A Day Without Cats: Lessons Learned

Well, another first-ever Day Without Cats has come and gone, never to come again.  And like all historical watershed moments, it impels us to reflect; about us, the Internet, and on the debt we owe to our irreplaceable friend, the cat.

For the cat is more than mere companion, more than protector from the vicious mouse and his flesh-melting death ray, more than the reassuring presence who greets our return each day with cheerful, loving indifference.  He is also our mentor.

For while our great scientific minds struggle vainly to teach cats the intricacies of double-entry bookkeeping and interpretive dance, the cat has a simpler lesson for us:  Approach life with wonder, with eyes wide open, with insatiable curiosity…

… and most of all, dignity.  Always dignity.



  1. Puppies&kitties says:

    Love love love the kitties

  2. Bwhahahahahahahah!!!!!




  3. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ NTM:

    “impels us to reflect…”????

    Wow. That’s Deep. You should write speeches fer pollytishuns, bro’!!

  4. *raises from the dead to make a request*

    I think we need a “Commentroversy” tag. Or something along those lines. Maybe we could tag them “Pa-sickie!”

    *returns to the dead*

  5. Von Zeppelin says:

    These three cats might have appreciated another Day without Cats. Now they will need to have you killed for posting these embarrassing videos.

  6. I always enjoy that quick three licks to the shoulder after a good humiliation.

  7. I think it is a rite of passage for every cat to fall into a toilet once in their life. Unless that cat is my crazy marmie. He’s fallen in twice.

  8. Oh My God. Now people at work think I am crazy after the cackles. Great! Thanx!

  9. *Zombie-Brinn rises again*

    This is why I keep the toilet lid closed when not in use.


  10. Awwwww, poor kitties! They look about as alarmed as my Dora this morning. Someone was mowing right outside our windows (my condo is half-basement level, so the mower was literally just feet away) and as the mower went back and forth, Dora couldn’t figure out where to hide. So she kept running under the bed . . . then back out of the bedroom . . . then under the bed . . . then back out of the bedroom . . . then under the bed . . . .

  11. Silly Cats! Welcome back! 😀

  12. Gotta love the kitty hitting the mirror – that is just too funny for words!

  13. I ponder whether to tell you of my cat Sid’s compulsion, it has a considerable Ew factor and may surprise some of you as to my gender.
    As I stand having a pee Sid will jump on to the seat and like drinking from a tap he will……
    or else shake himself and shower me with my own p…. see I told you it was Ew.

  14. DId she call that last kitty, “Waffle”?

  15. Yes, she did call that kitteh Waffle. That got the biggest LOL from moi. I mean Waffle…come on! Genius.

  16. @Hon Glad – that is beyond Ew. And Sid has done this more than once??? I mean, I can see a kitteh being curious and all, and doing it once by accident… but it’s repeated??? Makes me grateful I don’t have to stand to perform that particular function. 0.o

  17. Wow, Hon Glad. I am repressing my judgmental impulse at the moment.

    I dont think is healthy to let your cat drink pee or sanitary to let him shower in it. I seriously hope you are joking.

  18. I think I could just sit all day and watch that cat crash into the mirror over and over. I think somebody read “Alice Through The Looking Glass” to him and he’s trying to go there!

    @Hon Glad: that is truly, deeply disturbing.

  19. Hon Glad, that is undescribably gross and hysterically funny in equal measure.

  20. BeckyMonster says:

    I love how innocently psychotic cats are. They just run around like total freaks and give you the “what you talkin’ ’bout Willis” look when you call them out. God love ’em, and I’m glad you’re back!

    Now Hon Glad
    Nasty, nasty, nasty. Cats are innocent, and don’t realize that their actions have “different meanings” to us than they do to them. Case in point: Miss Pickles likes to be on the counter while I’m brushing my teeth. Sometimes I don’t have clothes on, as I am in the bathroom. Well, one day she kind of licked my boob while she was walking by looking for attention. She doesn’t know what “inappropriate” means, but I DO. I simply make sure to back up if she gets too close to the girls.

    Now go see a therapist.

  21. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Is that the same Waffle whose paw was stung by a bee and then swelled up the size of a small country? I don’t want to get all syrupy about it, but it seems like that cat has a lot of bad luck.

  22. NTMTOM – are you mocking the cats? be afraid, be very afraid.

  23. Argyle, I think the swollen-paw kitty was Waffles, plural. I think he was also bigger, with more white on him. But it would be pretty funny if it was the same cat.

