Will you People STOP submitting this vid

With videos like these, we’re only going to have MORE commentroversies and more people upset and accusing us of turning the blender on or more inappropriate children asking for pasickies or causing obeseness in cats! It’s not like we’re posting racks or something.

So just stop.

Yes he gets up in the end. Submitted by: EVERYONE



  1. Ohmigosh, it’s The Brain!!

  2. OMG Soooooo Cute!!!!

  3. PS, Don’t miss the bonus sleepy bulldog head behind the rolled-up rug. :mrgreen:

  4. HA! just a little massage of internal organs, intuitive dog yoga!

    Weebles wobbles but they can’t get up ..
    I love the little puppy helplessness noises. lol

  6. THERESA-Yes, it is the brain!

    “One is a genius, the other ‘s insane”, to prove their (mousie) doggie worth the over throw the Earth….

  7. ♪ Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down! ♪ ♫

  8. I waited till the very end of the video and he didnt get uuup… x(

    Poor thing must bee exausting having a human right there and not help you get up, i wonder if he feels the world has srtangely changed.

    Darn cute puppy…exausted but cayyyoute!

  9. Leslie (NTA) says:

    1) @ Meg (in soothing, “I care about your needs” voice) :
    “There, there, dear ! Your temper is showing, sweetie. We promise: Day w/o Cats will be over, in about another 23 hours. Now c-a-l-m down, little Meggiekins !!”

    2) In re. the Post photo: “A little Splayage, ennyone?” & also: I second the “Weebles wobble” suggestion ….

  10. Bunny- I think you think that dogs think too much… I think….

  11. 😳 Katiedid, sorry! I started typing while there was still only one post, got distracted by a phone call, and didn’t see your comment before I submitted!

  12. YAY! I was waiting for this video to get posted finally 😀
    Love frenchies, and cracked up, ooh’ed and awwed when I first saw this vid.
    Love the unconcerned sleeping momma dog in the back too. Lil pup must get stuck on its back all the time 😛 heh

  13. slinkylinky says:

    Are you sure it is a puppy? It could be an albino tortoise!

  14. harlemgrrl says:

    pasickie!!!!!! i gotta start using that again

  15. Heather in Oregon says:

    This happens surprisingly frequently to me as well! Don’t feel bad puppeh!!

  16. Roll, roll, roll! LOL! 😀

  17. He’s not really trying to get up. He’s trying to get the human to snorgle his belleh. Also he’s trying to show off what a nice “package” he’s got.

  18. It’s ok brinnann… great minds think alike!

  19. Von Zeppelin says:

    Somebody needs to pick up that poor puppy and put him in a safe place–like maybe a blender. Or not. . .

  20. How on EARTH do people film this sort of thing without turning into a quivering, giggling, puddle of goo? Those pleading eyes! OMG I was dying! I think I just woke up the neighbors with my squeals. XD

  21. iheartbulldoggies says:

    OMG sooo dorb!! I thought bull doggies were cute before, but this guy brought me to a whole new level of ‘SESSED!

  22. It’s hard work being that roly poly.

    Oh, and French Bulldoggies don’t have much in the way of privacy tails, do they?

  23. I think there should be a special award for people who can resist the urge to help so we can all enjoy such adorable struggles. Srsly.

  24. I ♥ the sleeping bully in the back ground. Won’t somebunny help the pupster??
    (Will keeesing the belleh help?)

  25. That velvet muzzle & belleh !!!! OMG !
    must….rasberry …that …belleh !!!!!!!!


  27. The little ‘eeeehn’ grunts are so adorable!!

  28. that looks like fun!

  29. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    In another video from this family, Mr. Roly-Poly is at it again, and this time, his mother is right there watching him, and doesn’t lift a paw to help. Even puppy moms know that kids have to figure out how to get up on their own (and he does, just at the end).

