted, “It doesn’t get any rackier than this. :)” ha!



  1. And the kitten’s name? Chester.

  2. Noice. I’m pretty sure he wants out. now.

  3. *ewwwww* it’s a boy.

    [You mean the kitten? How can you tell? – Ed.]

  4. That’s a nice rack! Er, nice kitten I mean!

  5. @260Oakley: LOL!

    Right where kittens should be!

  6. I didn’t know her pussy was up there. : X

    Hey, you guys started it.

    Btw, @260Oakley? Brilliant. : )

  7. It’s a nice day …. for some….. WHITE WHISKERS.

  8. Hey little sister shotgun!

  9. the classic commentroversies are the best, so pass me a pasickie while I wait for the nuffers to come out

  10. wow thats hot!

  11. Very nice rack!

  12. OK. Now you’re just stirring the pot.
    [MOI!?? 😯 – Ed.]

    I read this as “I’m going to do it no matter what you say so nyah!”

    Carry on, I salute you 😉

  13. Goodness gracious, how DARE you post that!

    I mean, the shirt is HORRIBLE… and that woman needs a manicure… STAT!!!

    The kitteh is cute, though (reminds me of my Shiraz when she was small)…


  14. Hello and good evening everyone. Me Alistair Cookie. Tonight me proud to present “Me Claudius.”

    [Ah yes, the original master of OM NOM NOM. Speaking of the classics. – Ed.]

  15. LOL I was just scrolling down to say Don’t you mean Alistair Cookie Monster of Monster piece Theater
    But I see Theresa Beat me to it.

    Rack em up Teho!

  16. did i heart when it bit u lol wass up

  17. Dude from Irvine says:


  18. There’s no better way to warm yourself on cool fall evening than a warm kitty in your bra.

  19. @ Gigi ROFLMAO!!!!1!!!!!!!

    And so soooo true! 😉

  20. Another one bites the bust!

    (anudder one bites the bust?)

  21. Let’s hope not. Do they make Kevlar brassieres?

  22. We will, we will, knockers you.

  23. @Theo: Even if they did make ’em, it wouldn’t do any good in these cases!

  24. I know this isn’t, but still…


  25. @Theo, it don’t get no classier than this. :mrgreen:

    [insert fart joke here – Ed.]

  26. doforanimals says:

    Please, ladies, for the love of God and cute animals, stop, STOP sending photos of your big, dumb knockers. Cute animals pics only. Sorry, had to get this off my, ahem, chest.

    [It’s not that the boobs themselves are dumb, it’s the way some of us guys suddenly lose half our cumulative IQ in their proximity – Ed.]

  27. 😆 Kitty looks SOOO comfortable 😆

  28. Cute Kitty
    Nice Rack
    …but holy god that shirt really needs to hop on the next flight back to 1996 where it belongs. yucks.

    [I was thinking 1976, for the first time around, but as you please – Ed.]

  29. Ergh this is tacky… easy way to go up a cup size though, shove a cat down ur shirt. Organic augmentation haha. But seriously this is tacky as, makes an otherwise awesome website much less cool.

  30. Awww, not-so itty-bitty-kitty-%*%%y-committee!!!!

  31. Flashback: Grade 8, that top, training bra, no kitten.

  32. Mammary! How I lurves ya, how I lurves ya ….

  33. *AHEM*
    My eyes are up here! Stop lookin at my kittens!!!! Sheesh!

  34. LusciousCabbage says:

    BOOBIES!!! I mean… *ahem* Awww! Wook at teh wittle putty tat all warm and comfy! =^_^= Meow meow!

  35. I’ve submitted dozens of images for a “Bats n’ Cracks” category but does CO even care??? No they don’t even write me back!!!
    Everybody has a butt (see Sam Henderson’s Magic Whistle)!!! Bats n’ Cracks is a celebration of the human spirit and equality!!!!
    But some people look at a cute little bat peeking out the back of my plumber’s jeans and they don’t see a portrait of equality!!!!! (I’m talking to you, Meg Frost!!! And all your little friends!!!)

    Someday somebody’s going to have A Day Without Racks and then where will your little category be then!!!! It won’t be on the internet for a whole day!!!!

    [You have done NO such thing. 😛 – Ed.]

  36. Considers the possibilities of of alliteration.

    Marmalade’s and Mamories
    Tuxedo and Tabby titties
    Burmese and boobies


  37. Patito LOLOL .. the visual alone is stunning.

  38. @patito, Your day will come! I feel it!

  39. PS It feels . . . kind of fluttery. :mrgreen:

  40. mmm, bats in cracks….

    If it covers my plumber’s butt ( that of my plumber, not my own!) then I for one support it. Provided, of course, that the bats were provided with appropriate protective “bat gear”

  41. Oh, man…some of the comments left on the original post are hi-larious! It sure doesn’t take much for some people to get their panties in a wad, does it?

  42. Peter Upright says:

    Are the site admins/editors juveniles?
    Am I the only adult visitor to this website?

  43. Ahem… So tell me, Mr. Peter Upright, if you’re so wisely mature and all that, why is it… um… upright?? Or are you TRYING to make this a real adult website??

    It’s a cute ittle kitty with lucious white whiskers. GEEEESH!

  44. Something about that shirt puts me in mind of the Brady Bunch. Marcia’s cats ‘n’ racks?

    Theo, I got yer classy fart joke right heah! 😛

  45. Peter Upright:
    I think Meg is a lesbian, she likes racks with or without cats.
    Theo must be 8 years old or gay . . . probably both.

    [Close. I’m 8 years old, gay, and Rush Limbaugh. – Ed.]

    [Also, pick one screen name and stick with it. – Ed.]