  24. Ceejoe – Et al. My toilet door is cut short at the bottom, like a school lav. So I have learnt to close the vestibule door as well. But occasionally i forget and he moves as silently as a shadow. Try holding your willy and keeping a determined cat away. Girls use your imagination.

  25. You didn’t really just say “holding your willy”, did you? Oh my. Think of the children!

    Okay, since this thread has turned to Disgusting Cat Behavior Overload: my two younger boys like to watch each other pee. When one of them is in the box, the other will sit right up close and observe, absolutely rapt, as though this is the most fascinating thing ever. Sometimes the one watching will lean in and kiss the one peeing.

  26. BeckyMonster says:

    Miss Pickles also likes to sniff my shoes, especially if I’ve had a sweaty feet day. Unfortunately, that is most days. (sigh) And by sniff, I mean stuff her whole head in there and do that freaky mouth open sniff thing. I know they have really super sensitive glands in their mouth for sniffing, and she wouldn’t continue to do it if it really bothered her, but it looks like she’s making a stinky face!

    Cats = Weirdos

  27. Trabb's Boy says:

    I’m laughing my head off and I can’t even see the pictures.

  28. Argh! I can’t watch the videos until Friday, because they’re blocked at work and I don’t have a good Internet connection where I’m staying.

    But I had to say that the first time I read the first paragraph, I thought it said “…like all hysterical watershed moments…” and I thought, yeah, that’s what it’s like around here sometimes.

    Hon Glad, ew! And LOL!

  29. Hon Glad, while that is seriously gross, and I think I may have gagged a little at the thought, unless you have a bladder infection, fresh urine is sterile (for peeps out there concerned about the ingestion-um, ugh!- of it by kitteh cat). And seriously, cats lick their butts. So who is concerned about whether they ingest some pee? Still grossed out, though.

  30. Hon Glad et al — too much. TOO MUCH.

  31. Plaid-shirt Pyrate says:

    So, am I the only one who’s seen “Singin’ in the Rain” around here? That was the real capper of an already-hilarious NTMTOM gem.

    “Weel, of course I kin tawk — can’t eeverybuddy?”

  32. OK.. Since we have all decided that today is “how-weird/gross-is-your-cat-day”.. I will also share… My two girl cats, Misha and Sasha, like to lick each others butts….. ALL THE FREAKIN TIME! I can’t get them to stop!

  33. If you thought Hon Glad’s story was gross– or more likely if you didn’t find it sufficiently gross– try Googling “mountain goat” and “pee.”

  34. TMI, Hon Glad. T. M. I.

  35. PS “Dignity- always dignity!” “Singing in the Rain” FTW!

  36. Also.. Misha aka the evil one, as I have grown to call her, likes to sit on the toilet (seat down) and wait for me to get out of the shower… If I remember to shut the bathroom door she sits out there and waits for me.. VERRRRY creepy!

  37. My little Mimi (RB) used to sit in the bathtub behind the shower curtain, and poke at me through the curtain while I stood at the mirror and brushed my teeth. Stinky (RB) used to perch on the side of the sink. And Dante just sits in my pants when I use the toilet. :mrgreen:

  38. i think this is the best day ever. so many kitties in one day!

  39. Theresa- LOL my kitties used to do the sitting in pants thing when they were kittens too!! I think they like the warmth from the pants hehe..

  40. @Katiedid, Dante is pushing 20 pounds. And he definitely puts on a big cheesy grin when he sits down in there.

  41. Plaid-shirt Pyrate — YES!
    Whaddya think I am? Dumb or somethin?
    SITR LOVE! ❤

  42. The videos were great, but the crossed out “and his flesh-melting death ray” was the very best part of this. It’s still making me laugh.

  43. LOL

    The only good thing about this whole day without cats, is that it brought us extra CatOverload right after.

    Cats rule the Cute.

  44. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Skippymom: Thanks for ironing that out for me.

  45. Hon Glad, I just . . .
    um . . .
    I can’t even begin to . . . .

  46. here at work we have a strict no-streaming-videos-at-work policy… which I normally practice very diligently… but I broke it for eight seconds to watch the cat jumping into the mirror. And I am GLAD I DID.

  47. AuntieMame – I read it the EXACT SAME WAY – hysterical watershed moments!!! (Which I will point out, is literally what Hon Glad told us about…) 😆

    My dogs can be weird but they’re not THAT weird. hahahahahaha

  48. Eddy accompanies me into the bathroom and prances back and forth on the tub edge. We pretend that he is the “stewardess” and he offers me snacks and reading material, but the selection is really terrible. Usually he has Yoo-Hoo and Mountain Dew, and Good-N-Plenty, or Pringles but they cost extra. Also 1970s Mechanix Illustrated or some old TV Guides. I always order something because I don’t want his feelings to be hurt.

