Macaqueing Around

May your labor day be filled with cool pools of water, hot sun, and (not shown here) Monkey-sized Pabst Blue Ribbons.


Thanks for the heads up / reminder / good-natured nagging Goodwin D.!



  1. Such nommable ears!

  2. Return of macaque!

    (Ah, that sweet babymonkey face – so grave and innocent at the same time.)

  3. That little guy is ready for some fisticuffs!

  4. Andi from NC says:

    love the monkey-butt action in photo 3 (reminds of the diaper-less photo that all parents take of their wee ones) – too prosh!!!

  5. Pic 1 = Invisible Laundry

  6. Aw, there totally needs to be a ‘tock-hance on that third picture, of the little bare underwater ‘tocks!

  7. So the monkeys come again,
    Here’s a family of three,
    There’s a pool right by their den,
    Dad sits and grooms his goatee.
    Ready for some fisticuffs,
    Little guy with wet cowlick,
    Makin’ trouble for the nuffs,
    Lookin’ badass, lookin’ slick.

  8. PS Peace, PG.

  9. kibblenibble says:

    The three leetle fists in the first pic are keelingk me.

    PS: Somebody with higher functioning eyeballs, please tell me, does baby have stitches on his head?

  10. I spy a baby monkey butt! Baby macaque is soo floofy, but Mom (or Dad) looks like a little too much time with the crimper.

  11. omg look at pic 3…..TOCKULENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. i def agree, thepetmuseum–grave n innocent

  13. No stitches…just a bald patch with some dark hair in the middle.

    Love baby macaques!!!

  14. “Marco!”

  15. Exceptional photos!! Love how the two are grooming each other in the last pic while baby is trying to swim. And the first picture is just darling.

  16. OMG! The little fuzzball is covered with monkey-down!
    CUTE fuzzball!!! 🙂

  17. He has feets for hands.

  18. And hands for feets!

  19. earlybird1 says:

    @Pheas: invisible washingks.. too funny!! LOL

  20. Little swimming monkeybutt is my very favourite part of this. He so precious.
    Here in New Zealand we’re heading into spring and so all the happy days of monkeybutt are ahead of me!

  21. Love monkeys the first pic is a tottaly kick ass lol he looks like he is posing for the attendants om a press conference of a boxing match lol

    love the last picture too

  22. Macaque tocks on the rocks at 6 o clock!

  23. Enough monkeying around.

    You guys having a Big Macacque attack or something?

  24. bebeh. monkeh. butt.
    my day is complete.
    thank you.

  25. I think maybe they’d prefer Pabst Blue Gibbon?

  26. Cambridge_Rat_Mom says:

    I’ve always had a real soft spot for macaques. Their faces are so eloquent.


  28. Silly Mama says:

    I agree with Marie. While this little guy isn’t too bad, monkeys FREAK me OUT. Eeeeeeee!

  29. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Not all monkeys are cute-but this little guy is adorable! Hang in there, Marie. Meg and Co. manage to offer cute for all tastes and preferences. Long Live CO!!

  30. @Kati: I wish I’d thought of that–good one!

    I join the chorus of those in favor of monkey butts. I find them absolutely adorable, particularly when swimming.


    Can you post a puppy in a toaster oven next? I haven’t laughed so hard in weeks.

    A++ trolling, will lol again.

  32. I think pic #1 looks like invisible cow-milking, but invisible laundry is also good!

  33. I think there needs to be a contest of who can photoshop the cutest thing into bebeh monkey’s hands in pic #1. ready aaaaaaaaaaaaaand….GO!

  34. Is Meg…. a hipster?!?
    I thought only hipsters drank PBR and everyone else realized how disgusting it was.

    Anyway, I wish my Labor Day was that nice. Instead it consisted of running around campus trying to find a working printer and a heaping dose of rain.

  35. fish eye no miko says:

    Picture one… invisible dairy cow!

  36. Would one of you Muricans explain to a Brit, what happens on Labor (Labour) day.. Is it all picnic baskets and gingham and Shirley Jones singing “Many a new day” or our you all sent down the mines to hew coal for the good of the nation?

