I Had The Strangest Dream Last Night

I dreamed that some mysterious force whisked me away into a bleak, endless limbo, where there was no light or sound or even time…


…and there I stayed for one full day, with no dogs to tease, or legs to rub against, or squeaky toys to mangle, or the scent of sweet, delicious tuna…

Why would anyone want a day without me?  I'm fabulous!

And then I woke up here in my bed.  But it was just a dream, wasn’t it, honey?


… or was it, Jen B.?



  1. awwww!

  2. [ear scritches and chewy treats]

  3. BeckyMonster says:

    Seriously, when cats sleep under blankets like “people”, it KILLS ME. I’m calling the police for ATTEMPTED CUTE-SLAUGHTER!

  4. Great Eben expression (of twolumps.net fame) in Pic 1!

  5. Oh thank heavens! I was gettin’ the shakes from kitteh withdrawal!

    I’m already feeling better!

  6. Leslie (NTA) says:

    In addition to the recent song by some people who I’m sure are all the rage & stuff, may I offer the following/ lyrics Joss Stone; album John B. Sebastian, 1970 (who was also known in/ for Lovin’ Spoonful/ Nashville Cats/ Summer in the City):

    “I had a dream last night; what a lovely dream it was.
    I dreamed we all were all right; happy in the land of Oz.
    All of the heavies were light as a feather….

    I heard a song last night. What a lovely song it was ….”

    Yeah, I’m kinda irrepressibly (mostly) an optimistic hippy at heart ~~~ !!!!!

  7. While I am firmly on the side of doggies, I can say some of the cat pictures on this site make me giggle out loud. Please don’t ever have a day without dogs…cats get way more press as it is! More beagles too if possible…

  8. Ah darlin, it *was* a dream. Just like Bobby Ewing. It nebber happened.
    I wish I could climb back into bed with you. *closes eyes and wishes REALLY hard*

  9. Maybe a few more donkeys too…

  10. Naked mole rats! Please!

    [I tried that once, as an April 1 post. Meg freaked out & pulled it. 😆 – Ed.]

  11. Metz, I was thinking the same thing. If Pam bought the “it was just a dream” con, why not?

    And yes dear you are fabulous. It’s also Thursday, you just lost track of time again with this short workweek.

  12. I had a dream last night, and it fit me like a glove
    It was a scream last night
    It was getting kinda fun (yeah, rock out, whatever)

    10 points to anyone that can name that one….

  13. aaaah, NTMTOM … you rock! and the hovertexts! love that last pic.. *polite golf clap*

  14. Last night I had the strangest dream …
    I sailed away to China
    In a little rowboat to find you
    But you said you had to get your laundry clean

    [Nobody’s gonna break-a my stride… – Ed]

  15. I’m more of a “who was in my room last night” kind of person.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    “Last night I had the strangest dream, I never dreamed before. I dreamed the world had all agreed, to put an end to war.”.. that was a nice dream.. and another great song….

  17. and going back a generation:

    ‘last night i had the strangest dream i ever had before
    i dreamed (somethng somethingsomething something)
    to put an end to war’

    the beats are only slightly demented, bewildered is it. why is there still war? pete seeger said there wouldn’t be..

  18. mary!!!! solid, chick, solid!!

  19. okay, true confession time:

    who else, besides me, is wildly in love with NOMTOM, would marry him, bear him multiple children if he so desired. and if not, would entertain him with good food, sparkling conversation, silk diaphanous nighties or black leather, his preference, or solitude?

    confess, dammit! don’t leave me all alone out here in NOMTOM loveland….

  20. I want to see more of that black and white fluff in the last picture. That is my favorite flavor of kitty, longhaired tuxedo yum.

  21. Wannadance, I’m right there with you on the true confession. If I can’t have David Tenant or Theo, I’ll take NOMTOM.

    And in the vein of song lyrics (although the Pete Seger one was the BEST!):

    I had too much to dream last night
    I had too much to dream.
    I had too much to dream last night
    I had too much to dream
    Last Night.

    Child of the 60s – always was and always will be

  22. “… and when I arrived at cuteoverload, the scene was more like cute, but insufficiently so…”

  23. All of us, wannadance, every last one of us.

  24. Hollywood Marie says:

    You’re all wrong…Meg’s the hottest one on this site. Hi, Meg! You’re adorable! Will you civil union me?