  30. LOL! aw so adorable. My four year old daughter commiserates, while I am laughing my head off, “Aw, it needs someones help!” Yeh, like even the mom snoozing in the back ground is worried, LOL

  31. hehehehehehehe – I saw this somewhere else on the interwebs! Baby pup has to learn to get up.
    With my bad back, I can relate to his struggles! So cute. My struggles, not so cute.

  32. Evil. EVIL! Who put that poor, darling puppy on its back? Couldn’t you see the look of TERROR in its poor little puppy face? Didn’t you hear it WHIMPERING as it tried in vain to turn over? How cruel! CRUEL, I tell you! Why, I’m probably going to go to hell for giggling at cruelty of this caliber, so I hope you can sleep at night knowing you’re sending me and probably other people to hell with this video! Honestly, if you keep posting things like this, I’m going to have to unsubscribe from this website, and I won’t let the door hit me in the butt on the way out!

    (Note: The above is tongue-in-cheek and sardonic. It’s a mocking of recent commentroveries that have been on this website. And I don’t think I’m going to hell for giggling at this video. Probably for other stuff, sure, but not for that…)

  33. Illini Jen says:

    I’m getting a French Bulldog puppy in two days and I am going to use this method to make sure he doesn’t roam around and get into trouble. I’m sure this is an effective training technique and he’ll just rock himself to sleep after awhile.

  34. westward ho says:

    this is the one that kills me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzjbRUFOirU&feature=fvw — illini jen, it’s you’re “rocked to sleep” right thar. ;D

  35. westward ho says:

    YOUR. YOUR. not you’re. i really DO know the difference. *facepalm*

  36. Poor little guy!!!

    Of course, I loved the little ‘ehn’ action and the eyes going, “Um, lady, some help, please?”

    Go little pup, you can doo eet!

  37. Kitty Mama says:

    That’s kinda like me trying to get out of bed in the morning!

  38. Put some pants on that puppeh! Or at least a kilt. Won’t someone *please* think of the children?

  39. The little frustrated whimpers that came from him did me in. Poor pudgy pup, he’s just too rotund.

  40. Starlinguk says:


    (just kiddinks)

  41. Every time I watch this, and it has been many times, I keep hoping he will right himself. I’m rooting for ya little guy! But puppies do need to learn how to right themselves, they can’t always be helped! He has to be the cutest puppy I have ever seen!

  42. Invisible crowd surfing.

  43. Thats one of the cuttest things i have seen he looks like a little white turtle so cuteeeeeeeeee i think my puppies did the same thing, actually they fell sometimes on they’re back cause they couldnt keep the balance in a seating position

  44. @Katiedid & brinnann – The weeble wobbles were the first thing that came to my mind too! After I nearly spit my beverage all over the place…

    That was freakin hilarious! LMAO!!!

    @krazzymom – you rock.

  45. *put lab coat on, has eyeglasses on tip of the nose, peering closely at the evidence*

    I could be wrong, but… could it be that he’s doing it on purpose because it feels good on his back?

  46. Rrrrrrroll, roll, roll in zee hay……….(Young Frankenstein)

  47. how DARE you bait me with links I am forced to click that lead me to things that make me so angry! it’s almost as if you do it on purpose!

  48. Leslie (NTA) says:

    by mine opine, Katrina WINS !!!!

  49. @Katrina: YES! That was exactly what I heard in my head!

  50. Katrina! LOL! So funnee!

  51. My goodness, thank you all! Gee, thanks, um, thanks!

    A Bullie Puppit?

  52. I fink he’s a busy rollin’ pin, all cubbered in flour.

  53. I’m going to have a French Bullie puppy in TWO DAYS!

    I hope you all are now burning with the heat of 2000 suns with jealousy. Maybe one day my Tater will make it up on CO. A mom can only dream for the best for her kids.

  54. Hey Meg
    Is there any way you can add a sort of spam filter to your email software? Maybe some way to allow ONE submission of a link, then auto-block all the others? Like, if any other emails arrive containing the same phrase that begins with http, they get blocked.

