Ode to a Day Without Cats

A Day Without Cats? Can this be?
We must stop this catastrophe!


Search everywhere, from up to down,
And don’t give up until they’re found!


We’ll catacomb the countryside
To find out where our kitties hide.

Picture 7

Until we thwart this plan demonic
We’ll search until we’re catatonic!


We love to hug and chase them so,
Please, Internet, don’t erase them! No!

Picture 8

Oh, heed our plaintive caterwaul,
Or life will be no fun at all.


Photos: Burrowing Owl by Barloventomagico. Now I can see better by annkelliott, Meerkat Mischief by MorningThief581. Peek-a-Boo! by Somesay. Tin Head by Dragonfly_dreamer72 and Peek-a-Boo! by Gilles Gonthier.



  1. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    Oh, dear, it seems to have come true. No cats…

  2. OMG, the white ermine tummy! I don’t know if that will get me through, but it’s a start.

  3. Beth (in NC) says:

    Is it just me, or do they all look wistful and sad? Le sigh.

  4. Sacrilege! The Gods will not like this. Ceiling cat! Where are you now?!

  5. No cats! Not even any cattle . . .

    But plenty of “cat” words to keep us happy . . . catacomb, caterwaul, catatonic, catastrophe!

    [Category! Catsup! Catholic catechism! – Ed.]

    Not sure it’s enough, though. I need a time machine to catapult myself into Thrursday, when surely there will be cats . . .

  6. NOOOOO CO you can’t take away the cats!!! You do not know what you have done!

  7. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (gotta — reluctantly — say, these’re some perty kyoot kritters even tho’ there are no [visible] Feline Quadrupeds)

    But, still……………. (whine) (pout) (sniffle) (sob) (Etc. x 24 hours).


  9. Leslie (NTA) says:

    (Hey — I just noticed the ODD Tag “no kitties to see here”; Hmmmm….)

  10. I love owls so i love the first pic and yay no cats

  11. (shakes bag of kitty treats, rattles can opener … )

  12. Heather in Oregon says:

    awww, that was a cute way to express the no cat day…but still I protest! Here kitteh kitteh kitteh!!!

  13. everybody is welcome to visit my house… lots of kittehs there…

  14. Was it Foghorn Leghorn that said “Dogs is so stupid.”? LOL!

    (Can ya tell I’m a CAT person?) 🙂

  15. Trabb's Boy says:

    Oh Meg, that was awesome!

  16. I had trouble figuring out what portion of the panda I was seeing… it’s the ‘tocks, right? Otherwise, I twisted myself into a pretzel for no good reason (and we all know there are perfectly good reasons to twist one’s self into a pretzel, but I digress). Anyhoo, that moist-nosicled meerkat catacombing the countryside might just be enough to get me through this cat-less ordeal. 🙂

  17. Dang, I have to say that’s the cutest weasel I’ve ever seen! Look at his little expression and chocolate chip nosicle! *faints*


  19. I LOVE that owl. But how do we know they’re not all looking for the walrus’s bukkit?

  20. No cats…ok, fine…just send up a bunny and no will get hurt…! 😉

  21. snoopysnake says:

    I am wearing a t-shirt with 24 CATS on it. So there! MEEEEEE-OW! You cannot take away my kittycats!

  22. Tony James says:

    We seek them here
    We seek them there
    We seek those kittehs everywhere
    Are they in ceiling, or are they in basement,
    Those demmed, elusive, er…kittehs.

    (with apologies to Baroness Orczy)

  23. People, People Take it easy !!! Our overlords will never let this happen !
    I’m going to Craig’s List right now to obey my 6 fluffy masters & make sure this is NOT a kitty free day on the internet ! I boycott the boycott !

  24. BeckyMonster says:

    Benson Hedges, Private Google Eye need to hire Mr. Owl up there to be his partner. He seems WAY more into “search and rescue” than that crazy Pikachu looking goof!

    And again, I would like to formally protest the ever encroaching fascism that is “No Cat Day”. Boo, Hiss (cat hiss!!!!!)