  25. Von Zeppelin says:

    Skippymom, maybe not EVERY LAST ONE of us. (Gruff, deep masculine voice) I’d like to have a few beers and watch the game with him, though. Hey, NTMTOM, how ya think the Packers are gonna do this year?

    And, in the 60’s dream motif:

    Somebody spoke and i went into a dream

    I read the news today oh, boy
    Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
    And though the holes were rather small
    They had to count them all
    Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall
    I’d love to turn you on

  26. I’m fabulous….bwahahahahaha

    (and take it from someone who married for a sense of humour…don’t go there…stick with lust)

  27. VonZep, were you truly in touch with your innermost feelings, should you honestly and fearlessly plumb your deepest depths, I believe that you would, indeed, realize that you do in fact desire to bear NTMTOM’s children.

  28. @metsakins – ROTFLMAO (but take it from someone who married for lust…don’t go there either)
    @ vonzepplin – a man who likes CO, the Beatles AND can quote Beatle lyrics? NOMTOM, I do believe you have competion…although I’m still waiting for David Tenant to return my calls.

  29. Mary (the first) says:

    @wannadance, definitely on the same wavelength re: dreams AND NTMTOM.

    “and the people in the streets below, were dancing round and round
    And swords and guns and uniforms, were gathered on the ground”…

    Eventually the whole song may filter into my brain. I’m resisting the urge to google it .. testing myself .. 🙂

  30. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Skippymom — while you are indeed brilliant & have many perceptions that are earth-shatteringly accurate ….you might have over-estimaged EVER so slightly the all-consuming passion for NTMTOM….there are actually a few moments when I’m only just kinda fond of ‘im, among many other things in an average day on my mind….(NTM, this is only **an adjustment to** Skippymom’s theory of your wonderfulness, not a cancellation of said wonderfulness 😉 )

  31. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (oops — “estimated” , NOT “estimaged”. Aaaaack. D’oh !!!! etc.)

  32. Leslie, actually I like “estimage”–it’s kind of a charming combination of estimate and image. I think it works, let’s keep it.

  33. I LOVE YOU MIKE! Please post a pic so Wannadance and Suzanne and I can have something to croon to…..

    [Croon or swoon? Hmm, either way works, I guess – Ed.]

    […oh yeah, sorry, almost forgot: Heeeeere’s NomTom! – Ed.]

  34. Aw, Theo, you ruined it. He’s not my type at all!

  35. *laughing* Smart, funny…should have known he’d be a Ryan Reynolds look a like.

  36. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (good, Skippymom — glad that all are well !!)

    (um, Ed. aka perhaps Theo ? — Ain’t NO WAY , that that is The Other Mike. That MIGHT be THAT Mike, but that’s NOT The Other Mike. I think, perhaps, that, you jest …….or maybe even prevaricate ??????)
    Please pardon the strength of my accusations. Thank you.

    [Moi??? Vomissez cette pensée terrible hors de votre tête! – Le Rédacteur]

  37. skippymom, you are so right. can’t bear those blade-nosed, booth-tanned, pretty-for-a-year guys.

    i have met our man and will protect at all costs his privacy. but let me say this about that: he is very handsome, has a distinct presence, a great smile. i claim a little like perry como, he claims perry como is dead, so doesn’t count.

    but here’s the dealio for me: def. a sense of humor, def. lust-worthy, yes, both of these. what stirs my heart to such a degree of actual true-blue LUV is his brain, as manifested here, esp.

    i mean, i have it bad for steven/stephen/stephan hawking but there is SOMETHING about NOMTOM that just *does it* for me.

    reclines in wheelchair, strikes brow, sighs deeply, wonders if 40 yrs is too much of an age difference…my estimage says yes…

    [OK, yeah, you got me… THIS is Mike. Sorry I don’t have a more recent shot. 😛 – Ed.]

  38. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Redacteur:

    1) Votre Francais m’a — jusqua’– reduit en silence !!! Tres emouvant, bien sur !!!
    mais… il faut dire que.. (je m’excuse, monsieur)
    2) While your alternative “alleged” NTMTOM “photo” is indeed intriguing….you somehow neglected to remove its headline (interesting coincidink of terminology, there– “headline”–) which SEZ “Linus Pauling”.
    Je m’excuse, for having outed you (on the whole prevarication thing, not The Other Kind of Outing)……… I know, I’m not much on the whole “go along with the gag thing ….prob. attributable to my raisin’ as a Catholic girl …or sumpin’ ….

