Caveat Emptor.

You’d be surprised to learn how many people don’t do their research before buying a hybrid. Sure, they think they’re doing the environmentally-responsible thing, plus they’ll save money on gas. A win-win, right? Well, if they ever bothered to take a look under the hood to actually see what’s powering their hybrid, they’d realize that the amount saved on gas, won’t compare to the cash spent on walnuts. And the heckling. My God, the heckling…


“Well what the hell were you expecting? You think this thing runs on rainbows and unicorn tears?”

You did NOT just call me Alvin.

“Do I’s come to your office and go lookin’ under your desk? If you want to get to work before lunch, I suggest you close that hood then back away real slow. Oh, and if you want Zuko over there to stop chewing on your air filter, then you best bring the nuts. I ain’t gonna ask twice.”

What'd you think "hybrid" meant?

“Lady, honest to God, if you don’t stop starin’ at me with that gaping mouth from behind that wheel, I’m gonna bring in the squirrels.”

I hope your stowaways made the transition from car to yard quite nicely, Tammy G.



  1. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) Enjoyin’ the whole automotive sub-plot today
    2) Never knew, that Click & Clack (of Car Talk program on NPR ) were actually the Chipmunks!!!!

  2. well that sure explains a lot!

  3. LOL at “unicorn tears”

  4. *half-awake and speechless*


  6. LOL, Omg there’s 3 of them! Alvin! Simon! Theodore! (Theodore is the best)

    [Well I can’t argue with that. – Ed.]

  7. BWHAHAHAHHA That was GREAT! I donno who Prongs is but I like him/her already!

  8. Beauty_Without_Cruelty says:

    AHAHAHAAAAA….hmmmm…do i get to bring the chipmunkanics inside with me once i get home?

  9. My car is an old-fashioned 4-gerbil box car. Maybe I’ll upgrade to the chipmunk model later… I don’t know. I really like my car.

  10. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Wonder if they would work better in this antique computer at work than the hamsters if have ….

  11. Squirrels! I tell ya, Toyota is so innovative.

  12. God I’m only awake long enough to feed the baby and check CO. I KNOW they are chipmunks. I guess I’m quoting Up… ya, that’s it. I’m quoting Up.

  13. Awesome! What an attitude they have!

  14. OMG, look at the little paws in the this picture! LOVE.

    But they’re in a dangerous position!!! WHAT IF SOMEONE TURNS THE CAR ON? DOESN’T ANYONE THINK OF THE ANIMALS????? CRUELTY!


  15. ***third, not this.


  16. I don’t think they drive the car enough if they have a litter of chippies.

  17. BeckyMonster says:

    Oh, I can see that the nuffers are going to meet their match with Prongs!!! Genius post, by the way. “Rainbows & unicorn tears” indeed!!!

    Hysterical!!! I always suspected that when I said my Honda was a 4-Squirrel engine, that I wasn’t too far from the truth.

  18. In the early 90’s I had a Geo Metro convertible. 3 cyl engine. I always knew there was some kind of rodent operating the engine!

  19. Noelle (the First) says:

    Ok, this explains the squeaking I keep hearing. Here I thought it was the brakes.

  20. I looked under the hood of my car and did not see any chipmunks or squirrels. Please tell me where I can get one of these. I promise all the walnuts they want. (If they will take acorns that will be easy, we have hundreds of huge oaks around here and they are starting to drop those loud little missiles everywhere.)

  21. Hello, Prongs ….. have we met?

  22. Somebody send this to the Car Talk guys, STAT!!!!

  23. omg, I would die from the cute if I found such under my hood!

    I had a leetle squirrelio living in my garage one winter, got into a box of Chritmas decorations/stuff and made himself a nice nest. Of chewed up decorations and stuff. After I repaired the hole in the roof (waited till summer so he wouldn’t be frozen out of his home) I also replaced the boxes with plastic tubs. Now he lives outdoors. If it’s the same leetle squirrelio, that is…

  24. LOL! Great captions! Chippy’s are indeed safe and sound in the backyard…

  25. HA! Too funny! 😆

    I think the hamsters are employed in our building’s elevator. Slowest. elevator. ever.

