I gotta get this one in before tomorrow’s Day Without Cats hits


The World’s Most Inefficient Water Drinker!

Thanks to Paly Vike Arlo R.



  1. Omg, I think I just DIED laughing. *from beyond the grave*

  2. happypiano says:

    XDDD I haven’t laughed this much in a while!

  3. Oh, I thought cats were supposed to be smart…evil, but smart…

  4. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    I don’t LOL often, but that one got me. 😀

  5. Cracked. Me. Up. That will carry me through the kitty-less day tomorrow! Hilarious.

  6. I was going to say Yeah Well Our Cats Do This Too… until about 10 seconds in. 😯

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Like water off a … cat’s head??

  8. No CUTEOVERLOAD tomorrow….

  9. Me too, Theo.
    Mine loves drinking from the faucet, but this is ridiculous!

  10. Couldn’t have chosen better music in the background!
    I love it!

  11. Okay, horrific waste of resources but i just had the worst day ever and im sorry but i almost piddled i couldnt stop laughing. -wipes tears away- oh boy thanx that was just spectacular!

  12. @Moira: that is smart….otherwise, he’d have to expend more effort tilting his head to catch the water! He probably considers the water hitting his head to be like a massage (and he gets a drink at the same time). Two good outcomes for the effort of one!

    (One of my resident overlords used to do something like this, until he got too big for the counter!)

  13. Literally laughing out loud. The first time the cat dunked its head I thought it would freak out. Instead, it seemed quite pleased at this new method. 😀

  14. berthaservant says:

    When Meg says QUICK WATCH, you just do, and good things always happen. 🙂

  15. Well, Christine, you ALMOST piddled….I believe I actually did. (The running water didn’t help)

  16. as much as i laughed hysterically at that, it was so hard to watch how much water was being wasted!

  17. He thinks he’s a Britta filter. That’s okay though, it happens to us all.

  18. berthaservant says:

    Oh, and might I add — slurpitty glurpitty.

  19. That cat is not RIGHT!

  20. gatita bonita says:

    That has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. That will hold me through the dry, parched, cat-less day tomorrow. Love the jazz, btw.

  21. OMG tummy hurts form laughing so hard.

  22. (looking at timestamps…) Geez, when I started typing my previous comment, there were only three comments showing! Talk about stampeding!

  23. biscuithead says:

    Okay, someone needs to edit in a voice and speech. The cat moves his/her mouth and appears to be giving us a running monologue under the running water.

  24. it’s damn hard to try and laugh quietly so you don’t wake the baby! Oh, my sides…

    the eyes at 1:25 are just a bit Dramatic Squirrel, neh?

  25. I plan to ignore this Day Without Cats travesty. I’ll be posting my own cat pics ANYWHERE I CAN. So there. If the internet is not for cats, what is it for? (Apart from porn?)

  26. Okaaaaaaay……..did someone eat some paint chips as a kitten?


    Got me a “special” kitteh at home too, he likes to drink water then meow, which ends up coming out as a gurgling/gargling howl. Yeeeea-uh.

  27. @BServ – How does Bertha like your new digs? Has she settled in?

  28. Watched it twice and still have tears streaming down my face. I love it when he’s got the stream bouncing off his head in two directions like a fountain.

  29. ZOMG! That made my night. LOL

  30. totchipanda says:

    OMFG I laughed so hard, I think I hurt something.

  31. Once again, the Japanese prove that they have the best cats.

  32. biscuithead is right… someone needs to add a voice…. can’t you just hear the cat saying…. yep yep yep that hits the spot spot spot!

  33. Goodness, I haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while! Silly kitty!


  35. ROFL…. my cheeks and throat are starting to hurt b/c I’m laughing so much. Good lord… just too hilarious.

  36. OMG, that’s even funnier than my husband hurting himself :)))
    Another celeb cat in the making here!

  37. Like you all I LOL-ed my arse off.
    Now some good news dear readers it 07:22 on 09-09-09 in the UK and there are cats
    a plenty on the intertubes.