  37. or are you

  38. It’s Labor Day Weekend. Have a nice day!!

  39. I am also from the UK and have questions

    Is labour day when you all have to stop wearing white shoes?
    I thought Blue Ribbon was a kind of wafery, chocolately biscuit thing?
    What’s a nuffer (and why are they always so angry)?
    Who doesn’t find monkeys cute…?

  40. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Would rather the da monkehs a good Blue Moon instead of Blue Ribbon. Beastest beer EVAH.

  41. Wow so cool! One big happy family, having their party at the pool. 🙂

  42. snorglepup says:

    OK silly Brits, or anyone with backward seasons…
    Labor Day is the last hurrah of the summer before kids return to school
    Since this is Tues. morning, it’t back to the coal mines for me…

  43. bookmonstercats says:

    Why “Labor” Day? (yes, A. N. Other Brit). I can see why “Thanksgiving” Day, and “Independence” Day, but not “Labor” (presumably, as the Hon Glad says, “Labour”).

    Ta, old beans.

  44. From:

    Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

  45. Baby monkeys are alway adorable!

  46. @Speffles, nowadays, you NEVER have to stop wearing white shoes if you want to. Unless you have this dog:

  47. @Hon Glad you are the bomb.

  48. Pheas – For an Anti – Communist country, it all sounds a bit commie to me. They’ll be stealing our esscence next.

  49. Yeah, Hon Glad, I’m kind of surprised we have that holiday myself. And truth be told, for most folks it’s as snorglepup said, the last hurrah of summer. School often used to start after Labor Day, although it seems most places now start in August. Labor Day is also typically the last day municipal swimming pools are open. And, Theresa’s comment notwithstanding, it remains the day many of us pack away our white shoes.

  50. Actually honoring the people who makes this country tick is quite in keeping with our countries by the people for the people theme. Dontcha think. Long live the blue collar worker and his beer. Pops a cold one even though it is no longer Labor Day.

    Viva the Workers.

  51. What a cute little monkey!!!!

  52. Tractatus Blorpico-Philosophicus says:

    To round off the Labor Day comments for UK peeps, I think of it as like the Aug Bank Holiday – marks end of summer holidays, & school (for children, not uni, I mean) starts the next day. In its official/original purpose, it’s like the May Day celebrated across Europe (which doesn’t exist in the US).

    Also, because of our ridiculous capitalism-at-all-costs system, we have way fewer national holidays & paid-holidays-from work than in the UK, so the ones we do have take on greater significance, like L Day (or Thanksgiving, etc.).

    Re “I thought Blue Ribbon was a kind of wafery, chocolately biscuit thing” (above), wasn’t sure if this was a joke/pun question that I didn’t get, but if it’s straight, then the answer is no! I can’t think of any brand of biscuit with a similar name, even. Sowwy!

  53. First pic: another ‘shop suggestion…how about a teeny little double bass…you know, so we could have some swingin’ (from the trees) jazz?!?

    [Here’s a little somethin’ for ya – Ed.]

  54. Jungle Book is one of my all time favorites!!! You-ou-ou, I wanna be like you-ou-ou. I wanna walk like you, hoo! talk like you, hoo… thank you for that ear worm! I love it!
    It also gets Calendar Sqwerl out of my head, which I was inexplicably singing today as I walked the dogs at lunch time… the dogs were not impressed.

  55. Little froggy monkey-tocks!

  56. Blossom Kat says:

    I too love the fluffy floatin baby monkeh butt.

  57. @Theresa
    nice poem 🙂

  58. Sorry to be a downer…’s the vet tech in me.

    I hope poor little monkey is being treated for his severely swollen right foot (pic 1)

  59. If you look closer Fia Luna, it looks as if his toes are curled under… there are no toenails showing on that foot while there are on his left foot. It is also shorter than the left, but not a lot due to the perspective.
    Oh, and by the way- MONKEY BUTTS ARE ADORABLE!! ^_^