  26. The chipmunks where in the air filter. There are no moving parts on this portion of the engine so they where not affected by the car being turned on. No harm came to the chippy’s! Promise. :o)

  27. Good Grief! I haven’t heard of Alvin&Co since I listened to children’s favourites when I was a nipper. Let me tell you that was many aeons ago. Was ‘Ragtime Cowboy Joe’ one of their records?

    [I know the song you mean, but I don’t hear it in “chipmunk voice” in my mind’s ear; my mom used to sing that to me & my sister (yes really!) when we were nippers. – Ed.]

    [He’s a rootin’ tootin’ terrible shootin’ sonuvagun from Arizona ragtime cowboy (talk about yer cowboy) ragtime cowboy Jo-o-oe – Ed.]

  28. NOOOOOO!!! Not the squirrels…….

    [Chipmunks, y’know – Ed.]

  29. Alright, Prongs! You’ve won me over! Mad captioning skillz!

  30. *sounds heard from Metz’s office as she spreads teh chipmunk joy*
    OMGLOOKITCHIPMUNKS!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! THUD THUD THUD (sound of office coworkers including bosslaydee hitting the floor)
    *Metz puts up her feet* Ahhh, a nice quiet day @ the office. What? That’s what they deserve for trying to make me work. :p

  31. I hope they are alright : (

  32. Prongs has ARRIVED! We are won over! Look out, NOMTOM!
    Come to think of it, if the two of them were to team up and reproduce, can anyone imagine the genius potential there? Mind-blowing.

  33. Surly little chipmunkanic, isn’t he!! I wonder if he’d let me snorgle his belly in lieu of payment.

  34. Chippies love to nest in the air filter compartment. They will fill it with seeds and nuts which chokes the car to a stop. Cute lil boogers but not great car mechanics.

    When the weather starts to get cold, i always tap my horn when i get in the car in the morning. Never know what might be under the hood trying to stay warm.

  35. Tammy G – tell us more! How did you find them? How did you get them out?
    Why are they so tame, and letting you get so close?? Enquiring minds want to know!

  36. So, I was gonna say I’d obvy been away too long, and who was this “Prongs” person?! But I see he/she is pretty new to everybody. I hereby join the chorus of approval!

  37. So I have been wondering why my cats have been staring intently at my car….
    Mystery solved.

    [Yes! BRILLIANT! 😆 – Ed.]

    Oh their little paws are SOOO cute!

    I used to have a Datsun 210 that was powered by a hermit crab.

  38. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Blondie & @ Saffron: Like, OMG, I, like, TO-tally (no kiddin’, here) had both a Datsun 210 & (later) a Geo Metro !!!! Seems like we got another set of common ingredients here amongst CO’ers; to list along with Librariologists, etc.

    @ 5now 8: just LAST NIGHT I was wonderin’ where yew wuz. Kin we assume, that all is well, chez vous & there was no bad news, causing your inability to comment @ CO recently? Hope so & welcome back !!!

  39. @Saffron- “I peench.” Remember that Honda Element commercial with the little crab that keeps saying “I peench”? At the time, I loved that more than anything else that was on TV at the time. :8O:

  40. Prongs – you are a most welcome addition to this site. I love your posts!!

  41. LOL – too funny!

  42. This reminds me of when my dad’s van got infested by wood rats. It had been broken down for most of a year, and they must have thought it was a very cozy nest. We didn’t know until one day when we looked out and there were a half dozen whiskery nosicles poking out through the front grill! I wish I had a picture of that, it was an overload for sure. They were all safely evicted before the van was repaired of course…

  43. Theo – You’ve got the song in one, infact you have cleared up some of the words I didn’t understand when done in a ‘Chipmunk ‘ voice. It may have been ‘ Pinky and Perky ‘ two puppet pigs who covered the latest pop songs (along with a Duck and Frog) and the rest I’ve forgotten. This was on the BBC and in monochrome (425lines)

  44. This reminds me of my mountain biking trip last week. We ate lunch at the top of the mountain and had some ground squirrel visitors. A couple of them took quite an interest in my bike (we told them not to become too familiar with the tires 😉 ). At one point I was minding my own business and suddenly felt little squirrely paws on my ankle. They were too cute!