    If there’s some way to do that, it would save you a lot of aggravation, especially with CO being as popular as it is today. I don’t really know much about that kind of thing, but maybe somebody else could help.

  55. Or the pubs just closed and he’s all, “… Oooohhh sweet Molly Maloooone no nay neverrrrr the wild gypseeee roverrrr my Rose of Traleeeeee alive-alive ho Hawaii Five woaahh … “

  56. Hehehe. I had a French Bulldog puppy about 3 years ago… but now he’s a big fat (awesome) chunk.

  57. This is basically me every day.

  58. I think I’m going to sit in the corner and just babble gibberish for the next 4 hours

    *repeats ‘weebles wobble but they won’t fall down’ ad nauseum*

  59. catloveschanel says:

    Where is Benson Hedges when you need him? I’m still obsessed on Miss Kitty.

  60. My six year old dog does this to scratch her back (interestingly, only when I’m trying to put a leash on her to go for a walk). That’s what I thought this little guy was doing. Let’s recap: six week old puppy who can’t get up off his back=cute (or sad)
    six year old dog who refuses to get up off her back=annoying. This pup needs to learn how to get up by himself!

  61. When I first saw this, my concern was not for the pup’s inability to roll over, but for the, ahem, NSFW aspect.

  62. Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’ keep them puppehs Rollin’!
    That vid was one giant EHN!

  63. This definitely needs an “Ehn” some where in the post.

    Cute puppers though!!!!

  64. Madam Persnickitty says:


    Now that I’ve got that out of my system… oh wait one more…  


    Okay now I’m done.

  65. -reaction to krazzymom’s post-

  66. LOL When you turn up the volumn he makes little ehn ehn sounds HEhehhe

    Poor pitiful little puppy needs roleld over!

  67. Von Zeppelin says:

    Babs–NSFW? Were you referring to the Picayune Polka-Dot Puppy Pistola?

  68. I think he should be named Mr. Weeble – how would we say that in French?

  69. Von Zeppelin says:

    Tiberia–That would be Monsieur Ouibelle.


    [OK, ha ha, but this is not that post. – Ed.]

  71. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    The problem here is gravity. When the fluppsicle rolls onto his back, his belly-chub rotundity sinks floorward from his belly, effectively pinning him down. If he could roll to one side and then get some momentum swinging his little stubbular leglets the opposite direction, he might be able to overcome the inertia of the hardwood-bound pudge.

    Another solution is putting a “This Side Up” sticker on his back.

  72. well thats what multi breeding does for you, poor things been freak bred, bad enough that they can barely breath now they are not even formed properly.
    What a sad world we live in.

  73. Von Zeppelin says:

    Argyle Donkeypants, Stephen Hawking couldn’t have explained it better (awards Nobel Prize in Puppy Physics).

  74. OOooh!! Soo cute!!! Does it not know how to get back up again? did someone put it on it’s back on purpose? lol

  75. Cutest thing EVER….exept for maybe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75jZ6LDnlc8

  76. He is just trying to show us a new abdominal exercise. Get those flabby bellies in shape!

  77. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Ragge:

    WOW. & furthermore: WOW. THAT be a kyoot kritter, thar’. Not quite a cat, but DARN !! that’s some SERIOUS kyoot, thar’.

  78. my dog would have been barking her fool head off for help after the 1st 10 seconds 🙂

  79. OK, ha, ha, … joke’s over now, we get it. Very funny. Where’s the cats?
    No really, c’mon where’d ya put ’em?

  80. lbird- Correction: What a sad world **you** live in.
    Mine is perfectly fine!

  81. lbird, I just suppose in my own mind that all the dogs and cats I see here were rescued from death sentences and not bought or bred, then later spayed or neutered. That way I can enjoy the cute, be a good guest, and channel my animal-helping energy into more receptive venues.

  82. Oh, THAT what happens when you crossbreed a pup and a turtle!

  83. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:
    Now, now, sir !!! The Rescute has arrived.
    Breathe IN deeply, through your nose; breathe OUT deeply, through your mouth.
    (That’s to slow the panic reflex & get additional oxygen to the brain).

