What’d I do this weekend?

Just hung out.

Hangin' out

Rim shot please, Katherine F.



  1. Guess what?? Monkey butt!!!!

  2. That tail action is very convenient for farting in someone’s general direction.

  3. earlybird1 says:

    Perfect right angle there.

  4. Very elegant en pointe action.
    A tiny tutu of banana leaves would complete this picture

  5. Is that what they call a prehensile tail? OMG, I have always wanted one. Good lord, this gal/guy looks elegant. Good work, cousin.

  6. i_wuvs_puttins says:

    A perfect presentation of a primate posterior.

  7. spec-TOCK-ular!

  8. Monkeys take forever to line dry in this jungle humidity.

  9. “…line dry…” LMAO!

  10. Transpogue says:

    That’s like suspended downward-facing dog with prehensile tail addition….very yogic. 🙂

  11. “rim shot”? ew.

    [Har har. Like this, y’know. – Ed.]

  12. Somebody get him a ladder. His tail was only 4 inches long when he climbed up that tree.

  13. (insert “klingons” joke here?) Oh grow up, pyrit!

  14. berthaservant says:

    he is shaped like a “Y”

  15. berthaservant says:

    or kind of like a 4

  16. thats so amazing, the legs are just perfect they look almost human

  17. When we have a monkeh post.
    It’s time for a Gabriel riff,
    To this monk I raise a toast,
    His stance and posture quite magniff,
    He is something to observe,
    Beady eyes, tail in the air,
    Flashing monkey-butt with verve,
    Showing all his savoir-faire.

  18. PS:

  19. Theresa – LOL! “Flashing monkey-butt with verve”!
    How about, “Shaking the Tree”?

  20. Or, Invisibul Treehowse. No girl-illas allowd!

  21. Or how about:

  22. http://www.instantrimshot.com/

    You’re welcome. 😉

    [Jinx! – Ed.]

  23. badum-bum


    (get it?)

  24. what’d i do this weekend ?
    well, today i swept up a dog. tee hee
    well, one could have been made out of all the fur i swept up.
    it’s fall and whats falling is Lily’s summer under coat as her new thicker winter under coat grows in.
    in the spring i just throw out the fur for the birds to use in thier nests.
    in the fall it goes in the trash. seems a shame but no nest building going on now of course.

  25. Imagine having these arms and tail. You could always reach the last roast potato, the best cake, be first on the train bus plane. No need to queue at the movies ball game…… Just make a grab or swing in ahead of the great unwashed public : )

  26. wannadance says:

    beautiful critter, this. i agree: the laigs and tocks are shapely enough to skip up a level and become…human. or a cartoon of a human.

    that looks really comfortable to me, stretching out, contemplative expression.

  27. It is time once again for: “If you had a tail, what kind of tail would you have?” As our Peeps of Vintage will recall, I would have an giant anteater’s tail.

  28. Katrina, I remember well what kind of tail you’d have, but I don’t remember what kind of tail I’d have! That giant anteater tail is just too impressive.

  29. @Hon Glad, and you know that monkeys are NEVER unwashed!

  30. Theresa! Re: Your Gabriel riff.
    (I just remembered something, coffee, y’know)!
    How derriere’ you use the word “butt”! We must post-erior with great caution if by chance Leslie (NTA) should happen tushie the word, “butt”! She might get bummed out. For rear. 😉

    [Well, I’ll keep an eye out, in case she tries to sneak up from behind – Ed.]

  31. Theresa – Well remembered, I had completely forgotten that post, sometimes I look to see what I’d written, it can be embarassing.

  32. I want a tailio, too!

  33. Ha-ha @ Ed.! Oh the wonders of coffee, eh?

  34. Katrina: I have that conversation with my friends often! I always say a squirrel tail, but I’ve also heard spider monkey and stegasaurus.

  35. @Pyrit, I imagine when you dance, you have a High Knee.

  36. Theresa – Suuuure! Me and The Tockettes! At The Tockefeller Center!

    (“High Knee”, snickeromgsnicker)

  37. This is a spider monkey!

    They are always very elegant when swinging through the trees.

  38. Pooky, Tamily,
    Well, tails are pretty special. Deciding doesn’t have to be a permanent thing- although I have given it enough thought to have chosen for good, I believe.

    Theresa, I don’t remember what kind of tail you said, but that is the beauty of it, you CAN change if you wish.

    Have a great day, fellow Peeps!

  39. emmberrann says:

    pyrit & theresa: loflmao!!!

  40. Looks like he’s hanging low and always to the left.