Bunny moufs are weird Discuss.

Bunnies have the f strangest muzzlepowshe action. It’s like their top lip works as two separate units. Their tongues can hold one lip side up and just stay there. It also looks like their teeth couldn’t all possibly all fit in there. What’s the deal?

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Photos by Sender-Inner Siegfried M.



  1. The better to eat the carrots and greens with, my dear. nom, nom, nom.

  2. They look sorta like cows chewing their cud.

    Never have quite understood what cud is either………..

  3. Why no disapproving text w/ the buns lately? I disapprove of the lack of disapproval!

  4. Lepus leeps! They are weird indeed. And his neck folds.

  5. kibblenibble says:

    I agree they have strange muzzlepowshes. Please don’t think I’m nuffin’ but bunneh moufs are prolly my least favorite part of them. I don’t mind the leeps or tongues, but those beeg yellow teeth…not so much. However, this bun is very cute and interesting! In spite of all my previous negativity, I must say, I enjoy his cow-like spots and lamb-like earses. And the dewlap looks very, er, soft…So there!

  6. Bunneh tongue!!

    (That is as intelligible as my cute-addled brain can handle.)

  7. Bunnicula!

  8. bunny yawn! da bunnies don’t open their cute mouths up all the way very often but when they do… it cute!

    female buns have extra fur at the neck to make a nest. it’s not fat, it’s thick fur. also my bunnies have cute little WHITE teeth. 🙂 (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  9. I can just hear the bun saying, ” …. What’s up, Doc?” in the first pic.

  10. Someone should get that bunny off the antibiotics, it looks like he has a HAREy tongue.

  11. Beth (in NC) says:

    I think they are fascinating, so I ask my bunny to show me his teeth all the time. All I get in response is “Whatever lady, pet my head and give me a treat.”

  12. littledogrescue says:

    I lurf the Kiss eye makeup

  13. I noticed the Kiss star eye too!
    And I was thinking the bun looked like Gwen Stefani singing. No doubt about it.

  14. I look at that first picture and keep hearing “baaaaaahhhh”, s/he looks a little “sheep-ish” ( Pun intended)

  15. they are like camel leeps! i have a vid of me at the petting zoo encouraging crazy camel leep action (baby camel btw!) maybe i’ll send it in tomorrow when i’m not too sleepy 🙂

  16. (Darth Vader voice) “I find your lack of disapproval….disturbing.”

  17. berthaservant says:

    YES! Why do bunneh’s have such a gaping maw? Good catch, Meg!

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    What?! Nobody has said it yet? Okay, if I must…

    Terrible, big sharp pointy teeth!!

  19. ~~~~~~~~~~~kisses~~~~~~~~~~~

  20. first thought that crossed my mind. “What the hell….”

    that’s it. just that. Still is pretty much in that state.

  21. That muzzlepowshe action in the second pic is insane.

  22. What would commies have to do with deleting comments? Cuteoverload has always seemed quite a capitalist creation, to me. I mean, really, they have filled a very unique niche, and are making money off of it. If this were communist cute, we would all have to stare at the same kitten hanging from a branch picture for way too long, and then maybe next year we could get either a puppy in a basket, or a bunny with a carrot.

    If anything, it’s a dictatorship. Forcing us to stare at their adorable bunny faces and kitten toes, convincing us we need their witty desk calendars.
    It’s an adorably benevolent dictatorship, but still, a dictatorship.

  23. My immediate reaction to the first picture, was an operatic aria. Perhaps “Vincero Vincero VIN-CEEERO” (I shall win, I shall win, I’ll bloody well WIN) Nessun Dorma – None shall sleep, Giacomo Puccini – Turandot.