    Now proceed to the comments under the Ode to Day w/o Cats; several Emergency Applications of Cuteness are listed there; a couple of folks around comment # 65 or 68 listed several sites then I listed 4 more sites at comment #71 …..And just THINK!! the Day of Abomination is already almost 2/3 over !!

    Aaaaand, again: Breathe in deeply through your nose; breathe out deeply, through your mouth.

  84. Um, why don’t we have an Ehn! tag yet!? Or should this get a Blorp tag on it?
    @Argyle Donkeypants (#72): Love the sticker idea! LOL! 😀

  85. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Another idea: Since cats always land on their feet, we could strap a rightside-up cat to the pup’s belleh. There would be some difficulties (finding a cat that would allow such an indignity to be visited upon it, for starters), but I still believe the idea has merits. Of course, it’ll have to be tomorrow, since we’re catless today.

  86. @Argyle Donkeypants: “There would be some difficulties”

    Ya think? Hope your health insurance is paid up … and that you’re not a hemophiliac!

  87. @Pyrit, Show me the way to go hooooooooooooooooooome . . . where my true love sets’em down, sets ’em down ………..

  88. This is horrible! Help that baby!

  89. Lord Trilobite says:

    HHHNG!! too much!

  90. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    @ Pheas: I’ve just finished patching up my chain mail and am ready to begin conducting trials. D’ya think the welder’s mask is too much?

  91. I have already seen this video and I have ALREADY yelled for someone to PLEASE, PLEASE help that puppy get up. So Meg, I respectfully decline to nuff about this post. Now excuse me while I eat a pasickie and look at the video again.

  92. @Argyle Donkeypants — only if you feel lucky today!

  93. craigellachie says:

    Oh! That poor helpless pup! I’m certain someone put him on his back and then walked out the door and will never return and he will be found skeletonised and mummified in his own weewee and with a wide open mouth from howling his poor liddle self to death while no one heard! No one cares! I hate everyone! [shoots self]

    [Too much. – Ed.]

  94. Thanks to some posters, I’ve had Pinkie and the Brain theme song in my head all day. I tried to give it to a co-worker but she plugged her ears and hummed loudly. Even the legendary Beatles (playing at Starbucks) could not dislodge that earworm. There will be consequences people. Remember; revenge is best served cold.

    I will just say in closing…..squeeeee! chubby puppy!

    [To prove their mousy worth, they’ll overthrow the Earth… – Ed.]

  95. I swear I could almost hear the little guy sloshing.

  96. Dear Ed


    that is all

    [They’re dinky. They’re Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain NARF – Ed.]

  97. I love Mr. Sleepyhead in the background, totally oblivious to what’s happening! This little guuy gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “roly-poly puppy”!

  98. The fam also posted an even funnier/disturbing video where our cute protagonist and his mommeh are playing with a giant beetle. That video, however, has been mysteriously deleted. If you can find it though, you will have truly found the Holy Grail of cute Frenchie videos.

  99. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @Maria N.; That video is still available, and you can click here to watch it. It’s hilarious, watching these two dogs being pwned by an insect.

  100. Imagine this with a 130-lb Great Pyrenees mix and you’ve got my Rocky.

  101. I think this is sad. We purposefully bred these dogs to be like they because we think they’re cute, or whatever, without consideration of their comfort or health. Flat faced dogs have difficulty breathing as well as getting up on their feet. And other problems.

  102. Pup: “Ok guys, seriously? Are you just going to watch? What the hell?”

  103. This made my day. The cute little grunts! The mama in the background just chillin’. Anyone who thinks this isn’t cute has no heart. I hope they post a new video when he does learn how to turn himself over!

  104. Epitome of “EH!”

    The meaning of “EH!” in the dictionary should have this video right next to eet!

    [Actually I’d say “Ehn!” if you don’t mind terribly – Ed.]