    [Peut-être j’ai intentionnellement changé le nom, parce que j’ai su qu’il vous confondrait. En outre, j’aime BabelFish beaucoup. – Ed.]

    [Also, I think the word is “gobsmacked” 😉 – Ed.]

  39. One from the Smiths:

    Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me,
    No hope, no harm, just another false alarm…

    [Semi-related, if you haven’t seen 500 Days of Summer, it’s worth watching. Take a Schmoopie. 😉 – Ed.]

  40. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Redacteur: (Hmmmm, interesting possibility…….Ok, I’ll give you that one, if only from respect for your madd skillz w/ verbal fencing 😉 )

  41. this thread is cracking me up…. coworkers are starting to give me stranger looks than usual. i wonder how many marriage proposals NOMTOM has gotten since he enlisted as a CO writer extraordinaire?? i count at least 1 per post . does anyone know if there’s a NTMTOM fan club out there? … and speaking of NOMTOM, i am still on the “hedge of my seat” to find out what happened to miss piggy and benson hedges, PI!

  42. estimaged could also be:

    estimate plus frommage

    estimate plus dommage

    quel frommage!! (my fave french pun. only one i know and that’s because i made it up…)

    (ps i set my answering machine greeting to french. great for frustrating those pesky collectors or salesholes)

  43. kate, that is so sad…whimper…

    mary, there is a pete seeger version of the dream song on youtube which is very poignant and in fact, downright weepy for me. i saw him sing it in the late fifties at Rice. he just sat in a chair and we just sat in chairs facing him, slide rules flapping in the breeze. he was so wonderful, we all got up and screamed our lungs out, unusual in a bunch of nerdolas like we were. adoration was born. he has a sweet and tender voice. and is still alive, i think….

  44. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Wannadance: I’m happy that me booboo became useful!!

    BTW/ Related: Early in my Franglais career, I used to use an explosive syllable in “MaDAMoiselle” to curse (without actually cursing en Anglais)….jus’ sayin’ …..

    Feel free to adapt/adopt that habit, if you find it useful ……

  45. okay, last entry:

    cali, we gotta have a fan club but we gotta decide on NOMTOM or NTMTOM. i like the first one because it’s eadier to type although it makes no sense…it’s also more symmetrical and pleasing to my eye.

  46. um, i lied…

    lesllie, i will happily adopt your wonderful curse. it’s perfect and, furthermore, elegant.

    am i the only one to notice that on tv, etc, no one addresses obviously single women or teens properly. usually adress them as madame. and in spanish, senora. same in italian and german. there i run out of languages. but is this vastly improper or did something change while i was sleeping?

  47. NOMTOM is so pronounceable — definite advantage. And it has “nom” in it! Is there really a question here?

  48. wannadance — I believe it’s similar to the disappearance of “Miss” from English, only more so. It’s sexist to address a single woman with the diminutive words that were once used to mean “Miss” (“little woman” versus “woman” for a married female).

  49. Y’all are weird as he**. But in the best possible way. 😀

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    @wannadance, thanks, I’ll look for Pete Seeger on YouTube when I get home. The only version I’m real familiar with is Chad Mitchell Trio . .
    And I don’t think I ever commented on the kitteh, I am happy to see him and love the under the covers venue he has goin’ on. Love kittehs!!!

  51. fish eye no miko says:

    “Now have a nice Wednesday at work, dear!”

    I see what you did there!

  52. AWW 🙂 Nice to see sweet kitties 🙂

  53. @ wannadance … i’m w/ you on the symmetrical. it satisfies my ocd-ness . and i totally agree with pheas. NOMTOM has “nom” in it, so that gets my vote! and i automatically vote for you to be the prez of said fanclub =)

  54. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (“slide rules flappin’ in the breeze”????????
    Wow. TRUE nerddom, at its pique aka peak…)

    To quote someone else — I’ve NO idea whom —
    The. Mind. Boggles. That is all.

  55. Cute, cuddly kitties touching noses – wonderfullness : D

  56. To Wannadance, yes, Pete Seeger is very much alive. I think the first time he sang the aforementioned song, he was still with the Weavers. He sang in Washington, D.C., for Obama’s inauguration and in late July or early August, his 90th birthday was celebrated on PBS’ Great Performances. He’s also got a 90th birthday CD out.