  25. Tony James, fabulous! I’m hearing your parody in my best mental Leslie Howard voice. Dare I add my version?

    We seek them here,
    We seek them there;
    We seek those kittehs everywhere.
    Are they in boxes, or hunting for rats?
    Those demmed, elusive kitty-cats!

    (With apologies to Baroness O, Tony, and anyone who reads this.)

  26. Burrow owls always remind me of Dead Milkmen and my favorite “song” of theirs Stuart…

    “Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! Everybody knows that a
    burrow owl lives in a hole in the ground! Why the hell do you think they
    call it a burrow owl, anyway?!” 😆

  27. Until we thwart this plan demonic
    I think i’ll have a gin and tonic
    I’ll have it with cream cheese and lox
    and gaze upon the Fennec Fox

  28. Kitty of the Sea says:

    Searching 4 kitteh?

    did u look in the blender?
    (ok, dat wuz bad but u know some1 wuz going 2 say it! ;))

  29. Eeeah, loik ta see ’em try an’ takes moi moggies, booy ‘eck, an’ booy gum.

  30. Tony James says:

    (in response to The Most Rightly Honourable Gladys Persephone Anstruther)

    The Fennec Fox, so I’ve been told
    Has ears that can apparently enfold
    A dozen kits, and so perhaps
    that is where they’ve stashed the cats.

  31. who…who…who needs a day without cats?! (achoo! Well, my allergies do!)

  32. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Pyrit:

    ….wha’???? didjoo suddenly lean a few thousand miles to one side of the US of A?
    For a minnit there, I thought I’d picked up a Dickens book w/o being aware, of so doing?

  33. We sought them here
    we sought them there
    we sought our kitties every where

    I checked inside my box of socks
    and looked beneath the holly hocks

    They were not here
    or over there
    Those kitties were not anywhere.

  34. Tony James IN THE HOUSE! Raise the roof, yo!

  35. PS Baronness Orczy meets Dr. Seuss– O brave new world!

  36. I can not possibly funcshions without me kittehs. Slowly fading, must go home to snorgle my furry one. Wondering what excuse to tell the boss?

  37. “There is something about the presence of a cat that seems to take the bit ouf of being alone.”

    You are very correct Louis J. Camuti

  38. Von Zeppelin says:

    Baronness Orczy? Was she one of the nobility among the evil minions of Sauron?

  39. Honestly, how could this site do something like this. Cats are cute. Mongooses are cute. Red Pandas are cute. Owls are cute. If you’re going to bow down to the No Cats Day then you shouldn’t show anything cute for a day. It pains me to see this site do this.

    For shame, CU, for shame.

  40. At least the Day Without Cats doesn’t fall on Caturday.

    Von Zep – Baronness Orczy is the author of the classic “The Scarlet Pimpernel.” Not to be confused with the also-classic “The Scarlet Pumpernickel,” starring Daffy Duck.

  41. Leslie (NTA) – No I didn’t mean to be intentionally Dickensian. (I was channelling some rellies.)
    But what a great way to console ourselves on this catless day. If we can’t have cats, Heaven knows, we must have Dickens.

  42. Dear Anthony Aloysius St John James,
    NIce try dear, but it’s The Honourable Gladys Amelia Partenope Anstruther DFC and bar Dame commander of kitties french polishing a speciality, no cheques taken, anything broken to be payed for, please do not ask for credit as a kick in the cobblers may cause offence.

  43. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Hon Glad: May I suggest two alternative careers for your less-busy days ??
    1) Pollytician or 2) Lawyer

  44. To stash a cat, no simple matter
    they’re hard to stash when they get fatter.
    They scratch and hiss, and howl and moan;
    but stash themselves when left alone.