  105. I went to YouTube and watched a bunch of vids of this very pup. He gets older and can crawl under the couch and even get up from his back. While not exactly svelte he does get thinner than in this baby vid. Its obvious the family love these dogs, they appear to have 3 of them.

    As THAT song zigzags thru my head I am overcome with dizziness and must lie down but first revenge on Ed:

    Heading your way at warp speed is a cyber pinch to the soft underbelly of your upper arm. See the bruise and remember the wrath of ffleur!

    [Whereas I can deliver my payloads DIRECTLY INTO YOUR CORTEX MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA so evil am I – Ed.]

    [We’re zany to the max, there’s baloney in our slacks, we’re ani-maney (Pinky and the Brainy)… – Ed.]

  106. CRUELTY!

    jk. “Sad or Cute?” Poor little rolly polly tube of pup ham.

  107. Leslie (NTA_ Oooohhh, you’re good! (we knew that) Ahhh. I feel better already.

    And there’s always Plan B, as in Beatles. 9-9-09 was a big day for them too and the local radio stations played Beatle’s music ALL day – Yay!

    “And in the end, the lolcats you take, is equal to the lolcats, you make.”

  108. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    “Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
    “I think so, Brain, but wet denim chafes me so.”

  109. Okay class, if we want to work our cor abs and burn that baby fat then we got to get the muscles engaged

    puppy pilates!

  110. My thought process during this video:awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! cute wibble perpy!!

    P.S.: I call “Sad or Cute?” on this one.

  111. “Pinky, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
    “I think so, Brain, but where would we find a tattoo parlor open at this time of night?”

    BTW, the cat on my lap was entranced by the roly-poly puppy.

  112. Randy lay there like a slug-it was his only defense.

  113. In my current eight-and-a-half-months pregnant state, I am sure I look very much like this when trying to roll from my left side to my right to get out of bed. My husband doesn’t bother to stifle laughter — much like I didn’t at this puppers!

  114. “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
    “Well, I think so, Brain, but if Jimmy cracks corn, and no one cares, why does he keep doing it?”

  115. Are all the offended people perhaps speaking from the French Bullie Pup-it?

    [I have a retort for this, but it wouldn’t be fair to you if I indulged myself – Ed.]


    I can’t even say how many times I watched this. >__< He's so sweet! ❤

  117. I was wondering if you-know-what got the most comments ever, but now I see that the-other-one got, like, you-know-how-many more. Daaaaang.

    Then, through the laughter, I pleaded with this puppy to knock it off– because he is killing me. He’s killing all of us. Where’s Sarah Mclachlan now, huh?

    [Missing and presumed to be Building a Mystery – Ed.]



    Makes me want to join him in rolypoly-itude.

  119. my niece died laughing at this vid. i love the P & TB comments. dude, when she was a bebeh we would snuggle together and watch P & TB try to take over the world!

    i love this puppeh. he’s so funny. it reminds me of when little people babies are trying to learn to flip over. you make sure they are okay but they do need to learn it.

  120. kibblenibble says:

    I confess, I wanted to help him. Kiss his tum, first, of course. If he were mine, he might never learn to right himself. 😦

  121. “That’s a good boy! Roll over! Rol-”

    EHN. EHN. EHN.

  122. My all time fave:
    Brain: “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
    Pinky: “YES I AM”

  123. Ed: I have only one thing to say:

    [I ♥ Charlie Brown – Ed.]

  124. Is that some butthurt? I guess this is why I always avoid reading the text on this website. But with all those colorful links, my eyes just can’t help but be drawn to find out what all the ruckus is about. Disgusting.

    [Er… whut? – Ed.]

  125. I suggest his back is sprayed with furniture polish, which will buff up the floor a treat.

  126. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Wookit the poor helpless widdle puppykins!


  127. KatieZientek says:

    Poor pups have heads way too large for their bodies when born. They always have to be delivered C-Section because of this. And it also appears to effect their motor skills. But awwwwww, it’s cute!!