  49. Way-ull … since we’re all sharing, I’ve got one kitteh who is concerned when I take a bath and one who is concerned when I take a shower. Don’t know why it’s that way, unless that’s how they agreed to divide up the labor. Anyway, they both hang around with this look of shock and concern on their faces, like, “Mom! The wet stuff! It’s going to get ALL over you! Are you okay? Should I get help?”

    I try to explain that this is what we do, since we have bones and do not have sandpaper tongues and thus cannot bathe kitteh-style. They just look at me like I’ve gone around the bend.

  50. I join you all in celebrating the silliness of kittens, and the genius of Singing in the Rain. Cute Overload, you are a shimmering glowing star in the cuteness firmament.

  51. That poor kitty jumping into a mirror! I could just imagine what he was thinking “Okay, the elusive other bed is in sight. I’m sure I’ve got the distance right, and that strange, non-smelling cat is SURE to move this time. Ready, one, two, three, JUMP!

    “Stupid non-smelling cat.”

    That video in particular had me laughing so hard that my dogs came to see what was going on. And my family doesn’t understand why I want to add a cat to my minangerie.

  52. Leslie (NTA) says:


    oh yeah. Now THIS is what I started coming to CO & (eventually) began reading the comments stream, for. ahhhhhhhhh. Balance (or rotation, perhaps)
    is beginning to return to the universe.

    (PS @ Grammar police….yup. I know; hanging object of the predicate / “reading …for” . But, y’know, thankfully, CO is one of the FEW places that mi Madre doesn’t hover. over. oops, did another grammatically incorrect thinggie there. You’d almost think that I’m doing it, purpose on. ALMOST. 😉 )

  53. @Decca, I caaan’t stand it!!

  54. Forget the cats – you guys are some seriously funny people! 😀

  55. googlie eyes says:

    Hon Glad,
    I once took my two dogs to the beach. The little girl was rolling around on her back in the sand having a good old time, and the little boy walked over and lifted his leg and started peeing on her. She just kept rolling and didn’t even seem to notice. We of course immediately tossed her into the ocean to rinse her off.

  56. Yes, Rachael, and at the end of the day we all go home to the funny farm!

  57. The first cat, in the bath tub, is the epitome of “do not want”.

  58. the middle one must have really hurt.

  59. @Skippymom, to the happy home, with trees and flowers and chirping birds . Hon Glad really has opened a door here. A bathroom door.

  60. And basket weavers, Theresa!

  61. Where life is beautiful all the time

  62. And we’ll sit and smile and twiddle our thumbs and toes…

  63. Pheas said –

    “I try to explain that this is what we do, since we have bones and do not have sandpaper tongues and thus cannot bathe kitteh-style. They just look at me like I’ve gone around the bend.”


  64. BeckyMonster says:

    They’re coming to take me away
    Ha Ha, He He, Ho Ho
    To the funny farm
    Where life is beautiful all the time
    And I’ll be happy to see those nice young men
    In their clean white coats

    And they’re COMING TO TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!

  65. What happened to Waffle (the cat in the toilet) happened to my kitty Dot too. Except, my cat jumped, missed the sink, fell straight into the toilet bowl with a big splash.

  66. 😯 Whoa, BeckyMonster! No one told me about the nice young men! If they had, I might’ve gone willingly. 😈

  67. @nycat: that’s about what happened to my Ezri…luckily, I hadn’t yet…..um, nevermind. Over-sharing.

  68. Well!
    Just you wait, they’ll find you yet,
    And when they do.
    They’ll put you in the ASPCA,
    you mangy mutt!

  69. @Leslie(NTA) come now, nobody would expect you to say “This is that for which I read the comments section.” Up with that we would not put.

    [One might say “This is why I read the comments,” though… 😉 – Ed.]

  70. One last funny thing my cats do.. (I PROMISE!).. When they were younger and were being bad I would put them in time out for 5 mins but putting the laundry basket upside down on them and I guess they liked it so much they now have a weird thing for the basket.. they always sit in it when it’s empty.. but never when it has dirty clothes.. such strange creatures…

  71. @Katiedid, that’s kitty jail!! You put them in kitty jail!

  72. OMG do I have the funniest storry (funny for me anyway) about inappropriate cat behavior, nudity and dangly bits but if I tell it the involved party will retaliate in kind so just use your imagination and you’ll probably be right

  73. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Theresa, thank you for your compashe!!

    Auntie Mame: I’m sure that you know a method, so PLEEZ show us your wide knowledge of the ways o’ world. How SHOULD I go about, twiddling my toes?
    Do I need to enroll in some particular school?