  38. Heather in Oregon says:

    Oh man I laughed so hard!
    The first minute I was like, well thats kind of cute…then the close up began, and that cat was so freaking nonchalant and just kept sticking his head under there. It was hysterical and I couldn’t last I had to LOL!

  39. SweetMartha says:

    Oh my goodness, that is HILARIOUS. Although, Meg, this little cat might not be the world’s most inefficient water drinker, but may in fact be the world’s most efficient water drinker – it’s getting hydrated AND washed up and clean at the same time! Smart kitty, smart kitty! 🙂

  40. I’m with Christine — terrible waste of resources, but … oh, excuse me, I have to run to the little room. I’m laughing too hard. It was funny for about 10 seconds, hilarious for about a minute, and just wet-your-pants funny that it kept going on. Once it started hitting his ear, I was DONE.

  41. I’ve NEVER seen a cat drink like that! What a nut!

  42. I wish I had a permanant water fountain just like this.

  43. I don’t know how the person filming didn’t crack up. What a silly puss!

  44. Juniper Jupiter says:

    This cat could definitely benefit from a water fountain! 😀

    Wasting water otherwise!

    I was laughing so hard when I saw this…and I thought MY cats were weird! XD!!

  45. Maybe it just want’s to cool down FROM THE HOT JAZZ BEAT playing incessantly in the background.

  46. Kitty would die of dehydration in Australia! We’re not allowed to run taps to rinse vegies or even wash our own cars…

    he is the coolest water kitty ever..I love how his lil ears flatten out under the tap!

  47. I bet you that the people complaining about the waste of resources must surely ride their bicycle more than they drive, right? Because that would be a waste of resources!

  48. i LOLed to the point of tears. but now i feel guilty. it seems wrong to laugh at a kitty who CLEARLY has a drinking problem 🙂

  49. It was just as funny EVERY TIME HE DID IT! I thought it would be less comical after 3 times, but no. Woke my hubby stifling my laughter. Thanks, I needed that.

  50. And voila!! An internet star is BORN!!!!!

  51. Redonkulous! And CUTERER than anything I visualized on this site for a good bit…


  52. I think someone should tell him…. there’s an easier way to do this.

  53. catloveschanel says:

    I think he missed a few days of class at Miss Kitty’s finishing school. BTW, has anyone seen her?

  54. Leslie (NTA) says:

    It would appear that this particular Cat. Did. Not. Get.The. Memo.

    (That would be Memo #1 in the
    Being. A. Cat.series: “Cats. Do. NOT. LIKE. Getting. Wet.” Duh !!!)

    Perhaps he would benefit from the class “Remedial Cats 101”.

  55. My stomach hurt from too much laughter. If my cats did this, I’m afraid my water bill would go up.

  56. My cat does the same thing! Although this one seems to do it with even great dedication…

  57. Maybe kitty haz hangover?

  58. Oh gosh, all that water, WASTED! Coming from a country with constant water restrictions (Australia), it’s torture to see a tap just running and running and running like that D:

  59. But it is very cute.

    (But still, the WATER!!!)

  60. ‘Okay, my thirst has been slaked. I’m just going to go dry myself off on something you cherish, then I’m thinking of taking the rest of the day off.’

  61. I know Nina (#59, 60)… I understand your feeling… This tap, running and running and… running… I was relieved everytime the kitty put its head under the water.

    Very cute indeed. Woody looked like an “OMG WTF??!!!” kinda cat at moments.

    Let’s remember/realize that Tap-Water is a Lu-xu-ry . No, I am not a Nuffer *takes chair* back off people, back off. 😉

    Woody needs a bowl to drink.

  62. Too funny! I think the best thing about cats is that they’re just so WEIRD!

  63. when the tone is off it looks like kitteh is talking….oh Theo pleeeeeeeeeease could you sync some analog over this video.

    [Today? I’m afraid the injunction prevents it. 😉 – Ed.]