  45. Needs more kitties! =^..^=

  46. AuntieMame says:

    I know that’s Baroness Orczy, but whenever I hear “We seek them here, we seek them there,” etc., the image I get in my head is Wilberforce Claybourne Humphries. 😀

  47. We want cats! WE WANT CATS!

  48. Tony James says:

    OnGlad – how cowinkeedental that you should mention the kick in the cobblers. The other day I was reviewing a document and, next to a particularly silly and horribly phrased clause, scribbled “CGSM”.
    On handing the document to my boss, he queried the abbreviation. I explained that it stood for “Consignment of Geriatric Shoe Manufacturers”. Blank stare. “A load of old cobblers.” Ah.
    Boss crosses it out and writes “Round objects,” and sends it further up the ladder.
    Document is returned with comments, including the question “Who is Round, and to what does he object.”

    Whenever will these colonials learn?

  49. Tony James says:

    PS It’s been a while since I saw fernch polishers advertising in the phone boxes round my way. What a delight it is to know that there are still craftspeople who carry on this noble trade.

  50. Tony James says:

    French polishers, even.

  51. AuntieMame says:

    Ooh, and Yes, Prime Minister, too! I love you people!

    (You guys planned this no cat day last year, didn’t you? Because even the calendar is catless today. Hamster tockage is a pretty acceptable substitute, tho.)

  52. Mary (the first) says:

    No cats on the internets, my foot. My kitteh is home right now, surfing, shopping, googling, and pretty much all over the internets. I know that’s what she does when I’m not home (although she denies it vehemently) so there’s at least one kitteh that I know of, on the internets today. (And @ding; LOL)

  53. Having a subscription on Maru , I think I will survive . But barely .

  54. I consider myself extremely fortunate, since I work at home & my cat does not understand it’s supposed to be a day without cats! PLUS I have Dickens – am currently reading “Bleak House”.

  55. (If AA Milne were alive today…)

    I had dial-up,
    Slow slow dial-up,
    I fired up my dial-up
    and went online.
    I wanted a kittin,
    A stripy tabby kittin,
    And I looked for a kittin
    ‘Most everywhere.

    For I went to the site where they sold viagra
    (“Enlarge your penis for low low cost”).
    “Have you got a kittin, ‘cos I don’t want viagra?”
    But they hadn’t got a kittin, not anywhere there.

    I had a dial-up,
    And then I got cable,
    I used my cable
    To go online.
    I did want a kittin,
    An orange marmie kittin,
    And I looked for kittins
    ‘Most everywhere.

    And I went to the site where debt was consolidated
    (“Consolidate your debt and screw the IRS”).
    “Have you got a kittin, ‘cos I don’t have debts?”
    But they hadn’t got a kittin, not anywhere there.

    I got broadband,
    Bright shiny broadband
    I fired up the modem
    And I went online.
    I wanted a kittin
    (I do like kittins),
    And I looked for a kittin
    ‘Most everywhere.

    So I went to the site where they promised me a girlfiend
    (“Walk up, walk up, cos it’s OK to look!”).
    “Could I have a kittin, ‘cos I’ve already got a girlfiend?”
    But they hadn’t got a kittin, not anywhere there.

    I had nuffin’,
    My broadband was down,
    So I didn’t go online
    To my favourite sites;
    But I went the shelter,
    The humane society shelter…
    And I saw little kittins
    ‘Most everywhere!

    So I’m sorry for the people who sell Viagra,
    I’m sorry for the people who consolidate debt,
    I’m sorry for the people who help you find a date,
    ‘Cos they haven’t got a kittin, not anywhere there!

  56. come, let us go, you and i
    where NOMTOM is laid out against the sky
    like a kitteh napping on the couch.

    does he dare to eat a treat?
    should he take his trousers off?

    (*pause* typity type type typity…)

    and what rough beast
    its day come round at last
    slouches toward cleveland
    looking for a furminator?


    this is the way the world ends
    not with a meep
    but a hairball.

    (ponder. type. backspace. type type type…)

    apologies to eliot, yeats, eliot.
    (also andrew marvell, wallace stevens, chuck berry: pondered, not used)

    not at my best. too many cherry stems, lodged in brain.

  57. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    No, he does not take his trousers off. Not since the restraining order.

  58. dang…

  59. wannadance – Catapulting catamarans, catwoman! That was catchy! I’m catatonic!
    (srsly – I’m loving reading that!)

