Does This Make Me Look Cat?

I’m not sure if it’s my haircut (the “Donald Trump Special”), or if it’s just my all-around obsession with all things me, but suddenly I’m feeling very feline.


And, might I say, “Worst feeling ever.” If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go need to spike my alfalfa with arsenic.


Did you use a bowl for that cut, Momo?



  1. eww…no, that doesn’t make you look cat

  2. how about a mohawk?

  3. Mary (the first) says:

    He’s very handsome. No feline tendencies that I can see.

  4. A guinea mullet?

  5. “The Donald Trump special”


  6. Oh, the lips! All ready to pucker up and kiss. (Not like a cat, tho…)

  7. Um, he sort of looks like Todd Rundgren…

    Hello it’s squeeek! I’ve thought about seeds for a long long tiiiime…..

  8. If only I could have highlights like that in my hair… 😉

  9. (Oh, and may I suggest a slight rearrangement of text? Like, “… going to need to go spike…”) Whew. Glad to get that out of my system. 😉

  10. It’s a mullet + bowl-do combination. Also known as the Dorothy Hamill, I believe.

  11. @saffron – good call

    I don’t wanna squeak
    Just wanna walk on my wheel all day!


    We gotta get you guniea
    And when we’re through with you
    We’ll get me one too!

  12. Yay Mojo!

  13. LOL @ suzanne! Now I have the “I don’t wanna squeak” song stuck in my brain!

  14. No, it doesn’t make you look cat. But there are whiffs of 80s big hair rock bands, though.

  15. No, I wouldn’t say it makes you look feline so much as it makes you look as though you do not have a mirror at your house.

  16. Peegy LEEEEEEPS!!!

    You look fabulous, Miss’er Piggles. Now come here so I may SNORF YOU!

  17. Oh Mr. Piggy you are sooooo right..
    *hands Piggy handful of apple seeds*

  18. O.K., am I the only one who looks at the piggie and sees the female mastodon from whichever Ice Age version in which she appears? The one voiced by Dana Owens (I think)?

  19. Yah Jiffknee! I see it too.. the little head thing with the tuff of hair on top lol.. I KNEW piggies evolved from dinos!!!!

  20. I believe that is called the Scarlett Jo-haircut, circa 2003.


    [Didn’t the Brady Bunch mom-lady have that hair? Looks good on Scarlett, tho – Ed.]

  22. jiffknee ftw! and did anyone see the peggy [legs / paws / “prongs” *snerk] in pic 1??

  23. ack, typo! *peegy

    [This is really funny, to me. 😀 – Ed.]

  24. I love how when you picture a cat in a blender with NO BLADE everyone flips out, but when you suggest a bunny might voluntarily ingest poison, everyone’s all “…eh [shrug]”

  25. Emo-peegy!

  26. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Okay, last time this little niblet was on CO, I wrote what I thought was a pretty good joke, but it languished there, alone on the Interwebs, with no acknowledgment a-tall. So, because I am not feeling creative am into recycling, I’ll try it again. [ahem]

    This little guy must be the author of The PigWig Papers.

    Frak! [picks up keyboard, shakes it] Is this thing on?!

    [Literature puns are for kind of a niche audience, knowumsayin? – Ed.]

  27. Hey! What the dickens? We grok niche!

  28. Anyway, Argyle Donkeypants, I think that was Darles Chickens.

  29. Quick, someone get the camera, it’s a MINI-YETI!! *X-Files theme*

  30. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ AD

    BWA HA HA HA HA (Etc., etc & so forth) Wunnerful, wunnerful !!! “Who lovesya, babe?” WE DO !!!!!!!!!! SMOOCH !!

    (sneaks off to the side…”Psst, Auntie Mame !!! THAT was GREAT, too !!”)

  31. Marianne from GA says:

    I wonder how long it takes to comb that hair after a wash. 2 hours, maybe?

    And, who the heck is Prongs?? And what have you done with Megsters and Teho and NomTom?

    [We’re all still here, plus one. 🙂 – Ed.]

  32. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ AD (I’m actually somewhat Codependent, so now I’m really gonna worry that I’ve caused you angst unnecessarily ‘cuz it IZ a great joke & we DO love you & you ARE brilliante on a daily basis. So I hope that my poke was taken playfully, as ’twas offered & not traumatizin’ …NO PTSD, ok? smooches — again — 😉 )

  33. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Gosh, thanks you guys. It’s been a rough day. Even if you’re being the tiniest bit sarky, I’ll cheerfully and obliviously accept your compliments.