  64. It´s a mutant cat! It´s drinking water with its EARS! 😉

  65. Starlinguk says:

    Give the beast a shower cap.

    Mine curls up in the sink and then drinks the puddle that forms between his body and the sink.

  66. Is he scotchguarded? The water just beads up and rolls off!

  67. Sorry, not unique. Same way my Red Tabby LB drinks from the bathroom sink!

    [Not exactly common, though, is it? – Ed.]

  68. The water just bouncing off his ear, and he sits there! Amazing. Yes, Bertha S., slurpitty glurpitty indeed.

  69. yeah whatev says:

    @ Mary–
    i am actually a bike commuter. every day. and i compost and have rain barrels for my vegetable garden and sometimes carry my bathwater outside in buckets to water (although usually if i’m bathing, it’s cause i’m sore). so please tone down the snark.

    but i didn’t comment about the water wastage because it’s so damned cute. and woody is such a great name for this cat.

  70. ok first of all I love this cat. WAY too awesome for words.

    Second, I can’t believe this video was almost 3 mins long of this cat putting his head under the water.

    Thirdly, all I can think of is “ooo HOT FLASH!” *put head in water* “ahhhhhh.” “ANother HoT FlAsHe!”

    Too stinkin’ cute.

    No nuffing allowed…..

  71. He definitely seemed to enjoy the sensation of the water hitting his head. What a sweet goof!

  72. Things that make you go, “Hmmm…”

  73. “The World’s Most Inefficient Water Drinker.” LOL!

    as usual, meg’s comments just make the pics THAT much funnier…

  74. Maybe he doesn’t like the music in the background and this is the only way he can “drown” it out.

  75. I laughed so hard I have tears! 😀

  76. Agree with everyone. This is delightful. One of my cats sticks his head under the stream, but not, not, nooot like this.

  77. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    I love the 1:30 mark where he’s all “Whaaat? Nothing to see here…”

  78. Somebody please get that cat a bowl of water!

  79. Trabb's Boy says:

    To those worried about water wastage, there are places in the world where water is not really an issue. My community pulls its water directly out of the Great Lakes, then puts it back after use. There is energy cost in the filtration, but no ecological harm from the water use. Very rainy regions and towns on lakes really don’t have to panic about this, unless their area is within 1000 miles of Los Angeles, in which case they should check whether there is a long-distance straw in their backyard before allowing their kitties to be gorgeous idiots.

  80. Just proves my point, that cats will do anything to get their ears rubbed. Anything.

  81. @biscuithead

    You are so right.

    I especially want to know what the cat is saying to the potted plant at the end of the video. Do you suppose the cat is agreeing with the plant’s approach to getting water, or do you think maybe the cat is simply telling the plant that it’s now its turn to try a bowl?

  82. Teeny Gozer says:

    I’ve owned a lot of gray tiger-cats in my time, and I can say that only a gray tig would come up with this solution to a problem. It’s crazy, but it worked, no? The water cascaded down his nose for his tongue to catch, just as he planned! I used to love watching my gray tigs actually *thinking*, the wheels and gears turning in their wee heads, as they came up with equally insane but workable solutions to problems.

    Gray tigs = smartest but craziest cats!

  83. You all said it all. I got nothing left. Woody is teh awesome!

  84. i wish i showed this to my cats this morning BEFORE their baths.

  85. Pyrit- “Things that make you go hmmmmmmm,” indeed.
    Now, I’m watching this on 9/09/09 HAHA!

    I love how hie ears getting the full blast of the water doesn’t phase him.

  86. BeckyMonster says:

    We need a voiceover that’s kind of like the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, minus the guns and killing and such, of course. You know, when the bombs would go off, the sound would get all muffled because that’s what would really happen if you were there?

    Either way, kitty prattles on about lack of soft food, tuna juice, fawning, etc. Dunks head while continuing to chatter and it sounds all “garble slarble sloppity gloo”.

    Also, I would like to formally protest No Cat Day. Fascists!

