Mmmm… Crunchy!

Golly, I just haven’t been getting enough fiber in my diet lately… Say, this looks tasty… earmn nawm nawm munch munch…



  1. yummy!

  2. WOW. Haminahaminahmanina . . . no, I got nothing. Wow. Whoa.

  3. Leslie (NTA) says:

    CO & NTM have provided quite the range/ wealth of ‘tocks lately. Here in this single scene, we have *NOT ONLY* ostrich ‘tocks, *BUT(t) also* giraffe ‘tocks ….

    (didja notice how I made the conjunction “but” into ANOTHER set of ‘tocks???
    silly, I know, butt…….)

  4. You expect us to believe a tall tail like that?

  5. Hey, I know, once I’ve pulled this thing off, let’s play pin the tail on the giraffe!

  6. Please tell me those crunch sound effects were added in. Ouch!

    [Definitely they were, silly. – Ed.]

  7. and all I had for breakfast was toast and coffee:(

    [Mmm, hot toast and crunchy coffee! – Ed.]

  8. Gosh, how irritating is that! lol
    & do i actually see the ostrich swallowing?! that’s one bright ostrich!

  9. At first I thought the emu was grabbing hair for its nest (do emus build nests? with hair?) but then I saw the swallowing–so my next thought was, “I’m glad I’m not the one cleaning up that hair ball!” (I wonder if emus go “ack ack ack ack” just before they hurl, like cats do?)

    And Leslie NTA: I do believe you’re ready for Tocktober already! Don’t burn yourself out, now–there are 21 more days to go, you know.

  10. That’s cool, I’m suprised the giraffe did not move.

  11. LOLOL
    Too funny… and I be that is the San Francisco Zoo.

    Hmmmmm runs to check photos of the giraffe enclosure

  12. The Ostrich can pull the bell all day but he won’t get anywhere.

  13. Aren’t those two bestest friends? I seem to recall a picture of an ostrich and a giraffe sitting next to each other on the banks of a pond or something. Is it them?

  14. That looks like a well played game to me. Got your tail…no you don’t …

  15. Nobody’s home!

    Duck! It’s a hair raid!

    OK, it’s an ostrich. I’z jez pulletin’ yer leg.
    An ostracized ostrich, named Oscar.

  16. Hack. KACK. When I watched that sucker swallow, it reminded me of the noises Bill the Cat would make.

  17. Guess what?

    Giraffe butt!


  18. There’s good eatin’ on one of those things….

    When I get my giraffe, it will come with the swishy sound, yes? Is there a special number on the order form to get the swishy sounds?

  19. I love ostriches, but they are kind of dumb. A giraffe tail is not food!

  20. hmm… could it be that the ostrich is getting some yummy insect pests off that giraffe’s tail? ew, I know – but this is a Public Service, People!

  21. katinarkit says:

    Lucky ostrich. That ‘raffe coulda kilt it dead.

  22. Actually, that’s the St. Louis Zoo.

  23. I’m thinking the ostrich is picking bugs (or worse) out of the tail hair. Or maybe the idiot just likes to eat hair. It’s not like ostriches are known for their keen analytical skills. When your butt is ten times the side of your noggin, it’s a safe bet that thinking isn’t what you were made to do.

  24. Waiter there is HAIR in my food!
    …on second thought…nom nom

  25. lol… reminds me of my youngest cat (2 yr old hellion – a calico) playing with the tails of some of my older cats, just sitting there trying to mind their own business… (butt no, she doesn’t try to eat them)

  26. Maybe the ostrich was eating the tail hair. Ugh! I watched my cat eat the fur I had just brushed off of him. I tried to fish most of it out of his mouth, but I think he got some down. I asked him if he had pica, he didn’t answer. Does anyone know where cat’s store that fur before it is berfed into furball form? My mind says it’s in the stomach, but I am always amazed how they can throw that up without lots of food too. Sorry if anyone is eating…

  27. Space Cowgirl says:

    As the Internet says: nom nom nom nom nom nom.

    Seriously, thanks for the quick boost to my “that was random!” quota for the week.

  28. Melinda it collects in their throat

  29. Melinda, it also can lodge in their upper intestine. It collects little by little until it becomes a blockage, then the ‘yacking’ pushes it up through the tummick, up the throat and onto your beautiful persian rug. Sometimes when the cat is eating, the food that is trying to be digested can’t get through so that gets up first, and then the rest is bile *hence the greenish yellow color sometimes, it really depends on how long it has been building up* and hair. Yummy!

    Ok sorry, back to your regularly scheduled Aww-ing.

  30. Anyone think he can pull this off? :mrgreen:

  31. Maybe its saving it on the cheeks to make a wig lol

  32. That sound is… awful.

  33. Found it!

  34. *plop* 😛

  35. Waiter, there’s a hair in my….oh.

  36. marthava–


  37. DaytimeDeb says:

    Video stops before .48, when giraffe delivers a swift kick in the direction of the ostrich. Ostrich gracefully (now there is an oxymoron) sidesteps the kick to keep munching. At .54, giraffe thinks up another way to get the ostrich off his butt. But it’s not pretty….nor sweet-smelling, so the video was edited! (At ;east, in my fantasy video this happens…)

  38. Thanks for the info KittyAdventures and Mamamclain! And might I add, Ugh!!! But I did want to know. To think, CO is educational, too!

  39. Oh my goodness this looks like the St. Louis Zoo! If it is, the ostrich there always bugs the giraffes. Silly ostrich…

  40. Definitely the St. Louis Zoo!

  41. EWW! Did it seriously (spelling?) eat the giraffe’s tail?
    Poor giraffe…

  42. berthaservant says:

    sfx = totally unnecessary, but vid is still awesome.

  43. “Mmmm, bootilicious!”

  44. Cannibal Ostrich!!! LOL. Love the sound effects. 😉

  45. Everyone’s commenting about the ostrich… lets talk about the giraffe. What PATIENCE!!

  46. Obviously their couples counseling is not going well.

  47. kathy cahill says:

    Oooh. That ostrich is pushing his luck. One kick and it’s over.