  24. Hon Glad – Is that why I can’t sleep? This bunny is singing arias at me!?

  25. Weelll… looks like someone needs to look closer at teh RAT, which is clearly the cuter animal and has the same mouth…

    *why, yes, there is a lack of rats on this site*

  26. I agree, Nucleus. Bunnies are cute, there is no denying this, but rats are cuter. I was at the pet store the other day where they had these hairless rats, one of which was looking up at passerby with cute glittery eyes and a slightly forlorn expression. His ears seemed hilariously large and stuck out on either side of his head. A woman said, “I can’t get over how ugly those rats are!” When I was resisting the urge to open all of their cages and beckon them away with me for adventures and good times.

    Eye of the beholder and all that, I guess. I’d still like to see more ratties. Maybe WITH bunnies. Oh my!

  27. It looks a bit like my much loved and much missed bunny. What was great was if you patted him enough, he’d start to groom you with his little bunny tongue.

    There was however a strict ‘no messing with the ears’ rule. If breeched, he would turn his back on you. Unless you had a slice of banana, or some Cheerios. Then you might be forgiven. For a while, at least.

  28. Bunny wearing Rorschach mask.

  29. Dear Edward, what a wonderful relationship you and your buneleh must have had, perhaps there is a bunbun you can share your life with in the future, you sound like such a sweet bunneh/animal companion.

    Someday I will have a Giant Flemish bun-bun I mean a really big one. It is in the distant future, and I look forward to it.

  30. Nancy (orig) says:

    Plush lookin’ dewlap, once you get past that weird mouf action.

  31. I love bunny-lips!

    My bunnies let me look at their lips and teeth and they are adorable – along with the twitchy nosies!

  32. I see a lot of buns in that first-pic, aria-singing posish. I’d like to see a pic of four buns like that, like a barbershop quartet. Or six, like the sextet from “Lucia.” :mrgreen:

  33. @Hon Glad: I was thinking something similar, except with “Funiculì, Funiculà, Funiculì, Funiculàaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

  34. earlybird1 says:

    ROTFL Oh man, those pics are the most hilariousest thing I’ve seen all week! *sigh* (wipes tears of laughter out of eyes)

  35. azaleablue says:

    I promised myself I wouldn’t cry! Now the unbelievable level of cuteness has me all verklempt (sp?)! Talk amongst yourselves!

  36. Or since the sender-inner is Siegfried, maybe this is a Wagnerian bunny– a Helden-Bun, and he is singing the Forging Song.

  37. Kenny G beat me to it: I was thinking Rorsharch Rabbit! 😀

  38. No no Theresa he is a Lyrico Spinto-bun specialising in verismo roles.

  39. Katrina, I’d love to have another bun, or indeed several, but I got my son the dog he’s been begging for from day one. It’s not that Gus dislikes rabbits, it’s just that he enjoys barking at them and chasing them a whole lot. But one day, bunnies will roam all over our house, as they prepare to take over the world…

  40. Hon Glad are you really sure he’s not a bunny Lauritz Melchior?

    [Well that was odd. Reminded me of this. – Ed.]

  41. @Theo: YEAH!!

  42. (Directions to orchestra in both clips: Vamp till eyes return to normal)

  43. Wonky McValtrex says:

    I love my bun’s “velveteen snout” as I call it – pink pouty mouf and all. I think the mouf makes ’em extra cute. But I’m a bit off my rocker when it comes to buns.

  44. LOL. I was reading this with Pochino (my little boy bunny) asleep on my neck (he is purring, by the way) and clicked on Theo’s link. Well THAT woke him up with a start! Pavarotti may love elephants, but Pochi does not like Pavarotti!! Haha.

  45. @Wonky–you’re not off your rocker–you’re just a bunny owner! We are all the same way. Everything about them is adorable.

  46. janetdavies says:

    So Dern glad I scrolled down far enough to catch, ‘Lauritz Melchior’. HILARIOUS!! (Looks down a little while, sad for Edward)

  47. Bunny lips and teeth are neat. One of my bunnies teeth don’t line up and i have to trim them when they get long. He uses his lips to pick food until the teeth are trimmed. He does go to the vet regularly so they can do a better job. I really love my bunny to do this. His lips are sooo soft and fuzzy..