  87. I had tears in my eyes at 1:56. What a strange and hilarious cat!!!!

  88. Catsquatch says:

    And here I thought Bast was weird……
    He drinks his water by paddling his feet in his water fountain until it gets all over the floor, then he drinks from the bowl.
    Isis is smart though, she drinks the water that pours from the top of the fountain, but when she laps, little drops of water get all over her face, then she comes to me for pets to get it off.
    Neither one of them would EVER put their HEAD in the water though….
    I laughed so hard hubby came in to see what was so funny.
    Crazy cat….

  89. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Beckymonster:

    You are a charmingly literate person. “Garble slarble sloppity goo”, inDEED !!!
    Winston himself, couldn’t have said it better.

    Anybody around here, have an extra Pulitzer Prize??

  90. OMG My tummy hurts from laughing so hard and best part of all is his fur isn’t even wet. Check it out
    LOLOLOL What a CAT!

  91. P.S. Beckymonster Snicker!!!!!!!!111!!!!!

  92. I think this kitty has found a VERY efficient way of washing his face. It’s a big improvement over the “lick-the-paw-and-rub, lick-the-paw-and-rub, lick-the-paw-and-rub repeat repeat repeat” method.

  93. stuck@work says:

    A caterfall.

  94. @BeckyMonster – oh yes, thanks for reminding me to bring out this argument ender: “you know who else hated cats do you, Hitler!”

  95. chaosrainz says:

    Is this the kitty version of the “drinking problem” from the movie Airplane? lol

  96. My watr haz my flavr

  97. Theo you have until tomorrow. Can’t wait what you come up with!!!

  98. best. video. ever.

    love how he looks to the side and is like “uh, no one sees me, right?” and I can’t believe that he didn’t shake his head ONCE the whole time.


  99. That is without a doubt one of the funniest things I have ever seen. 😀

  100. Ok, Wiseguys- how do YOU drink water??

  101. Omg, the 2:00-minute mark just slays moi.

  102. Theo do you like that sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Umfu9llZA ;))))

  103. @stuck@work — I’ll go you one better: cataract.

  104. I’m laughing my head off. My orange tabby mix is on my lap and says, “meh.”

  105. Loloobelle says:

    It’s just the way he’s like, “hmm. Well THIS isn’t working that well…maybe I’ll just leave it under there for a while instead. Mmmmm, sweeet watères…” 😀

  106. Emmy, I’m with ya. How else does one drink?


  107. Laughing hysterically + running water = peed my pants!!

  108. So mesmerizing and relaxing!!! Hmmmmm

  109. P – R – E – C – I – O – U – S !!

  110. Leslie (NTA) says:

    @ Khadija:
    I never imagined, that even native German speakers could get out all those consonants so quickly. AND, the pianner [transl: “piano”] playin’ is right nice, there !!

  111. Flaminogsandcats says:

    And I thought some of my fur-babies were slow? Too funny! Thank you for posting!

  112. Leo! LMAO!!

    I submitted this too… as did probalby half of the free world. This made the rounds in my office.. and we all were on the floor.

  113. Saw this late last night but didn’t post a comment as I was wheeze laughing SO hard.
    Who was that cartoon animal with the wheezy sneaky laff? There might’ve been several.
    But anyway, that was me last night around 12:30 or so, trying to laugh silently & not wake up my family and wheezing on account of my asthma.
    But oh man, it was worth it.
    I sent the link to my husband and MIL and all my coworkers. I noted that of our 3 cats, if they were allowed on the counters, Lucky our Tuxie would be the one most likely to stick his head under the faucet.
    I’ll bet it was one of those super hot August days we had and it felt SOOOOOO good too!

  114. Noelle (the First) says:

    I can’t believe I’m the only one who heard the cat singing:

    “Singin’ in the Rain, Just Singin’ in the Rain, What a Glorious Feeling, I’m Happy Again”

    Come on…it can’t be just me….can it?

    Either way, cute kitty!