    [I think Johns Hopkins has a podiatry program – Ed.]

  74. Okay, that was the best thread ever.
    I’m going to have to sit and think about this one. Yoko is a monster… but I can’t say she’s ever come close to Sid’s (Hon Glad’s) little… “issue” 😛 I’m pretty sure that one takes the cake. Yuck!

  75. Hahaha, they are so cute! And funny! XDDD

  76. GIGGLE 😆 Silly kitties 😆

  77. GreatKatzini says:

    Man, I love the moment when the first kitteh is halfway in the tub and suddenly decides to back up…. and then it all goes down the drain.
    One of our cats has a weird obsession with foam – when I’ve taken a shower, she’ll fish around in the foam, push it around and even tried to eat it once… cats. Where would be we without them and their antics? 😀

  78. snoopysnake says:

    Sinkin’ in the drain, I’m sinkin’ in the drain….

    All I do is dream of mew, the whole night through….

    Good meowing, good meowing, we’ve meowed the whole night through….

    Meowses suppowes his mouses are rouses……

  79. I always keep the toilet lid down. Which is why, years ago, after hosting company that did not subscribe to the same toilet lid habits, kitten Buster ended up in the toilet ala waffle. I heard him, and couldn’t stop him in time…run run run, jump jump, and then kerplunk!

  80. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Snoopysnake: Your puns w/ Singin’ in/ Rain, are glittering like Broadway lights in the velvety black evening. Thanks !!!

  81. I have to add… 81 comments and nary a nuff. All it took is one kitten in a blender to clean house? Awesome.

  82. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (& @ Ed: Your suggestion of where to do my toes internship was, indeed, wise. Earlier, I read it, giggled or actually L’d out L….set up the comment box …….
    but couldn’t come up, w/ an adequate rejoinder. That’s the only reason I didn’t acknowledge **this bit**, of your wit !! 😉 )

  83. ikaszub haras says:


  84. snoopysnake says:

    Feliobe Dinsmeower (vocal coach): Caht!
    Felina Lameownt:Keeeee-at!

  85. kitty lover says:

    the kitty jumping into the mirror is NOT funny or cute and I can not believe it is posted on this site. Slow motion is even more awful.

  86. I don’t find other creature’s pain funny, and more likely than not, jumping into the mirror was painful. Certainly far from funny!

    How can you add that this site?

    [Sounds like kitty hurt you more than himself. – Ed.]

  87. kibblenibble says:

    🙂 Love thees comment thread. TMI, but love eet.

  88. Sigh, I guess I jinxed it.

  89. On the mirror picture. If I show either of my cats their reflection in the mirror, they are not interested. I think this is because they act on smell and cats eyesight is not that good, (although their night vision is), so they are not fooled into thinking that it is another cat.

  90. was his name waffle? cutest friggin’ name ever!

  91. I was in a grumpy mood, came to CO, re-watched the cat drinking by putting his head in the stream of water, re-watched the cat launching himself at the mirror, and am now refreshed, happy and full of good cheer! Thanks as always CO!

  92. My boyfriend peed on his cat once. Lex was always really interested in watching Ryan (the bf) pee, and he got a little too interested and stuck his head into the stream.

    But then Ryan was a good kitty-daddy and washed off his head, much to Lex’s displeasure.

  93. Seriously, the owner of the cat crashing into the mirror must be oblivious. It’s obvious what the cat was planning, and it could have been injured going headfirst into the wall. I would never just blindly sit by and allow my cat to do that.

  94. I agree with Michelle.

  95. Geez, and I thought my cat is weird. Jerry, since he was a kitten, loves to sit in the bathroom and watch the water flush in the toilet. Now I am smarter and even if I am alone in the house, I shut it. Now if I could find a way to make him stop thinking that every fuzzy blanket in the house was a girlfriend (yes, I do mean THAT) He was fixed before the behavior started so the vet is clueless on why it began for him as he said that in most cases males who are fixed before the start humping don’t usually start. Spraying him every time just feels cruel. And he will growl and snap if you try to remove him in the middle.
    So the wonder twins gave him an old Ty Cat to enjoy himself with. At least we don’t find damp spots (from his mouth!) all over the blankets.

  96. i like kittehs as much as the next guy….but was that one who jumped at the mirror hurt? that seems more sad than funny…

  97. I find the video of the cat jumping at the mirror very, very sad! You really find it cute to post it ?! Seriously? That cat hurt itself I am sure. There is just no such thing than cute and hurt! Sorry that should be taken off the site.