Look into my beadular eyes!

Is it just me that got up at noon o’clock today? This baby sloth perfectly captures this slooooow-starting Sunday:


Plink plink! [eye closing and opening sound]


Behbeh sloth was sent in by Christine Y., uploaded by Maxxbass.



  1. *deep Darth Vader voice*
    “You are under my power”

  2. harlemgrrl says:

    scary nailio mr. slothikins, but you’re still awfully cute

  3. HEH

  4. Awwww. TOO adorable!!!


  6. That’s his foot! He’s scratching! awwwwwwwwwww

  7. earlybird1 says:

    Maybe it’s the bottom of his foot?? Looks like a THICK sole pad! McStretchersons waking up all contented from his nap; ahnnn.

  8. Mmm. Vanilla flavour with a chocolate nosicle.

  9. aww! on the enhance close up pic the white thingy looks like a halo!


    WHY am I just seeing this NOW!?!

    All these years, not knowing… all these years, wasted…

    *shakes head in bewilderment, then snorgles minisloth*

  11. OMG why do all the sloths look like they want to snuggle me? Is there a snuggles shortage in the sloth kingdom?


  12. Must pet furry head and delicately smooch moist nosicle!! No wonder he moves so slowly – he wants to give us plenty of time to take in all his adorabuhls. I’m quite content now, thanks. 😀

  13. Is that red thing what I think it is?

  14. Baby sloth, if you can make this long holiday weekend feel like it’s lasting forever, I’ll be eternally grateful!!

  15. I have a sloth Christmas tree ornament from Costa Rica. It is made of win.
    And felt.

  16. I want one :/

  17. Cat Skyfire says:

    When I first read it, I thought it said “got up at nom o’clock’.

  18. I refuse to believe that is not a stuffed animal. Those eyes can’t possibly exist in nature.


    Also, I think that red thing might be its foot. It looks like a darker-colored version of the paw pad on its front paw.

  19. Just got back from Target with several of those plastic bin thingies and NOT ONE HAD A BABY SLOTH AND BLANKIE IN IT. (rummages in purse for receipt to return to store for exchange for sloth-rich bins.)

  20. Such a sweeeet little face. AWWWWWW!!

  21. kibblenibble says:

    Never saw a slothie in this nice vanilla color. Very pretty.

  22. I appreciate the plinking beadhance.

  23. They always look as though they have sweet little Mona-Lisa smiles on their precious little faces.

  24. berthaservant says:

    I think “nom o’clock” will be the title of a post before long. I know I will now use it in my regular daily vocabulary. Thanks Cat Skyfire!

  25. OMG –the hovertext just made me cry. I love when I think something and it’s already been thought of by my friends at CO.

  26. between this and the minie piggie of the other day i think i can die happy lol
    that picture is so sweet love it

  27. Sloth sloth bebbeh!

  28. Terrycloth sloth doth be prosh.

  29. Hey, you jump up at the crack o’ noon, you’re bound to want to see some kindred spirits here in the sloths. Cute little guy, and yeah, nae had it right. That’s his hind foot, scratching his neck or something.

    No sloth wieners. No ma’am.

  30. Awwwwwww, a huge sloth kiss xoxoxox

  31. The red thing is the underside of bebeh’s foot. Sloths have very thick foot pads (not the thieving kind) to protect their toesies from the occasional ant lines trekking along the branches the sloths are clinging to.

  32. Awww, I wanna hug heem!

  33. My typical reaction to the pink thing neath his chin was “That’s not his willy is it?” Thankfully, on second viewing, I worked out it was a foot pad.

  34. Dash-you got robbed! Go right back to that manager and demand your bebeh slotheleh. One for each plastic bin! Tell me how it works out.

  35. David Spor says:

    That kind of cute ain’t legal. It looks like a beany baby!

  36. It’s the beepable nose that gets me. Beep!

  37. GLOMP! Baby sloths! My weakness! *melts*

  38. is that seriously a sloth! I thought iit was a stuffed animal at first! The golden hair was just too perfect!

  39. Okay… close down the site. There’s no more need for it after the posting of the cutest thing ever!! I’ve always thought sloths were adorable anyway, seeing a baby one is the epitome of cuteness.

  40. His eyes are beadyrific!

    Her name is Freckle (see that teeny spot on her nose?) and she was brought to Aviarios “Slowth” Sanctuary in Cost Rica.
    I went there on vacation several years ago and got the thrill of meeting her. When I returned home, I enrolled in their sponsor plan and became Freckle’s foster mum (You too can sponsor a rescued sloth at their website!).
    She was just a baby at the time, so by now she has grown and is likely hanging happily and safely from a tree in their conservation area.

  42. Hewwwooo up der are you gonna Pick me up?