  115. Kitty likes water on his brain 🙂

  116. You have seen his other drenchings, right?

    Wet head

  117. OMg!! I think this cat just like getting it’s head wet

  118. Here I am behind the times as usual…… laughing out loud!!! What a cat! And pffffftt to your day without cats. Maybe this was posted yesterday, but I didn’t get to it till today. So there!

  119. LisaHoneychan says:

    This cat is WEIRD. Funny, but weird. I live in the desert, so seeing water just run and run..I can’t HELP but worry about all that water going down the drain. I wonder if this cat’s done this multiple times, or just came up with the crazy way to get some water right then?

    How did the person taking the video NOT die laughing?

  120. Loved it! And loved the jazz – very coool.

  121. catloveschanel says:

    Song overdub should be:
    Mah Pappeh said, ” son, you’re gonna drive me to drinkin’ if you don’t stop drivin’ that hot — rod — Lincoln”.

  122. LOL, that’s so funny! Every time I thought I was done laughing, he’d dunk his head again, sending me back into fits of laughter.

  123. Okay, okay, it IS admittedly absolutely hilarious…but has anyone even bothered to think that maybe this cat just likes having the water run over its head? Some cats just…actually do like water. They’re insane, sure. But they like it.

  124. BeckyMonster says:

    @Leslie (NTA)
    Why, thank you for the compliment! I done read me some books in my day, you got that right!!! 8^)

    I don’t know how to make all those new-fangled smilies that everyone else uses, sigh. I guess at 34 I’m simply too old to learn new tricks on the interwebs. Either way, I smile at you Leslie, in my old fashioned way (please look after at least one too many exclams above)

    And if Hitler didn’t like cats, and Saving Private Ryan was about the US storming the beaches at Normandy against zee Germans (Snatch?), we need that voiceover more than ever!

  125. smiling clerk says:

    Best video everrrrrrrrrrr!!!

  126. Hahaha… omg… I haven’t cracked up that loud/hard over a kitty in a long while!! I’ve never seen a meow-meow get so willingly WETFUL!! And the GLARES at the camera after the 2-minute mark…. OH MY…

  127. I haven’t laughed soooo much in a long time, thank you. what a soggy moggy, someone please give her a straw! Let’s hope you’re not on a water meter.

    [Maybe they’ve got one o’ them fancy recirculating fountain sinks? – Ed.]

  128. @metz: the canine sneaky wheezer is Muttley!

  129. It seems like he,s saying “waterboarding is for sissies” LOL

  130. Thank you dub1 That’s exactly who I was thinking of! Ok so I was laughing like Muttley!

  131. There are loads more videos of him

    Check out the bath one


  132. This cat WINS THE INTERNET.

  133. I actually saved this for today.. Just because I knew i would be “catatonic” without the plethora of cute cats that I come here to see 🙂

    COMPLETELY awesome video 🙂 Have never seen a cat that enjoyed water that much, since my (since passed on) Sparky. She used to jump in the shower with me when I was taking a shower. I used to think it was just cuz she loved me so much, but I suppose it coulda been the water 🙂

    Yes – it is an extreme waste of water.. So im a conserver. However? The cat seemed to be enjoying the water, who am I to say that he/she didnt deserve the water just as much as I would have?

    Metz? I was actually going to mention Snively Whiplash (the dog with the wheezy laugh) but apparently I was wrong 🙂

  134. Both my catz love a running tub faucet and often get bad cases of “tub head” (splashed water on head, ears, whiskers, chinny chin….) but the whole head thing? I’d never have believed it. What a great vid.

  135. YourMother says:

    Silly kitty, that’s not how you drink water.
    Come on. Use your head…
    Oh, wait 😉

  136. Great video though you better get that moron Al Gore after that ‘horrible’ display of waste….ha ha ha…great kitty…

  137. That is the funniest video I have seen in a loooong time…but what I want to know is, how is this kitty still dry after such a redonkulous soaking!