  45. BeckyMonster says:

    Read through the comments, chippies are just fine. Now go hug a platypus or something and smile for the love of Pete.

  46. [Hmm, sounds like they’re singing “he’s a high-falutin’ rootin’-tootin’ sonuvagun” – Ed.]

  47. bookmonstercats says:

    “Chipmunkanics” LOL.

    Hon Glad – Pinky & Perky. I’d forgotten. Overcome with nostalgia. But which one was Pinky and which one was Perky?

  48. This is the newly designed, most environmentally friendly car on the market right now.

  49. Seriously, a chipmunk named Zuko? I’m sensing an Avatar fan in this poster. 😉

  50. ceejoe: Found them when I was filling the washer fluid (or should I say they found ME? ). We had to take the air filter apart (they must have been out feeding at the time) and we placed a screen over the opening so they couldn’t get back in. We have seen them in our backyard – so pretty sure they have relocated without incident :oD
    Chipmunks are curious so perhaps their curiosity is what allowed me to get so close?:O)

  51. Yes, there was a third “Tappet Brother”, with Click and Clack, but his name was ‘Clunk’, so, they didn’t let him on the air.

    This goes to UCONN!

  52. No way, Katrina. I thought his name was Shemp.

  53. Leslie (NTA) says:

    A Few Considerations in re. Chipmunks n TV n CO:

    1) Well, Ed. (aka poss Theo) …NOW we know, whereof derive your… “particular idiom” (MP ref, ennyone?) of humorous & also of music material !!! I’m tryin’ to vizualize you as a “little Nipper at” anyone’s knee, innocently & sweetly listening to a relative channel Chipmunks & “rootin’ tootin’ Cowboy — talk aboutcher Cowboy — ragtime Cowboy Joe” . This explains much !!! 😉

    [That’s not a Chipmunks original, y’know. They just sing. Like the Monkees. – Ed.]

    2) I never woulda thunk, that a Director Who Strongly Resembles Alfred Hitchcock from the back (& the voice) had ever directed Alvin/ Ch’ munks films …

    3)Wow. I’m comparing this little bit o early 50s/60s cartoonage to things on the Toon channel ….veddy intuh-resting ………

  54. catloveschanel says:

    Well this is just Nuts! : () unicorn tears – bwhaaaaaaaa bwha ha.
    You can also use Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for fuel.

  55. fish eye no miko says:

    Zuko? Are the other two Sokka and Katara? Aang and Toph? Mai and Ty Lee?

  56. Reminds me of when a bunch of chipmunks set up house in an air hose in my parents’ car. Unfortunately, they weren’t discovered until the car developed an odd odor whenever my parents ran the heat. When their mechanic investigated the source, he found a nest full of deceased chipmunks. Such a waste of cuteness.

  57. The Pep boys are a lot smaller than I expected.

  58. Ptycho – Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

  59. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Good thing those AREN’T squirrels!!

    Them bastids’ll chew through your brake lines if you’ll let’em!

    Ask my father-in-law!!! They got into his diesel truck’s engine and chewed through every long skinny wire and hose they could BUT the brake line…although they probably tried! 😛

  60. AHHHH! Good thing they were found before starting the car. Or maybe that’s why the car wouldn’t start…

    Reminds me of the time I saw a baby ‘munk on my dad’s car after my cat chased it up there. Luckily, I scared the cat off but got to get so close to the little dude. He was scared stiff! Eventually got it together and skittered off unharmed.

  61. Well crap remind me not to open the hood of my new Prius. That and to keep lots of nuts nearby so my car doesn’t get hungry and bite me.

  62. I knew it was only a matter of time before Japanese automakers produced a car that’s powered by cute little animals.

  63. excellent post Prongs! Chipmunks are so cute! hope you don’t mind, i put pic#2 on my background at work ( yep, work at a car dealer…). Most times have something from CO on my background..makes the work day lots more fun and all the co-workers come around to see my pics.

  64. Leslie ( NTA )
    I also pictured Theo’s childhood. Nurse would colect Young master Theodore from the nursery, dressed in a clean white shirt and velvet knickerbockers, his patent leather shoes with brass buckles gleaming in the light.
    “Now remember Master Theodore, Mama only has a half hour with you before she goes to the ball, so be on your best behaviour.”
    By contrast my Mum who was Scots would sing “You cannae shove yer Granny off a bus” an ancient Scots Air (or possibly not)

    [LOL… no, you’re thinking of Simon. (Cowell.) – Ed.]