    @Ed: You underestimate us. The people on here are way more literate than those on the monster trux and speedwhittlin’ blogs I frequent.

    [Au contraire. It’s maybe not commonly known, but most speedwhittlers have at least a BA in English. A few actually have their Piled Higher and Deepers. – Ed.]

  34. Donald Trump would kill to look half that good.

    I’m smitten with the non-kitten’s soulful eye(s) and smoochable mouf.

  35. Who is Prongs?




  36. Your color *does* remind me of my lovely Somali, Sofka. But the cut is really more small dog than cat…

  37. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Hmmm……Prongs esta una nueva (okay, that & “cervesa” are the limit of my Spanish) …a new person on the CO masthead. There’s a whole series of comments about that, on one of the posts from the Day w/o Cats (at the moment, I don’t recall which pic & comment stream). When this person did her (!) first CO post, it was done with a different author name at first. That’s all you missed; it’s okay; no earthquakes have occurred here recently !!

  38. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ AD: Here’s hopin’ that lots of wonderful calming things come your way.
    Really, we loves ya !!! Just your screenname alone has always been one of my faves. BTW, did you ever get back, your Paisley Donkeypants, from, I dunno, was it Pyrit who found them in his closet; or someone else?
    Also remember that — frequently in the Working World — the days immediately following a “3-day off” weekend …..are 14 x more difficult than an average mid-week workday. So that might be what’s been happening chez vous this week.

    I’m truly remorseful if my poke earlier caused you to doubt your joke. It was only intended as an affectionate, lighthearted silliness, nothing truly negative intended.

    Sending you huge mounds of peaceful and — eventually, also — silly zen for healing porpoises (yes, pun, intended here)
    Signed, Peace, love & grooviness to ALL

  39. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @Leslie (NTA): Honestly, not to worry. I thought your comment back was tewtally appropriate, given that the joke was 1) broadcast as a shameless plea for attention and/or affection and 2) utterly lame and 3) etc. In fact when I read your comment, I experienced something more than a chuckle, but less than a guffaw. What would that be, a chortle? Anyway, I found it funny. Cease your remorsefullyness in 3…2…1…now.

  40. AD, I think any puns related to pigs are excellent. I love pigs, even ones with woeful haircuts. Mojo, I will kiss your nose and snorgle your tummy and don’t worry, hair grows out!

  41. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (phew. Breathing in deeply; breathing out deeply; Note to Self: Cancel Panic !!)

  42. Ohmigosh! It’s Aslan.
    “Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens. ”

    Lions are cats too. =)

  43. New “Prongs” therefore begs the question:

    Who are each of the other mods (Meg, Teho, NomTom) in relation to the other Marauders (Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot)?

    [Ha. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. – Ed.]

  44. Wow, what a surprise. 🙂
    My dearest Mojo on CuteOverload on MY BIRTHDAY!

  45. By the way, that was a Good Hair Day!
    Wait till you see his *bedhead*!

    *exit gracefully*

  46. Hahahahah, Prongs is funny. Don’t tell the guinea pig, but it does make him look cat!

  47. Happy birthday Momo, and big kisses to Mojo and Mitzy!

  48. Pigs are almost as disapproving as buns.

  49. That TOTALLY looks like Trump! My goodness, should be identity theft.

  50. I just wanna kees those leeops!

  51. (turns to guinea pig, pauses while the music ups the tension)
    Guinea Pig.
    We asked for a look suitable for a yacht party. You sent us on a three-hour-tour. In a ship with no rudder.
    (reaction shot of guinea pig fidgeting, looking at its feet)

  52. Meow, meow, meeeoow. says:


    [No need to shout, we can read you just fine. – Ed.]

  53. I have been speechless & baffled by much of today’s comments. While the kitties were sleeping on the Internets I did not get much sleep, and the cat & bunny were Up to Something. And zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz um, there was French, and bathroom kitty humor, and um, dream stuff……. and more Dickens humor which I LOVE — guess I just love a good simple (i.e. easy to get) joke, and I’m sorry to the NOMTOM fan club but I guess sometimes he goes over my head….. it’s not hard to do. But I do want to read the PigWig Papers next since I’ve been reading Darles Chickens again. This is my stream of not very consiousness … and I must go to sleep. Oh and I think I saw a bunk bed of gunea pigs who come when they are called — but I am sure THAT was a dream! oh yeah I like Pete Seger and 60’s music too…….