  138. 😆 GIGGLE 😆 Oh what a silly littly kitty 😆

  139. Great video thought you better get that moron Devon after that completely unnecessary comment… ha ha ha…great kitty…

  140. That is heeLARious!! What a wonderfully mutant goofball cat! This is one of the things I love about cats, they come up with the most interesting solutions to problems!

  141. Oh wow, that second video: Woody clearly enjoys the feeling of water running on his head. Maybe he needs more petting? Poor, funny bebeh.

  142. mockingbird says:

    Aww what a “special” kitty! (Kind of creative, really.) Loved this one! 😀

  143. My husband took one look at that video and asked why that cat was waterboarding himself.

  144. Well, that’s one way to drink the water 😀

  145. This was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.

    To the poor Aussies worried about the wasted water, I was the same until I moved to the US midwest from drought ridden South Australia 6 months ago. They have the opposite problem in the area I live in, here there is too much water, all the rivers around here are running too high and everytime there is even a little rain there is a flooding alert. Between that and the snow melt its a very damp part of the world that’s for sure.

    It is a bit of a culture shock to get used to. So if that person was from around here maybe they were doing a community service and helping to minimize a flooding risk. *jk*

    PS I am still working on my cunning plan to post water back home, but I am having packaging issues. The envelope gets soggy. 🙂

  146. Muahhaahahahaha. I love this. My cat does the same thing. I love this kitty’s hiperactive tongue. It remind me of one of my exes. He kissed just like that (which is why he is an EX)

    [Like, with water running all over his head & everything? I think you made the right decision. – Ed.]

  147. So much for all that disagreement about bathing cats a few weeks ago. Here is proof that some cats like getting their heads wet. Go figure.

  148. Yeah, Max puts his whole head underneath the stream and then looks shocked because his head is wet. I dont leave the water running that strong though just a trickle so he doesnt get that wet. I think he is smarter than that… that kitty is funny but he seems to be a little speshal!

  149. This too funny…..how much water are these kittie owners going to waste?!?

  150. Leslie (NTA) says:

    here’s one, that either no one thought of, or at least no one (in my browsing) has offered here:

    “It’s something IN the water!” 😉 ie, mebbe this particular H20 is hallucinogenic, er sumpin’ ?

  151. maybe its a good thing, most cats do not like water. lol
    I wonder if this is a daily ritual! Cat looks like he doesn’t know when to stop!
    I feel for the owner when the water bill comes. :O

  152. This cat is either the dumbest or simply the funniest I’ve ever seen!!! LOL

  153. This video was forwarded to me today by a co-worker. I thought it was so hilarious, I sent it right to my son. When I got home, I made my computer-phobic husband sit down and watch it. He nearly got hysterical. Our cats love running tap water, but due to the drought in our state, we got into the habit of letting them have only a brief taste and no more. I love this video! I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere.

  154. Must not live in water-restricted SoCal … this is one unusual Kitty and made my day!!

  155. Great vid, but such a waste. Please lower the water pressure!! Thanks for the laughs. Can’t wait for my husband to get out of the shower so I can share.

  156. Queen Of Dork says:

    Wow. I think this cat and my cat should get together and share techniques of strangeness. But I already think this goofball kitty would win. My cat bows to the wierdness of this guy!! (so do I).

  157. What’s so funny. I drink this way too.

  158. 1 of my 3 cats is a faucet cat…but NOTHING like this. it’s beyond anything i’ve ever seen, cat-wise, before. i love this cat.

  159. So that’s where the expression, “Oh, go soak your head!” comes from!

  160. No animals were harmed and in the making of this film…but 27 gallons of water were unfortunately lost!

  161. He almost looks like he is mad at himself for doing this! Soooo cute 🙂

  162. This cat is doing it’s part to save money! He’s taking a shower, gettng a drink of water, and performing a live fountain act, all at the same time. People pay hundreds of dollars to see that at cirque du soleil, and thousands to have it at their own party!