  48. turbofloof says:

    1st Pic: “RAWR!” said the bunneh…

  49. The first picture looked like my expression when my boss catches me looking at cuteoverload.com during work time. Not that it has happened more than once….OK, twice…only in one day…er, maybe in one hour.

    The Pavarotti loves elephants made me laugh so loud it scared my orange tabby. Great. Now he is going to stress-barf. Super.

  50. @Theresa – I heard him more as a Franco Correli, the ringing top notes,

    @Theo – I heard this many Years ago, on a TV quiz called ” MY MUSIC ” as
    Elephants Ear.
    It may be a Mondergreen – which I think comes from a poem which includes “Oh ,they have slain the Earl of Moray and laid him on the green ” = Oh, they have slain the Earl of Moray and Lady Mondegreen.

  51. Another favorite singer among Pachyderms is Elephants Gerald.

  52. Bunnies yawning is one of the strangest and cutest things I have ever been privileged to witness.

  53. Big cats are partial to Leontyne Price.

  54. Martha in Washington, YES! “Killer Rabbit” was my first thought (next was… RUN AWAY RUN AWAY) — yes, it may look all cute and fluffy, but watch out– has a mean streak a mile wide!

  55. Mary (the first) says:

    @Theresa, LOL! I love the star shaped guyliner on the bun. I’m not sure about bun lips, they do look soft but I haven’t had a bun since I was a toddler (don’t remember but I’ve heard tell of the pet bun). Maybe someday ..

  56. it works for them..

  57. @Theo: thanks, that was great 😀 I heart Pavarotti…

  58. @Chris: My poor Eliot also had a dental condition, but I chose to have his incisors taken out, as it was getting worse and worse and I didn’t like the idea of stressing him out once every two or three weeks by taking him to the vet for that torture on a regular basis.
    Well, on the plus side his mouf is now extra redonk, especially when he yawns! And he’s got a tiny stub left over from a peg tooth (that fortunately doesn’t grow anymore) making him look like an old grumpy man… Also, there’s nothing to stop his tongue from sticking out at random, so sometimes you can tell that it totally just slips out snake style… ahahhahahaha the toothless snakebun!

  59. Bun is thinking very hard in the second pic

  60. When they do a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig stretch and yawn bunnies just look ridiculous.

    I’ve got to submit my bunnies’ pictures here some day. 🙂

  61. Hmmm…if bunny moufs are scary, I wonder what their breath is like?

  62. Bunnies have nice breath. Especially when they’ve been nibbling on something like cilantro or mint!

  63. emmberrann says:

    @Amy: I would imagine kind of carroty and hay-y…. Mr. Picky looks at bunpic & says I’m much qter than that!!!

  64. As a new bunny mom, I have not attempted to touch or look into his mouf….. I am just taking things slow (but the vet looked). HowEVER he is endlessly fascinating to me and I love watching him lick his two mouf sides and strech and yawn… oh and try to snuggle up with the cat, while the cat just pretends he’s not there….

  65. HI, Turtle Girl!
    I do so love the bunbuns-Rooanne, please give your bunny a snuggle for me, ok?

  66. I will Katrina – when he wakes up. Breakfast is about 4 p.m. for him!

  67. williams mummy says:

    looks like elvis “fankoo ferry moish!”

  68. @Val Bears

    His daddy had the same problem but we didn’t catch it in time and he passed away. Cadbury has had his mouth handled since he was born and it does not bother him at all. The vet even loves to trim his teeth. She swears she says ‘say ahh’ and he opens his mouth for her.

  69. Aww..reminds me of the rabbit I once had.

  70. What a vibrant shade of pink…

  71. bunny’s moufs are NOT weird. they’re stoopit cute.

  72. It’s true. Whenever our Satchel yawns it freaks us out!