  54. Ooh, so very comb-able. I want to take a hairbrush to it.

  55. Calling Argyle Donkeypants !! (aka Leslie NTA) says:

    LOOK, LOOK, ArgyleDonkeypants!! Your cleverness is affirmed yet AGAIN !!!
    See comment # 54 (Line #7 , specifically) !!!! You RULE !!!!

  56. Hairdresser “Well sweetheart who’s been a naughty girl”

    Guinea “Simper, me I guess”

    Hairdresser “I mean who did these extensions? Atilla Hun?
    or did your Granny knit them?

  57. (throat clearing noises)
    Ladies and Gentlemen, this may be the cutest peeg I have ever seen. The colors, the hair, the at-ti-tude, the peeg leeps and nosicle, he has it all. Saying that, I understand Darles Chickens and I understand AD’s allusions, puns and mirth. Weez more eriudite than that for which you give us credit, forsooth.

    Now, Momo, day after your Happy Birthday and I wish you may more returns of the day (days). Please create more videos with your peegs, they make me shiver with happiness! Happy day after Momo’s birthday, Everypeep!

    AD-Keep on keepin’ on!

  58. Andi from NC says:

    I love that we can Momo’s eyes now – lovely! And the leeps – they keel me!! *makes kissy sounds at computer screen*

  59. Go Prongs! keep posting peeeglets

  60. Yes, but does peeglet comb his long hair as much as Marcia Brady did????
    I think not.

  61. @jiffknee #18 : Oh yeahh! Manfred!! Well that’s the male, but still, got the haircut too!

    And YES the Piggy Leeeeps! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The squeeness!!!!! The Luuuv!
    Momo is such handsome guinea pig!! You fashionita/o 😉 .

    And may I add: Carl Weezer!!!!!

  62. I, for one, am a super duper Mojo fan ❤

  63. Prongs? Spot the Harry Potter fan.

    Welcome, Mr Potter, glad to see you back in the land of the living 😉

  64. No, more like Richard M. Stallman actually.

  65. Yes, Prongs, thanks so much for the beeeeautiful peegie photo.

    Welcome to what usually is a giant planet-wide snorgle fest!

    An extremely intellectual and clever snrgle fest, by the way, let no OTHER moderator tell you otherwise! (snerk, suck-up).

    Khadjia isn’t that just the handsomest peeg out there? I hop we see more, too!

    [ 🙄 – Ed.]

  66. I suspect my girlfriend has that laptop. **finds it, shakes it** Where’s the peeg?

  67. Nancy (orig) says:

    kissable leeps! just want them to stay closed tho.

  68. Yes, Katrina, it is a maaaaahvelous specimen indeed (in posh English).

  69. cute guinea pig….

    and to all of you who asked “why did you call yourself “Big Bad Kitty” it was because i knew this neighborhood cat who would scratch when he pleased and if he didn’t like something he would scratch the nearest person by. or sometimes it was just ’cause he didn’t like you. now every time i said “mum, me and olivia are gonna go play outside…”… guess who was waiting for me…. yup, you guessed it….
    that big bad kitty (his name wasn’t really big bad kitty, i called him that ’cause he wouldn’t let me see his name tag otherwise my face would be human body pencil sharpenings… ) yup and i came back with my body ruins…. and i thought cats were meant to be lovable!?!

    Yup…. so that’s my story….

    ok… i lied…

    I just like the name 🙂

  70. yeah… i was there when it happened…

  71. tell me…
    did you ever read the last bit of my post???

  72. doforanimals says:

    Momo mouf. Anh! Such kewt peeg.

  73. May I suggest a series of critters with a “guess the celebrity hairstyle” theme? (I’d do rather poorly at the guessing, but that’s why I read the comments!) Or perhaps just a picture of a stag, a dog, a wolf, and a rat?

    This piggy is adorable. The haircut makes him look more lion than cat, methinks. His ‘do will be the mane event wherever he goes.

    Sorry, that was dreadful, I know…

  74. did yer granny knit those extensions <—- LOL!

  75. Aaw it doesnt make you look like a cat! so cute 🙂

  76. Oh my god, that is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!
    Prongs, i love you right now!!!

  77. This is late, but I think the haircut makes you look “dude.”

  78. SiliconAddict says:

    Time to braid that fur!

  79. awwww the animals are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg!

  80. i like both of them by the way i read all of the pet trouble books

  81. uh i like your hair cut. i guess

  82. maybe tomorrow ill slick it beack with gel

  83. What a Sweetie! =)

  84. is that a cat or a guinea pig

  85. u do not look like a cat