  65. Yes – send this to Car Talk.. they’ll need to add to thier list of credits and recently hired staff..

    Air Filter Inspector ———– Chip Monk

  66. @Hon Glad, I needed my rescue inhaler!!!

  67. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ HonGlad: Are you sure, that you aren’t actually one of the Bronte sisters? Your composishe skillz are niiiiiiice !!!! (“buckles gleaming in the light”, etc. 🙂 )

    @ Amy: “Chip Monk” — Good catch! I had forgotten about the cool names for the staff on Car Talk ….. (“Dewey, Cheatem & Howe”, etc.) …

  68. Hey look, here’s one of Theo’s baby pictures!

    [First of all, I rode Ducatis, not ponies. Second, one word: Lederhosen. – Ed.]

  69. One of our campsites has a VERY aggressive bunch of chipmunks. We collectively call them “Guido, the Mafia Chipmunk”
    Right on the picnic table… always seems to be saying “Nice tent ya got over there. Would be a shame if something were to happen to it. Pass those blueberries.”

  70. I love those Chipmonks!!!

  71. Theresa- Sorry about that, I do have my first aid at work certificate, now let me see what it says,…. ah here it is, Insert cream filled chocolate Eclair into orifice, stand back and see what happens.

    Leslie (NTA)- Iam more likely to be one of the Andrews sisters….
    “Drinking rum and Coca Cola…working for the Yankee Dollar.

    Theo- Zo zer Lederhosen nicht var, zo are you sayik you are of Cherman origin ?

  72. @Hon Glad – will any old orifice do?

  73. LOL @ “insert chocolate eclair into orifice”

  74. Yes Theo, another hard day at the orifice, I’m only staying on for the orifice Christmas party.

    [Ohdeargod… the mental imagery… – Ed.]

  75. Well it found it’s way onto PriusChat!!
    Very cute, and they look like the high power chipmonks too, the ones with the stripes!!

  76. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Sunny

    LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLOLOL (well, I guess the point has been established. Did I already mention, that your characterization of said critters was HI-larious, ???? 😉 😉

    Best Belly Laugh I’ve had in DAYS !!!!!!!

    (!!!!!Added Emphasis!!)

  77. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Theo — after a long, drawn out working day full of hassles in the HOT Florida outdoors today/ yesterday/ Saturday….now, at some crazy early-morning Sunday hour, I only JUST found your comment to my comment re. Chipmunks/ Monkees muzik, above. THAT rather brings another possib. fun combo, around:

    Posts about Chipmunks, with Music Captions; and posts about Monkees (or maybe just Monkeys) with Music Captions ……?????????wow — that might not even have too many likely R/ X rated developments/ results…. Please consider submitting the application paperwork for this & submit it to the Research Division, so they can develop a committee who can consider submitting the idea to the Submissions Division. In triplicate, o’ course…. Or not. Peace.

  78. Note on this — the car *did* start. In fact, the car was just finished driving a considerable distance. Then when Tammy opened the hood to pour in some new windshield fluid… bam! Cute Overload! Those chippies had travelled a fair distance by the time these pics were taken. SO funny!

  79. I’m pretty sure the Zuko reference is to Grease… right? Am I right?!? Danny Zuko and Greased Lightning? “We’ll get some overhead lifters and four barrel quads, oh yeah, greased lighting, go, greased lightning…”

  80. @ Leslie NTA: Thanks, I’m fine. Just been VERY busy with garden, son home from college, daughter announcing engagement & the like. I KNOW — too busy for CO? — shame on me. I actually had to let a couple weeks’ worth of CO go un-looked-at — guess it’s time to re-examnine my priorities! 😉

  81. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ 5now8:

    THAT sounds like EMINENTLY exhausting & exhilarating levels of events. Feel free to collapse on closest sofa frequently; or perhaps some smelling salts would be useful? Congrats on all the associated events (grad’s, engagements, etc, etc.)
    We hope that all the preparations give you & your loved ones, worthwhile, ENJOYABLE results!!!