And 1 and 2 and

Move your bodeh!

Move that bodeh-oh!

Move your bodeh!

Move that bodeh-oh!

And repeat, Bob N.



  1. Whew! Thanks Meg for breaking our “cat fast” with such a cute little video snippet!
    Kitteh’s got such rhythm! Who could ask for anything more?

  2. my supperdish
    my succotash wi-ish

  3. Jazz hands!! (now with toe-hawk flair)

  4. CAT!! Nice song he’s got dere.

  5. LOL jazzerciszing kitty has the Beat!

  6. Oh phpppt. What kinda workout is THAT? Air biscuits! 😆

  7. LOL Can kitty get anymore into the Zen Zone love the look on his face!

  8. @PG — I I I I I couldn’t ask for a-nother

  9. *waves to kitty*

  10. Kitty is obvy just warming up!

  11. Feel the burn!

  12. @Patito Gigante
    Sing it Baby

    [and I’ve got some De La Soul cued up & ready to spin next! – Ed.]

  13. Hah! Gotta love the “air knead”

  14. I’m tempted to high five the kitty.

  15. catloveschanel says:

    I like the way you work it Yo diggity,
    Yo Kitt-er-ies Allie Allie In Come Free

  16. This is hilarious. The kitty is all: ‘I am doing great, and you?’

  17. berthaservant says:

    Put a controller in that kitteh’s paws and turn on the BISCUIT HERO.

  18. “That workout was sooooo tiring!” sez Kitteh.

  19. That is so awesome!!

  20. Heather in Oregon says:

    Purrrfect song to go with the workout!

  21. OMG the paws. I love the pawsies when they do that. *dies*

  22. Air biscuits are a quite sufficient method of exercise,for something as sleek and soigne.

  23. I think he’s signaling to cats in outer space that its time to invade.

  24. LOL How cute!

  25. Awww adorable =D cute little cat fingers

  26. Purrfect rhythym! Air biscuits are the best… and totally my kind of exercise. 🙂

  27. One Eyed Daruma says:

    … but that kitty’s bodeh didn’t move one iota! Is there no “shake that paw” song?

  28. Nice looping.

  29. The pic is upside-down. Kitteh is bidding at a cheeseburger auction.

  30. I remember the first time my friends and I saw the “Groove Is In The Heart” video. We were all like, “….What The Frank?”

  31. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    I’m sure it also helps to reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

  32. Don’t be fooled. It’s some kind of hypnotic code or pattern, designed to brainwash into submission.

    You (knead)…will(knead)…bring(knead)…me(knead)…catnip(knead)…

  33. Well, the theorists on the comments section at YouTube believe that some very creative editing is at play in this video. They charge the the cat’s air-kneading lasted just for a second; after that, the editor put it on repeat. If you watch the video carefully, you’ll see that they are probably right.

    Still a cute vid, though.

  34. Aerobikits!
    Better n Catlisthenics, or GymnastKits (usually performed on sleeping trampolines, otherwise known as my stomach).

  35. Are we sure that the kitteh only did that twice and the person just replayed the video over and over while adding the music? o.O

  36. You GO you wild kitty thing !

    Bust a move !!!

  37. Well, the camera does shake to the same position every few seconds (Just watch the upper-left area), so it’s probably fake. In any case, it’s still a cute and funny vid. Fake or not.

    [“Looped” does not mean “fake”. Fake is CGI. – Ed.]

  38. Oh this hurts!! This is too cute to bear!!!!

    Cats are amazing creatures.

  39. What is the name of this song and who sings it? It’s awesome! And of course the kitty’s cute, too!

  40. This is making me giggle quite uncontrollably.

    Oh CO what you do to me…

  41. Thanks, guys. I’d missed last night’s episode of “So You Think You Can Knead”.

  42. Anonymous Coward says:

    *burst laughing out loud*

    one of my departed feline girls used to do that when she was dreaming.

    with two adults standing over her, trying to figure out what she was dreaming about.

    only cats…


  43. GIGGLE 😆 Air biscuits 😆

  44. haha! can’t stop laughing! he looks like he’s in a trance.

  45. OK, that is way too cute—-love the expression, it never changes, even though the paws are just a working!!

  46. Jazz hands!