  46. Cats n’ Racks…best thing since sliced bread. ^_^

  47. Well shake that rack
    Bounce that cat
    You know that
    it’s good

    While your in the mood
    Bounce those boobs
    Bounce those boobs
    with atti-tude

    To the folks you shockers
    wave your knockers
    Tell them you’ve eschewed to be a prude
    its nothing wrong,its nothing lewd

  48. Leslie (NTA) says:

    OMG !!!!! (yeh, sorry about the immature phrasing of my first response)

    Several thoughts here — **probably** all PG-rated…

    A) I can CATegorically (see what I did there?) state, (answering the statement “it doesn’t get any rackier, than this”)
    that these are NOT the largest projectile breastuses available in people, much less in photos. Embarrassed to reveal (but, for some reason,that isn’t stopping me) that my ….Mammary Glands (when you’re a Recovering Ex-Catholic….you cope w/ anxieties about topics which involve INTIMATE feelings, by using hifalutin’ Scienteefic Terms, like “Mammary Glands) ….are something more than 36 ” and my bra (when I occasionally submit to societal expectations, and actually WEAR a bra; oh, sorry) size has 2 D’s in it …. MInd you, I’m NOT a 350-pound person (& I’m sure that many phenomenally wonderful 350 pound persons live fabulously worthwhile lives)

    Sub Topic 2: did ennyone else (Ed?) notice in the Wiki entry on A. Cooke …the little bit, which sez “Not to be confused with Alastair Cook, who played cricket” (I might be off by a bit of spelling or one word or two, but the Wiki article actually has that detail. Jeez; sometimes even the explanation to something gives me a migraine!!
    SubTopic #3: GiGi: do you live at a high elevation/ mtns? Ain’t NO cool fall weather anywhere NEAR N. Florida; the LOWER high temps lately here have been 89 degrees (not said in annoyance, but in JEALOUSY if anyone has 65 degree temps, mail them to me ASAP?? I’ll send a pizza & some beer in return !!)

    (and one small nuff…didn’t care much for actually having to read the word pussy in that meaning, even tho’ from a commenter….wouldn’t have minded reading the term “pu****” & I would have known the word you meant???….)
    Sorry about the length/ post; been at work outdoors all day & only just came so there were several aspects that were interesting convers.
    Oh — and the Photo & Captions, WERE fun !!!! Ok, I’m done, Turn out the lights when you leave, okay? Peace & cuddly (or scaly or otherwise) Critters to All !!!!

  49. Yes, stress eating is no good, pics are cute though!

  50. @ Patito: I TOTALLY hear where you are comin’ from, friend, with your Bats ‘n’ Cracks submishes. My photos for a proposed new category of Weiners & Toe Beans went absolutely NO WHERE. I feel supressed.

    [Seems there are an awful lot of ideas here; maybe you and PG can start a new blog? Except it sounds like the title might have to be “Fetish Critters” and that makes me afraid 😦 – Ed.]

  51. Von Zeppelin says:

    Being, I hope, a gentleman, I would normally focus my eyes upon the lady’s face. Of course, there is no lady’s face in the picture, so I must look . . . somewhere. . . Ah! Pink fingernail polish. Doesn’t quite go with the outfit in my opinion. Nice kitten, also (eyes involuntarily straying. . . )

  52. eh, not cute till you show her face

    [OK, I don’t disagree w/this. But some folks (like me!) try to keep photos of their faces off the internet (usually!) and other personally identifying information as well. – Ed.]

  53. pink nail polish is so 80’s…….

    plus she has a hairy growth growing out of her chest. I think she better get that checked!


  54. I have a great plastic surgeon when she is ready to free herself of that fuzzy bump.

    [IT’S NOT A TOOMAH!! – Ed.]

    [Besides, a vet tech could do it. 😉 – Ed.]

    […any volunteers? – Ed.]

  55. berthaservant says:

    Hmmm…..methinks “Peter Upright” is having a wink at us. (Or a w*nk if you are British). “Peter Upright” sounds suspiciously like one of those made-up names like Randy Johnson or Magic Johnson or Dick Pole or Peter O’Toole.

    I wonder if it’s more childish to be giggling and delighted at the suggestion of boobs, or more childish to be offended and outraged by the suggestion of boobs. No matter, IMHO…kittie+modestly clothed torso = winner.

  56. “Bats n’ Cracks”! LOLOL!!

    Also, some of us love big dumb knockers cradling kitties.

  57. Chester – LOL!

    Alistair Cookie — even LOL-er! (Lollier?)

    @ Laura C — 1996? I was thinking more, 1976!

  58. Wait…Theo..was your comment there on Laura C’s post when I first looked?! I SWEAR I didn’t see it!

    [In this case, yes, I beat you to it this time, and by the way JINX – Ed.]

  59. “But some folks (like me!) try to keep photos of their faces off the internet (usually!) and other personally identifying information as well. – Ed.” …the better to feed our weird imaginations … gold buckles gleaming in the light….

  60. “What Knockers!”
    “Oh, thank you, doctor!”

  61. speaking of alternate category titles, I still want “Pups n’ Pecs”!

  62. Leslie, leslie, leslie. Next thing you know you’ll want “cock” censored in a rooster post.

  63. Actually, Theo, re comment 26, my boobs are rather dumb. They never read, preferring to just hang around watching “reality” TV. And they make boorish comments at parties. Stupid boobs.

    [Yeah but then did the guys next to you laugh? This is what I’m saying. – Ed.]

  64. Aw come’on no way that is defo 1996-1997. I can recognize that faux-retro colored stripe and fly-away collar a mile away. That thang has “non-authentic” written all over it! :3

    [Sorry, I’m confused — you’re still looking at the shirt?? – Ed.]

  65. How is this cute? And why would anyone stick a cat between their boobs? It’s strange.