Are You There God? It’s Me, Porcuwhine.


1) Dye roots. Other day, human shrieked, called me “skunk”. Hour later, skunk shrieked, called me “Cher”. Humiliating! Was not sure where to aim quill.

2) File/polish nails. Something less Goth for fall. Maybe “Paint My Moji-Toes Red”. It’s kind of gecko, but think I can pull off.

3) Trim whiskers. Starting to resemble that guy from “MythBusters”. Enough said.

4) Stop stress eating. Twice-baked-scalloped-potatoes are for carb-junkies in Jug Bands, only.

5) Find eyelashes. Am legitimately concerned. *plink-plink*

Sigh. Those hedgehogs don’t know how good they have it.

Robert Smith has really let himself go.

Alert us of any mysterious hedgehog disappearances, Tim C.



  1. Where did this come from?

  2. Love the rollover!

  3. Whoops! Time warp post! Me fix!

  4. …done

  5. Bwahahahah *breath* hahahaha…

    Mr. Smith, could you please hum a few bars of “Love Cats”?

  6. Awww, sharp-looking graspy claws.

  7. @Sas – click at your own peril 😉

  8. kibblenibble says:

    The nosie/face area looks rather soft. Do I dare pet her there??

  9. @Theo *click*

    Someone hold me… I’m slightly traumatized. LOL

  10. Prongs, I love this animal! Not too close, mind you, but it is sooooo cute!

    Now, next find a big ol’ Giant Anteater, and remember to find a great shot of its tail!
    Thank you!

  11. NOTHING wrong with twice-baked scalloped potatoes. I say go for it, li’l porklypine! Nom nom nom!

  12. Twice-baked scalloped potatoes? I’ve only had the once-baked kind. I MUST have that recipe. I will approach him with extreme caution.

  13. LunaChickFringe says:

    @ Theo…OMG I think I just peed my pants!

  14. That’s porcuSWINE!!!

    And they make great sandwiches, according to James Bolivar ‘Slippery Jim’ diGriz.

  15. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo–That was one of the most genuinely bizarre things I have ever seen! Thank You!!

  16. Prongs: this post is practically perfect in every way. The references that span Judy Blume, Cher, Jug Band and handlebar mustache man of Mythbusters, cover everything I held/hold dear. Well done, well done indeed.

  17. by the by, I just returned home with my CO wall calendar. I found it in a nuffer’s trash bin. BWAHAHAHAH. No, I purchased it like the polite Canadian I am. Even tho’ its not yet 2010, it has been opened, scrutinized and declared perfectly cute. I find that while imprisoned in my work cubicle it is imperative to receive a cute infusion at least once every 2 hours or the world begins to dissolve. This calender will fit the infusion criteria nicely.

  18. @Theo oh hai, i laffed so hard i borked myself


  19. Fifty dollars would buy a lot of mashed potatoes.

  20. @ffleur: and your first sentence = Mary Poppins!

    I prefer mac-n-cheese when I stress eat (or any pasta, really)….

  21. @Patito Gigante — Well played, well played.

  22. forsakenbeast says:

    This is what cute overload needs! More porcupines! Woo!

    @Theo – Ow, link causes case of head explody… gots to get some glue…

  23. procrastinatrix says:

    Do my eyes deceive? I check out for a few weeks and has a new regular poster appeared? Who is this brilliant “Prongs” that makes me want to hug a porcupine? Has this maestro been here all along with beloved Meg, Teho and the ever-acronymed NTMTOM?

    [Nope, Prongs is in fact a new addition to CO. Who knows, at some point we might even add her to the About Us page… 😳 – Ed.]

  24. re: that link to the LOLcat version of the Cure song — one could argue that auteur Joel Veitch is a more successful version of myself, but that really doesn’t do him any favors.

  25. Oft, in pensive mood
    This little dude, ponders
    Ponders and wonders
    Worries and waits
    Will the fates
    Arrange a date
    Oh let it not be late
    Till then he’ll wait
    wonder and wait
    Wait and wonder.
    Wonder and wait

  26. Leslie (NTA) says:

    just wow
    (esp @ Theo & click and also in agreeance with the several who enquired for more data re. 2x baked scalloped potatoes). that is all. (oops no not quite: WE LIKE PRONGS — altho this is NOT any negative agin’ the Amazing Meg, The Amazing (while….perhaps eccentric & mischevious?) Theo & the Amazing NTMTOM

    whew. okay. THAT is all. over & out.

    [“Perhaps” she says. 😆 – Ed.]

  27. Leslie (NTA) says:

    omigod i am UNABLE to complete this in the one post, after all.

    LOOK !! izzat a WUNNERFUL, WUNNERFUL, new tag? ANGST????!!!!!!
    It canna’ get mu’ better than tha’, Kepn !!! (per Scotty, StarTrek)

    I PROMISE, I’m goin’ tuh bed NOW. Goodnight all.

  28. VH1 Behind the Music: The band member changed so frequently over the years due to the leader’s prickliness.



  31. The Cher photo sent me to the floor laughing!

  32. Actually, I think he looks less like Robert Smith and more like Robert “Dread Captain Robert” Brown from the band Abney Park. It’s hard to find good pics but he has porcupine hair! 😀

    [Hi — your HTML was a bit off; I fixed it – Ed.]

  33. Emmet Otter references make me SQUEEEEEEE!!!!