  163. Watched this with my 3 yr. old daughter, who at first said “Mommy, he needs some soap.” and then, because we live in a water restricted area “Mommy, that kitty is wasting water” in between giggling our heads off at Woody. One of our cats is also a Woody and is quite similar.

  164. that is cute and funny at the same time .My cat doe the same thing with
    the water.oh her name is capser a black cat and she is so cute

  165. I actually have a cat that does this, but under a drip/trickle, not a full running faucet. Frickin hilarious!

  166. Sinaasappel says:


  167. My cat drinks from the faucet too. I think if you had the water on at just a trickle, he would drink directly from it. The water being on so much would cause him to get water in his nose., he knows that.

  168. Maybe he doesn’t like the way it tastes strait from the tap…
    maybe he’s using his fur to filter it …
    so he’s either a little off or a little genius.
    pretty funny though

  169. Queen of Dork says:

    This has nothing to do with anything except that I need to put my head under running water like this. I live in Las Vegas. The Mojave Desert. and….IT’S STILL SO HOT HERE!!! If it wasn’t for my job, I would be SO out of here. It’s September, it’s football seasn, it should be sweater weather but it still 157 degrees out!!!!! (ok. It’s not quite that hot but close) But IT’S STILL TOO HOT HERE!!!! Thank you for letting me vent. I will now place my head under running water like this hilarious kitty.

  170. Queen of Dork says:

    excuse the bad spelling and mistakes and stuff in the last post. I’m not dumb…just hot. I just got back from the store and my skins and brains are burned. Burned. Ouch. Too much heat. Too hot. tooooo hot….I’m melting. I’m melllttttiiinnngggg…….Ow. hot. melted. puddle of stuffffff.

  171. lol!

  172. Holy %#$@! OMG! Freakin’ awesome!! I know everybody and their mom posted on this, but I can’t help it. This made me so ridiculously happy. Normally I am an adamant tree-hugger who reuses everything, but you know…some things are TOTALLY worth using up an extra bit of resources. I think bringing joy to millions of people around the world is a good trade-off for several gallons of water.

    And BTW, I think the kitty really just enjoys the way it feels, or maybe he’s a hot kitteh. If he was really thirsty he’d change tactics. Or somethin. Honestly? I DON’T CARE why he’s doing this! It’s awesome!! 🙂

  173. This is the best cat in the world. Cool kitty. Can he visit?

  174. can’t stop laughing omg

    I thought my cat was pretty smart and cool because he figured out how to drink out of a glass of water in which the level was too low for his tongue to reach. He dips his paw in and licks that…repeatedly. Kinda the same principle going on here.

  175. My cat loves water too and every morning when I have a shower she always tries to get in! She doesn’t like getting her head wet though. Love this cat, it was great to watch 🙂

  176. I’m sending this to my son and his family – they have a crazee cat, and a very quiet cat – they will love this. Bring this cat to Florida in the rainy season, we need water but enuf already

  177. I/m sending this to my son and daughter in law – they have a crazee cat (Mama) and a very quiet dim bulb (but wonderful) cat (Papa). When Mama sees the video she will surely want to join in the fun. Send your water loving cats SW Florida – we have enuf rain during the rainy season to accomidate all thirsty kittys. We need the rain, but enuf!

  178. i had a cat like that but it was only a trickle of water. i mean this is just crazy!

  179. Wonderful!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  180. Tito Jenkins says:

    This is only funny to old ladies andguys named Kyle!

    [Ooh. Burrrrrn. 🙄 – Ed.]

  181. I’m glad all the nuffers mentioned the waste of water. None of us here would have EVER known that there are drought conditions and water restrictions ANYWHERE without their input. Yep. Their comments brought additional insight and joy to this posting in a way like no other…

  182. I needed this one at the end of the day. It was hilarious……….what a cat! Little smartie. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to try that on my kitty, but I think I’d end up in the ER. Again, adorable and I could watch it over and over again!

  183. is it just me or is that face the PERFECT “prince john” impersonation from the disney robin hood?

  184. this is adorable! lovved it!!