    As for NTMTOM, I agree! A man who loves animals, has an IQ over 120 and a wicked sense of humour to boot is a real find.

  57. kibblenibble says:

    1. I love the last pic, like a g’mornin’ kitty kiss.
    2. I vote for NOMTOM, for all the aforementioned reasons, and am among the many fans.
    3. My contribution to the “dream song” theme:

    Daylight licked me into shape
    I must have been asleep for days
    And moving lips to breathe her name
    I opened up my eyes
    And found myself alone, alone
    Alone above a raging sea
    That stole the only girl I loved
    And drowned her deep inside of me
    You, soft and only
    You, lost and lonely
    You, strange as angels
    Dancing in the deepest oceans
    Sitting in the water
    You’re just like a dream
    Just like a dream

  58. Did I dream this belief?
    Or did I believe this dream?
    Now I can find relief

    –Peter Gabriel, “I Grieve” from the album “Up”

    [Not what I’d call a cheery song, obviously. I do like it, tho, especially the “life carries on” part. – Ed.]

  59. You’ll hear me calling in your sweet dream
    Can’t hear your daddy’s warning cry
    You’re going back to be all the things you want to be
    While in sweet dreams you softly sigh

    –Jethro Tull, “Sweet Dream”

  60. “For my own part, I have never had a thought which I could not set down
    in words with even more distinctness than that with which I conceived it.
    There is, however, a class of fancies of exquisite delicacy which are not
    thoughts, and to which as yet I have found it absolutely impossible to
    adapt to language. These fancies arise in the soul, alas how rarely.
    Only at epochs of most intense tranquillity, when the bodily and mental
    health are in perfection. And at those weird points of time, where the
    confines of the waking world blend with the world of dreams. And so I
    captured this fancy, where all that we see, or seem, is but a dream within
    a dream.”

    –Edgar A. Poe

    (Yeah, I can’t sleep. Jobless and all.)

  61. This is so cute!! Love cats – this one looks so content all snuggled up under that blanket. Great site 🙂

  62. I have dreamed that your arms are lovely
    I have dreamed what a joy you’d be
    I have dreamed every word you’d whisper
    When your close
    close to me
    How you’d look in the glow of evening
    I have dreamed and enjoyed the veiw

    In these dreams I’ve loved you so
    That by now I think I know
    What it’s like to be loved by you
    I will love being loved by you

    Rogers and Hammerstein

  63. Nicely Nicely says:

    I dreamed last night,
    I got on the boat to Heaven,
    and by some chance,
    found a bottle in my fist.
    And there I stood,
    nicely passin’ out the whiskey.
    But the passengers were bound to resist.

    And the people all said, “Sit down.
    Sit down, you’re rocking the boat.”
    People all said, “Sit down.
    Sit down, you’re rocking the boat.
    And the devil will drag you under
    by the sharp lapel of your checkered coat.
    Sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down,
    You’re rocking the boat.”

    It was the first song I thought of that had the word “dream” in it.

  64. Bathos Q. Hauteur says:

    I’m sorry for being off-topic, but have you seen the latest Maru? The Maru person has drawn a mouse face around a cardboard hole for Maru to put his head through. It really has to be seen.

  65. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Hi, Noelegy !! Peace unto your household !!

  66. @HonGlad & Nicely Nicely – YEAH! Musicals! Love R&H and G&D is one of my FAVES…turned me into a Nathan Lane fanatic immediately!

  67. Dre-e-e-e-eam … Dream dream dre-eam dre-e-e-e-eam dre-eam dre-eam!
    I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine, anytime night or day!
    Only trouble is…gee whiz…I’m dreamin’ my li-ife away….

    (Ok, that ages me.)

    And, yes, I’m in love with NOMTOM, too. Count me in.

  68. If this is a dream, please let me die…
    (dies happily, snuggling wif teh kittehs.)

  69. Boy-Boy'sma says:

    For LIZZUMS, that song is “Whatever” by thye Butthole Surfers. Do I get my 10 points? They will be in Vancouver on Thanksgiving !!
    Love them kissin kitties too…

  70. Ed., I thought about it because of the upbeat section that precedes the part I quoted, the “Life carries on…with all the dogs and cats” part. 🙂

    [And the flies and the rats – Ed.]

  71. that is just adorable!