  128. krazzymom – I c wat u did thar.

    I was in squealy hysterics while watching this. Too funny! The cute li’l paws in the air were my favorite. 😀

  129. Krittercrazed says:

    OMFG! Want him!

  130. Omg! help him!!! poor widdle baby!!

  131. Hahah so cute! Good auto-back massage too. 🙂

  132. I love cuteoverload to the max but sometimes we are expected to find some things that are a distressed or confused animal funny??
    It cant get up and its tryin its damn hardest to get up, its a baby.
    Would you sit and watch a human baby trying to get up and couldnt? would you laugh at it and say oh how cute.

    [Yes, actually. Babies learn to get up, this way. – Ed.]

    The puppy is really really cute no denying but the sitaution its in isnt.
    If you showed a pic of the puppy running around and having fun that would be cute but to see and hear it in distress NO I dont think so

  133. Very cute sweet puppeh but after the 1st 10 seconds I wished I could reach into the monitor & help him up. It’s owner: not very cute or sweet. Have to agree with Francie. Sorry peeps. Don’t hate me but it’s okay if you do.

  134. blasted! fergot the “n”


  135. And some people will nuff no matter what. That’s sad.

  136. Troll Spotter says:

    I think it’s time CuteOverload started doing more than moderating comments. Like, maybe have comments queue waiting for approval. The amount of commentroversy lately is totally absurd. I’m starting to think it’s some kind of organized troll army (yes, things like that exist).

    [The griefers come and go. We manage. – Ed.]

  137. he’s not stuck you noobs!

    he’s totally digging the way his back flappulence kneads his erector spinae (yeah, i said it: spinae)


    allayall need to do a lap around the block

    p.s. yeah, i submitted it too, sosume

  138. @lbird: Yes. Yes, I would.

  139. @ blair: lol yep!

  140. ROFL!

    My neighbors bull dog does that all the time, and so do several other bull dogs I know, as well as many other breeds.

    Its self gratification, an automatic backrub.

    This dog is not in distress, not frightened or uncomfortable, and he is not doing any damage to his spine on the floor.

    There, I contributed to the commentroversy ;D

  141. Laughing @ “Submitted by: EVERONE!” 🙂

  142. So roly poly!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-*esplode*-

  143. Oh my, the ‘versies are getting more and more ridiculous! People see suffering everywhere!

  144. *ehn! ehn! ehn! EHN! EEHHHNNNN!*

  145. How… how do we still get nuffers? *facepalm*

    [I could write a dissertation, and I’m not a doctoral candidate. – Ed.]

  146. I just noticed the way you have to beep the pup’s nose to start the video. Perfect!

  147. must get french bulldog puppeh!!!!!!!

  148. My full-grown pibble does this all the time. The other day she rolled right off the deck and into a hole our other dog dug.


  149. But this is so convenient! No more worries about the dog running off, or jumping the fence, or tearing up the house while you’re out. Just flip him over and you’re ready to go!

  150. He is one of the cutest dogs ever!! 🙂


  152. That video with the mom staring at the baby on its back?

    The part you don’t see at the end, after she reaches out with her paw, is her flipping the baby over on its back *again*.

    Practice makes perfect.

  153. The best part is the look the puppeh gives the camera after like 30 secs that just says “are you serious? just help me already!”

  154. That’s kind of sad. Why is everyone ignoring this poor puppy’s plight?

    [Ignoring? Plight? Are we on the same post? – Ed.]

  155. God

    That was the funniest comment evah! lololololololol

    And now I’m going to hell….

  156. mandy_Reeves says:

    my shih tzu does this all the time! When we first got her…we tried to help her out by turning her over, but she would huff and get mad….and roll back again. Then she does a sort of back stroke and side stroke combo…wiggling across the floor. I call it carpet swimming

  157. That’s mean.

  158. HAHA! Nuffers need to CHILL OUT.

    Eloquently-stated, I think.