  60. Did anyone else think of Mad-Eye Moody’s transfigured Draco Malfoy when seeing that white ermine?

    Still waiting for my kitteh fix……

  61. (lessee…..The Daily Kitten…..check…..Cats in Sinks….check…..Itty Bitty Kitty Committee….check….)

  62. Victoreia – don’t forget: Stuff On My Cat, the Infinite Cat Project, Two Lumps, Catster, Icanhazcheezburger…

  63. Also CatOfTheDay.

  64. (….ICHC….check…..Catster….no cats?!?!?!?…)

    (falls over in shock)

  65. not to mention the ittybittykitty committee or my new vice love&hisses!

  66. HEEHEE sneaking snorglefuls of my own furbally feline in deliberate defiance of dastardly day sans Siamese. Incatenance indeed!

  67. Good work, Meg! 😉

  68. Leslie (NTA) says:

    Also Also Available:
    On Youtube: 1) Maru
    2) I are cute kitten (KevinNalts)
    3) Simon’sCat
    and in conclusion, I offer the following:


    Thank you all (except Meg, Theo & NTM) for your participation in the CO Boycott revolution against “No Cats/ Internet Day”.
    (Hits Submit button & hopes that the addresses were accurate enough. I DID go to 2 of the 4 sites, to confirm that they — hopefully — still exist …)

  69. What about Winston????? NO Winston?

    Two things that helped distract me: “don’t bother me, I’m busy using catcombing as a verb”. “I stuck my head in here I can’t remember why” and “if AA Milne were alive today” (love eeeeet)

    That’s three things but who’s counting.

  70. Peeps, I know we’re all in a tizzy over the DWC, but did anyone notice urlesque is featuring bunnehs? Lots and LOTS of bunnehs. Maybe they aren’t all bad.


  71. Wow, peeps. Wow.

  72. ^—^
    =º _î_ º=


  73. And there’s a MEERCAT in that montage! I DARESAY!

  74. Mafdel is not happy with your position of banning pictures of cats today. This represents quite a comedown from when she was worshiped in Egypt

  75. A day without cats,
    My heart is saddened, alas,
    I will have to work.

  76. A day without cats should be a good thing! All our hard working internet kitties are out there every day, bustin’ their fuzzy little behinds to bring us all smiles. I say, Cheers Kittehs! We’s love you! I hope you have a great day off to bask in the sunshines and snorgle in your catnips! 🙂


    My Answer To the Day Without Cats FAIL.

  78. ..is that a chipmunk in the last pic..? love it. have to admit, my other fav site is also the loveandhisses site…..got my fill of kittehs there today, so i’m good for now.

  79. I remember Foghorn Leghorne saying something like “that dog’s about as sharp as a bag of wet leathah.” to answer the question posed oh-so-long-ago by Blondie.

  80. pugletsrule says:

    Wow – Tony James and Wannadance – both so excellent and extraordinary!!
    The pics are teh awesome, and love the vid Samhain the Cat 🙂

  81. Tony James – In a similar vein to your bollocks, every time I hear Handel’s
    Ombra mai fu from Xerxes, I think you can Ombra your own Fu, I’m not doing it for you.

    [oh get a ROOM, you two 😛 – Ed.]

    […maybe the Classical section at HMV? 😉 – Ed.]

  82. Okay, so it´s only ONE day. Just like any addict we can do just ONE day without cats, right? RIGHT????!!! *gets the shakes*

    Seriously, the über-cute white stoat in particular will make me get through this day okay. I hope. :O

  83. hon glad, dang, yew are so funny, i had to run pee quick, roll i mean. too early to be snorking and taking on so…

    ombra your own fu…

    uh oh….

    opera lover inundation. we need CATS…

  84. hon and tony: before checking into your love nest you might want to think about this:

    ‘ombra mai fu
    di vegetabile’

    got a gym bag big enough to hide said vegetabile?

  85. I like it! A day without kittehs is surprisingly refreshing. Ahhhh….

    No, wait, I do miss the little furballs after all.

  86. I heart you, Meg! That is all 🙂