  159. That reminds me of when I was a few mo. old. I was so fat, I missed the mark that pediatricians set where I was supposed to be able to roll over by myself.
    My mom took me into the doctor all worried, and he was just like, “It’s okay, she’s fat.”
    Well, I finally made it, so it’s great to know that little guy did too:)

  160. If that were my dog (and don’t I wish it was!) I would name him “Bender”. Or Shelly.

    Hardcore FUTURAMA fans will know why.

  161. aww y u just stand there and watch.! meanie.! poor little baby awe so chunky so cute.! ^.^

  162. I still think you should’ve gone with “Titty Kitties.”

    I want a French bulldog. ;_______;

  163. This is why dogs and turtles should not mate! Sorry if someone already said this but I didn’t want to read all 168 comments.

    [You think maybe somebody said that already?? – Ed.]

  164. I love how his rolling is to Viennese Waltz time. Look —> I’m swayin’ with him. Oh wait… y’all can’t see me. Oh well.

    Hmm… now where are those tutus for the hippos… Pinky left ’em around here somewhere. ;o)

  165. OMG. How cuuuute. 😀 I want one so bad, haha.

  166. So darn cute!!!
    It’s like he’s saying “Hey, lady! A little help here!”
    I love that puppies helpless whimpers…
    It’s really funny how bulldogs can be really aggressive..
    But this one is like a whole different thing!
    Thanx SO much for the vid!


  168. what?????????????????????????????????????? THis is the cutest thing ivee ever seen!


  170. poor pooch! hes crying…. no dog likes to be stuck on their back and he has a camera in his face…. but adorable.

  171. HE PROBABLY JUST HAS AN ITCH! i’ve seen so many bulldogs do this same thing because they have an itchy back or itchy butt.

  172. Queen Of Dork says:

    Puppers rocks!

  173. The lil Frenchie is not doing well on his back.

  174. My personal fave.

    Brain : Are you pondering what I’m pondering?
    Pinky : I think so, Brain. But, me and Pippi Longstocking? I mean, what would the children look like?


  175. Duh, it’s like human babies, they got to learn to do it themselves in order to grow up, making muscles and all.

  176. So cute…I just want to kiss him on his face during the middle part of the video when he’s just starting at the camera. Also, love the sleeping grown up dog in the background. 🙂

  177. More like spinal dysfunction caused by excessive rolling when young…

  178. Best ever:

    Brain: Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?
    Pinky: I think so Brain, but this time YOU get to wear the tutu.

    And I wish I could give MYSELF a back massage like this little guy. Would save me lots of money on spa bills once a month.

  179. He didn’t get up at the end! cute but super disappointing!

  180. Breathe in and out!! And be glad people submit content for your website!!
    Someone please help the puppy get up!!

  181. Great…. The lil Frenchie is not doing well on his back.

  182. I think I can, I think, I think, I think I can, I can’t get up somebody save meeeeeeeee!

  183. Obviously this dog is itchy or just playing around. It did not want to get up.
    Even a 1 day old dog knows how to turn around at birth.

  184. SAD!!!!! help the poor thing

  185. This puppy clearly has a neurological disorder. Verdict: Sad rather than cute.

  186. ^ ….. *SIGH*

  187. I believe yoga instructors call that happy puppy pose. 😀

  188. not funny!

  189. John Li Lee says:

    Back in the old country i would eat me one of those every morning between two pieces of fine wheat-bread with Dijon mustard. It was beautiful, the best of french and chinese cuisine and ingredients coming together to make sweet love to my palate. But I stopped after I came to the US. I just can’t find that same wheat-bread over here.

  190. Is he inbred? That’s not normal! We shouldn’t be saying that’s cute, that’s a classic sign of brain damage, when a dog can’t right itself! And no, that’s not happening because he’s young, he’s trying that hard means he has the stamina and the muscle tone to actually walk around…

    People, if this vid teaches us one thing it’s that you should check if your purebred dog is the product of mother-to-son breeding or some other close coupling. This is not natural!

  191. likely growing project home ago early continues upper